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The Death Of Christendom — What So Few Are Telling You About The Slow And Painful Death Of Europe

By Theodore Shoebat How did Christendom die? This is a question that must be asked, and when deeply inquired, it leads one to the Avignon controversy that lasted from the 13th century to the early 14th century. This is the subject of my latest video:   Were Are About To Enter A New World War, […]

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Well-Known Swedish Christian Farmer And Youtuber Says ‘The Government Has Been Telling Us To Get Ready To Survive A Major Crisis Or War, And To Get At Least Two Weeks Of Supplies As Soon As You Can’

Swedish Homestead is a Youtube Channel run by Simeon, an American whose family moved to Sweden in 2002 and has lived on a farm there since. He makes videos showing life on the farm, how he cares for his plants and animals, and the skills he uses. He does not talk about politics ever. In […]

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How Franco And Catholic Latin America Rescued Tens Of Thousands Of Jews From The Nazi Death Camps

By Theodore Shoebat When the Jews were refugees fleeing the Nazi reign of terror, they were — as most do not know — rescued by Franco and Catholic Latin America. I can talk about this greatly ignored historical reality in my latest video:   Were Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood […]

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