The Greatest Persecution Of Christians Is About To Happen, The Whole World Is Being Plunged Into Darkness, The Spirit Of Antichrist Is Taking Over. Be Prepared For Major Persecution

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)

So few think how persecution begins, how it works, and what is happening right before our very eyes these days, which few can detect the signs of the times. The first think that all the spirit of Antichrist does is cloak itself with labels. It can even masquerade as “Muslim” “Jew” or even “Christian”. At times, righteousness and evil flourish under any label. Oscar Schindler saved Jews during their greatest persecution and he was under the label “Nazi”. Christ even alluded to beware of labels. Why else did He use the dreaded label of His time “Samaritan” to complement righteousness, while He used the elevated label of His time “Pharisee” to judge unrighteousness? So if Christ Himself dropped the label and examined the essence, shouldn’t we too do the same?

And if all “Pharisees” are bad, why do we find virtually all who followed Christ were labeled “Pharisees” “tax collectors” and even “prostitutes”? But this too would not mean that Jesus, all of the sudden, honored prostitution.

But today we see multitudes who cannot connect with this simple biblical logic. The wise can see, we are living in the falling away, and it is happening at lightening speed. Mega churches erupt every day welcoming multitudes by selling false labels that “revival is here“. But where the masses find ‘revival’, the wise finds complete “falling away”. These days, the wide gate is called ‘revival’ and the narrow gate is called ‘evil’. We are decaying much faster than anyone thinks. The naive judge based on a label. The wise judge based on essence. The fool says not to judge at all.

Here, let me explain how, to be “as wise as serpents” and how not to fall victim during this falling away and the war of labels. On July 15th, there was a coup to unseat Erdogan in Turkey. Yet this coup was the spark of a greater coup: Erdogan’s ultimate coup, taking complete power over Turkey. In other words, the grand ‘coup’ was generated by the minor one. Erdogan used the label “coup” to dethrone and expunge all the innocent people from government, military, media, education and judiciary. So the real and ultimate ‘coup’ was done by the one who first cried out “coup” and used it as a label for evil.

“The word “coup” these days, in Turkey is enough “evidence” to get you arrested and accused of terrorist activity” says Sevgi Akarcesme in his New York Times article. Sevgi, who carried the label “Muslim,” was speaking about his own story, as he was arrested during his visit to Turkey. He sums up what is happening in Turkey and also warns the West, describing the phenomenon with two words: Turkey Purge.

He explains that Erdogan’s arm is reaching out all the way into Europe, threatening with death anyone who speaks out against Erdogan, which is now getting to close down some dissenting media even in Europe.

Sevgi was editor in chief of the English-language newspaper Today’s Zaman. Although the writers for the paper were “Muslim” who are said to work for Fethullah Gulen, the paper was a favorite, since it exposed the reality and the truth of the tyranny Erdogan runs. The Turkish National Security Council has identified the movement as the Gulenist Terror Organisation (FETO) which also encompassed the newspaper itself.

Should we have not used Today’s Zaman as a source because their journalists had the label “Muslim” or that Erdogan now declared it “terrorist”?

It was purged back in March when Erdogan’s gestapo took control of it. In Turkey, the Today’s Zaman now has become completely evil and unreliable, so which “Muslim” should we prefer to run that paper?



And now, the Turkish-language Zaman newspaper, has decided to halt its operations, even in Germany, Belgium and France, after its readers received death threats over their subscriptions to the paper, Deutsche Welle (DW) reported on Friday.

So this phenomenon is not only happening in Turkey, but in Europe, the Zaman French and Belgian newspapers had earlier stopped publishing due to death threats.

This would mean that Erdogan’s Gestapo arm is reaching into Europe and soon into the United States threatening anyone who opposes Erdogan who is already extending his influence in the United States to bring Fethullah Gulen back to Turkey for execution.

Welcome to Ottoman style outreach, that is, comply or die.

Evil agendas are not exclusively Muslim, and they do not exclusively operate from Turkey either. The spirit of tyranny and Antichrist is spreading quickly, all over the globe. It will use any system, find any opportunity to seize, purge opponents, if not through media brainwashing, then by sheer force. This is not complex to figure out; create an scapegoat (FETO), then herd the masses to attack it. Sevgi explains:

“Once Mr. Erdogan had named Fethullah Gulen, the Muslim cleric who lives in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania, as the coup’s mastermind, the demonization of the Gulen movement went out of control. Politicians from across the spectrum jumped on the bandwagon to label the movement the Fethullah Terrorist Organization, or FETO, despite the absence of any credible proof of terrorist activity. They were joined by numerous commentators and newspaper columnists, even self-described liberals, who uncritically adopted and legitimized this evidence-less label.”

