Donald Trump Affirms That Freedom For Christians In The Middle East Is Required To Establish Peace Agreements With Israel

By Theodore Shoebat

Donald Trump has affirmed that religious freedom for Christians in the Middle East is a prerequisite for any peace agreement between Israel and Islamic countries in the Middle East. As we read in the Jerusalem Post:

Protecting Christians in the Middle East is an important part of the nascent peace deal America has brokered between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, US President Donald Trump told reporters in Washington late Thursday as he clarified that West Bank annexation was off the table right now.

“Christians have been persecuted by some countries in particular in the Middle East. This [the UAE deal] is a big start, It is going to be a strong start, a very powerful start” toward protecting Christians in the Middle East, Trump said.

“If you look at the way Christians have been treated in some countries, it is beyond disgraceful. If I had information and if I had absolute proof of some of the stories we have heard, which is not easy to get, I would go in and do a number to those countries, like you would not believe,” Trump said.

As a result protecting Christians in the Middle East would also be a component of future deals that would be signed between Israel and other countries in the region, he clarified.

Christianity “is a very big part of the overall negotiation. As countries come in, the UAE has agreed very strongly to represent us, I think will, very well, with respect to Christianity, because in the Middle East it is not treated well. It is treated horribly and very unfairly,” Trump said.