Turkish Muslim Nationalists Put Gun On The Head Of A Man Dressed As Santa Claus To Declare Their War On Christmas

By Theodore Shoebat

Turkish Muslim nationalists put a gun on the head of a man dressed as Santa to declare their war on Christmas. According to one report:

A group of men from the youth group of the ultranationalist Alperen Hearts protested Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in Turkey by holding a man dressed as Santa Claus at gunpoint on Dec. 28 in the Nazilli district of the western province of Aydın.

The men were dressed in “efe” traditional clothes and danced to the traditional “zeybek” dance, while the locals were watching in shock.

The provincial head of the Alperen Hearths in Aydın, Burak Yaşar, said they were aiming to “bring people back to their roots.”

“Our purpose is for people to go back to their roots. We are Muslim Turks and have been banner-bearers of Islam for a thousand years. We cannot see why there is such sensitivity for Christian traditions and not for our traditions like Hıdrellez, Nevruz and other religious and national holidays. We organized this protest against Christmas celebrations, reminding people that we should be celebrating our own national holidays instead,” he said.


They want the Muslims of Turkey to go “back to their roots.” For one, this statement is ahistorical, because these people’s ancestors were, for the most part, Christians who had in fact been conquered by Sufi Muslims from Central Asia. The Christians of Byzantium combated the these Seljuk Muslims, but were eventually conquered by them and the auxiliaries of their conquered territories. Islam is an Arabian extension of the Arian heresy which had originated from North Africa, and it spread from the Arabian peninsula into Western and Central Asia. The very land in which Arianism was brought to nought was in Nicaea, which lies in Turkey. In the Council of Nicaea, St. Nicholas struck the wicked heretic, Arius, and it was this St. Nicholas who would be known today as Satan Claus. So, if the people of Turkey really do go back to their roots, they will go back to the faith of St. Nicholas.