When it comes to any matter these days, as Christ made His example with the Samaritan, I completely ignore the label and examine the essence. In Turkey “liberal” means “secular” and “conservative” means “Islamist”. In other words, it mattered not whether the media was liberal or conservative, they must tow the line or face intimidation and death threats if they do not go against FETO. Everyone in the U.S. knows that FETO is an Islamic organization, but in Turkey, to support FETO gains you the label as an “American agent” or an “agent of the Crusaders”.

In the U.S., it is actually no different. Our website, for example,, it is known to be an anti-Islam, anti-LGBT, anti-evil of any sort, a Christian website, plain and simple.

But these days, for believing what Scriptures say about sodomy, we are now being viewed, just as Erdogan spins, as “ISIS” and “Jihadi plants”. So if Erdogan considers FETO terrorist, we, here, in the United States, the land of the free and the home of the brave, are also considered “terrorist”. Such label, by the way, is not only flung at us by the left, but primarily by the right.

This is the Hegelian Dialectic happening right before your eyes. The “counter-jihad” movement today is completely infiltrated. It has become controlled opposition, in that one’s enemies simply have to be labeled as “jihadists” in order to be demonized and their reputation destroyed.


So this tactic is not exclusively Muslim. People with “Christian” and “Jew” label carry out similar agendas in the U.S. where people in the last few years are being controlled like herds. Again, how this works is simple; select a supposed ‘victim,’ (in our recent times, in the U.S., it is the LGBT), then gain the momentum for this victimhood and its cause, fund your agenda, infiltrate all opposition groups by funding them as well, while injecting controlled opposition who supposedly espouse conservative values, then arm twist anyone who objects or exposes what is happening by labeling them as “hate groups” “terrorist”. This is what Christ labeled as “leaven” that “destroys the whole batch”. He even told us explicitly to “beware of the leaven of the Pharisees”. It is not much different than what is happening in Turkey.

For example, in one article written by Robert Spencer, published this week by three main conservative websites, the title read: “Theodore Shoebat Joins the Jihad, Says ‘Pamela Geller Is Worthy of Death’”.

Carefully notice the labels. Any evidence we have “Joined the Jihad” or called for Christians to practice vigilantism to “kill Geller”?

Anyone can read the link which shows not a single full quote from us. But the labeling, they believe is essential and effective on the naive who read them.

Instead of fully quoting what we state, or believe, that Sodom, its practitioners, enablers and promoters are “worthy of death” in accordance to the laws that were ordained by God for governance, as prescribed in Romans. But now all Christians who adhere to this verse, or does not adhere to their private interpretation of it, are now labeled “Muslim Jihadi” who, according to Spencer, is calling for any Christian to kill “Pamela Geller [who] is worthy of death.”

It mattered not how many times we had explained, “Worthy of Death” is no license to vigilantism, it is to no avail, is now labeled by, mind you, the right, not just the left. We now are ‘Jihadist’ ‘sleeper cell terrorist’ and even linked to some roaming Jihadi who Spencer claims threatened both Geller and himself. Watch how the spin works. Spencer writes:

Several days ago, I received an email from an FBI special agent, saying that he wanted to speak with me and asking for contact information for Pamela Geller. The agent was looking for us, he told me when he got me on the phone, because he had a duty to notify us that the bureau had picked up word that a Muslim had mentioned our names and was looking for us in order to kill us. And now that jihadi has an unlikely ally, at least in wanting Pamela Geller dead: a putative foe of jihad terror, Theodore Shoebat.

Spencer even knows that Theodore, my son, is completely innocent of such connect, since he says “unlikely ally”. But the cloud of gluing this threat to Theodore, he knows, passes over the simpleton minds who read his untrustworthy article, written strictly to conclude we are ‘terrorist thugs’. Imagine of you believed in the death penalty for pedophiles and you are then linked to terrorists.

But here lays Spencer’s dilemma: isn’t this exactly what the liberal media did to him and to myself linking both of us to Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian “far-right” terrorist who committed the 2011 Norway attacks?

