State-Funded Swedish National TV Station Broadcasts Sick Program Of Feminist Talking About Being Sodomized And Then Farting Out Feces-Covered Semen Down Her Leg

A video recently broadcast on state-funded Swedish national television shows a group of feminists talking about random hookups, and in the video one of the women talks about farting out feces-contaminated semen after being sodomized by her ‘partner,’ or as she calls it, ‘the brown gold’:

The video is objectively speaking, disgusting. There is never a reason to talk about that in any ‘normal’ conversation because normal people do not want to hear about that level of perversity and sickness.

As with anything that has government funding, the reason why something would receive taxpayer monies is because the idea is that whatever is being promoted is teaching values that the rulers of society want to see mirrored among their people, as all governments are reflections of the citizenry who serve in the various ministries and offices of power. Such programs owing to this nature will reflect the good and the bad of a society, although generally speaking governments will try to emphasize either positive aspects of society or positive ideals the government would theoretically like the society to aspire to. In the case of public television programming, the government funds television shows to promote the values they want people to see an accept or be inspired by, and these ideas usually involve the arts, religious programming (if the society shares a common religious belief), children’s education, nature documentaries, interviews with different cultural figures, and other such shows that theoretically serve a greater purpose than just entertainment, and leave the viewer better educated or balanced as a person once the program is over.

Footage of Fred Rogers, creator of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, giving his famous speech to congress explaining the need to give public funding for children’s educational programming. As Roger’s points out, public television is used to communicate important social values, and the reason the government needs to have an interest in this is because it has an interest in building citizens who will be well-balanced people ready to take control and guide the next generation. Likewise, given the perversity of this video of the feminists talking about their unnatural sexual activity, it leaves on to ask what type of society the government wants to create, as nothing good can come from this.

It is of particular interest that Swedish-state funded television chose to promote not only a show about “feminism,” but one promoting bizarre forms of perverse, unnatural, and unhealthy sexual practices. While anal sex has been practiced between married couples throughout history, it has always been in the minority of couples who engage in this because the act is by its nature and when taken to the fulfillment of the act is inherently sterile. Since most couples who have sex do so because, theoretically, they want children and given that the vagina is made for that purpose, they historically tend to use their genitive organs with the organs they are meant to be used with.

In addition, it has been seldom practiced by heterosexual couples because of the real risk of “cross contamination.” Because the penis is going into the anus, naturally it is going to come into contact with feces no matter how well the rectum is washed out because the rectum is the tube by which the body removes fecal matter. There is a risk that fecal matter could enter into the penis through the urethra and cause an infection, and there is also the risk that if the penis is then inserted into the vagina without being thoroughly washed (and even then, it does not guarantee complete sanitization), that fecal matter could pass into the vagina and cause potentially life threatening medical conditions.

If it is still not enough, the other major reason why the act has not been practices historically by heterosexual couples is because since the anus is meant to expel waste and not have objects regularly inserted into it, it can be “stretched out” over time to the point that a person will no longer be able to hold one’s fecal matter inside. It can be stretched out to such a point that rectal prolapse occurs, which is a serious medical condition where the intestines separate and begin to fall out of the body. Both of these happen regularly in the LGBT community to the point they are fetishized, and it is likewise no surprise today that adult diapers have been seeing record sales, because lifelong incontinence and “leaking” are products of persistent sodomy.

It has only become a standard practice for many couples today because it was promoted and normalized by the LGBT community since they are the ones who primarily engage in this practice the same way that the normalization of HIV/AIDS began in homosexual groups because they are the prime vectors and persons at risk for the disease owing to their behaviors.

When one looks at the unnatural nature of what is happening with the LGBT, and when one thinks about the purpose of public television, what other purpose would there be for a TV show on public television that has women to discuss making feces-tainted semen farts running down their legs other than to normalize such behaviors in order that sodomy be promoted and its effects normalized?

