President Trump’s Son-In-Law Jared Kushner Makes Mega Real Estate Deal Selling American Assets To Chinese Government

According to a recent report, President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is set to cash in on a lucrative and controversial real estate deal by selling a major piece of real estate to the Chinese government:

Now, some 10 years after the original investment, the Kushner family looks set to receive a $400 million windfall from an unlikely, or perhaps not so unlikely depending on who you ask, new Chinese partner, Anbang Insurance Group.  Per Bloomberg, the potential deal is raising some eyebrows in Washington DC due to, among other things, Anbang’s murky links to the Chinese power structure which raised national security concerns over its previous U.S. investments as well as some favorable debt relief terms contemplated in the transaction.

Anbang will pay for most of the building and take out a construction loan of more than $4 billion to convert the property’s higher floors into luxury residential units. The Kushners have agreed to invest $750 million in the retail portion of the building and will end up with a one-fifth stake in a project that the deal document says would be valued at $7.2 billion when completed. In addition to the $400 million from Anbang, the Kushners will receive another $100 million from other investors.

 An unusual consideration in the refinancing plan is the proposal to pay off a part of the mortgage known as a “hope note,” which was for $115 million when Kushner Cos refinanced its debt in 2011. The loan, which was made by Barclays Plc and has since been sold off to investors, is now valued at more than $250 million because of compounded interest. But according to the deal documents, the Kushners will settle the debt for just $50 million. The Kushners declined to discuss the agreement. LNR Partners LLC, which currently oversees the debt, declined to comment.

 The plan also relies on the government program known as EB-5, which grants two-year visas and a path to permanent residency to foreigners who invest a minimum of $500,000 in projects that create jobs in economically distressed areas.

Supporters argue that the program, which is overwhelmingly used on deals involving Chinese investors, attracts foreign capital and creates jobs at no U.S. taxpayer cost. But some Homeland Security officials and the General Accounting Office have warned that lax vetting has threatened to turn the program into a mechanism for the government to sell visas to wealthy foreigners with no proven skills, paving the way for money laundering and compromising nation security. (source)

For those who read, we have been very “pro-Trump” in most of our articles. On policies and positions he supported that we supported, we supported him, and likewise when he assumed positions against what we stand for, we stood against him. This is not about being “pro” or “anti” anybody or even political party- it is about standing up for what is right.

Hillary Clinton and the very corrupt Clinton Foundation was implicated in a network of fraud, murder, pedophilia, and even open demon worship in a series of scandals which continue to unfold and most of which have not even been started to be addressed, even among private investigators. In spite of the massive, egregious, obvious, and blatant “in-your-face” crimes that provoked nationwide outcry and would get the average man sent to a cold cell on death row, Clinton and her ilk continue to walk free and promote themselves and their evil ideas.

One of these among the plethora of crimes that Clinton committed was that of massive financial fraud. As it was reported and proven by the Clinton and Podesta emails, Clinton used a “pay to play” scheme where she illegally sold America public, national, and military interests to anybody willing to pay the price that she commanded for her personal gain, after which the money was laundered through the Clinton Foundation under the guise of “charity” in order to place it into her pockets without taxes and without raising the suspicion of government regulators.

In this respect, Clinton did what former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine did but simply on a much larger scale. Jon Corzine was the former CEO of MF Global, a bond trading company serving individuals and companies. Corzine’s crime was that he illegally hundreds of millions of dollars from private accounts designated specifically not for public or high-risk investments and used them to fund investments into risky financial ventures such as derivatives. By the time the collapse was exposed, Corzine claimed that over a billion dollars just “vanished” from MF Global and he had no idea how it happened. Like Clinton, Corzine was never prosecuted.

Certainly it is also understood that “backdoor” or “under-the-table” deals happen all the time in politics and business. This is less a fact of “corruption” per se but an acknowledgement of how business is as much a “public” affair as it is also a “private” one, made between individuals who, like all people, do good and bad things.

Now Clinton and Corzine are both Democrats, but corruption is limited to no party. The issue which is here is that while the details of this story have yet to come out, the fact is that based upon the available evidence, it is possible that Kushner may be involved through this deal that is at the very least highly questionable. It is possible that this story might be the tip of something deeper, and that would be the same story as of Clinton and Corzine- the intentional and illegal manipulation of assets to generate private gain at the expense of public and long-term national interests.

This should come as no surprise to anybody. American society at large operates on a “do as I say, not as I do” attitude. The political corruption, scandals, and disorder are just a reflection of the inner turmoil in the common people who live in the society.

This story also brings up another point, and that is the issue of Kushner and specifically, Ivanka. Take a look at the following clip from Trump’s inauguration day:

This clip, in combination with the fact Melania spends most of her time away from Trump in New York City while Trump’s daughter and son-in-law have offices in the White House should raise a lot of questions.

