Did Israel Cause The Explosion In Lebanon To Punish Hezbollah?

By Theodore Shoebat

There has been a good amount of talk coming out of Israel about how Hezbollah was running the port where the explosion happened and how it owned the ammonium nitrate that exploded, and how the terrorist organization owns more chemical depots. For example, Lt. Col. Sarit Zehavi, a former IDF intelligence officer who is a specialist on Israel’s northern border, is blaming the explosion on Hezbollah:

“Any way you look at it, Hezbollah is involved. Even if it’s just a regular accident, which this [the port blast] probably is, Hezbollah controls both the airport and sea-port in Lebanon so it’s responsible.”

While she says the explosion was an accident, she also talked about the possibility of a attack by Hezbollah against Israel:

“Assessments in Israel are that Hezbollah will not carry out a terrorist attack against Israel [in response]. If anything comes, it will take time, at least a month or two.

The damage in Beirut is so big and Hezbollah has to defend itself against criticism in Lebanon. I can’t imagine how busy Hezbollah combatants have been in the last few days, hiding signs of their ammunition in areas that were damaged.”

If it was just an accident, why then suggest the prospect of an attack on Israel on Hezbollah? Moreover, Netanyahu had a phone conversation with Emmanuel Macron in which he suggested a possible attack by Hezbollah against Israel. According to the Times of Israel:

During the call, Netanyahu called for the removal of Hezbollah missiles and explosive materials from populated areas to “prevent disasters of the type at the Beirut port,” according to the statement.

“The prime minister clarified that if Hezbollah thinks they can solve the crisis in Lebanon by creating a crisis with Israel, this is a big mistake,” the statement says.

The context is interesting. Netanyahu was speaking with Macron, the president of France who went to Lebanon after the explosion where he called Lebanon’s politicians “corrupt” and where the crowd of angry Lebanese civilians cried “Revolution!” France used to control Lebanon and definitely has interests in taking oil and natural gas for its energy company, Total. Netanyahu — Prime Minister of the biggest enemy of Hezbollah — has a phone conversation with the president of the country that once controlled Lebanon, and suggests a possible crises caused by Hezbollah.

Its possible that Israel caused the explosion in order to spark revolution against Hezbollah, since so much of the anger coming out of the Lebanese populace is against the Shiite paramilitary group which has had so much control over the government. In fact, Iran is getting nervous about the revolutionary atmosphere happening in Lebanon, according to Y Net News:

Iran is watching developments in Lebanon closely, wary of losing any of its influence – mainly through its proxy Hezbollah – after a deadly mega-blast in Beirut sparked angry demands for reforms to its delicately balanced system.
It would not be surprising that Israel caused the explosion in order to hurt Iran’s main proxy force, Hezbollah. Time will tell.