Austrian Constitutional Court Declares ‘Gay Marriage Is Legal, Supporting Traditional Marriage Is A Form Of Bigotry’

The nation of Austria has just announced that ‘gay marriage’ is legal starting in 2019, and that “traditional marriage’ is a form of discrimination according to a report:

Austria’s Constitutional Court has announced that gay marriage will be legalized in the Catholic-majority nation starting in 2019, arguing that its traditional marriage law is “discriminatory.”

Deutsche Welle reported that in Tuesday’s decision the court said that although gay couples already have essentially the same rights as married couples, having been allowed to enter into registered partnerships since 2010, “the distinction between marriage and registered partnership … cannot be upheld in this day and age without discriminating against same-sex couples.”

The court’s ruling added: “The resulting discriminatory effect is seen in the fact that through the different title of the family status, people living in same-sex partnerships have to disclose their sexual orientation even in situations in which it is not, and must not be, relevant and … are highly likely to be discriminated against.”

Civil partnerships, it added, will be open to both gay and straight couples, while the words “two people of different sex” will be removed from the law on marriage.

The ruling concerned a case in which two women in a registered civil partnership petitioned to get married, but were denied by authorities in Vienna.

BBC News noted that since the Netherlands became the first country to legalize gay marriage in 2001, 15 other European nations, many in Western Europe, have moved to do the same.

The ruling is said to have caused some political division in Austria, however, as the conservative People’s Party said that it would accept the decision, but the far-right Freedom Party remained opposed to gay marriage. Both parties are set to form Austria’s incoming coalition government.

Austria has not been as heavily affected by a decline in religious faith as other Western European nations, though traditional churches are gradually losing power there as well.

As World Atlas notes, most of the nation’s population, or 61 percent, still belongs to the Roman Catholic Church, with other Christian denominations making up another 10 percent.

Austria’s growing migrant population, partly due to the ongoing refugee crisis, has contributed to a changing religious landscape in the country.

Back in March, the Austrian Catholic Church reported that its adult baptisms more than doubled during 2016, with significant numbers of Muslim refugees deciding to convert to Christianity.

“That they want to follow Christ and live in His fellowship is also a call to us — which we have the happiness and privilege of growing up in faith from childhood, but may have forgotten how precious this is,” Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schönborn said at the time.

Baptism ceremonies were reportedly closed to the public, however, with fears that new converts could face attacks from hardline Muslims.

Sunni Muslims themselves make up 6 percent of the population, while atheists have grown to a 12 percent share. (source, source)

But this should not come as a surprise, especially in light of the rise of national socialism throughout Austria.

If you have not seen it yet, last year Ted confronted Martin Sellner, leader of the youth identitarian movement of Austria. He confronted him over many points, of which one of those was the support of anti-Christian homosexuals and nationalist, such as the infamous Yukio Mishima of Japan.

The identitarian movements of today are the same in their essence as those of the past and their ends are the same, which is the destruction of Christianity and the creation of a pagan ethno-state that will be ruled by a technocratic elite who proclaim themselves gods such as with the Aztecs in Mexico before the Spanish came an civilized the people. They want to create a reduced, controlled population that serves the interests of the rulers and where the purpose of one’s life does not come from God but the will of the powerful, who directs a man’s life to his own ends just as how a farmer oversees his livestock.

Homosexuality was, is, and is going to continue to play a major role in this because as the homosexual act is sterile, having divorced it from its genitive purpose it becomes a vehicle for power and dominance of one over another. In a quest of power for all with respect to none, then it in only natural that homosexuality would appear because it is both a fruit of and a tool for inflicting and perpetuating the dominance of the powerful over the weak.

Austria was the “birthplace” of the national socialist movement of the 20th century, and to the credit of Austria, while the movement first took roots in Austria it was also many good Austrian Catholics who stood up against the national socialists, including the Catholic Church, who played a central role in the resistance. This likewise explains the attack on “traditional marriage” that the court ruling made in Austria today for homosexual marriage, because as support for homosexuality is ultimately a support for the philosophical basis of national socialism, so is the propagation of the God-given, rightful use of human sexuality for its genitive purpose a support of both the Church and a strike against national socialism.

While Martin Sellner calls himself “Catholic,” his actions clearly indicate otherwise. Indeed, it is a well known fact that the pagan presence in the national socialist movement today has become increasingly vitriolic against people it regards are not “strong” enough. They have been intellectually purging their movement of many figures that originally brought the movement to its current popular status for this reason, such as Jared Taylor and much of AMREN. Right now while Richard Spencer in the USA is considered the biggest “face” of the alt-right, even he is under attack and is being relegated to irrelevance for this same reason.

We suspect that Martin Sellner and other “Catholics” who are in the movement will also suffer the same fate because while they may support national socialism, the mere association they persist in holding with the Catholic Faith will make them unacceptable to the movement. Indeed, they will be pushed out in time as well.

The future of the movement will likely belong to the people called “radicals” today- those who are devoutly pagan, filled with vitriol and hatred against the Church and all forms of Christianity that has not been seen in centuries in Europe. Such a hatred is exemplified by Varg Vikernes, another well-known face in the movement whose influence continues to rise and we predict will grow for this reason, and in time whose basic ideas that he represents will come to define the movement itself.

Varg Vikernes talking about Christianity. What he says here is an absolute lie, but you can see the hatred of Christianity coming out from him. This is the face of the future of the “alt-right”, which is the revival of paganism.

This court ruling is simply a fruit of what is coming in Europe, which as was the conflict for centuries between the Church and the Pagans. The Church never sought to go to war for “European culture” or “white culture” just as she never did so for the same with Africans, Asians, or any other race. The Church’s war against the world is for those who believe in Christ and by accepting Him enter as members into the spiritual Israel which is defined not by class, race, or place, but by the acceptance of God’s grace.



  • Matt

    The mainstream American right, as far as I know, don’t identify as socialist. This would make the alt-right, left (in America), irrespective of the label they use.

    I understand there are nuances and Hitler wanted to impose a different type of socialism than Stalin for instance. But socialism is inherently a leftist ideology irrespective of its form.

    The reason our elitists love socialism so much, and managed to adopt a supposedly ‘right’ fascist form of socialism is because socialism gives them the power to universally indoctrinate the masses in a centralised manner in whatever way they please, with the help of their transnational corporate sponsors of course.

    They do work hand in hand. For example, the government legalises sexual liberation for consenting adults, our schools teach the youth to practice safe sex and use condoms (bare minimum depending on the school and state/nation), and corporations through advertising and entertainment media teach us sexual liberation. They both universally work hand in hand. Socialism makes this possible.

    Our school systems are largely government run indoctrination centers today, and that includes Catholic schools (in my nation at least). Looking at the state of the Church in America and around the world, it’s hard not to assume this is the case throughout most of the West.

    The right tend to neglect the transnational corporate influence in government whereas the left tend to ignore the dangers and evils of a centralised socialist government.

    I understand there are many complexities here. But one thing is for certain, big (centralised) government is an integral part of the Luciferian master plan.

    • Michelle Therese

      I think of it as “Socialism = The State is ‘God'”

  • Michelle Therese

    Not long now before the Church is ordered to hold gay weddings.

    That is the ultimate target: the Church, in the hopes of shutting it down all across what used to be Christendom.