The Counter Jihad Movement Loves Evil And That Is Why It Will Fail


If you watch the news, especially the alternative media, you may have seen a man named Gerald Celente whose specialty is in trend forecasting. He is a interesting and colorful person when he speaks about his opinions. To borrow one of his expressions about politics, he says that the Republicans and the Democrats are the equivalent of the Gambinos and the Bonnanos- different families, but part of the same Sicilian mafia with the same expectations.

Such is the case with much of life. Many times, the fundamental essence of what we are offered as a “choice” is no different than any other choices except in name and perhaps slight, tiny details. Coke versus Pepsi comes immediately to mind- there is a tiny different in the flavor, but both are made from water, high fructose corn syrup, and citric acid in the same rations, and both will make you equally fat and kill you equally fast. This is because in essence they are the same products- or a we might say colloquially in America, they are on the same team.

This concept applies equally to ideas as well, especially regarding sin. The Bible says that the wage of sin is death, and this does not include just “big” sins, but little ones as well. While the fact that there are varying degrees of severity of sin, all sin causes a separation from God that if not healed will lead you to hell because, again, no matter what the degree of severity, all sin causes a rupture with God. This is what Jesus means when “a little bit of yeast leavens the whole batch,” because even the slightest impurity can and if not controlled will corrupt the entire product.


The castor bean plant. A common household plant, you can manufacture the world’s deadliest poison- ricin- from the beans. There is no cure for it and even the smallest dose will kill you.

Think of it like this. Poison is bad for you. Even a little bit of poison can severely injure or kill you. If you put a “little” poison into your food, even if you do not die from it, you still have caused harm to yourself because that is what poison does- it causes harm. That is its effect. Whether you add a little or a lot, you are still injuring yourself and are liable for the consequences.

The value of this teaching has been lost on the modern Western man because of the lack of emphasis on the seriousness of sin and importantly, the consequences of one’s actions. Protestantism certainly played a role in exacerbating this issue because whereas the Catholic Faith emphasizes first the need to avoid sin, the Protestant movement tended to focus on “new beginnings” after being immersed in sin. Both are important, but the doing of right so to avoid sin and all the near occasions of sin needs to be emphasized first because if the latter is emphasized, it would even give to suggest that, even if it does not intend to do so, that a man may sin ruthlessly but then later have his sins forgiven as though the sacrifice of Christ on the cross was a divine voucher to be redeemed at a later date at the choosing of the bearer so long as it was before death. This not only a vile heresy, but it is an affront to the mercy of God, which is a gift and not an entitlement that one can elect to choose at a later date of one’s choosing after having made the decision to live a life of debauchery.


The Last Judgment

The results of this heretical teaching, aside from giving people a very false idea about salvation, also tends to lead to a denial of responsibility for one’s actions because “that is what he used to be but not anymore.” While that is true to a point and good, God’s forgiveness is not a light switch that we can turn on and off to our choosing. Even after he does forgive us, God’s forgiveness takes away the eternal punishment for our sins- we still have to make temporal amends for our offenses. Ask Zaccheus:

But Zacchaeus stood up and said to the Lord, “Look, Lord! Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount.” Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham. For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” (Luke 19:8-10)

The reason for this discussion is to emphasize the profound nature of a simple fact- darkness cannot mix with light as much as oil cannot mix with water. It is either/or. One or the other. There are no middle choices. As such, while there may be a spectrum of opinions within these choices, the choices themselves are very clear- you are either one or the other. A light cannot be a little on or a little off. A man cannot be a little Christian and a little Muslim. You cannot be a little alive and a little dead. You have to make a decision as to where you stand and to be conclusive about it.

Which brings me to the issue I would like to discuss today- the “counter-jihad” movement (I’ll call it CJM for the sake of brevity).

Now let me begin by saying there are a lot of good things the CJM has done. It has helped many people throughout the world become aware of the atrocities that Muslims commit for Islam again non-Muslims. It has enlightened, inspired, and motivated many people to teach themselves about Islam to reach beyond their personal “comfort zones,” and to become involved in things they normally would not have. It has also inspired scholarly research about Islam, opened up political and social talk about the matter, and generally been a real “eye-opener” for many people. In a world poisoned by the bile of “political correctness” and the near complete centralized control of the means of communication in the hands of a small number of individuals in business and government who for the greater part know each other and are all working towards the consolidation of wealth and power among themselves for their benefit at the expense of the many, many voices in the CJM have served to present a viewpoint to the greater public which they have been trying themselves to silence. These are real, good, true accomplishments that must be acknowledged and thanked which the movement has been involved in.