Notice the media label “far-right,” “far left,” “hate group,” … and now we have “Alt Right”  when all these are simply leftists who went 360 degrees by slapping a different label while working for the same agenda.

So was there any threats generated from Theodore’s belief that sodomites are biblically, and by government laws, should be “worthy of death? Everyone with a pinch of salt in their brain knew what that meant. Yet the result of what Spencer wrote generated a number of literal threats calling to kill Theodore, blow us up, and even expose where we reside, in order and hope that Muslims or any nut-job will come and kill us. One can even easily find the countless messages, tweets and the un-scrubbed comments allowed to flourish on David Horowitz Front Page Magazine, Jihad Watch and Geller’s blog calling on Theodore’s death. Here are but a few:

pamp-6-copy pamp-5-copy pamp-4-copy pamp-3-copy pamp-1-copy

And the result of Spencer’s article? People with ‘Christian’ label now are the ones resorting to Muslim Jihadi methods while claiming to be “anti-Jihad” Christians.

Who is now attracting as support base, the LGBT, who subscribes to Geller and Spencer? You shall know them by their friends.

So let me expose what most have never seen. All conservative media are now targeted by pressure groups, arm twisting them to scrub everything “Shoebat” but not all are complying. Spencer’s emails, as we shall reveal, were leaked making Jihad Watch being one of the targets that complied. By sheer evidence you will see his responses to these threats, it was very clear, ‘not to worry’, that he had ‘complied already’, a while ago.

How all this happens is simple. Jewish funders, wealthy moguls, and LGBT groups, approach conservative bloggers and institutions, they fund them so long they tow their line, then cut off funds once you do not comply with their general agenda, forcing you not to speak out against agendas they deem ‘taboo’.

This is exactly what happened. I was awakened to this when I got the call from Joyce Chernick, a wealthy Zionist who supported us for years, to later tell me to refrain from using Theodore’s anti-LGBT material. It is no secret that the multimillionaire Chernicks had funded as well as Spencer’s Jihad Watch, Joseph Farah’s World Net Daily and George Friedman’s Stratfor, as Wikileaks revealed amongst others. Farah of WND is one righteous exception to the issue of the LGBT in this list who rightfully refuses to tow the line. I aided Farah to gain funds from the Chernicks to help him in his fight against CAIR.

Mind you, the Chernicks are no lovers of the LGBT. They simply fear the taboo. The Chernicks and us were close friends and have been visiting and meeting at their luxury home for years in Los Angeles. We had long telephone conversations, but as I was turning Catholic, Joyce had expressed her disapproval with my support for Pope Pius XII to be included in my coming book they funded with a gift contribution set aside to me personally just as they did for Stratfor. She held her position regardless that the Pope had helped to save over 700,000 Jews from Hitler’s crematoria claiming this to be a fraud. This, regardless that it was written about extensively by Israeli notable and respected senior diplomat and scholar Pinchas Lapide. So this type of arm twisting did not work for me. Should we ignore Palestinian Muslims who rescued Jews during the Hebron massacre, since these righteous gentiles had the label “Muslim”? And now Pope Pius XII should also be excluded because he had the label “Catholic”?

Some believe that Catholics and Muslims are “anathema” as if Jesus never spoke of the righteous Samaritan. This is not how America is supposed to function, yet unfortunately, it is exactly how it is functioning. Hating Catholics today is the only accepted prejudice while hating Jews has been completely conquered in the U.S. The war, when it comes to the issue of Jew hatred should be more focused on overseas.

Joyce Chernick was not happy with our exposing of the LGBT. I could never forget Maria, my wife, when she put her foot down and confronted me “is it going to be mammon or Theodore our son?”

Maria was right. The Chernicks are honorable, but in our view they erred when it came to these issues certain Christians hold dear to. We continued being whom we are and the mammon stopped coming in while the accusers still trumpeted “the Shoebats do what they do for ‘money'”.

The Chernicks are good people. But for exposing Pamella Geller’s support for the LGBT, the attacks continued from Spencer, Geller, and even from another of Chernick’s supported group, the Freedom Center’s, Front Page Magazine ran by Spencer’s big boss: David Horowitz.


