Muslim Terrorists Attack And Slaughter Thousands Of HIV-Infected Homosexuals Across Nigeria

The terrorist group Boko Haram has been targeting homosexuals, and between killing them, and “disappearances,” over 16,000 have disappeared in three years according to a report:

The Borno chapter of the Network of Persons Living with HIV and AIDS in Nigeria (NEPWAN), says more than 16, 000 members of the organisation have died in the past three years in Borno.

Speaking with journalists on Saturday, Hassan Mustapha, its chairman, explained that the victims died because of the activities of Boko Haram, which made it difficult for patients to access anti-retroviral therapy (ART) and other support services.

He said more than 27, 000 persons were registered for ART between 2011 and 2014, but lamented that the number has dropped to 11, 303 in 2017.

The chairman said the the vims also died due to the poor economic status of the persons living with the virus.

Mustapha said the reduction in the number of persons on ART was a clear indication that the persons were either dead or missing.

“Most of the ART centres were closed down due to Boko Haram insurgency, thereby making it difficult for our members to access treatment,” he said.

“Positive living persons in Damboa, Damasak, Monguno, Konduga, Malamfatori and other rural communities could no longer access treatment, as they could not afford transportation to travel to areas where services were available in Maiduguri and Biu.

“The situation was further compounded by the inability of the state government to pay its counterpart fund for the HIV/AIDS campaign programme in the last three years.

“Development partners could also not provide care and support services; economic strengthening support and other services to improve the health status of our members.

“It is clear that the virus is not curable but it could be controlled through effective management. Thousands of our members stopped visiting clinics and when we reach out to locate them we find out that they were either dead or missing.”

Mustapha further decried non-inclusion of their members in the state government’s skills acquisition programme, to enable them engage in income generating activities to be able to meet their needs.

“We have been able to control stigma in the society but we need economic empowerment support to enable us make a healthy living,” he said.

On his part, Haruna Mshelia, Borno commissioner for health, said the state had recorded success in the campaign against the virus in the past three years.

According to him, the state government had established 42 HIV testing service centres in health facilities and internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps and 52 prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) sites.

He said Borno has 12 ART sites in general hospitals across the state.

Mshelia said the state government had scaled up activities in 237 health facilities, to control transmission and provide quality services for positive living persons.

The commissioner said the services were provided in collaboration between the state government and National Action Committee on AIDS (NACA), National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), FHI360, IHVN and UNFPA.

“In 2017, some 236, 404 persons were tested for HIV and 1, 902 new cases recorded in the state.

“11, 303 clients are currently receiving anti-retroviral treatment and 922 others on PMTCT.” (source)

Nigeria is one of the few nations in the world where homosexuality is a crime punishable by death. However, like with nations all across the world, homosexuality is a major issue and Nigeria is not an exception. Even with their laws there is a large LGBT community throughout the nations.

HIV is overwhelmingly associated with the LGBT community because of the nature of the actions, since homosexual activities commonly involve the consumption of bodily fluids and waste all not intended for human consumption or contact as a part of the pursuit of pleasure, and often times with persons who may be infected with diseases. This is admitted by the LGBT themselves, and as such it was the LGBT who also has admitted that the normalization of HIV has occurred in homosexual circles. Now the highest HIV rates in Nigeria are actually found in Rivers State and Taraba State, with 15% and 10% of the total population infected in the southeast part of the country. At the same time, the southeast areas are also the most LGBT unfriendly places in Nigeria and constitute the statistical majority of attacks against homosexual persons:

The Executive Director of TIERs provided information from the TIERs website indicating that of 105 human rights violations based on sexual orientation that were recorded in 2014, 39 were committed by “state actors” and 79 were committed by “non-state actors” (TIERs 17 Oct. 2015). The same source reported that Rivers State had the highest number of violations against LGBT people, and the lowest numbers were recorded in the states of Edo and Ekiti (ibid.). The violations were recorded in the following distribution across Nigeria’s geo-political zones: 37 in South-South; 10 in South-West; 15 in South-East; 20 in North-West; 3 in North-East; 20 in North-Central (ibid.). The QA Organizational Director explained that violence against LGBT people is more prominent in the “sharia-enforced states of northern Nigeria like Kano and Bauchi,” as well as in “the south-eastern region and the Niger-Delta (Benin, Delta, and Port-Harcourt)” (12 Oct. 2015). (source)

The south of Nigeria is also where the majority of Christians are located. The story above about the 16,000 homosexuals took place in the northeastern most region of Nigeria, in Borno State. Borno State is heavily Muslim and influenced by Islamic law.

