A Massive Wave Of Violence Is Going To Flood Europe, Germany Will Rise And Oceans Of Blood Will Form

By Theodore Shoebat

St. Augustine once said that “in order to discover the character of any people, we have only to observe what they love. Yet whatever it loves, if only it is an assemblage of reasonable beings and not of beasts, and is bound together by an agreement as to the object of love, it is reasonably called a people” (City of God, 19.24). A people is a nation, not a state. The state and the people are too different things. People have become conditioned to believe that the state and the nation are one, when they are distinct. The nation has culture, ideas, virtues, all collectively agreed upon. The concern of the state is not necessarily the same as the people, in fact many times the two collide in bloody struggle. The state’s concerns become economic, rather than ethical or moral. The state is essentially a market-state, where cultural standards are spat upon for the preponderance of industry and monetary gain.  The market-state’s objective is purely materialistic and quantitative; it is indifferent towards morality, religion, faith, and any virtuous sacrifices made by the people. Once the market-state degrades, disrespects or makes attempts at imposing beliefs that are contrary to the morals and convictions of the people, that is when the two entities clash, and the people revolt to break the fetters of delusional power the market-state made the people believe existed.

We see this happening in the EU, wherein its free-market Euro Zone is fragmenting because people have decided to place the culture of the nation above the market-state. What we are witnessing is a seismic deconstruction of a concept of government the people have been taught to accept, and a massive revolt against the imperialism of supranationalism, for the advancement of autonomy and cultural pride. What we are seeing is a dividing line forming between those who believe in the nation, and those who believe in the superiority of the market-state. What Britain did was a catalyst for an inspiration that will spread throughout Europe, an inspiration to break away from the EU. It was a spark that starts the flame that spreads throughout the wild grass and raises up a cumulous of defiance for the cause of cultural pride. What do you think was the biggest reason why the majority of voters wanted an exit from the EU? It was to stop the flow of Muslim immigrants who, not even being vetted in Britain, were streaming in from the European mainland thanks to the leeway and facilitations provided by the EU. Again, the people put the nation above the state. Nationalism trumped supranationalism, culture defied imperialism. The resistance is strong, and the will to break from the EU, incorrigible.

Many people want to leave the EU, and this popularity around exiting the EU will succeed for numerous countries. But this success will beset those who are loyal to the tenuous and dying concept of supranationalism. Once you reach such an impasse, wherein two sides are conflicted, with one believing in autonomy and the other desiring for an entity to have power over nations, then there is war. The fight is, simply put, between those who want power over their own nation and those who want power over nations. Germany is the third largest exporter in the world, with the foreign consumption of its goods far surpassing its domestic consumption. Germany needs the free-trade of the Eurozone in order for its economy to thrive in Europe where it is the largest of all the economies. With the collapse of the Euro, Germany would lose its power. How then would it maintain its domination? I believe that Germany will war against the anti-EU nations.

The fragmentation of the EU will transpire as a series of events, the denouement of which will be violent conflict. The struggle between nationalists and supra-nationalists is will be bloody and chaotic. In a very recent article, Philip Bobbitt, the Herbert Wechsler Professor of Jurisprudence, and Distinguished Senior Lecturer at the University of Texas, wrote an article in which he stated something very revealing:

Brexit voters wanted the constitutional order of the industrial nation-state — the welfare state — and the cohesive cultural communities of their national past. They saw those objectives as threatened by a globalized financial and trading system that had suborned corrupt and incompetent elites who could not be trusted. Unless they come to realize that the advantages of the welfare state and an ethnically and culturally holistic community can only be protected by a reimagining of the State itself, by shaping the market state that is their future, we will face a reaction of despair, suspicion and violence that will shake the foundations of all states.

Without the full realization that the conventional concept of the State must change, there will be violence. The mass disagreement between those in favor of autonomy and those who desire integration will implode into a seismic eruption of violence that will inundate all the nations of Europe. We are already seeing nations uniting for cultural values against the wicked beliefs of the EU. This is being witnessed more boldly in Eastern Europe, where Russians, Serbs, Poles and others, are rallying against the EU’s push of accepting sodomite “marriage.” Again, people are putting culture and faith over the imperialism of delusion that is flooding the earth.

Last year, the Polish parliament initiated reforms which would allow the Polish government to appoint the heads of public television and radio broadcasters. The reforms came from conservative nationalist Law and Justice party, which sees Germany as imposing anti-Christian values on its country. Putting more state control over media would make some preclusions against materials and presentations deemed as amoral and as against the Catholic traditions of the country. One example of this is when Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Culture Minister Piotr Gliński tried to stop an Austrian pornographic play from being shown in a state-ran theatre in Warsaw. When the play was allowed to be shown, Catholics blocked the entrance and scuffles ensued, with twelve of the Catholics being arrested.

Germany threatened sanctions against Catholic Poland for trying to (rightfully) control media. Volker Kauder, the chairman and parliamentary group leader of Chancellor Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, said that the EU must “find the courage to apply sanctions on the breach of European values,” adding that “the Polish government should know that in Europe you cannot violate some fundamental values.” Germany and its EU coterie are striving to impose anti-Christian ideas, such as abortion and sodomite “marriage” on orthodox countries that do not want to accept such evils. This is the imperialism of delusion, and the sheep nations will either never consent or eventually drive it out from their lands. Last year the EU committee wanted to pass a decree which would have forced all EU states to accept sodomite “marriage.” It was the eastern countries, Hungary and Poland, that stopped the tyrannical edict from being enacted.