Pamela Geller

While it will be evil, inaccurate and uncharitable to paint Horowitz, Geller, Spencer and the Chernicks in the negative light that CAIR and other do, these (Spencer, Geller, Chernicks, Horowitz and many others) are honorable people in many ways, much of what they do is good. To be exact, they are simply pressured and deceived to stay away from exposing politically incorrect taboos like the LGBT. Horowitz, Geller and Spencer called for all Shoebat material, research and discovery into the Islamist agenda to be completely scrubbed and expunged from their archives. Much material from our research into the Obamas, Ground Zero Mosque, The Saudi links to Hillary’s aid, Huma Abedin … everything had to go, lest they are associated with us in anyway shape or form to avoid being labelled as an “anti LGBT hate group”. To these, the major error, is that “only the Muslim” can be ‘the only devil’ who wants to kill the LGBT sheep.

But this is completely false. So who was the victor of these scrubbing everything Shoebat? CAIR.

And now you clearly see how the devil is served by the pharisee.

The Muslim is not ‘the only devil’ who wants to kill the LGBT. In fact, Turkey today under Erdogan, supports the LGBT and Islam’s entire Caliphate history supported homosexuality, pedophilia and boy love. It was in fact the West that never bought into this filth until today by both right and left. We have done extensive essays and included irrefutable historic sources. Can these refute [here, here, here, and here]?

In their wildest dreams.

Even the debunking of CNN’s attacks against us that they wrote in our defense, had to be scrubbed, and Spencer began to twist his own version to support CNN’s faulty conclusions in order to shed doubt on our credibility with zero consideration to the spirit of charity, a thing we would never do to him or to Geller. CNN’s version says that Walid Shoebat’s background is fraudulent since CNN failed to find any explosions going off in “Bethlehem Manger Square” where Christ was born during 1977. It took us months to find United Nations records, which reveal and refer to the very Israeli Jerusalem Post which debunks them all:

God knows, I have told the truth. The most damaging to Spencer, Geller, Front Page, CNN’s Mr. Griffin’s stories … is that there was a bombing at Manger Square, the vicinity of Christ’s birthplace, as I described in my books. It is extremely rare to have a bombing there, but the link above reveals that between December 24 and 27, 1977, there were two explosions in that area: “Bethlehem (in Manger Square near the Church of the Nativity)” and “Explosive charge went off outside the local Courthouse 27 December 1977 JP. 2 Jan. 1978 Yediot Aharonot, 2 January 1978.”

Both were in Manger Square, where Jesus was born, Who I denied, to later beg forgiveness to everything I have done during my life ever since and afterwards. Anyone can examine the link, “JP” is The Jerusalem Post article Jan 2, 1977, which even debunks the Jerusalem Post’s initial false article by Jorge Luyken denouncing that there was ever a bombing in Manger Square where Jesus was born.

Even the Jerusalem Post, I noticed, removed their initial article and even allowed me a rebuttal and had used my opinion later on. Even PJMedia the honorable Chernick’s own outlet, did not scrub out our material, yet. By this and in essence, what Jihad Watch, Front page, Geller did… is towing the line of the very CAIR attacks against us, which, they themselves had espoused to fight against.

Evil works in many ways. When it comes to the issues of God, there are only two choices, to honor Him or mammon. There is no in between. God sets things in ways we can never comprehend, while we, the sinners, refine and follow in His footsteps.

But to show how the evil agenda works is simple. Thugs clocked in ‘conservatism’ are used. I have several leaked emails, which I will share but a few, on Geller and Spencer. First comes the threats to us: “Your donor base is going to shrink. Watch”. The man then sends us emails how Spencer complied and so should we. When we asked Spencer, he completely denied the charge, to later be revealed to have complied already to someone else’s demands “search Jihad Watch and you’ll see” Spencer writes the thug, everything “Shoebat” is scrubbed.

e1-copy e2-copy


When it comes to Sodom, it is impossible to find the modern interpretation of Romans applied anywhere throughout history that jives with today’s flimsy interpretation which Spencer espouses to appease todays heretic. As we clearly have shown even in in United States, a primarily Protestant nation, the law followed Romans as Christian history so well established, which we detailed (here). Have them even attempt to refute, they can’t and they won’t. Never in history have we seen these modern interpretations regarding Sodom. Even Scripture had to be scrubbed in the land of the free and the home of the brave.


Spencer, for all the time I have known the man, I have never seen him interpret Scripture until now when it came to the defense of Sodom and only to go against us. I have asked him to discuss his faith as a subject of our interviews together. He completely rejected.