As we have cited before on, homosexuality in Islam is a highly misunderstood topic that is confusing to many because ‘popular knowledge’ about Islam does not correspond to the reality of what Islam teaches. Contrary to the idea that Islam ‘hates’ homosexuality, Islam is actually a very LGBT friendly religion, and what incurs the wrath of the Muslim against the LGBT is if the practice of homosexuality is not in compliance with Islamic law:

In Islam Mukhannathun (مخنثون “effeminate ones”, “men who resemble women”, singular mukhannath) is allowed for people who would now be called transgender women (reality they are men).

Scholars in Shiite Iran and Sunni Egypt in fact issued fatwas supporting the right for those who fit the description of mukhannathun to have sex reassignment surgery. In Pakistan, the transgender community there live as hijras, and are officially recognized as a third-gender being neither male nor female.

n other words, the bottom line is that Islam prohibits and permits homosexuality. Islam’s author of confusion is notorious for using play on words. In Islam a homosexual (Liwati) is banned but if he is effeminate (Mukhannath) he is not. Adultery is forbidden in Islam, of course, but not with concubines, alcohol is forbidden, but not in heaven, prostitution Bagha’ is forbidden but not when its Misyar (marriages where one can contract with a rental overnight wife). Patricide and matricide are forbidden until the parents oppose the son to go on Jihad … you name the sin and Islam becomes the religion of loopholes. (source)

The fact that there is a large LGBT presence in a Muslim area should not come as a surprise to anybody. However, further investigation quickly reveals that not only is homosexuality commonplace in Borno state, but Nigerian media has exposed that homosexuals control the government of Borno state and have been using their power and influence to engage in the mass rape of boys so much that it was a national scandal:

Some residents of Maiduguri have decried the increasing cases of child abuses by unscrupulous homosexual persons.

The residents said in Maiduguri on Tuesday that the trend was rampant in the recent times and if left unchecked, it would become a norm in the society.

Mr Bashir Shuwa, a resident of 707 quarters in Maiduguri said that anal sex was now taken a centre stage in the town.

He said that homosexual persons were now taking the advantage of children vulnerability to force them into such acts.

“Recent events in Maiduguri have brought to the fore some disturbing trends that is afflicting several neighbourhoods, who helplessly watch their wards being lured into anal sex.

According to him, those who commit such delinquent acts on minors and others always get away with their crimes unpunished because of the influence they wield in the society.

“This unpleasant tendency should not be allowed to remain unchecked if we want to live in a decent and tolerable society, where standard ethical norms are being obeyed by all.

Mubarak Pate, another resident, said that a situation where highly respected members of the society were engaging the young male children in anal sex was embarrassing.

Pate said many of the elite in the society were accused of not only being homosexual persons but as perpetrators of child abuse.

“Even in countries where Sodomy has been legalised, they descend heavily against those who do it to minors or under aged children. “We should ensure that all those with such dirty habits are punished for their crimes. “Accordingly, they should not be placed in positions of responsibility so as not to make their criminal activities look attractive to innocent people,’’ he said.

Bulama Ba’aba, a resident of 1,000 Housing Estate in Maiduguri, said the ugly activity was even more in the estate and it was being overlooked.

Similarly, Hajiya Salamatu Abdulkadir, a politician, said that the level at which reported cases of such abuse were being thrown under the rug was worrisome. “The victims of the abuse are being subjected to mockery, while the perpetrators walk with pride and haughtiness as they continue with their unimpeded misdemeanour.

Abdulkadir emphasised the need to stop this despicable practice from being spread to innocent children by those who encouraged it.

