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The Iran Deal And The Failures Of American Foreign Policy

 By Theodore Shoebat Everyone is getting excited about the US leaving the Iran deal, and about John Bolton. But what are some of the background realities behind this? Lets look at some facts that most do not know. How many even know that John Bolton backed an Iranian terrorist group, called the People’s Mojahedin Organization of […]

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Right Now There Is A Horrible War Against Demonic Narco Cartels In Mexico And Yet Americans Absolutely Do Not Care About It

You may have noticed that on May 26th, 2018, I have posted a large amount of stories about drug cartels and violence. As of 7 PM Eastern time, according to Blog Del Narco, one of the best reporting websites for the drug war, there are at least 17 INNOCENT people murdered, an unknown number more […]

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One Man Murdered And Three Injured In Attack On Local Political Candidate By Drug Cartels

(May 26 2018) One person has been murdered and three injured in an attack on a local political candidate running for deputy in Mexico by drug cartels: A man died and three others were injured in an attack against the campaign team of a candidate for a local deputy in central Mexico, reported the National Action […]

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Mexican Police Find Body Of Man Murdered By Drug Cartels In A Bag With A Message Nailed To It

(May 26 2018) In Oaxaca, police have found the body of a man murdered by drug cartels that was stuffed into a bag with a message nailed to it: In black bags and with a narco message nail appear the body of a man, the early hours of this Saturday. The macabre discovery was made, on […]

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Major Mexican Drug Cartel Is Now Teaching Mandatory Cannibalism To All Their New Gang Recruits

(May 26 2018) Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion is a rising and powerful drug cartel in Mexico known for their horrendous acts of brutality to all who oppose them. Their atrocities reported include murdering people and stabbing messages into their corpses, dissolving people in acid, and filming them dismember a man alive and them beating him […]

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Mexican Police Rescue Three Innocent People Kidnapped After Battle With Drug Traffickers

(May 26 2018) Three innocent people kidnapped by drug traffickers were rescued after a battle with Mexican police where six drug gang members were killed: The release of three people who were deprived of their liberty was achieved and six alleged criminals were also killed, the Public Security Secretariat reported in a statement. The facts […]

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Three Dead, Three Injured, And A Hidden Grave With Another Body Uncovered After Battle With Narcotraficantes

(May 26 2018) Three people are dead, three are injured, and a hidden grave with another body was uncovered after a battle with drug terrorists in Mexico: Three men shot to death, a corpse inside a clandestine grave, three wounded men, one of them an Urvan truck driver, yesterday were the acts of violence in […]

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Street Pharmacy Enforcement Agents Make House Call, Murder Entire Family

(May 26 2018) In another episode from the wars in Mexico and Central America, drug gangs murdered an entire family: Juchitán de Zaragoza, Oaxaca.- Three were executed and one was wounded by gunfire in Colonia Gustavo. There was talk of a possible house raid however, everything seems to assume that the assassins only came to […]

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Drug Gangs Take Taxi Driver, Murder Him, Put The Body In A Bag And Leave The Bag In His Taxi

(May 26 2018) A taxi driver was horribly murdered by drug gangs. They murdered him, put his body in a bag, and then left the bag in his taxi: The body located on the outskirts of clinic 76 in Paricutín neighborhood of Uruapan belonged to a taxi employee according to the first investigations. His death […]

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Narcoterrorists Murder Teenager And Dump His Body In A Vacant Lot

(May 26 2018) The body of 16-year-old man was found in a vacant lot having been shot to death by narcoterrorists: The information to this intelligence unit comes from press links for the Noventa Grados website where it is noted that a body without life of only 16 years has already been identified and handed […]

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Drug Cartel Terrorists Take Seven People, Murder Them, Put Their Bodies In Plastic Bags And Dump Them In The Road

(May 26 2018) Police in Mexico have identified three of seven bodies of people found in bags and dumped in the road, who were murdered by drug cartels: The Attorney General of the State (PGJE) reported that three of the seven bodies found in Salamanca. They were already fully identified and are related to each […]

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Strumpets ‘Round The World Bearing Irish Passports Flock In Droves To Ireland To Support Murdering Babies

It is said to ‘beware of Greeks bearing gifts,’ because like the famous siege of Troy, it is a plot to deceive. Rudyard Kipling famously wrote in his poem to beware of the Danes and the Dane-geld. With the recent vote in Ireland about abortion, the same remains true, except this is beware of strumpets […]

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Countless Bengali Muslim Women Come To Saudi Arabia To Work, Muslims Torture And Sexually Abuse Them And Then Their Families Reject Them When They Want To Go Home

Nobody likes Saudi Arabia, including many Muslims. Known for their torture and abuse of Christians, their wrath also goes against fellow Muslims who come as immigrant workers. Rape, torture, and even murder are common as has been experienced by Muslim women from Bangladesh, who when they try to flee are rejected by their families back […]

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American Man Arrested For Taking Pictures And Video Of Himself Sodomizing Three-Year-Old Girl

A man was arrested and sentenced to life in prison for taking pictures and video of himself sodomizing a three-year-old girl: An Odenville man will spend the rest of his life behind bars without the possibility of parole for the rape of a 3-year-old girl. Robert Earl Armbrust, 44, was given the sentence Wednesday by […]

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Woman In Texas Facing Potential Charges For Falsely Accusing Police Officer Of Sexual Assault

Police have been vindicated and a woman now facing potential charges of making false statement after camera footage disproves her claims that she was raped during a traffic stop: Video footage from a Texas state trooper’s body camera refuted sexual-assault claims a woman made against the trooper after she was pulled over for allegedly driving […]

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Science Teacher Tackles Down Shooter Who Was Trying To Massacre Class Full Of Students

By Theodore Shoebat  A science teacher tackled down a shooter who was trying to massacre a classroom full of students in Indianapolis. As we read in a report from the Chicago Tribune: A male student armed with two handguns opened fire at a suburban Indianapolis middle school Friday morning, wounding another student and a teacher before […]

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