Man In Germany Murders His Own Grandmother, When Police Officers Try To Stop Him, He Murders The Cops

By Theodore Shoebat

A man in Germany murdered his own grandmother, when two police officers tried to stop him the murdered them by running them over with his car. If this killer was a migrant, this story would he have been a major story, and the Counterjihad would have been all over it. But the Counterjihad is silent on this story, because to them victims become important only when they are killed Muslims or illegal immigrants. This is one of the most sickening aspects of the Counterjihad. As we read in one report on this horror story:

A man suspected of killing his grandmother was fleeing police when he ran over two officers with his car in Brandenburg. Police deaths in Germany are exceptionally rare compared to other nations.

German police arrested a man on Tuesday after he allegedly killed two police officers by ramming them with his car after killing his 79-year-old grandma.

Police discovered his grandmother’s body in the town of Müllrose in eastern Brandenburg earlier on Tuesday, prompting the suspect to flee in his car and causing several traffic accidents, police spokesman Ingo Heese said.

The 24-year-old then rammed the two officers at a checkpoint in the east German state. Both succumbed to their injuries at the scene, Heese said.

A police spokesman said the officers had laid out a spike strip on the road, but the driver steered around the device and struck the two officers on a bicycle path. The young man was arrested after a short struggle.

German daily “Berliner-Zeitung” reported the suspect was affected by methamphetamine and was taken to hospital.

Brandenburg’s Prime Minister, Dietmar Woidke, sent his condolences to the officers. “I’m shocked. My sympathy is with the family members,” Woidke said in Potsdam on Tuesday.

Brandenburg police posted on Twitter that they were deeply affected by the incident.

Police said the grandmother had cuts on her neck indicative of a violent death.

Müllrose is a small town in the Oder-spree district, near the Schlaube Valley Nature Park


  • Randy Perez

    The counter jihad movement are like Black Lives Matter. BLM only cares about black lives when a White or a cop does them harm, justified or unjustified.

    The counter jihad movement only care about White lives (Yes White lives. I wasn’t born yesterday) when they are murdered by Muslims.

    This is unlike Christ where judgement begins at the house of God first. Judge them by their fruits.

    • Rich Thomas

      non-sense .. maybe some .. but not all..

  • infowolf1

    on the one hand, the Counter jihad’s purpose is to deal with muslim on non muslim issues. on the other, they do have an agenda like Ted shows.

  • Ceirwyn

    This crap is reaching a point where the apocalypse might be more civilized than what we have now. The sheer level of demonic activity is ridiculous. Do you know we’ve got a bunch of satanists over here in the US praying curses on Trump and his followers every Friday? I’m hoping my fellow Christians are praying against the evil of the enemies of Christ. We need to be praying for each other all over the world, and that people doing God’s will are protected.

    • Kamau41

      Evil is intesnifying and spreading quite rapidly. Prayers/action are certainly more needed from us more than ever…

    • Rich Thomas

      well said “sheer level of demonic activity is ridiculous” – another proof it is beginning to warp up.. restraint being lifted, spirit of antichrist manifesting more.. and as the days of Noah thoughts continually evil and hearts and actions full of VIOLENCE .. in other words LAWLESSNESS against Gods commands = rebellion against the Lord..

  • Kamau41

    Sickening by far…Indeed, to no surprise, the silence of the counterjihad movement is absolutely deafening, which says much…

    • Flame blue

      Should President Trump not be focusing his concerns on providing jobs for all people in the World. Why does he just think he’s to secure jobs for America? Will President Trump spend more time on Twitter reporting his comments on cases where drug addicts in Germany kill their grandmas and police officers? Why not, surely Trump must fight against all crimes not just America’s crime? Shouldn’t Trump be reporting on the prostitution of poor women in the Philippines! Trump needs to send American tax payers money to fight crime in the Philippines.

      Christians have a duty to hand over all their money to fight crime across the World. It’s not good enough that they are just supportive of church funds and their own family. I am sure that they can provide for their neighbours as well, buy them holidays and groceries. It doesn’t matter if they let their own children starve.

