China And Russia Are Creating Armies Of Killer Robots They Are Going To Use Against The USA And Her Allies In A Coming War

China and Russia are developing killer robots right now, and according to business and military sources could pose a major threat to US interests according to a report:

Kari Bingen, Secretary of Defence for Intelligence (SDI), warned the two powers were making huge advances in their tech and were advancing on the US.

The findings came form an earth shattering report that claimed the US has rapidly fallen behind its rivals and must now decide if it wants to “lead the coming revolution, or fall victim to it”.

It added the situation had become so dire that there are not enough analysts to watch 180,000 ufos hurtling towards Earth from deep space.

Former deputy SDI, Robert Work, said the Pentagon needed to pour billions into researching advanced computing and robotics, or risk Russia developing murderous AI machines.

Moscow hardman Vladimir Putin believes the country will develop the best AI and become “the ruler of the world”.

Russian military eggheads are now building drones, robots and cruise missiles that could make deadly decisions without the need humans.

The advancement has panicked US billionaire Eric Schmidt who said China was also gaining on the US and could overtake Washington in five years.

He added: “It feels, as an American, that we are fighting this conflict with one hand behind our back.

“Let’s talk about immigration. Shockingly, some of the very best people in AI are in countries that we won’t let into America.

“Would you rather have them building AI somewhere else, or would you have them building here?

“Iran produces some of the top computer scientists in the world. I want there here. I want them working for Alphabet and Google. It’s crazy not to let these people in.” (source)

This article is absolute garbage, and not because of the concept that Russia and China are building robot armies, since that is something that all militaries around the world with an actual budget allocated for research and development are doing. That is old news.

What is such garbage, is the idea that the article presents as though American power is going to be undercut by Russo-Chinese robots, and that America is just SO FAR BEHIND THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO and, as one would naturally assume if he simply read this story, that American and her allies need to start developing and get the funding for such robots because of THOSE BAD RUSSIANS AND CHINESE OVER THERE. has been one of the only websites that has continually reported on the rise of the killer robots, and we can claim that we are the first and still many times, only website to report groundbreaking developments and real-time analysis of this as it happens:

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We have brought to media attention how not only has the the US government been developing them for over three decades, but that the USA has done so working directly alongside Germany, Japan, and Turkey. was the first website to tie the David Daleiden Planned Parenthood baby body part trafficking scandal to the research into killer robots, as the parts are being used for experiments to create self-sustaining and healing organisms that will function in symbiosis with an electronic system in a military cyborg no different than Arnold Schwartzenegger’s character in the Terminator film series. We have provided names, places, people, and documents all pulled from publicly available sources that include declassified government documents, corporate affiliations, university papers, research white papers, business presentations, public records of transactions, news stories, and more that clearly show the direct connections. We have not just complied this data, but we are able to show you the systematic development over time in the same way that one can watch the development of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

No matter what stories we put out, no matter what sources we site and directly reference so that individuals can see and read them for themselves and draw their own conclusions, there seems to be as reflect through the number of reads as well as the feedback we receive that the stories are not being read, are not believed, and that regardless of what is said, the consistent response is that what we say is FAKE NEWS.

Yet here there is an example of a story that is advocating for the development of these machines, based on making serious claims that America and her allies are in imminent danger because THOSE GUYS YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AFRAID OF OVER THERE are making these “things” and that America has to respond by doing the same.

As we have said before, the concept of giving military grade weapons to highly advanced machinery and telling it to go around and make independent decisions as to what “people” are a threat or not a threat and then to decide whether or not to allow them to live or die is incredibly dangerous. It does not matter that some or all governments are developing them, because these machines are going to unleash unspeakable horrors on the world once they are made operational, regardless of who makes them. All people have a moral obligation to resist this as much as they are able to. This is let alone the fact that it was the USA and her allies who have been aggressively and systematically working at this same goal and, as far as we can tell, are far more advanced in this development than other nations are.

This also raises a second point, and that is a matter of quality. Below is a thread that was pulled from the 4Chan archives about “China hate,” and it was written by an American businessman doing business in China:

You can read the entire thread, but the essence is that from his experience and that of others, China’s image is a farce, and the quality of the goods they produce for themselves and other people is at best poor and on average terrible. It reflects what Americans already know about “made in China,” which is that much of such products are cheap but poorly made and can be expected to break. For the Chinese, more emphasis is placed on “face” over honesty and quality. That is, it is more important to have the image of success than actually being honest or having real quality. While this concept exists in every culture in different ways (such as the American idea of “keeping up with the Joneses”), China takes it to nationwide levels that affect critical systems and then still try to cover it up.

Chinese construction projects are a prime example of the “face over honesty” attitude. Building collapses are regular because building codes are routinely ignored, cheap materials are used, and nobody cares. If the company is caught, it just shuts down and reopens under another name with government blessing and continues the same pattern of destruction as before:

A SAND SCANDAL is brewing in China, with concerns that low-quality concrete has been used in the construction of many of the country’s largest buildings – putting them at risk of collapse.

