New Jersey Town Rejects Mega Mosque Application After It Doesn’t Get Enough Votes, Now The Justice Department Is Investigating

Last year we documented how a major mosque was being placed in a quiet suburban neighborhood in New Jersey. The city voted in favor of the mosque, but it did not receive enough votes for approval.

Now in a sudden change, the Federal Justice Department is going to investigate the matter:

The federal Justice Department plans to investigate the now rejected application for a Muslim community center in Bayonne, according to a report in The New York Times.

Bayonne Muslims, a nonprofit group, spent nearly two years trying to get approval to build the mosque and community center at 109 East 24th St. The Zoning Board voted against the proposal on Monday night.

Waheed Akbar, a spokesman of the organization, told The New York Times that the Federal Justice has contacted the organization and “would investigate the matter.” The group is also planning its own lawsuit, according to the report.

While many argued the neighborhood was not the suitable place for the Muslim center, citing parking and traffic issues, tensions were high at times during Monday’s meeting. One resident negatively recited parts of the Quran.

The board voted 4-3 in favor of the group’s plans, but five votes were needed for approval. (source)

The issue is very clear- the mosque was not build not because the city rejected it, but because it did not get enough votes to be build. There is nothing to investigate here because the votes were matters of people’s opinion. But that is besides the point, because this article strikes to the heart of a very important matter, and that is the Islamization of the United States through the arm of the Federal, State, and local governments.

When people think about Islamization, they think about the Muslim conquests of ages past, and in a historical sense, this is correct as Islam was “spread by the sword” and continues to propagate itself on the conditions of “convert or die.” However, just as America is unique among nations in the way she was constructed and the way she interacts with her people and the world, in order for America to be seduced and conquered by Islam it would have to take place in a way that would exploit and conquer it based on its unique weaknesses and faults.

These guys don’t have a chance against the military- unless they are intentionally allowed to have an advantage (such as with ISIS, and for political reasons).

America’s weakness is not its military might. Even during our weakest moments, America is a warring nation with a history of violence by starting as well as finishing fights. As a nation, America would have NO problem fighting and defeating major enemies- minor ones, such as petty Islamic terrorists, are no match for the US Military. The idea that Islamic jihad is going to conquer America like how ISIS conquered the Christians of Syria is, on its own merits, highly unlikely.

The fantasy and heresy

America’s issue comes from the corruptability of her soul, which is again an issue that goes back to her early days as a nation. In short, America has been a patchwork of various and may times, opposing philosophies and ideas rolled into one contiguous unit. Now while all societies have certain inconsistencies or long-term problems in them, America’s go right to her foundation. Essentially, “what is America?” Is she a Christian nation? Is she a secular nation? Is she an “Islamic” nation (as some Muslims will argue)? There has never been a clear answer to these and the many other related questions, and the way such questions are often answered in society is by the privatization of belief and the publicization of a generally accepted “idea” that the majority agrees upon at the current time but which can and does change with the spirit of the age.

Take for instance communism. “Good Americans” were anti-communist during the 1950s not so much because they opposed the philosophical bases upon which communism is based, but because that is what a “good American” supports. Now that communism is considered more “socially acceptable” by the masses, it is no longer per se a bad thing to be a communist in the eyes of the public.

The same situation exists with the LGBT movement. While most Americans claim to be Christians and Christianity has always taught that homosexuality was a sin, and for much of America’s history there were laws against homosexual behavior, the reason was because “good Americans” supported this view because that is what a “good American” supports. Now that the spirit of the times has changed, it is now a major social sin to simply preach Biblical truth about the innate evil that is the LGBT movement today.

The way for America to be conquered by Islam is not from without, but from within by disposing her favorably to Islam over Christianity, and the way this will come is through America’s legal system. In the name of “upholding the law,” all the Muslims will have to do is set themselves up in legal situations where they can exploit the current “social virtues” of “egalitarianism,” “anti-racism,” and “religious tolerance” to allow for laws to be passed and institutions to arise that promote Islamization.

The Muslims know this well. Why do you think there are so many lawsuits that Muslims file or threaten to file over small matters? Why do Muslims bring so many cases to court? Why is there such a push for Muslims to go into law school and become lawyers and eventually, judges? Simply put, if the Muslims can exert a disproportionate influence on America’s legal system, they can change the public perception of Islam thorugh the laws, and thus can Islamize the USA without formal Islamization.

Abid Qureshi, the first Muslim nominated by Obama to be a federal judge. Expect this trend to continue, and note this is what I warned about. Muslims will not have to “invade” America. They will be given control of the nation after which they will influence it with Islamic ideas from the inside out.

