Three Muslim Women Enter Police Station, One Takes A Bomb From Underneath Her Burka And Throws It At The Officers, Another Takes Out A Knife And Stabs An Officer. The Police Officers Unleash Hell And Kill All Three Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat

Three Muslim women in Kenya entered a police station, one woman took a bomb from underneath her veil and threw it at authorities, while another took out a knife and stabbed an officer. The officers unleashed hell and killed all three of them. Here is the report:

Three women dressed in burqas have been shot dead by police after launching a stabbing attack at a police station on the Kenyan coast.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, in which two Mombasa policemen were wounded.

But Kenya is one of the leading countries in a coalition fighting against the Al-Shabaab Islamist group in neighbouring Somalia and faces a constant threat of retaliatory attacks.

Speaking at the scene, Mombasa County Police Commander Patterson Maelo told reporters the women had walked into the station on the pretence of reporting a stolen mobile phone.

“While being questioned by officers, one drew a knife and the other threw a petrol bomb at the officers. The station caught fire,” he said.

“Police shot the three and killed them. Two officers are in hospital with wounds. Presumably it is a terror attack.”

Salma Mohamed, a witness who was at the station to see a relative in custody, said one attacker had jumped onto a counter and stabbed an officer in the thigh before being shot.


  • I couldn’t help but think if the same judgement used against Israel is applied to this case the police would be accused of using disproportionate violence: the women ‘only’ use a knife to ‘wound’ while the cops used guns and killed.
    Muslims love death. Clearly they don’t understand what is waiting for them when they get their wish.

  • Laurie

    “Presumably it is a terror attack?” Prayers for the injured policemen. Good to know that the three women Muslim murderers are dead. People everywhere better wake up to the reality of Muslim terrorists who are women.

  • filomena seiffert

    The terrorists are using anyone who can trow a bomb or attack others and woman’s burka makes easy to conceal weapons.

    • Pamela Sage

      As far as I am concerned, burkas should be banned everywhere and those who continue to wear them flagged as presumed armed terrorists to be shot on sight.

      • filomena seiffert

        It is now used in spite. I did not see them before where I live but now I find the quit often. I take my dog to the park and quite often I see them. Yesterday I saw a girl of about 10-12 years using it and her father made sure we saw it by telling the girl twice to remember she was using new clothes. She had a black skirt, white blouse and burka. The mother was dressed in total black like a vampire. They are make sure to tell us they are muslim and abide by their code.

  • Spaniard


  • marlene

    Finally, some good news.

  • Flame blue

    When a not highly civilised nation with little political correctness in its Laws, allows Muslims to get out of hand and not destroy Islam when it shows it’s true colours, it’s strange. Our police won’t let the people throw out Islam from the land based on our Laws that have been devised to render us impotent in the face of our destruction, but Kenya allowed the Muslims to exist in their nation, now it’s well on the way to be a complete Islamic country. You would think that Kenya would have tougher people who would have fought Islam. Islam has to be destroyed because no matter where it is in the World it terrorises and destroys. Every last Muslim is a potential terrorist simply because they believe in the Koran.

    • filomena seiffert

      This very true. It is not possible to have peace with them because their thirst for blood and conquest. We see how in France, they have pockets of muslims living by their sharia law, disregarding totally the law of the land. MINIS MUSLIM NATIONS INSIDE KAFIR NATION.

      • Flame blue

        Islam is a snake religion, you can’t meddle with that, it shouldn’t be fed. All those Muslims think they are going to Heaven, but they are already being swallowed and absorbed by the snake, and are being digested, and they will never see daylight and they live in the dark, never to see the Light of Heaven. We need to strike the head of the snake hard, and kill it.

        If we destroyed their black stone, they will not have any form of salvation because the Muslims believe that black stone takes away their sins cleansing them and that’s why they all try to go to Saudi Arabia, however, the Shia Muslims may not believe that, and they believe it’s idolatry which of course it is, but there are 80% Sunni Muslims who believe it. We may not need to destroy the black stone, the Shia may do it. Iran has stopped its Muslims from going to Mecca.

  • filomena seiffert

    It will be near you also. I went to the same par other day and heard that awful “music”, if it can call it music and hear the name allah, I looked and there was the muslim family, with 3 little children and one in the belly, they were cooking on their own barbecue device, I believe they do not use the park’s barbecue because the kafirs may barbecue pork on them.