The recipe to make concrete is pretty simple – cement, aggregate and water – but the strength of the final batch can vary wildly depending on the kinds of aggregate and cement used and the proportions they’re mixed in. Commonly the aggregate used in many modern building projects consists of crushed gravel or other rock, including sand, and that’s the cause of so much distress in the Chinese construction industry at the moment. Inspections by state officials have found raw, unprocessed sea sand in at least 15 buildings under construction in Shenzhen, including a building which, when finished, was set to become China’s tallest.

The Ping’an Finance Center is planned to top out at 660m, making it not only China’s tallest building but the second-tallest building in the world after the Burj Dubai. 80m has been built so far, but construction has been halted in the wake of the revelation from Shenzhen’s Housing and Construction Bureau that substandard sea sand concrete had been used in its construction. According to a notice on the Bureau’s website posted on March 16, 31 companies had had their licenses to work revoked for at least six months. (source)

This lack of care about quality in China is also reflected in its attitude towards trash. China has made itself the garbage pit for the world’s computer parts, and owing to the toxic nature of the parts it has poisoned large areas of China, including their water supply, and yet nothing at all is done about it all the while people are being poisoned in mass:

Guiyu, China is often referred to as the “e-waste capital of the world.” The city employs over 150,000 electronic waste dis-assemblers, recyclers, and salvage workers who toil through 16-hour days tearing apart discarded computers and other electronic devices.

The employees are working to recapture any metals or other parts of value that can be re-used or sold.

This is far from an organized operation; rather than having computers neatly stacked on palettes in storage units waiting to be recycled, computer carcasses are strewn about the streets and river banks.

Huge tangles of wires and cables lay on street corners.

Workers, whom will usually specialize in dis-assembling specific parts, will pull parts from the various scattered piles of parts about town and begin their work right on the side of the street.

There are thousands of individual workshops where laborers snip cables, pry chips from circuit boards, grind plastic computer cases into particles, and dip circuit boards in acid baths to dissolve the lead, cadmium, and other toxic metals.

Thousands more work to strip insulation from all wiring in an attempt to salvage tiny amounts of copper wire. The air reeks of burning plastic and noxious metals, but the workers have learned to live with the conditions.

The environmental and health side effects are extremely damaging; the air is not safe to breathe and the water not safe to drink. Lead and other poisonous metals course through the veins of the residents.

Greenpeace sent crews to Guiyu to measure ground samples and test the water supply. Over 10 heavy and poisonous metals were found: lead, mercury, tin, aluminum, and cadmium being the most prominent.

Drinking water has to be trucked in as the local river and underground water table are poisonous. Guiyu has the highest level of cancer-causing dioxins in the world; pregnancies are six times more likely to end in miscarriage and seven out of ten children are born with 50% higher levels of lead in their blood than children born elsewhere.

Workers will burn circuit boards and components over coal fires to melt the lead solder and separate the metals; this releases noxious gasses into the air and toxic materials into the ground.

Plastic cases of computers, phones and PDAs are melted, producing poly-chlorinated dioxins. Once the raw materials have been separated from the waste, they are sold for re-use.

A sad reality of Guiyu is 88% of workers suffer from neurological, respiratory, or digestive abnormalities.

A similar number also suffer from various forms of skin disease.

Workers use their bare hands for dis-assembly of parts and sweep excess printer toner from the streets into the river.

As of 2011, Guiyu is listed as the world’s second most polluted location on Earth. Lake Karachay is the first. (source)

China cannot even maintain basic standards of quality on anything at all, from expensive goods all the way to basic fixtures necessary to perform the tasks a society needs to function. What makes one think that a Chinese ‘killer robot’ will be of better quality than much of the junk they export or sell to their own?

Sights like this are common in China. If they cannot provide clean water for their people in a basic way, and if such corruption is so deeply rooted into the society and is reflected in their exports as well as products made for their own usage, how can they be expected to build an army of robots that are anything better than junk?

As far as Russia is concerned, Russia does do quality work. However, Russia has other problems. As we and many others have noted, Russia has a huge nation that is being torn apart by internal problems. These include a Muslim revival that is being provoked and funded by the USA, tensions in Ukraine, a non-Muslim population that refuses to reproduce while the Muslim population is reproducing and now comprises almost 20% of Russia, massive divorce rates, high abortion rates, low life expectancy, the lack of a developed economy, widespread pollution, and even more. The list could continue, but given that Russia’s population is less than half that of the USA and with all the other issues, the Russians have enough to focus on keeping their own personal affairs in order. Even if they wanted to, right now Russia does not have the ability to engage in “burning down the house” of another nation because their nation is burning and they have yet to be able to get control of the “fire.”

China and Russia are great nations. They are world powers and need to be respected as such. They also do what all world powers do, which is develop new technologies and compete with the other powers, especially in military affairs. Robots are the next frontier, and the fact is that the Russians and Chinese are working on them. However, the idea that America is “falling behind” in the development of robots is an utter lie, for if anything America has made the most advances in this technology and given her record of recent history will use these robots as levers of foreign policy against other countries and even her own people. Those who read this article and support robotic development yet ignore or refuse to acknowledge the possible counter arguments to their development will find themselves like many people who supported the American Invasion of Iraq, or American intervention in Libya or Syria, except instead of this being an even that happens “over there,” they will find themselves the victims of their own choices as they will not be spared the consequences.