Watch Allah Strike The Free Syrian Army With A Flash From Above For Throwing Americans Out Of Northern Syria


Americans might feel awful watching their commandos being thrown out by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) of Al-Rai village near the Syrian Turkish border.

When we write for years to stop supporting the Free Syrian Army, that these guys are wicked Islamist terrorists, few listened and believed us. But I guess the video above is worth a thousand articles.

However, do not feel so bad for being so foolish. After watching these Free Syrian Army singing, you, my American friend, might feel a little better:

Here, let me translate. He sings in Arabic to his sweetheart “bil-Intihar ba’diyeh” you [my love] commit suicide after I do first”. His buddy with less melodious voice grabs the microphone and repeats the phrase bil-Intihar ba’diyeh (commit suicide after me). The song, expresses that he does not want to see his love die by suicide, so he suggests to commit suicide first, and she afterwards. His buddy, excited for a memory photo clicks on the flash button to take a selfie and does not realize the phone was rigged to explode when the flash goes on. Who knows who rigged it or how it was rigged.

But I guess they never meant what they were singing, since the survivors quickly switched to “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is Greater) right after the kaboom. Allah sparing the survivors lives, was greater than him dying for his imaginary lover.

While we were right about Americans not trusting the FSA, we were wrong all along about Muslims (sorry CAIR); the problem with Muslims is a case of sexual frustration Americans call “blue balls”, these lone wolves were lonely wolves.