      The Counter Jihad Movement should diversify and use its resources on green issues and global warming and health aid for prostitutes in Bangkok, and fight against the persecution of fat people. Why bother opposing Islam after all they just want to force us to worship Allah and Muhammad for our own sake. The counter jihad movement need to get on a.plane to Germany and sort out these drug addicts, maybe even pay for( and attend) the funerals of their victims

      • Randy Perez

        The presidents job isn’t to provide jobs.

        • Flame blue

          For the World, Yes, I know. That was just me making the point that’s Jihad Watch or Counter Jihad, their strategy is to fight with words against Jihad and Islam rising in the West, and not to report and comment on non Islamic drug addicts who kill their grandma and police officers in Germany.

          • Randy Perez

            The President Job isn’t to provide jobs for Americans or foreigners.

            The government doesn’t actually create jobs. All it does is divert scarce resources from productive uses to unproductive. The government does this through taxation. If they don’t have the taxes enough to spend, they borrow existing money or they borrow the money into existence through money printing. All this diverts resources from the most productive use to unproductive uses.

            Judgement begins at the house of God first. Maybe you should start criticizing the crimes of your own kind first.

          • Flame blue

            I told you l had written that post tongue in cheek in response to your belief that Jihad Watch needs to use its time and pen reporting on all kinds of crime around the World instead of just sticking to their remit to oppose the Sharia and the Islamisation of our culture. Obviously, to provide grounds for opposing Islamic practices and their dangers, Jihad Watch need to present evidence of Islamic crimes against the people of their host nations.

            I am not sure about why you have told me that
            ” Justice begins at the House of God first” and that l should criticise the crimes of my own kind first. This makes me wonder if you are not a Christian? Why are you asking me to criticise Christians? Do you not know that we should be gentle and build our fellow Christians up, with love. Certainly, if our brethren stray from the Gospels, doing what is contrary to the Gospels, we must rebuke them, but otherwise we must be kind and build each other up in Love.

  • Flame blue

    The counter jihadist movement only reports on the crimes of muslims against non muslims. The young man who murdered his grandma and two police officers was not a jihadist so the counter jihadist movement will not report on it. If the counter jihadist movement changes it remit and name to ” the counter opposition to all evil people” then it would report on all crimes in the world, even post pregnancy depression that leads to infanticide. The organization could then spread its limited resources and finances on focusing on all evil under the sun. However, the mothers who commit infanticide are not coming to behead Christians and make people worship the Beast Allah.

    The young man who killed his grandmother and two police officers didn’t do it to terrorise the masses to get them to worship the beast. Sad and bad as it is, and a sign of the end times, it is not the focus or should it be of the counter jihad movement.

    If you go down that route yourself, you can be accused of only asking for donations for to protect persecuted Christians instead of broadening out and using the donations to support drug addicts get off drugs so that they don’t end up killing their grandmas and police officers. Or perhaps you should be using the donations to support persecuted prisoners in China, or fight against the North Korea dictator who feeds his relatives to dogs! I am sure we don’t like all evil going on in the World, but we know that the North Korea dictator Kim is not brandishing a sword at us while demanding that we all worship him or else!

    I will always tell you the truth even if you don’t like it! No offense intended!

    • If we had trillions then we would help drug addicts get out of drugs, but when it comes to words, I can afford trillions of these to speak out against all evils.

      The element you dropped is that Counter Jihad in bed with Nazis and Fascists. This is what silences them and not that they cannot afford words.

      And if I can afford a trillion words so can they.

      And when you write “Trump should” “this should” and “that should” as might as you run for president so that we can see when you are in charge, what types of disasters you will solve and what types of disasters you will cause.

      But I will not vote for you Blue, because I still do think that you lack wisdom.

      • Flame blue

        That’s the point l was making Walid, that the counter jihad don’t have trillions to fight against all evils, and they came into existence as an organisation to fight back against creeping Sharia Law and the protections given to those who would and do kill and oppress all who don’t want to become Muslims.

