Britain Just Left The EU, And This Will Eventually Lead To A Revived Nazi Germany That Will Go To War With Christendom

By Theodore Shoebat

Britain just voted and agreed to leave the European Union, with the majority voting for separation from the confederacy, in favor for autonomy. What will this lead to? Here are some of my own thoughts and predictions as to what will happen with Europe. Germany is dominating Europe, to a great extent, because of the EU. With the UK leaving the EU, the Germans are very upset, and they are concerned that their power will weaken. Thus, the Germans will use this decision to only later portray Britain as an enemy. Britain severing itself from the EU will encourage other nations to leave the EU, and this will ultimately provoke Germany to return to fanatical nationalism. With the disintegration of the collectivist EU, comes nationalism; with the breaking down of the EU comes the unmasking of rivalries between European nations that have existed for centuries. Great Britain has given billions every year to the EU budget, but with the British gone, this money will no longer come. Other nations will emulate Britain; the more nations that leave, the less money that will fatten the EU. The EU was, supposedly, designed to guarantee that Germany will never become an aggressor. But with the EU gone, why should Germany be peaceful? Germany will thus go back to its imperialist and supremacist ways. Nationalism, supremacist ideology, imperialist Protestantism, Catholic militancy and the restoration of Catholic Christendom, will thus ultimately arise above the ruins of the EU, a failed experiment that was doomed to collapse.

The Brexit decision has enraged the Germans. Germany’s vice chancellor and economics minister, Sigmar Gabriel, was one of the first politicians to express his anger, saying: “Damn! Ein schlechter Tag fur Europa.” Which means: “Damn! A bad day for Europe.” Before Brexit was decided, the Germans were terrified at the prospect of Britain leaving the EU. Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, said that a Brexit would be a  “disaster.” Because Britain is Germany’s third largest trade partner (after the US and France), a Brexit would cut down Germany’s GDP by half a percentage point, warned the Berlin-based DIW economic institute.

A Britain out of the EU could make it more expensive for German industries and investors. Major German companies like BMW and Siemens are very worried. In a statement, Siemens said that “uncertainty, and threat of increased costs, could make the U.K. a less attractive place to do business and may become a factor when Siemens is considering future investment here”. The German boss of BMW-owned Rolls Royce said that the company’s “employment base could also be affected.” I spoke with our European correspondent, Tommy Pacinotti, and he said in regards to Brexit:

“With the UK leaving the EU the bet is seeing how well she, Great Britain, fares with the animosity of the leading EU countries such as France and Germany. These countries have a strong economic power and won’t forgive easily. However the UK has many foreign assets and much foreign trade withe the British Commonwealth. Britain never accepting the Euro means that the monetary transition will go smoothly, however much money will be lost because London’s Wall street (called simply The City) has invested much in European stock thanks to the ease that they could invest British cash on the European markets”

Germany, with its very wealthy industries, will use the fall of the EU as a justification for going back to fanatical supremacist nationalism. Germany will make strong military alliances with both Turkey and Japan. This will be a most dangerous trio, with the industrially advanced Germany forming a very strong force with Japan, the most powerful nation of East Asia that has a navy much larger than that of Britain, and Turkey, the most powerful of the Muslim world. This rise of these powers will not happen without the rise of their religions. Germany will have a state religion, which will be a mix of German supremacist ideology and Protestantism, just as it had in WW2; Turkey will form an empire with its political Sufist belief system; and Japan, just as it did in the Second World War, will fight under the banner of its hybrid religion of State Shinto emperor worship and Zen Buddhism.

Of course its going to take time for this to occur, and it will gradually take place in stages and intervals (like anything else in history), but I believe that this move by Great Britain is a catalyst towards the manifestation of this prodigious conflict.

We are already seeing the ripple effect emanating from Britain’s decision. Now the Eurosceptic party in France, the National Front, is already calling for the referendum that Britain just had. France is part of the core of the EU, and the faster it severs itself, the faster the EU will crumble. The dynamics of European power rest on Germany and France. Conflicts between the two nations, lasting from 1871 to 1945, eventually subsided and the resolving peace influenced the establishing of the European Union. The idea behind the EU was to essentially purge the continent of nationalism, erasing autonomy for the binding of nations under a confederacy. In the 1950s, West Germany and France formed the European Economic Community (EEC), the predecessor of the EU; the intention behind this was to prevent the two nations from going to war again, and to make trade and investing easier in order to revitalize the war torn economies of Europe.