Why is Germany trying to enforce anti-Christian beliefs onto a Catholic country like Poland? I am not one to view things at the surface, or to see political situations as just recent happenings or as fortuitous. Conflicts between nations are continuations of past conflicts that occurred between them. Germany has tried to invade Poland numerous times. The Protestant Germans supported the Turks in their invasion of Poland during the Thirty Years War, and they of course invaded Poland in the Second World War. There is most definitely an immense enmity that the Germans hold against Poland, and it is because traditionally the Germans are Protestants and they hate their Catholic neighbor. Ideologies and sectarian beliefs are very difficult to purge, and they perpetuate throughout generations. Even with those who may not explicitly believe, the traditions of the religion of their fathers will many times resonate in their temperament and worldview. As the Nazis occupied Poland from 1939 to 1945, the German Protestants slaughtered or imprisoned or exiled almost every single priest in Poland. The Nazis murdered 3,000 Catholic clergy during their occupation of Poland. The Germans saw the Catholic Poles as “sub-human” and worthy of extermination. As historian Norman Davies wrote:

Adolf Hitler hated Poland with a will. For Poland lay at the heart of the Nazis’ Lebensraum, the ideological “living space” into which Germany was raring to expand. It was inhabited moreover by a mixture of Slavs and Jews, both of which were classed in the Nazi handbooks as Untermenschen, or subhumans…[-] Hitler specifically ordered his minions to act with great cruelty.

Nazis ideology was riddled with anti-Catholic Protestant beliefs that are even touted by some current day Protestants. One needs not to look any further than Alfred Rosenberg, the head ideologue for Nazism. In his book, The Myth of the Twentieth Century, Rosenberg vitriolically writes against the Catholic Church, with the same hatred that the Nazi troops had when they slaughtered the Catholic Poles. In fact, the whole book is an anti-Catholic polemic and a call for Germany to rise above Christianity and return to folk religion. Rosenberg taught that “catholicism breaks the backbone of every Nationalism.” In another section he called for a Germanic revolution against the veneration of the Virgin Mary in favor for the worship of German military heroes:  “If Germany will really awaken, and on Sundays the village assemble, not around pillars of Mary, but around statues of the German field grey soldiers, then a crusade against this new pagan practice is certain as today the cross on the church tower.”

The Nazis aspired to destroy all of Polish culture and society, and the key to this was to obliterate “political Catholicism,” which is really the Catholic teaching of the Church Militant, the Christian fight against evil on earth. In Hitler’s Germanization of Poland, “There would, he made clear, be no place in this utopia for the Christian Churches” (Ian Kershaw, Hitler a Biography,  p. 661).  Nazism was an attempt at destroying everything Catholic. This was made evident by the fact that the Germans conducted a policy of total extermination of the Polish Catholic people. Heinrich Himmler made it clear:

 All Poles will disappear from the world…. It is essential that the great German people should consider it as its major task to destroy all Poles.

Of the 11 million people that the Nazis exterminated, it is said that three million of them were Polish Catholics. This utter genocide was done by Germany just over seventy years ago. Today the Germans are trying to destroy the Catholic Faith in Poland by attempting to force the Poles into accepting anti-Catholic ideas, such as euthanasia and homosexuality, and to think that this has nothing to do with the very hatred that Germany harbored against Catholic Poland when they slaughtered millions, would be to ignore the nature of evil, and how it does not just leave, but perpetuates into posterity. To think that after such a short period of time from murdering millions of Christians, that the Germans have suddenly awakened and decided to be nice people, is both imprudent and ahistorical. But for some reason, with the rise of Germanophilia, many people have infected themselves with the great disease of ahistoricity. And as this disease rises, so will the forces of evil, preceded by the oceans of blood that await us.

In the early years of Angela Merkel’s chancellery, she was anti-immigrant. In 2010 she said that multiculturalism had utterly failed, and also said: “The concept that we are now living side by side and are happy about it” does not work and “we feel attached to the Christian concept of mankind, that is what defines us. Anyone who doesn’t accept that is in the wrong place here.” With these words, it is apparent that Merkel knows that bringing in Muslim immigrants by the millions is a very dangerous policy. So it is obvious that she is not doing this out of stupidity. All of a sudden Merkel is pro-immigration. What happened? There is obviously an evil conspiracy behind this. I believe there are two possibilities as to why Germany is the absorber of the Muslim immigrants: (1) Allow the Muslims to cause enough violence to foment hatred for foreigners and bolster German pride and nationalism; and (2) to create Muslim armies.

Merkel is still anti-immigrant, but, I believe she is using the immigrants to provoke German pride, which, is actually happening, as is evident with all of the PEGIDA rallies that have come up across Germany, and also with the rise of the anti-immigrant political party, Alternative for Germany. I predict that we will be seeing slogans to the likes of  “Keep Germany German” rising up in the future. Remember the New Year’s Eve rape spree that happened in Germany? Around 1900 people were sexually assaulted in various parts of Germany. We must ask ourselves as to how German authorities could allow so many sexual assaults to happen at once. Police in Germany were even ordered to remove the word “rape” from their reports. Local police at first released a report which said “rape, sexual harassment, thefts, committed by a large group of foreign people”. But then they received a phone call from the state police control centre ordering them to remove the word “Vergewaltigung” – “rape”. A senior Cologne police officer stated that state police understood it to be “the wish of the state interior ministry”.  So it appears obvious that there was some sort of government involvement in allowing these migrants to rape so  many women. Why would the government go out of its way to defend these rapists? I believe it is part of a plan to allow this violence in order to enrage the Germanic pride of the people.

As to my second theory: The Germans have already announced plans that they will form an elite army consisting of only Islamic refugees, so Germany is already forming an Islamic army, as they did as Nazis when they formed the Muslim SS divisions. The question is, are the Germans still Nazis? The evil within is heating up, and soon it shall boil over and we will feel the burns on account of our indifferentism.

Let Christian Europe, both Catholic and Eastern Orthodox, arise and uproot this evil from the face of the earth.