Now think about Islamic theology and how this fits into the picture. One of the hallmarks of Islamic theology is the concept that “Allah does what he wills”. Theologically speaking, Allah is a diety whose nature is defined in term of his absolute will. Allah acts as he wills because he wills do on the reason being that is what he willed. He is not defined in terms of anything positive, such as how God in the Bible is defined as being Love itself, and therefore anything outside of that love is a perversion. While Allah has 99 names which describe him (and many contradict each others), these attributes do not address his nature, and that which they allude to about his nature is that his nature is a product of his will. As such, Allah can do good as well as evil so if he should will it. This idea alone is proof that Allah is demonic because a demon does not act in accordance with what is truly good and right, but acts capriciously.

St. Juan de Ribera wrote that the most pernicious of all opinions was the idea that such a thing as the “multiplicity of religions” could exist, because has he outlined in his book, A Moorish Catechism, he says that the society revolves around the religion upon which it is based because it provides the unifying principle for the rulers and the ruled. To take away the unifying religion or introduce multiple religions is to take away the main philosophy or to introduce multiple, competing philosophies with different ends and reasons into a society. The result of this is naturally either a chaos and conflict between the different groups, or the subordination of the groups to a “greater idea” that “all can agree upon” which by its agreement between both groups becomes recognized as the dominant philosophy over the others. In other words, a new religion is created to accomodate the conflict between the other religions.

This creation of a “new religion” to accomodate intrinsically different beliefs, while throughout history a source of major tension in Christianity and which resulted in the many councils and arguments of early Christian history, happens all the time in America and with such casualness as changing clothes. For every religious difference in America there is a church to accomodate it, and the majority of these people will all call themselves “Christians” even though they hold views that are openly heretical against each other.

This also explains why the Catholic Church has always been a disliked minority in the United States. The formal position of the Catholic Church is that while supporting the positive and commendable positions of American society, it also is formally opposed to the subjugation of religious teachings to state power or the idea that there is an equality between religions. This conflict is so strong that it is not only the basis of much of the anti-Catholicism which has penetrated throughout American history, but it also stretches to within the walls of the Catholic Church in the United States itself.

Throughout history, the great saints have stated that Islam is merely the final culmination of all Christian heresy. It was no accident that Islam emerged out of the Arabian peninsula, for while the Byzantine Empire had been fighting against heresies for centuries, Arabia was the formal place of exile for all Christian heretics as well as a place filled with many other religious beliefs. In this sense, Arabia was a true society that practiced “religious pluralism” as many diverse and opposing religions lived with each other and while at times fighting for power, lived in peace alongside each other and accepted each other’s beliefs in a spirit of general tolerance.

Yet America, like Arabia of antiquity, prides itself on its “religious freedom” almost as much, and perhaps more so than their own beliefs. It is no surprise that in America there is no “official” religion but a multiplicity of cults, strange religious beliefs, and outright bizarre and evil practices such as those in occultism, witchcraft, shamanism or paganism. Christianity may be the dominant religion, but that Christianity is not per se a religion based on what Sacred Scripture and Tradition teach, but what a man interprets them to be in his own personal context upon which he bases his own “church” and sets himself up as the “authority” for teaching (what is in the case the Bible) right and wrong.

Now this lack of a clear focus is essentially the creation and maintenance of a religious vacuum. If the public opinion were to be changed about a particular belief system, then it could attempt to fill that vacuum. This is ideal for Islam, since as I have said before, Islam is not just a culimation of heresy, but it also fills a spiritual vacuum where Christianity once was.

The precipitious decline of Christianity is America in all its forms is also a product of the same “religious pluralism” that has allowed for a multiplicity of sects and cults to emerge. If a man is able to create his own church and interpret divine truth from a book on his own authority, what is to stop him from defining right and wrong on the basis of what he wills? There is nothing, and America’s attitude towards religion only encourages this problem by creating the conditions in which it can grow and spread unchecked in society.

Like with many of the issues in the West, the rise of Islam is not a surprise. Like a weed in the garden, Islam is easily nourished by the general moral decline and rejection of anything Christian in combination with the licensious attitude towards religions that have nothing to do with Christianity.

Stopping the installation of a mosque in one’s neighborhood is a major issue. So is the fact that the Federal government is clearly attempting to strong-arm this community into building the mosque against its will. At the same time, these are symptoms of a greater underlying causes that allowed this to happen in the first place, which is America’s embrace of all ideas a beliefs heretical going back to its earliest days and finally manifesting in modern times on account of the decline of the people. The seeds were always there- they just need the right conditions in order to sprout and grow into a mature plant.