A Culture Can Rise No Higher Than The Moral Position Of Its Women, And Western Women Are Freely Prostituting Themselves To Fulfill Muslim Men’s Most Debauched Perversions

By Andrew (Shoebat Sunday Special) 

A culture can rise no higher than the moral position of its women.


This quote is attributed to the late Mary McLeod Bethune. Born in the rural American south to a black family, she was the female Booker T. Washington of her time. Like Mr. Washington, Ms. Bethune believed that the long-term success of the black race was through economic integration into the united states through education, strong families, and strong religious ties. By learning how to read, write, do mathematics, and possess a tangible skill, blacks would need not limit themselves to positions of unskilled labor only, but would become sought-after commodities for their skills, and thus as their economic standing increased so would they be gradually integrated into the society. This process would take a long time, but if followed it would be able to literally raise them Up From Slavery, as is the title of B.T. Washington’s biography.

However, there was one major difference with Ms. Bethune, and this likely came as an observation from her Presbytarian background, which was the above quote. In order to raise their people up from slavery, the root cause laid not in a simple social transformation, but also a religious and moral transformation and specifically one directed at the woman because she is the vehicle through which new life enters into the world, is the first teacher to children in their early years, and sees first to domestic needs. If the man is the head of a people, then the woman is its heart. While it is important to have a strong head, if the heart is rotten or missing then the head will only serve to further evil aims. Conversely, if the heart is good and strong, the head will be able to make good and righteous decisions. The two provide vastly different functions but are equal in their dignity as they need each other to function, and what affects one part inevitably affects the other.

Ms. Bethune’s outlook on the place of the woman in society is applicable to all and for a long time were taught by most cultures throughout human history, and when a culture failed to or stopped teaching them marked the decline and fall of these same cultures and even entire civilizations. The dignity and most importantly, chastity of a woman is one of those issues like honest, non-usurious money- it is one of the very small but critical lynchpins upon which a great deal of social stability rests. If a pin is removed or altered to such a point it is no longer functioning, then a society will feel the strain. If this happens with too many pins, then the society will inevitably collapse. In the case of a woman, the collapse is magnified because of biological reasons- not only could the society simply collapse, but its basic biological makeup could change, and the people that once inhabited it might completely disappear. This has happened many times throughout history, and it very well could happen again as history tends to repeat because men make the same mistakes in different generations.


These young men did not fall from space. They are the product of the destroyed black family in America today, where there is no father and the only models young men have are single mothers in bad relationships.

Using the same examples which Ms. Bethune used- the black family- her observation is immediately clear today. As many great sociologists have noted, the black family did not collapse after slavery, but in reality was strong and remained strong until the Civil Rights Movement and the government-based social programs targeted at black families, specifically those at black women, which, subsidized single mothers through extensive welfare programs and permitted no-fault divorce with preference given to women in court cases. The results have been disastrous, with a supermajority of black babies born to single mothers, extensive poverty, violence, and the inability of black men to raise and care for families in a stable environment.

There have always been problems in any human society, and it is understood there is always a degree of social deviation, dangerous behavior, and problems that simply cannot be eliminated. As Christians, this is understood simply to be a consequence of original sin- as man was tainted after the fall and he strives by the grace of God to conform himself to His will, there will always be room for improvement, and old problems will eventually become new ones again. This is a process that will only end when Christ returns. However, it is the extend, magnitude, and severity of these same problems that matters- if they are allowed to get out of control is when they become critical dangers to a civilization. Unfortunately, that is what has happened with feminist ideology in the West, as the destruction of the Western woman through feminist ideal and the re-engineering of the basic notions of biology have caused and are causing a social collapse that has manifested in a demographic collapse that has allowed for Islam to enter into the West and invade with a force not seen in almost 400 years.

While I used the African-American family as an example earlier based on Ms. Bethune’s example, a much simpler and more direct observation can be found in a comparison between two celebrities spaced approximately 60 years apart. The first is Barbara Billingsley, known better as June Cleaver on the famous show Leave It To Beaver. The second is Kimberly Kardashian, daughter of deceased attorney Robert Kardashian whose biggest claim to fame is a pornographic video with rapper Ray J. Both women, while not representative of all American women, demonstrate for their respective times the prevailing values and attitudes held in society.


June Cleaver, a television character played by actress Barbara Billingsley, was known for vacuuming the house in pearls, always having a fresh meal in the stove and possessing a kind, motherly demeanor, was the stereotypical Anglo-American woman of her day, although even during her times her character was considered an exaggeration in society. Nevertheless, her actions and demeanor exhibited a strong sense of self-worth related to her person and not to her sexuality, the sexuality she did exhibit was controlled, classy, and elegant, and she was a person who emitted respect and in turn received respect from her peers. Ms. Billingsley, speaking many years later about playing June Cleaver, said the following:

“Some people think she was weakish, but I don’t. She was the love in that family. She set a good example for what a wife could be. I had two boys at home when I did the show. I think the character became kind of like me and vice versa. I’ve never known where one started and where one stopped.”

