Trump Declares Thats Biden Will Not Be Able To Handle Erdogan

By Theodore Shoebat

Trump recently declared that Biden will not be to handle the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, if h becomes the next US president. In an interview with Fox and Friends Trump said:

“Let’s face it, Joe’s shot … You’re dealing with people that are very sharp. You’re dealing with world-class chess players in the leaders of these countries. I know them all. We do very well with all of them, (President Recep Tayyip) Erdoğan of Turkey. You can’t have a guy that doesn’t know where he is. You can’t have a guy that’s afraid to leave his basement because he can’t speak any longer”

What makes this ironic are recent reports about how Trump has actually gotten outsmarted by Erdogan and this is the reason why he okayed the withdrawal of troops from Syria, an action which has empowered Turkish expansionism. According to veteran journalist, Carl Bernstein, there is a report that claims that Erdogan called “at least twice a week and was put through directly to the President on standing orders from Trump”. Bernstein further affirmed that such conversations with Erdogan demonstrated that  Trump “posed a danger to the national security of the United States”. Trump, according to sources, was “woefully uninformed about the history of the Syrian conflict and the Middle East generally. ‘Erdogan took him to the cleaners,’ said one of the sources.” Moreover, the sources stated that the US’ decision to withdraw troops from Syria in October last year, thus enabling Turkey to strike Kurdish posts in the north of the country “were directly linked to Erdogan’s ability to get his way with Trump on the phone calls”.

So it looks like whoever is in charge of the presidency will allow for Turkish expansion because this is in accordance to NATO policy which has been on the side of Turkey for many decades.