        Actually, global warming, l don’t believe in or green issues except on a limited scale for green issues. Yes, l do think prostitution of women is a concern, the women themselves on the whole wouldn’t view that as a nice career option. Fat people have to look to themselves so not too much sympathy there from me. Of course, l don’t believe in Globalism and Donald providing jobs for the whole World. I think that if we have limited money we have to prioritise it and charity starts at home with our own family and Christian brethren.

        You can’t afford to be foolish with your money, and the organisation you run, nor can Jihad Watch or the Counter Jihad Movement.

        • You are (as usual) repeating yourself and not addressing the nugget I gave you: THEY ARE AFFILIATED WITH NEO-NAZIS.

          • Flame blue

            Well your articles make many points. I have listened to many speeches made by the Roman Catholic Robert Spencer, and the Jewish woman Pamela Gellor, l don’t think they are Nazis. I think the majority of the people within that organisation are never going to join with Islam as Nazis would do, following Hitler’s example. There is no doubt the devil gets in everywhere, he’s in the churches, of course he is, it’s up to good people to root him out when he shows his horns.

            I hope you don’t think l have shown horns to you. I don’t have horns! I am not your enemy. You are free to speak out against all evil, and you will be kept very busy doing that! But on your website, l think if l remember correctly, a point was made against companies like Pappa Joes and coffee chain Starbucks for not simply sticking to supplying pizzas and coffee but getting involved in politics all round. The point being you want the Counter Jihad Movement to deal with all crimes, all evils, and there should be an exception made for them. I think as their name suggests they are fighting back against jihad and focused on that area with their resources!

          • “I have listened to many speeches made by the Roman Catholic Robert Spencer, and the Jewish woman Pamela Gellor, l don’t think they are Nazis”

            I matters not what you and I think. What matters is the evidence which you were welcome to refute in the proper article:


            Lets not waste anymore time on back and forth exchanges and go and refute there which I know you won’t and you can’t.

            So please Blue, enough. I am under the Red Pill effect at the moment.

          • Flame blue

            Error 404 – Page Not Found!
            The page you are trying to reach does not exist, or has been moved. Please use the menus or the search box to find what you are looking for.

            I believe that l did dispute something not everything at that time.

            You should listen to the hatred directed at these people. Buy Tommy Robertson’s book of what he has suffered when he unwittingly got involved in standing up against the takeover of his town, his birthplace. How is female cousin is prostituted by Muslims after being force fed drugs to addict her that she crawls back to them for after being rescued. Robert Spencer’s family fled Islam in Iraq. Wilders has the patience of a Saint. Maybe, if you listened to their speeches, you would change your mind a little.

            As l said, l am for you. I know you have reasons to be wary and be concerned.

            I will give you peace. Peace Walid!

          • “I believe that l did dispute something not everything at that time.”

            Common Blue. You know where to find the article. I want a FULL refutation, dispute the links, the photos and everything.

            Go ahead. Make my day. I don’t want to hear the same Blue record playing.

            Just trying to help you drink a red pill.

          • Flame blue

            I don’t need to dispute everything in your articles. I may agree with 90% of what you write but not everything or l may agree with everything depending on your articles.

            People can produce photographs of The Queen of Britain in the company of people who go on to commit fraud, even murder, it does not besmirch her because she was in their company, not knowing what kind of people they were! Nor did it besmirch Jesus who was ” photographed” in the company of criminals on either side of him as they all got crucified. Amazingly, Jesus was even friendly to those guys, invited them to abide with him in Heaven.

            Pamela Gellor did give a talk about how Islam persecuted, l saw her speak to homos and their friends. Gellor hasn’t set herself up as a nun or a religious person. It doesn’t mean that she approves of homosexual practices, but she warned them to vote carefully or get Clinton for President, who would allow in 500 times( than Obama) more Islamics from dangerous countries where Isis will come in with them. Pamela Gellor is not bad for doing that.

            Whether you like it or not the homosexuals are allowed to vote. To be frank if Gellor and Milo hadn’t cautioned homosexuals, you would probably find that their vote going to Clinton would have been sufficient to put Clinton in as President.

            You should take the red pill by all means but cut down on the dosage. I have taken your red pill occasionally, but l am not going mad popping them all the time.

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    If somebody kills a close relative like this they don’t deserve to live. What a vile thing to do.