Mother And Son Take Turn Horribly Mutilating Each Others Genitals So She Can Be A Man And The Boy Can Be A Girl

The LGBT movement in America is becoming more and more extreme. First about allowing people to “love” each other, it is rapidly showing its true colors, which is an obsession with disordered, dangerous, and evil behavior that gets worse with each day.

In one recent and particularly horrible story, a woman claimed that she wanted to become a man and in the process, her prepubescent son said that he wanted to be a girl. Therefore, mother and son are now in the process of “transitioning” to become father and daughter:

They lived as mother and son for more than a decade, but unknown to each other wished every day they could be father and daughter.

Now Eric Maison and his transgender child Corey, 15, have tranisitoned into the genders that match the ones inside their heads.

Eric last month had a double mastectomy to remove his breasts, finally ending years of severe body dysmorphia he only told his family about in 2015.


Fearing being rejected by Les and tearing their family apart, it was only after Corey started her transition to a girl that Eric shared his secret.

‘We were watching a movie about a transgender woman who, in the end, ends up dying, and I was sobbing uncontrollably,’ he recalled.

‘I looked up at him, and I told him I felt like I was a man trapped in a woman’s body. And he just hugged me, and he said “I love you, and whatever we have to do to make this work, we will”.’

‘It was completely unexpected… because how do you ask a completely heterosexual man to still love you if you’re becoming a man? That’s not fair.’

It was just a year after the couple made waves by filming the heart-wrenching reaction to Corey finding her oestrogen prescription hidden behind a couch cushion after two-and-half years of waiting to begin hormone therapy.

‘It was the happiest day of my life. I could go out in public and no one knew I was transgender,’ she said.

Corey first realised she wanted to be a girl as an 11-year-old when she came across a video of transgender YouTube star Jazz Jennings.

Now looking and sounding like a girl thanks to a $21,000 puberty-suppressing implant, Corey plans to have genital surgery when she turns 18. (source)

For the moment, forget about the obvious evils of the LGBT movement because there is a bigger issue here, which is there is something terribly wrong with anybody who seriously wants to mutilate their body in ways which are irreversible and can lead to potential long-term health effects in order to become something which they are not. This does not have to be merely a “transgender” aim, but also includes people such as those who have some strange fetish that involves extreme self-mutilation.


For instance, there is a worldwide trend of young women who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars all to look like the Barbie toy doll for girls:

A recent trend has taken over the world by storm, where young men and women are dedicating their lives to transforming themselves into living dolls. Some have even pledged allegiance to the doll life, making it their sole purpose of living. Leading names include; Valeria Lukyanova, Rodrigo Alves, and Angelica Kenova among others.

These daring individuals enjoy a huge following with their uniquely strange yet captivating features. Drastic measures have been taken to attain and keep their looks including plastic surgery and hypnotherapy sessions, with the individuals in question spending tons of cash on ‘Barbification’ procedures.

While some may argue their features are a bit extreme, enough to catch the eyes but not so to solicit an attraction, thousands are taking their advice by heart, promising increased numbers of human dolls in the near future. (source)


Then there was the man who spend thousands of dollars trying to look lie Justin Bieber. He eventually killed himself:

A man who gained fame for spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery in a bid to look like pop star Justin Bieber died last year from a lethal mix of pain killers, alcohol and anti-anxiety medicine, authorities said.

Tobias M. Strebel, better known as Toby Sheldon, was found dead Aug. 21, 2015, in a Motel 6 along Roscoe Boulevard in North Hills, according to an autopsy report issued Monday by the Los Angeles County  coroner’s office.

Strebel, 35, had been reported missing more than three days before his body was found.

When paramedics responded to the room, they found Strebel’s partly decomposed body, with some maggots around his head and neck. He was found with his arms outstretched and lying across the foot of the bed, according to the report. (source)


Then there is the woman from North Carolina who is now on state disability because she had an uncontrollable fetish for making herself blind, and did so by pouring bleach and drain cleaner into here eyes with the help of her psychologist:

For Ms Shuping, her fascination with blindness began at an early age, she toldBarcroft TV.

“By the time I was six I remember that thinking about being blind made me feel comfortable,” she said.

After learning that staring at the sun would damage her eyes, she would spend countless hours doing exactly that when she was a young girl. Later in life she began wearing thick glasses, carrying a cane and became fluent in reading braille — all despite her perfectly fine vision.

In 2006, when she was in her early twenties she found a psychologist who was willing to help her finally feel comfortable.

It was a difficult disorder to understand and the decision to blind herself was not accepted by her family. Both her mother and sister have severed communication since finding out about her seemingly drastic decision.

However the psychologist Ms Shuping found in Canada was willing to help — by pouring numbing eye drops and drain cleaner in her eyes.

“It hurt, let me tell you. My eyes were screaming and I had some drain cleaner going down my cheek burning my skin,” she said. “But all I could think was ‘I am going blind, it is going to be okay,’” she told Barcroft TV.

