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The History Of Christendom Is Not All Courageous And Good Knights, But A War Between The Church And Europe

By Theodore Shoebat In the history of Christendom, what you will find is not all all good Catholic knights, but a struggle between the Church (universalism) and Europe (nationalism). The first consists of nations under the banner of the Christian Faith, while the latter is nations under their own nationalist egoisms. This is the subject […]

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Rescue Christians Saves nearly 2000 people in 2017

To our Readers and financial supporters we would like to firstly thank you for your loyal support for the work we do to help save our brethren from persecution and slavery. This year we saved nearly 2000 people, each month without fail we have released between one and two hundred slaves. Our leader of the […]

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A supporter of the Greek ultra nationalist party Golden Dawn raises his fist during a pre-election rally in Athens on May 23, 2014. Greeks go to polls on Sunday for the European elections and the second round of the local elections.  AFP PHOTO / ARIS MESSINIS

Nationalists Are Fighting Islam, Not Out Of Principle, But To Advance Nazism

By Theodore Shoebat Nationalists are fighting Islam, not out of principle, but to advance Islam. This is the subject of my last video: Were Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood Bath Is About To Commence As The Empire Of The Antichrist Will Rise Up. This Is Why I Wrote The Book, […]

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