Reacting, Mr Abdullahi Ibrahim, the Borno Commandant of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) said the trend was true and very disturbing. Abdullahi said two weeks ago, the command apprehended a man who used an electric heater to burn his son anus because he was engaging in homosexual.

“The command discovered that the youth between eight years and 13 years old were being lured by their partners. “We, therefore, urged parents to ensure proper upbringing of their children and wards to checking the trend of homosexuality in our society,” Abdullahi said. (source, see also here and here)

It is also important to remember that the US government and other nations of western Europe were heavily criticized by the Catholic Church, including Pope Francis over “ideological colonization” efforts directed against Nigeria, in which the US has refused to help Nigeria stop attacks from Muslim terrorists unless the nation accepts homosexuality:

“African values are not on sale,” the new Chairman of Communications for the African bishops has said.

But Bishop Emmanuel Badejo of Oyo, Nigeria, is convinced they are under threat from what Pope Francis has called an “ideological colonization” that is seeking to destroy the family.

It’s so bad, he says, that the United States has made clear it will not help Nigeria fight the Boko Haram terror group unless the country modify its laws regarding homosexuality, family planning and birth-control.

Aleteia sat down with Bishop Badejo last week in Rome at the conclusion of the African Bishops’ Standing Committee Meeting, to discuss his unique perspective on the nature and threat of the Nigerian-born terrorist group. Bishop Badejo also discussed the African bishops’ hopes for the Synod on the Family and their view on the hot-button issues and statements made at last October’s Synod gathering.

Bishop Badejo, 53, is the new Chairman of Communications for the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM). (source)

The entire interview from 2015 is well worth reading, because the good bishop conveys that America is offering Nigeria a “faustian bargain.” She wants Nigeria to give up her soul in the form of her morals in order for the promise of worldly wealth and power.

But even more research into the matter uncovers more questions about Boko Haram. For example, as one article has pointed out, Nigeria is a heavily populated, resource-rich, and highly influential nations that is a potentially emerging  major power in Africa. Certainly there are many issues that Nigeria would have to address, especially with regard to public corruption and economic development, but the fact remains that given Nigeria’s geography, resources, and influence, and given the increasing involvement of other nations, especially China into African affairs, Nigeria is potentially able to challenge American influence.

We know for a fact that Islamic terrorists have been funded directly the the US government and trained by the CIA and Special Forces for the purposes of destabilizing nations deemed “unfriendly”, and then “restabilizing” them with “friendly” groups who will serve American-backed financial and business interests. This is as many have pointed out the reasons for the US training of the ISIS terrorists any by proxy responsible for the murder of Saddam Hussein and genocide of Christians in Iraq, the overthrow of the legitimate leader of Libya Muammar Gaddhafi, the invasion and attempt to overthrow the legitimate ruling Asad family of Syria, the “color revolutions” in Ukraine and Georgia, and as of late the support of Islamist groups in Uzbekistan as well as among the federally-designated autonomous regions of Russia where Muslims are given self-rule.

Given this knowledge and pattern of behavior, and in light of the curious statements that Nigeria must cast off her morality if she wants US help against a group that bears a striking semblance to other groups that America has used to attack nations and peoples she wants to control, what makes Nigeria any different in this regard as a target:

By the time the tallies were counted, the US had achieved the one objective of all the diplomatic and strategic maneuvers; the containment of Nigeria led ECOMOG initiative to resolve the Liberian Crises. It was on the platform of this surreptitious American intervention in the Liberian crisis that the US Africa Command or AFRICOM was formed. African Crises Response Initiative and the new African Security (Dis)order {AJPS} Unlike its precursor, the ACRI which sought to disguise US intentions in Africa particularly as it pertains to Nigeria under the cloak of multilateral humanitarian intervention, AFRICOM which came to being on October 1, 2008 is clearly programmed to serve US military-strategic interests especially with regards to the ever expanding global reach and influence of China in direct competition with the United States.