This description could be contrasted with the popular cultural icon Kim Kardashian. After her pornographic movie, Kim is known for having an exceptionally large derriere with an even larger ego. Her value comes from her ability to debase herself by prostituting herself to numerous men and then demanding money, gifts, and social capital in return. She is crude, rude, and erratic, inclined to frivolity and vanity over elegance and beauty. Loved and praised by many, their love for her flows out of an unnatural fascination for her on account of her disordered, disruptive, and malicious behavior. She is viewed as a sexual icon because she classifies herself as a sex object, and so garners attention but no respect and for which what attention she does have is condition on her ability to maintain her looks and particular, a smooth derriere for as long as possible as she has nothing else to offer.


This was an actual magazine cover from 2014, as you can see above. It needs no explanation.

The unfortunate and disturbing part is that not only is Kim Kardashian today considered by many young women to be a model and that the society approves and encourages her behavior, but that June Cleaver is like a white tiger- hunted to the point of extinction. People have no problem endlessly mocking Mrs. Cleaver’s vacuuming in pearls and high heels with a four-course meal in the oven as though she were some kind of deformed circus sideshow freak yet applause, adore, and more importantly, mimick the vulgar, disgusting, debased behavior exemplified by Kim Kardashian, as though fellating multiple different boyfriends and then robbing them of their money is something to be proud of.


The same behaviors which caused the fall of the African-American woman that I discussed above in very brief detail are the same behaviors which have cause the fall of the woman in general in Western society. Women today in the West complain about supposed “inequality” and a host of other issues, but the real issue here is the moral collapse of the western woman. Without morals, nothing else fundamentally matters because it serves as the basis for truth, justice, mercy, and love in a society as morality is a reflection of the nature of God because God is good and all that is good comes from God. A moral society is a society which reflect God and an immoral society is one that denies God and is thus evil, and just as it was through a woman that sin entered the world in Eve and through a woman that the world was saved (St. Mary), it is through the woman that a society rises or falls.


Now there are many causes of the fall of the West that we are witnessing today, but the Western women- one of the lynch pins of Western society- is contributing an important part in that fall because she has no morals. While there are prostitutes in every society, the Western woman has herself become a prostitute, placing her value in her physical and sexual qualities which denying the higher qualities, going so far as to even mock them and her biological role as child bearer, mother, and caretaker of the heart of society. The modern western woman has been successfully taught that she can realize her equality with men by mimicking men as much as possible in their behavior while denying her own feminine inclinations as much as possible, and the result has been disorder and disaster through broken families and a plunging fertility rate.


But one does not even need to look at just the general culture. The severity of this problem is revealed in its full ugliness with a brief look at the “underbelly” of society, and by that I am referring to the escort and pornographic industries. As I learned from a wise history professor and friend, the “adult” industry is an inverse barometer of social health- the more prominence it has in society and the more deviant that which it promotes as “normal” and “acceptable” the sicker a society it, and the more restricted and limited it is the healthier a society is.

Now I preface this by saying that deviant human sexual behavior is found in every society at every time in history. This includes extremely deviant behavior. However, what matters is the extent to which it is considered “normal” or “acceptable” in society, how it is propagated, and the extent to which it is propagated.


The infamous Bettie Page. Later in life she changed and became a Christian.

Bettie Page is a case in point. An American “sex symbol,” she was pimped as a burlesque dancer alongside other women in her industry in what were essentially soft-core pornographic films during the late 1940s and through the 1950s. She was widely known, but looking at her films today they are almost laughable in what they present because it is so mild by what society is accustomed to. As an example, she wore more clothes than most bikini models do and posed in far less raunchy positions than anything considered “mainstream” today.

Fast forward 60 years to today, and the world is completely different. Pornography has virtually fractured into a series of competing fetishes with each one more extreme than the other. The new normal is violent and degrading forms of sexuality featuring group sex, choking, very rough sex to the point of rape on camera, and the liberal use of bodily excrement such as spit, urine, and feces. What was once reserved for the extremely perverse has been mainstreamed and is rising to prominience.

Don’t believe me? Look into the statistics for what people search as far as it pertains to “adult” material. They are readily and publicly available. Any of the terms listed above prove this with a simple Internet search. However, there is another way which I prefer to show, and that is through the so-called “Instagram Models” and a blog dedicated to exposing them, called Tag The Sponsor.

Tag The Sponsor is a blog that is basically dedicated to exposing women on Instagram who spend their days posting sexually-attractive photos of themselves and them living “the high life” while in reality they way they make their money to do this is by selling themselves to mainly Muslim Arab men. In exchange for committing some of the most debauched, disgusting things a person could do, these women are given tens of thousands of dollars. Keep in mind that these women who do this are not doing it out of poverty or a need to support  family. No, they are doing it out of a lust for money and power and with no respect to their families or other important people in their lives.