However, the CJM is doomed to fail for a very simple reason. That reason is because the CJM loves evil.

No, I am not saying that anybody who is involved in the CJM is evil. That is not true at all, for there are many good and dedicated people in it. What I am saying is that the CJM carries a love of it for evil things that in the name of its own movement inherently stunt its growth and will eventually cause its destruction.

The premise for this is very simple. Islam is evil- this is a clear fact that people agree upon. As a Christian, if Islam is evil it follows in the way of the demons and their example, who have given themselves over to evil and in whom there is no longer any good.

If you listen to many leading voices in the CJM, they will rightly complain about the abuses that Muslims unrighteously perpetrate against Christians, Jews, Pagans,…and homosexuals.


And that is just where the problem begins.

As I alluded to above, I will use homosexuality as one of the many problems which plague the movement but reflective of the same issue, simply because the matter so cut-and-dry for a Christian.

Something that has garnered a lot of attention here at is our open and unashamed approach to speak about the evils of homosexuality in the way which the saints of the Church have traditionally spoken about it and to do so in a Western society that, like a dog turning on its own vomit, has returned to the wicked, pagan ways that the Church wiped out centuries ago. We do so without regard to popular opinion at all, because with us being Catholics who understand and continually strive to better understand the Faith, we base our views upon those of the men and women who the Church has told us are models of Christian piety and orthodoxy. These are the great saints.


St. Peter Damian wrote The Book of Gomorrah (which you can buy here), which severely condemned homosexuality and described how homosexuality had to be severely punished and the homosexuals censored for the good of society. Today we would call him “hateful,” “bigoted,” and “discriminatory,” but the reason St. Peter wrote this book was to save the sodomite from his own self-destructive behavior. Truly, this book was written because he loved the sodomite and that he might be saved.

Homosexual behavior is evil. There is no way to speak otherwise. God destroyed the city of Sodom because that city loved and practiced homosexual acts. Homosexuality is condemned by the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments. Saint after saint (see St. Peter Damian and St. Bernardino of Siena for just two examples) has reaffirmed the Church’s teaching that unless they repent and turn from their ways, the homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God, but will burn in hell.


“No sin has greater power over the soul than the one of cursed sodomy, which was always detested by all those who lived according to God….. Such passion for undue forms borders on madness. This vice disturbs the intellect, breaks an elevated and generous state of soul, drags great thoughts to petty ones, makes [men] pusillanimous and irascible, obstinate and hardened, servilely soft and incapable of anything.  Furthermore, the will, being agitated by the insatiable drive for pleasure, no longer follows reason, but furor…. Someone who lived practicing the vice of sodomy will suffer more pains in Hell than any one else, because this is the worst sin that there is.” -St. Bernardino of Siena, Predica XXIX, Le Prediche Volgari. Milan. Rizzoli. 1936.

This is not “uncompassionate,” “unmerciful,” or “hateful” as we are told today- this is Christianity 101. You can like it or hate it, but it is not for you, me, or anybody to decide over matters which have been clearly settled by God.

This is where the CJM fails, and it fails because of the “secular” basis in which the movement operates. As a general rule, “secular humanism” is really applied atheism, and as such the arbiter for truth and falsehood is given to man to decide instead of a decree which God has ordained. The result is the sin of the Garden of Eden- man makes himself an arbiter of truth instead of God and thus he assumes the role of God in judging good and evil.


Man is a poor judge of good and evil.

However, man is never a good judge of right and wrong, because he is not God. What happens in these situations when men do this is that they often define right and wrong in terms of the current cultural climate which they live in. They will get certain things right (and not because of their own merits, but only in so much how their decisions reflect divine truth) and many other things wrong, and their justification will ultimately be their will over that of others. Now while all law can be defined as a contest of wills and the force of law as the force of will, the question then becomes “whose will” is being served- that of God or that of man?

Having aborted God from social life and elevated the will of man to the status of supreme arbiter of truth, the once-Christian West has descended by choice from the lofty place it once held into a pool of muck. Using the example I mentioned above, sodomy has been taken from being acknowledged publicly for the inherently and irreconcilably filthy and unnatural act that it is and elevated to the level of a sacred act and right of passage while those who speak against it are vilified, prosecuted as criminals, and stripped of their ability to provide economically for themselves and their households. This is a clear moral wrong and outrage, but the majority of western society now supports this view, albeit in varying degrees. It is unpopular, will get you uninvited from parties, and may even get you criminally prosecuted and put in jail for a long time if you merely express the Catholic truth that the act is wrong.