Who today can argue that when Sodom infiltrated the church, they condemned the church, yet when Sodom infiltrated the conservative movement, they never blamed the conservative, instead, they praised Sodom and elevated the infiltrator to become high priest and even allowed him to enter the hauls of our universities. Amazing how fast they spiraled downwards into the sewage. Who would have ever imagined years ago that Sodom will be carried on the shoulders of men who label themselves “conservative”. To these, Sodom has become the Ark of God. Everything in the Bible is prophetic, including even the story of the golden calf. And now, behold, the conservative’s ark, and golden calf, all in one:

Yet people, by the millions, roam roundabout yelling “code orange revival” thinking they are “born again” and “know Christ,” and even personally converse with Him. Even the devil can give himself the label “Christ”.

The problem is very simple to explain; many think they are wiser than devils. The devil teaches that the problem of this world is only Islam, or its only the Zionist lobby, or its only mammon. They do not understand that evil always masquerades as good. The sheep gets bent out of shape focusing inside his tunnel vision, believing no different than the Muslim, that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. So if an LGBT speaks out against Islam, we shut up on Sodom, and if a Zionist speaks out against Islam we shut up on Jerusalem that is also plagued with Sodom, all must sing “kumbaya my Lord” as if the Lord approves just because its all done “in the name of Jesus”:

And their bodies shall lie in the streets of the great city, which is called spiritually, Sodom and Egypt, where their Lord also was crucified.

Dare anyone answer, and with all these private interpretations: has God all of the sudden honored Sodom, and damned everything about the militant Crusaders?

To be immune from the arrows of the devil is to be as “wise as serpents”. Assassinating my character, I do not mind. It blesses me since “blessed are you when they say all kinds of slander against you.” Therefore, I do not harbor ill-will for Horowitz, Geller, Spencer … and all the Jews I hanged my neck out for, since these bless us with slander, as they blessed Christ. I should be thankful and pray for my enemies. Can we say that what Spencer wrote on the Crusaders was fraudulent? No. In fact, he wrote a whole book supporting the Crusaders. But to denounce Christian Militancy, while supporting the Crusaders, I find as evil. It is pure hypocrisy to support Christian Militarism when it comes to fighting Islam, but to denounce it, when it comes to Theodore’s war on all forms of evil. Truth these days comes out of the mouth of babes as God promised. Theodore wrote his first book “In Satan’s Footsteps” at age 15 to make aware how evil tyrannies function. What were these doing at such an age? Let us be balanced in our critique. Spencer for Hire is controlled by Horowitz. A soul that is cheaply purchased, is a soul that is easily deceived, and later it is discarded by both man and God. These will always tow the line while they walk a tight rope. He says we dishonored them for calling Geller “nutty”, yet Trump called Geller “nutty” and Spencer honors Trump.

You shall know them by their friends and their love of Mammon over God. The fool, like a locust, chews every green morsel, in the name of preserving the green. Like a demon exorcized, they spin fractured and disjointed fragmented arguments and say: “do you see what Pope Francis did?” The wise responds with “Yes, but did you also see what King David and King Solomon did before him? And when these sinned, did the wise sheep disobey Temple, Sacrifice, Pharisee and Sanhedrin? No.”

The fool mocks back and says “you call yourself a ‘Christian’? If you are a Christian, obey the speaker from Peter’s seat who is easier than thou on the LGBT.” The wise responds with “Christ whom you falsely claim to worship, instructed to be as wise as serpents, ordered us to obey Sanhedrin who also sat in Moses’ seat saying:

 “do everything they [the Pharisees] tell you to do, but do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.””

Uriah loved King David, yet David betrayed and murdered Uriah. But God loved Uriah and rebuked King David. It is I, who was Muslim, from the east, I honored ancient Israel, I honored the West’s history they held dear to their hearts which they, in the first place, brought from the east. I watch both Judea and Christendom abandon everything holy, so quickly, spiraling downwards into the quagmire, into the very abyss, into the very tyrannies I have cherished during the times of my foolishness, to later stand against, while I watch this great falling away. But as God promised, there will always be thousands of Elijahs who will never bend the knee to Baal.

Who then shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation? or distress? or famine? or nakedness? or danger? or persecution? or the sword? (As it is written: For thy sake we are put to death all the day long. We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.) But in all these things we overcome, because of him that hath loved us. For I am sure that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor might, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.