Marks Another Watershed Year With Top Ten Articles Of 2017

2017 was a watershed year for Thanks to YOUR generosity we rescued approximately 2000 Christians from slavery by Muslims (that is almost SIX people a day, EVERY day of the ENTIRE year).

As you may have also noticed, underwent major changes to our reporting. Based upon further research and reflection, our mission has expanded its range and depth of research. We continue to report on the evils of Islam, but drawing on our previous research, we have shown in a more detailed manner the connection between Islam, the LGBT, the eugenics movement, the rise of a new ethnonationalism and paganism, the creation of new weapons of war, and the use of war as a tool of foreign policy in the pursuit of power at all costs with respect to none and how the financial and industrial powers of the world would choose to callously destroy their fellow man if it means the potential for profit. did not give ambiguous terms or names to these men and groups such as “the bankers,” “the globalists,” “the internationalists,” or other unclear terms. We gave specific dates and places. We named individual names and families. We tied all of the histories, events, and records to the issues discussed.

What we at have done is what nobody else in the alternative media has done- we have called out all of the people and groups when they deserved to be called out as we were able to show the reasons why, and we did not do it because it was popular or not, but we did it because it was right.

This year, produced over 1200 articles. In closing 2017, we looked back over the stories and decided to select the top 10 stories. This was a very difficult process, since there were so much that happened and needed to be discussed. We looked for stories that encapsulated major themes, were or were the cause of longer pieces of research, and will serve as future trends leading into 2018 and the years to come.

Here is our list. The articles are sorted by publication date and so do not represent any particular order otherwise in the list given here:

+++ confronts and schools major identitarian leader– January 13th, 2017

Up until this point, no major media or alternative media outlet seriously attempted to debate or confront a leader of the identitarian and ethnonationalist movements in Europe or the USA. Theodore Shoebat was the first and still remains the only person who has seriously confronted on an intellectual level one-against-one a major leader, who happened to be Martin Sellner of the Austrian identitarian movement. Watch the video as Ted dismantles Sellner piece-by-piece over ethnonationalism, homosexuality, and the new paganism that the National Socialists of today are trying to market as “defending Europe.”


Rescue Christians is betrayed by the Hungarian government– February 9, 2017

This was a piece put out from our very own Keith Davies, who serves as Director for our Rescue Christians project. Keith traveled to Hungary and reported back that he found almost all of the individuals, groups, and even churches were not taking serious measures to help the persecuted Christians of the Middle East, but instead were using them as pawns in a game of geopolitics and showmanship.


Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, and the “migrant” fraud -March 8th, 2017

For years people have heard about how shadowy groups such as the Bilderbergers and the major banking and industrial families of the world are working to commit genocide and create a new world order. In this groundbreaking investigation, exposes never-before-mentioned people, places, and groups, and discusses how these individuals and groups are working with the Bilderbergs and major governments and banks to prepare the conditions to create this new order they so desire.


Saudi Arabia is DEAD -June 7, 2017

Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are all major topics of discussion here at However, in this piece Walid gives a simple yet profound explanation as to how these economic, social, and political trends fit together by saying the unmentionable, which is that Saudi Arabia today is the Ottoman Empire of a century ago, but instead of being the “sick man of Europe” she is the “sick man of the Middle East,” that her collapse is imminent and how she will manage that collapse and her inevitable division by and influence from her neighbors and other world powers will reshape geopolitics.


Spencer, Sigurfreyr, and the counter jihad scandal -June 10, 2017

Perhaps the most important piece written all year, this was an extensive investigation and reflection on the anti-Islam movement. It was an existential piece for because we realized that so much of the work we did was being manipulated for evil purposes yet it was only until now that we perceived it. Leaving no piece of evidence unexamined, exposed and systematically documented how the anti-Islam movement is filled with National Socialists, pagans, criminals, and other insidious types whose only care for Islam is to use the legitimate threat it poses in order to present ethnonationalism as the solution.


Operation Gladio -July 2nd, 2017

Immediately after World War II the OSS, then renamed CIA, immediately turned to the defeated National Socialists and gave them weapons, military training, and official government support. This project was called Operation Gladio and was meant to serve as a force of resistance to Soviet communist movements. goes into an extensive investigation of how the anti-Islam movement was created as a part of Operation Gladio in order to advance ideas such as eugenics, paganism, and genocide.


Only homophobes go to Heaven -July 15th, 2017 has been designated by the LGBT as one of the most anti-LGBT websites on the Internet. In this piece, Walid describes the seriousness of homosexuality and why Christians must hold fast to Biblical truth even if society does not want to.

+++ confronts Michael Voris -October 12th, 2017

There has been a resurgence of an interest in “traditionalism”, but many people have come forward attempting to use the cause of tradition to promote the worst forms of degeneracy. In this expose, Ted confronts major self-proclaimed “Catholic traditionalist” Michael Voris over promoting a sodomite and pedophile.


Military develops robots that declare they will destroy all humans and feast on their remains -November 14th, 2017

What the machine gun was to the First World War and the atom bomb was to the Second World War is what the robot will be to the Third World War. In this detailed investigation, uncovers from public source and declassified documents that the US military is actively developing cyborgs the same as those from the Terminator film series. What is even more terrifying is that these same documents and interviews reveal that these robots are being taught to function as independent units to kill and feast on humans as a source of machine energy.


Hindu Nationalists prepare to hunt down and murder all Christians in India -December 3rd, 2017

Christians are suffering persecution all around the world. However, a major nation to watch in the years coming is India because plans are actively under way by Hindu Nationalists to exterminate all non-Hindus and create a Hindu ethnostate no different than what Germany and Japan attempted to do centuries ago. These plans have been confirmed by both Christians as well as former Hindu Nationalists involved in creating them yet nobody is discussing them. is the first and only website to systematically identify and outline the plans of these Hindu nationalists and call for Christians to prepare to help their Indian brothers as their lives will need it in the coming years.




  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Hearty congragulations to, to Walid, theodore, Andrew, especially given its coverage about the growing threat to Christians from Hindu nationalists. Indeed, it is the FIRST and AUTHENTIC international website to shed light on this growing problem. Many thanks and wonderful wishes for the new year, from me, my family and behalf of many millions of Indian Christians grateful for your ministry. By God’s will, we will strengthen our bonds in Christ deeper this year. May Jesus Christ, the Lord God of St Thomas the apostle and martyr bless you and guide you and give you greater resources and fruitful alliances to grow this coming year and the years to come until the 2nd coming.

    • Paul

      I used to practice martial arts with a follower on Jain religion probably a Rajput who grew up in Old Delhi. I think I understand little bit of what makes Old Delhi so romantic! It must have some thing to do with popularity of “sufi” style Urdu poetry there. In Hebrew Bible “sher ha sherim” = “song of songs”. And I think in Urdu a sha’er is a poet. Probably, some evangelical pastors in Pakistan are also like Urdu poetry and use it in their preaching.

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    Blessings to the Shoebats and all the team, thank you for your very important work!

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    Thanks Shoebat team! Happy New Year!

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    Indeed, this has been a watershed year and definitely I can foresee there will be so much more to come in the months and years ahead as the world plunges into the abyss of evil.

    Thank you for helping us to keep our lamps filled with oil. Absolutely, as always, outstanding work and research to the Shoebat Team and May Almighty God’s eternal graces/blessings be upon you all going into the New Year.

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    Reading “Sufi” poetry was most useful to me… I mean parts that also makes sense biblically. — Thanks

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