Take for instance this Instagram model from Hawaii, Josene de la Cruz:


How about more? Here is Mia Raquel:



Here is another model, Grace Santiago:


Lastly, there is this horrible testimony from a woman who worked as a model-prostitute with a non-Muslim, but still a man whose desires were evil:

NubileTexasOiler23 revealed himself to be a 92-year-old oil tycoon who made all of his money during a series of oil booms in the 1940s. The man was a multi-billionaire and wanted me to be his “sugar baby”.

NubileTexasOiler23 always made me call him “Gertrude”, which happens to be the name of his deceased wife, and throw chocolate sauce, which happens to be Gertrude’s favorite dessert, at his naked body while he flopped around like a fish out of water and cried….NubileTexasOiler23 also had a fetish for making me wear a chicken outfit while he hurled racial slurs at my face and called me ‘McFatty’.

I think you get the idea. 

Tag The Sponsor makes the following statement in its about page:

These sponsorettes are glorified prostitutes with malnourished brains and nothing to offer but two holes and a large derrière. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having a sugar daddy, as it’s beneficial to both parties. But all of a sudden, there is a surge of women with small waists and disproportionate butts that have 50k + followers on Instagram, with booking info in their bios. Booking what? P***y. The problem here is, is that these sponsorettes put on a facade that they are signed models, fitness chicks, bartenders, real estate agents, marketing executives, or some obscure form of employment. Don’t models have agents? Don’t fitness chicks actually work out? How does a weekend bartending gig finance private jets? Don’t real estate agents and marketing executives actually work, not lay under a cabana on a different island ever week? They might as well start putting their rates in their bios as well, because they won’t be fooling anyone much longer.

As I said earlier, prostitution and even very deviant, evil acts such as these are well known and happen throughout history. What matters is the scale, prevalence, and nature of the activity taking place- the more there is, the less healthy a society is and the less there is, the healtheir a society is.

You have just looked into the darkened, filthy heart of the western woman today. Immoral, godless, and hedonistic, she has reduced herself to the level of a prostitute, making her unworthy of being a mother and undesired by men, as a man does not want to fight over somebody who does not respect themselves in even the most basic way. It is sometimes said that Islam is a punishment from God for men’s sins. This was a *tiny* insight into the issue with the women. It does not even get into the horror that is homosexual relations and the scourge that brings, a scourge so heavy the God wiped out entire civilizations for it.

Basically in the past, these acts were kept very private although they were known about, and their prevalence was much smaller. Now, these same evils are being taken to their further ends, they are much more commonplace, and there are a lot of people doing them and nobody cares. This is a recipe for civilizational suicide, as these women are betraying their basic role as the heart of society in exchange for prostituting themselves in ways that no normal man would ever think of or tolerate. Childless now and childless in the future, they are a living, breathing train wreck who are sucking the life out of society through their selfish and debauched behavior and allowing for the Muslim invasion of the West to happen by failing in their duty.

Realize the serious nature of what you are looking at. The modern Western woman, while complaining about Muslims abusing her such as in the New Year’s rapes in Cologne this year and likewise complaining about being treated ‘unfairly’ in society, she is literally choosing to have Muslim men sodomize, urinate, defecate, and vomit on her for money to spend on luxuries.

Now while this is a huge issue, there is still hope. God can change even the hardest of hearts. The vilest of sins can be washed away in the precious blood of Jesus. It was for men and women like this that Christ came, lived, and died for, as what was lost in the Garden was regained at Calvary. There is still hope that the West can recover from Islam, but this hope must begin with concrete action. Part of that action means dealing with the Muslim threat, but part of that action means the necessary restoring of Christian morality to its rightful place in society. It means working to purge society of social filth like what is being talked about here.

It also means calling out western women for their evil behavior and calling them to task- doing what it takes to get them back in line to being moral and righteous. The Kardashian mentality so obviously visible here must be exposed, attacked, scorned, insulted, and made into the thing of derision along with its wicked messengers. Virtue must be extolled and those who practice it exhalted and honored as they should be. This is as issue of mercy as much as it is of justice, for not only must those who practice evil as well as good receive that which is their just due, but those who do commit evil must be called out so that, if they choose, God would have mercy on them, convert them, and make them one of the righteous. This is for the glory of God and the good of us all in the West.

Truly, as Mrs. Mary McLeod Bethune said, a culture can rise no higher than the moral position of its women, and there is no more perfect model for these dark times than St. Mary, who like a start over the ocean guiding a ship, guides all men to the bright morning star and sun of justice, her son Jesus Christ. May through her example and prayers this evil be swiftly crushed and the dignity of the western people restored. :