This relates directly to the CJM because the CJM is a product of its time- this time. It is an understandable reaction to the evils of Islamic terrorism. However, because it is a secular movement without a basis in Christian morality, while it gets certain thing right, such as the evils of Islam, it naturally gives support to other evils without intending to do so directly but simply because its views reflect the popular views of a social opinion of its time. In the case of homosexuality, it supports homosexuality and homosexual behavior as a “Western value” because so many people in the west are of this opinion.

Refer back to my statements earlier about the Gambinos and the Bonnanos, or Coke and Pepsi. Both are of the same essence but with silghtly different details, and put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The CJM is against Islam, which is evil. However, at the same time, they support homosexual behavior, which is also evil. The CJM viciously denounces evil A (Islam) at the same time it embraces evil B (homosexuality) and sees there is no conflict between the two. It’s like fighting off the local mob soldier collecting protection money only to turn around and pay that same money to the don himself who employs the solider. The same effect is being had, and no progress otherwise is being made. It’s a three-card monte, a shell game, a moving of ideas and numbers without changing fundamentals.

This is just one problem with the CJM’s love affair with evil things. What about the movement’s silence and even support of abortion and contraception, two things that have been behind the population decline of the West that has lead to the current situation we face today? What about the movement’s emphasis on concepts like “liberty,” which while it sounds nice, actually comes from the French Revolution and does not refer to a Christian concept of liberty but rather the libertine perversions of pre-revolution France? Why so much disdain for the Spanish Inquisition in spite of the fact that the Spanish Inquisition was brought about because, as I noted in by book Lions of the Faith, that there were many false converts to the Catholic Faith who worked actively for almost 120 years to undermine the Faith from beginning ion 1492 until the Muslim expulsion of 1609?

And most importantly about the CJM, why is there such an emphasis that it must be secular, when history clearly shows that not only is it only apostolic– Catholic, Oriental Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, and Assyrian Church of the East- who have been able to resist Islam, yet it is only the Catholic Church that has been able to do all of this and consistently expel and spiritually reconquer Islamized areas with the Faith (Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Poland, etc.)? speaks a lot about Islam, and indeed that is our basis. But if you have not noticed, our focus is also on homosexuality, drug cartels, and evil actions in society because are anti-evil, and we are anti-evil because we are unabashedly Catholic. The CJM is anti-Islam, but if all evil comes from the same source, it draws water from one well only to pour it back into the same reservoir by a different well.

Jesus said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Even more directly, he said that satan’s kingdom cannot be divided against itself, and that the prince of devils would not cast out fellow devils for this very reason.

But divide the house against itself is exactly what the CJM has done to itself. Not only can it define itself only in negative terms first instead of positive ones, but many of the positive things which the CJM supports and claims to defend are also themselves evil and come from the same source that Islam does. For every step they take against Islam they only advance it two more steps with each cheer in praise of sodomy, secularism, abortion, contraception, and libertine filth, all the same acts which drove God from society and opened the spiritual and moral vacuum into which Islam was able to so easily flow and without resistance because there was nothing to defend it.

It is said that everything- men, ideas, societies, and cultures alike- all carry within themselves the seeds of their own destruction. The Catholic Church will not fail because Christ promised it would not fail- thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. Anybody who has studied Catholic history can attest this is true because the way in which the Church has been administered is how not to run a business- divine providence would necessarily have to be involved otherwise the Church would have fractured and been annihilated centuries ago. The CJM, on the other hand, is a human movement, and while it has some good achievements, it will ultimately fail because not only does it not possess the divine guidance as is given to the Faith, but it is actively promoting the ends of the evil one while at the same time standing against it, and a house divided against itself cannot stand.

In other words, it’s time to choose how we approach Islam- via the lens of the Christian and specifically, Catholic Faith, or via the secular route. 

Consider what I have written as a warning about the CJM, and in doing so I leave you with the story of Arnoud Van Doorn. He was once a part of the CJM in Holland and involved in Geert Wilder’s Freedom Party. In 2012 he converted to Islam and two years later his son did the same.


Arnoud and his son, Iskander Amien

Am I saying that people who are a part of the CJM will convert to Islam? No. I am saying that Mr. Van Doorn’s story, if you read it, showed that his opposition to Islam was based upon a secular, nationalistic basis. However, because of the lack of an emphasis on absolute truth, he not only could not sustain his positions and, in refusing to embrace the Faith which guided the European peoples for generations, instead chose Islam because while it is wrong and evil, it offers a program of absolute truth and guidance for men.

The strengths of both the Faith and Islam lay in its offer of absolute truth to men in a world that is seeking absolute truth. And that is why the CJM will not stop Islam- it offers no absolute truth. Ultimately, it will be for men to choose which master to serve- Jesus or Muhammad?