The French were happy with the resolution because Germany was now neutralized and France had a grip over European politics. But there was one nation that France did not want to see join the EEC: Great Britain, because it knew that it would be a threat to France’s power and set it off balance. Charles de Gaulle described Britain as “an American Trojan Horse in Europe.” De Gaulle knew that Britain was the only country in Western Europe with the capacity of being a great competition. In the 1960s the French even vetoed Britain’s membership twice. The British, on the other hand, were suspicious of the idea of joining the EEC; they were not enthusiastic about power being taken from Britain to Brussels. In the 1970s things changed, and Britain took a great interest in joining the common market, and both Germany and France were willing to accept Britain as a member of the EEC in order to expand a federal Europe.

The financial motive of Britain for joining the EEC would shape its modern relationship with the rest of Europe, which was greatly established by the policies of Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher even pushed for the EEC to be expanded over Eastern Europe, thus increasing the demand for British exports into the Soviet bloc. Britain’s economic expansion throughout Europe helped weaken Germany’s and France’s hold over the continent, and thus kept a balance of power between the two countries. The balance of power that Great Britain imposes in the rivalry between Germany and France will soon be put to an end because of its new decision to leave the EU. The French are worried, because Britain has been keeping Germany’s economic domination in check and they don’t want this to cease. I spoke with our British correspondent, Timothy Gibson, and he expressed to me how autonomy for Britain will weaken Brussels. “I think it will give back power to Britain from Brussels,” he said, “we can now make our own laws without EU interference.” He also expressed concern over the alliance between Germany and Turkey, stating:

“As we know, Turkey has allied itself with the European Union which is a major concern. Turkey is the one behind the migration crisis which is destroying Christian Europe and if they’re allied with the EU and Germany, then I hope the EU falls apart as soon as possible. I see WW3 not between the West and Russia, but a WW1 scenario, Turkey and Germany versus the world.” 

With Britain gone, the Germans will become more aggressive, and with this you will also see a split form between the Protestant Northern Europe and the Catholic Southern Europe. Adriano Bosoni, in a very recent article, wrote: “Should the ‘leave’ camp win the British referendum, tension would rise between the Continent’s north and south.” We are already seeing tension gradually fomenting between North and South. As soon as Britain voted to leave the EU, Spain began to push for “co-sovereignty” over Gibraltar, a small peninsula off the coast of Spain, known as “the Rock,” which has been a British territory since 1713. The Spanish want to control the Gibraltar, with Spain’s Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, stating just today: “I hope the formula of co-sovereignity – to be clear, the Spanish flag on the Rock – is much closer than before”.

Northern Europeans are already fearing a Southern European bloc, consisting of Italy, Spain and Portugal. According to Adriano Bosoni, writing for Stratfor, there are “fears of a takeover by this Mediterranean group” rising in Northern Europe.  So, we are already seeing tensions rise between Northern and Southern Europe, thanks to Brexit, and its only going to get worse. I see the days in which Germany will revive its supremacist ways and make war upon Southern Europe.

Aggressions and tensions will also increase between Germany and Russia. Great Britain has pushed for more European aggression against Russia. With Great Britain away from the EU, Eastern European nations that have an aversion towards Russia will feel more isolated. Russia will gain more confidence, and Germany will feel more of an incentive to go against Russia. The aggressiveness of Germany, and its alliances with a rising Turkey, will push Eastern Orthodox nations such as Greece, Macedonia and Serbia, to unite together under Russia in an Eastern Orthodox confederacy that will be esteemed as a revival of the Christian Byzantine Empire. The Eastern Europeans understand that the EU is essentially a Nazi invention. The Germans designed the idea of transnationalism before the end of WW2. Ludwig Erhard worked with the SS officer, Otto Ohlendorf, who was the deputy general for Germany’s Ministry of Economics in 1943, in the redevelopment Germany’s economy. They both agreed that Germany would need “rapid monetary stabilization through a stable currency unit.” This “unit” would become the Deutschmark, introduced in 1948. Erhard’s ideas would give birth to the E.U.’s precursor, the European Coal and Steel Community, established in 1951 by six European states. For this, you cannot blame Eastern Europeans for seeing the EU as another German attempt to destroy national sovereignty and identity, and dominate the continent. I spoke with our Balkans correspondent, Lazar, and he told me: “I’m glad that this Nazi creation will breakup, but at the same time I expect the next move from the Germans. They can provoke some new war or conflict, not just in regards to Serbia. All of Europe is in danger.”

The more the EU crumbles, the more the masks that cover old rivalries will be removed, and eventually the tensions of old will be fully manifested, and will resume. Germany is already talking about increasing its military defense and presence to go against Russia.

Merkel recently stated that the European Union is not in the position to defend itself and could not rely on the United States for defense, and thus the necessity for Germany to increase its military defense and presence. German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said that the boost of membership for the German Army is “necessary given the current situation” of escalating tensions with Russia. Of course the Germans are also using the existence of Islamic terrorism to defend their actions, but its obvious that this is propaganda used to justify their future plans of militarily dominating Europe. 

