Homosexual Rape Squad In Arizona Torments Kids In High School, Rapes Them And Tells Other Teenagers: “We Will Rape You.”

By Theodore Shoebat

I am not even making this up. A sodomite rape gang in a high school Arizona rapes teenagers, and they even threatened another teenager, saying, “We will rape you.” The leader of the group is one Nathaniel Thomas, and is now being investigated by authorities. This is the result of tolerating sodomites in society. If we allow this demonic force to grow and thrive, they will have more and more of these rape squads terrorizing the tormenting people. The more we hear of these horrific stories, the more we should appreciate that verse in the Bible that says:

If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. (Leviticus 20:13)

According to a local Arizona report, ABC 15:

 Chandler police have released a nearly 700-page police report detailing statement against six suspects in connection with a sexual assault case at Hamilton High School.

According to police, six suspects — including three football players and three administrators — allegedly knew about the sexual assaults and failed to report it.

Of the three accused football players, 17-year-old Nathaniel Thomas is the only one to be charged as an adult. The other two are juveniles and have not been publicly identified.

Chandler Police Sergeant Daniel Mejia told ABC15, “We have six victims that have prosecutable cases with known suspects. We also have five additional individuals that were identified as victims by at least one other person but were unwilling to participate in the investigation.”

Mejia also said two of the victims are females from an unrelated Hamilton High School investigation. The Gilbert Police Department is handling that case.

The document includes items that were found in Hamilton High Administration offices with notes that mentioned “Toon Squad and Rape Squad” on the team.

The same note includes a statement that the “incidents [have been] going on for years.”

Beyond the assaults, the police report paints the varsity locker room as a wasteland of fear, sexual abuse and immorality that coaches allegedly knew about.

The report described players slapping other players with their genitalia, urinating on each other in the shower, one student ate feces on a dare — among other inappropriate acts.

Some kids were reportedly terrified to even enter the varsity locker room, telling police they shower in their boxers to avoid being touched.

And the report describes a willful ignorance by Hamilton administration and coaches, who mostly stayed out of the locker room.

One player told police when a coach did walk in at the end of his assault the coach berated at the victim for being on the floor.

And coach Belles, approached by concerned parents of freshman players as early as October 2016, reportedly responded: “it’s not my team” referring to the freshmen team.

The report also says that mid-season of 2016 Belles addressed the whole team saying, “…a bunch of [expletive] Sanduskys in here. Putting fingers in [expletive]? Are you guys [expletive] gay? Cut it out.”

But none of this was reported to police at the time and Belles denied to police knowing anything specific prior to full allegations coming to light in March 2017.

One parent reported to police that they confronted Athletic Director Shawn Rustad but he allegedly excused the assaults as “boys being boys.”

She claims he admitted to having heard about some of the incidents, but “did not feel the situation was alarming.”

The report also details the culture of Hamilton High School surrounding the assaults.

Freshman players were known as “Fresh Meat” and would be assaulted and then were told “welcome to varsity.”

In the report, one player told detectives, “He believed ‘almost all’ of the varsity players were involved and said one would start it and the rest would join in.”

One parent said her son was afraid to go to practice; he even came up with illnesses to avoid having to go to the locker room.

A victim told police that Thomas, also known as Nate, is the “main leader” involved in the initiations and he allegedly violated them.

Another victim told detectives that players taunted him after one of the assaults. He also told police one of the varsity players told him “We’re going to rape you.”

As news of the police investigation hit the hallways of Hamilton High School, victims told police they were getting harassed.

One claimed Thomas allegedly sent a text message to freshmen players and told them “to be quiet.”

The victims told police one message sent through Snapchat read, “If I get expelled, you’re going to regret it.”

The harassment was so severe, one parent told police they had to turn off the WiFi in their home to protect their son and now he is “never allowed to be alone, to include the gym or mall trips.”

You want to allow homosexuality in your society? This is what you are going to get. A bunch of perverts who, frankly, need to be arrested, tried, and if found guilty, executed. But of course this won’t happen because America is a nation ran by the sodomite elite.

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