Despite the ghastly procedure, Ms Shuping was disappointed to wake and realise she still had her sight. However over the next six months, the chemicals produced the desired result as her left eye suffered a corneal meltdown and had to be removed. Her right eye eventually succumbed to glaucoma and cataracts. She was blind.

“I really feel this is the way I was supposed to be born, that I should have been blind from birth,” she said. (source)

As one can see from the above examples, there are a lot of people in society and the world today who are obsessed with very sick and perverse forms of behavior. However, one notices immediately that the disorders these people have all center around a perceived idea of what they would like as opposed to what they actually are.

Now it is good and healthy to want to better oneself and to take steps to do so. For instance, if a person is fat and slovenly, he might make it a daily discipline to start exercising by walking, lifting weights, and eating a healthier diet so he is strong and healthy. He might set goals to do this, and make sacrifices from the way he used to live in order to achieve these goals. This is an example of a healthy objective because the end in itself is objectively good.

It is even not, per se, bad to pursue certain aims that are self-oriented in nature so long as they do not become disordered. For instance, many women enjoy buying makeup because they want to make themselves look better for themselves and for others. So long as it does not become an obsession that overshadows other more important priorities and so long as it is done in balance, there is nothing wrong with doing this because making yourself look attractive, while not necessary, is a morally neutral act.

What these people above and those like them exhibit however is a clear disorder where through personal dissatisfaction for the most part with things that are absolutely beyond their natural control they would hurt themselves and others in order to attain that goal. They do not care about their neighbors or even themselves, because their obsession with the pursuit of their particular “goal”, which they are all self centered and self destructive, overshadows everything else. Just as a rapist is a person who forces (either a woman or a man) to engage in sexual activity against his will for the pure pleasure and power obsession of the attacker, these men and women are supporting a trend of people committed to raping the bodies that God gave them through mutilation and self-harm in order to satisfy their disordered quest for self-pleasure.

It is no accident why so many people who are “transgendered” or who engage in other forms of extreme and permanent mutilation have such high rates of mental illness, depression, and suicide. Giving license and social approbation to their disordered actions is beyond irresponsible and dangerous, but it is being fully complicit and aiding the destruction of that person’s life in the same way that the person who pays for an abortion knowingly is just as guilty of the woman aborting her baby because it was their conscious actions that allowed it to happen. If anything, people who have problems like this need to have an exorcism, go to an insane asylum, or both because they are a clear and present danger to themselves and those around them.

My concern is not so much for the woman who wants to be a man, but for her son. Clearly this boy has been influenced by his mother’s feelings about herself and has taken and applied them to himself and now as a prepubescent child, he is doing things which will have a life-long impact on him and which cannot be reverse and all before he has arrived at puberty. Biologically speaking, his mind is still developing and he cannot be expected to make fully rational, intelligent decisions no matter how ridiculous they may seem. Indeed, the decisions here pushed by his mother are likely going to put him on a path to sickness and possibly and early death because of her selfishness.

This brings me to my final point, which is about the boy’s father- what on earth does he have to say about this? Clearly, he understands that his “wife” is not only mutilating herself, but is doing it to one of his children and he is sitting there and allowing and encouraging it. She may be insane and her son confused, but the father has no excuse whatsoever. He is willingly participating in the destruction of his own son and is cheering all the while.

God loves all men and he does want their salvation. But at the same time, God hates sin and he hates those who persist in sin and will not repent. God became man so that man might become like God, and in order to love as God loves one needs to hate as God hates- to forgive even extreme offenses while at the same time balancing it with the perfect execution of righteous justice.

This sick story is the reason why “the West” is being overrun by Islam. Unsatisfied with what one has and too proud to humble themselves before God and to arrogant to admit wrongdoing, these people have given themselves and their progeny up to perversion and death while opposing those who would stand against it. While the Muslims and Islam are evil and transgenderism is allowed in Islam, as God used Israel’s neighbors to punish the Hebrews and later, Jewish people for their wicked ways, so are the Muslims doing what the Assyrians and Babylonians did centuries ago.

People who engage in strange, unnatural, and disordered behavior like this and do so publicly are a disgrace to themselves and are a danger to the rest of society, as they want attention to legitimize their perversions. So give them attention- call them out for their sickness and perversity and don’t be ashamed of what others think. Be creative- find ways to deliver the opposition that needs to take place against them while at the same time shielding yourself from unnecessary and dangerous social repercussions (such as against your family or at work). Jesus told the disciples to be as “crafty as serpents and as innocent as doves.” With God’s help and some creativity, there are plenty of ways for everybody in their particular situations to deliver an effective and piercing message in a most strategic manner, for if Christians do not respond to this evil with the righteous resistance it needs, then God will surely respond in His own time, and one only needs to see what happened to Sodom as a foretaste of what it will look like.