Just two days ago, Angela Merkel stated Germany cannot rely on other nations to defend the  EU, and that Germany must take this mission for itself. In one document Germany listed threats that necessitate increases in defense, and one of them is “the migrant crisis”. Now, why would Germany list as a threat something that they themselves brought to Europe? (Germany is the biggest absorbers for the Muslim refugees) I believe that amongst Germany’s motives to bring in the refugees was so that the Muslims could cause enough chaos to use as propaganda against foreigners, and thereby increase German nationalism. While German supremacy will be taught, expect the Germans to at the same time work with and train Islamic armies for their globalist goals. In February of this year, I wrote an article on how Germany will be training thousands of Muslim refugees in order to make them into an elite force of soldiers. These troops are planned on being used to topple Bashar al-Assad. That Germany is training Muslims to form an elite Islamic army, reveals that Germany has not changed at all from its Nazi predecessors who as well formed elite Islamic SS divisions.

There are rivalries and sectarianism that has been occurring in Europe for centuries, and they really have not gone any where. The EU was an attempt to keep these conflicts abated, but any such attempt is futile once put against centuries of internal wars. The hatred between Protestants and Catholics lies mainly hidden in Europe, but with the absence of the EU’s bind, I believe that these conflicts will resume. As Mark Fleming-William wrote, “Any project attempting to fuse these disparate cultures into one monolithic state over the course of just 70 years was by its very nature doomed.” Supranationalism cannot vanquish the identities of peoples, rooted in culture, history, blood and zeal. The EU was an experiment doomed to fail from the beginning.

Lets not forget that it was the Germans who tried to dominate the Roman Empire in the Vandalic Wars, in which they wanted to invade Christian lands for the advancement of Arianism, the anti-Trinitarian heresy that they converted to from paganism. Lets not forget that Germany started the bloodiest war Europe had ever undergone prior to the First and Second World Wars: the Thirty Years War, in which Protestant Germany tried to vanquish Catholic Europe. Lets not forget the two World Wars, in which Germany tried yet again to dominate Europe. After all of this history, for one to think Germany a friend would be most imprudent.

In all of these wars, ideology played a role. In the Vandalic Wars of the sixth century, the German Arian heretics saw themselves as superior because, to them, to believe in the Divinity of Christ was of an inferior thinking, while the rejection of the Divinity of Christ was esteemed as something from a superior intellect. The supremacist way of thinking has never left the German, and they will, in the future, fully show their true supremacist colors as they rage against Catholic Southern Europe and Orthodox Eastern Europe. In the disintegration of the EU, France will be faced with a choice, either to be an ally with Germany, or to join its Catholic brothers of Southern Europe, that is, Spain, Italy and Portugal. The leader of France’s National Front enthusiastically wants France to leave the EU. Marine Le Pen stated that France has “a thousand more reasons to leave than the UK,” and that  the “the EU is decaying”.

Italy will also undergo a referendum in emulation of Great Britain. Luigi Di Malo, vice president of the lower house of Italy’s parliament, stated: “The mere fact that a country like Great Britain is holding a referendum on whether to leave the EU signals the failure of the European Union.” Italy’s anti-immigrant and euroskeptic Northern League will commence a petition for a referendum. Matteo Salvini, the head of the Northern League, who is in favor of leaving the EU, said in a press conference after the Brexit vote:

“This vote was a slap in the face for all those who say that Europe is their own business and Italians don’t have to meddle with that”

It appears that Spain will also follow Britain in leaving the EU. Spain will be having a general election this Sunday, and it looks like the populists will win, and anti-EU sentiments will be the victor. One resident of Spain who I spoke with told me, “Spain is going to vote for the populist leadership.”   

The Catholic nations of the South will sever themselves from the EU and will form an alliance against Germany and major tensions will ensue. I believe also that it is quite likely that France will eventually join the Southern Europeans and will form a Catholic confederacy against Protestant Germany and Islamic Turkey. The French sociologist and political scientist at the National Institute of Demographic Studies in Paris, Emmanuel Todd, states:

“The political strongholds of the German Social Democrats are in the Protestant regions of Germany. They are even further to the north, even more antagonistic toward the “merry-go-round Catholics” of the continent’s south.

In the end, what it comes down to is not at all a left-right conflict, it is a cultural conflict as ancient as Europe itself.”

Todd also warns that Germany is “increasingly pursuing politics of power and of hidden expansion.”

The crumbling of the EU means the reviving of past tensions, the removal of the European mask and the revealing of the German aspiration for world domination.

Prepare to see Turkey, Japan and Germany become allies and form the new axis of evil.

In the future we will look back at these times, and we will recount of how Britain leaving the EU was the chrysalis into the great war between Christendom and the armies of the Antichrist.