In response to the growing influence of a rapidly expanding industrial China in Africa, the goal of AFRICOM is to seize key strategic areas in Africa and bring them under US control in order to block China’s access to vital energy and mineral resources for its expanding economy. But to effectively carry this out, such African countries of strategic importance must first of all be weakened internally and made to feel so vulnerable that they would have to inevitably seek US protection or intervention. A spur to this interventionist programme provides that any targeted African country that does not see the wisdom or resists the need to seek US “protection” will then have to suffer dismemberment with the pliant area carved out of the supposedly hostile area and given US“protection”. We have seen this happen in the great lakes area where US Special Forces have been deployed ostensibly to protect the countries there from so-called insurgents who in the first place were sponsored by the same US.

In Sudan we have seen how a blanket cover of international humanitarian cries orchestrated by the United States on the so-called Darfur crisis served as a prelude to the dismemberment of Sudan to punish the government of El-Bashir for daring to conclude oil deals with the Chinese to the detriment of American companies. We have also seen how Libya and Gaddafi was put to the sword for daring to sidetrack American oil interests.

But the greatest prize for AFRICOM and its goal to plant a PAX AMERICANA in Africa would be when it succeeds in the most strategic African country, NIGERIA. This is where the raging issue of BOKO HARAM and the widely reported prediction by the United States Intelligence Council on the disintegration of Nigeria by 2015 comes into perspective.

The seemingly intractable nature of the Boko Haram outrage has prompted a lot of questions from Nigerians. What really is this Boko Haram thing and what are their grievances if any? Why have they chosen to remain faceless in spite of the devastating effects of their activities on the psyche of the nation, and entreaties from Nigerian authorities to come forward for negotiations? Why are they able to perpetrate their attacks with relative ease and why has there not been a single clue at the scene of their acts to lead to them?

For sure, Nigerians are not unused to sectarian violence.  But the ones we have witnessed in this country have been predictable and the modus and fault lines have been well known to the authorities who have always done well to keep them within tolerable limits.

The Boko Haram of Mohammed Yussuf which predated this new one can be so categorized and was well known through its operations, leadership and locations.

But how did a ragtag collection of largely half literate unsophisticated persons operating mostly on Okada transform literally overnight to being able to design, manufacture and deploy bombs in buildings and in vehicles costing in excess of a million naira and carry out attacks in several locations around the country?

How have their reach grown from just a corner of Nigeria to virtually everywhere in the country? For them to be able to mount such a sophisticated operation, they must necessarily have a well structured command and control system which in spite of their best efforts at concealment cannot remain undetected for long. So how have they seemingly defied the best efforts of combined security agencies in the country in detecting and foiling their activities?

The GREENWHITE Coalition can reveal that the current Boko Haram campaign is a covert operation organized by the American Central Intelligence Agency, CIA and coordinated by the American Embassy in Nigeria.

For some time now, the CIA has been running secret training and indoctrination camps along the porous and vulnerable borderlands of Niger, Chad and Cameroon. At these camps youths from poor, deprived and disoriented backgrounds are recruited and trained to serve as insurgents. The agents who supply these youth lure them with the promise of better life and work of Allah and further indoctrinated to believe they are working to install a just Islamic order from the ungodly one that currently holds sway in Nigeria. (source)

The story about Muslims killing thousands of homosexuals is not as simple as it would seem. The reality is that Islam permits homosexuality and that homosexuality as well as Islam have been used as a policy tool by the USA. It is also a reality that homosexual persons in this area wielded a disproportionate influence in that region and that their power was clearly being used to perpetuate the same crimes which one consistently finds surrounding homosexuality, which are the sexual abuse of children and the spread of HIV.

Was this orchestrated as an operation meant to build up American influence using the excuse of “Muslims killing gays” as a reason for interference? Was this an actual expression of anger coming from members of Boko Haram against the child abuse that took place? Is it a combination of both, or possibly other factors all together?

Regardless of the reasons for what happened, divinely revealed truth does not change. The uniquely serious nature of the sinful nature of homosexuality as articulated in Sacred Scripture and Tradition remains constant regardless of what any government may proclaim or renounce. As the foundations upon which all societies are build is morality, when the moral foundation crumbles the society collapses. All sin leads to death, and the more heinous the sin the more the likelihood and seriousness of the death of the soul.

Indeed, physical death is preferable to spiritual death, for the former in Christ will be raised to everlasting life, but the latter simply await their condemnation in a way no different than a man on death row.