Look at it this way. I love my wife. We have had a lot of problems over the years and many, many struggles, but I love her. I want her to be around me. If I, as president of any nation, were given a big house to live in, my wife would live where I live. The same would apply to most married people. The exceptions would be (a) if there was a major problem between us that would cause a separation, or (b) unless there was something I deliberately did not want her to be a part of.

Now I have several children. While they are not as old as Trump’s children, he has a 10-year-old he basically does not see while only one of his older daughters and her husband are spending almost all of their time at the White House in a work capacity, yet nothing about their actual roles has been clearly articulated or discussed.

What did Trump say to Melania that day? Why is she never at the White House? Why does Trump seem more interested in spending time with his daughter and her husband that his own wife at the White House (and I do not refer to any duties as merely an “advisor”, but rather to potential business deals that may be being made without public knowledge)? This is just the tip of the questions that need to be asked, such as what about Jared’s brother Joshua Kushner, who not only participated in the anti-Trump “women’s march” in DC recently, but who also was caught on a dinner date in New York with the wife of billionaire Roman Abramovich, who made his fortunes in securites fraud, theft, illegal business deals, selling public assets for private gain in Russia, and who is literally referred to as a “favorite son” by president Putin himself?

It is important to keep a close eye on both Kushner and Ivanka, because while Trump may be president, it seems that the decisions he is or is not making are being at the very least highly filtered through both of these people. In this sense, they are acting in a similar capacity for him as what Dick Cheney and George Bush Sr did for George Bush Jr. when he was president. If you want to understand how Trump’s presidency will go, who his allegances are to, and what his plans will be, then don’t watch or even listen to Trump, but Ivanka and Jared- listen to their words and then see how their actions align or do not align with their promises.

Again, I emphasize this is not an issue of political parties, but a simple line of questioning that anybody who is interested in politics might want to take notice of. It does not matter what one’s political affiliations are or what one would like to see in a particular person, or even what one likes or does not like. What matters most and particularly so in perilous times such as these that the truth, or as close as one can get to truth based upon the available evidence, is presented.

People, myself included, want to believe that after almost 30 years of Bushes, Clintons, and their cronies that Trump would be a relief, and in certain ways, he is. However, one must also not forget that Trump is friends with all of these people- public friends- and that since all these people run in the same circles, have the same associations, eat at the same restaurants, have the same friends, and spend time at the same places, then for the most part these people think alike and will act with the same will and intention. As the American comedian George Carlin once famously said, “it’s a big club and you are not in the club.”

Carlin is rude and crude, but this was probably his best piece, about the illusion of American politics today

This again reflects in government. While Trump has promised to “drain the swamp,” it is also a fact in American politics that while people change, the institutions and their intentions do not. Like gears in a machine, the people will be replaced but the actual function of the machine will continue to operate and produce the same results as before. This is very clear in American policy, for the rhetoric of today has been around since the dawn of the nation as a part geopolitical alliances. Namely, there is an alliance between the UK and the US, and likewise the US sees an ally in Japan (even after World War II) as they keep the two nations that America sees as “enemies,” which are Russia and China, “in check.”

The current “protests” and arguments both online and in the real world in America today are a testament not to the right or wrong of either side, but to the absolute idiocy and degeneracy that has become the average American. The “liberals” are clearly disordered and deranged- this has been known for many years, and their words and actions today only confirm how deeply ingrained these people are into their own views and how they have proudly and unrepentantly set themselves up against any sort of reason in favor of lunatic buzzwords and “demonstrations” that are nothing more than modern hordes of barbarians destroying property and screaming inanely simply because they feel they have the license to do so.

The “conservative” side has also declined severely as well into the same disorder, but unlike the “liberal” side their disorder is better organized and more appealing to any person with a sense of reason. This disorder comes in the form of calls for the same violence but done in a “socially acceptable” way. This is why the National Socialist movement has become so popular- because it appeals to persons of reason but gives them the same license to act with violence in a way they can accept and will be accepted by their peers just as with the liberals.

Both of these sides and the inane conversations and demonstrations taking place are a modern form of the coliseum- they serve as a distraction from people not even asking questions, but paying attention with a critical eye to the current state of America, which is that it is a nation with a lot of problems that need to be addressed and are not being addressed. Instead, as this news story suggests, “business as usual” is continuing in America, where the “rulers” and their friends are continuing to rob the common people of their wealth for personal gain while keeping the people they are robbing distracted with fruitless pursuits.

As far as Trump is concerned, and like with the former president Obama, his ultimate legacy will be measured against what he does and what he does not do, regardless of the current public opinion, and since he is new in office, his true self is yet to be made clear. While he is in office, just like with every president before, it is the responsibility of the citizens to watch him with a critical eye, supporting things which are good and opposing things which are not good. It is also absolutely important that the people, who after years of having clearly terrible leaders, keep an eye especially on the ones who seem to be a relief at last. After all, it is when one thinks they are finally stable that they are most likely to suffer an unexpected fall…