Sweden is considered a first-world nation. Sweden consistently ranks among the best nations to live in, with the highest ratings for ‘quality of life,’ very high personal incomes, very low social issues, and very few personal responsibilities that could jeopardize a man’s lifestyle. At the same time, Sweden is regarded as one of the most pro-LGBT nations in the world, embracing the full alphanumeric soup of acronyms the LGBT uses to describe themselves. They were one of the first nations in modern times to embrace homosexual perversity and have continued to rank in the top places in the world for homosexuals to visit and live in. This is also the same Sweden that promotes children to cross-dress and have permanent sex change operations, refuses to call children by their biological genders, and routinely teaches that girls need to dress as boys and boys need to dress as girls.

Now as we know, there has been a great controversy in Sweden over the last two years owing to the large influx of people from the Middle East and Africa. These people did not simply “migrate” to Sweden, but were trafficked in with the willing cooperation of Swedish and European government officials and with their full knowledge that they were not making any attempt to check for any information about a man who came other than that he had a pulse. As such, there have been many unsavory characters who have arrived and have gone on a crime rampage throughout Sweden that has transformed certain Swedish neighborhoods into dangerous ghettos. This situation has been aggravated by Swedish welfare policies, which while they are generous already have been intentionally expanded to make specific accommodations for the immigrant arrivals. Owing to the fact that the majority of these people are already highly under educated with no prospects for being able to participate in normal economic life outside of the most basic of manual labor (of which there is only so much), are in a foreign nation living among their fellow people in ghettos, and are having all of their needs met by government handouts, it creates the conditions for idleness and self-insulation that breed more crime.

However, amidst all of the trouble that the Swedish government has intentionally foisted upon itself by bringing in such persons, the fact is that many people from Africa and the Middle East who arrived in Sweden did so looking for a new life fleeing real persecution. Many of such persons have become Christians, and they are not only thankful for Sweden giving them a new home and a new life, but as now being able to leave Islam freely and become Christians or at least, have the ability to think about religion outside of Islam (for many former Muslims turned Christians go through a period of agnosticism, owing to the abusive nature inherent to Islamic theology). However, the Swedish government has been persecuting such people, even threatening to have them sent back, and to such a point that it would seem they are championing the rise of Islam while at the same time allowing for the rise of a nationalist movement that would pledge to exterminate not just all Muslims, but people who “look” foreign.

Indeed, Sweden has gone from being Christian to pagan. This contrasts with Mexico, who while suffering from many problems is still a majority Catholic nation.

The original statue of Our Lady by St. Luke

December 12th marks the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico. The story of Our Lady of Guadalupe originally begins with St. Luke, writer of one of the four gospels. St. Luke was also a sculptor, and he carved a statue of Our Lady. This statue was taken to Spain in the 4th century by St. Leander of Seville, and it was housed in a church until the Muslim conquest of Spain in 711. In order to prevent the statue from being destroyed, Catholics took and hid the statue allegedly near a bank by the Wolf River. The statue lay there for centuries until a shepherd by the name of Gil Cordero had a vision from the Blessed Virgin as to where the statue was. He told the local bishop, and the bishop sent out a team to check the location that Gil spoke of, and surely as promised the statue was there.

Our Lady of Guadalupe on St. Juan Diego’s Tilma.

After the Spanish arrived in Mexico in 1519 and conquered the pagan Aztec indians in 1521, exterminating their heathen sacrifices and barbaric ways, Catholic missionaries quickly set to work spreading the Gospel. Ten years later in 1531 there was a native man who was also a convert to the Faith named Juan Diego who had a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and she told him to tell the bishop that he needed to have a Church constructed in a particular area. The bishop did not believe him initially, and in response he had another vision in which he was instructed to pick all of the flowers on the hill where she wanted the church to be build, put them in his robe, and bring his robe to the bishop with the flowers in it. When he brought the flowers to the bishop and dropped them onto the ground before him, a vision of Our Lady standing on the crescent moon was left emblazoned on his robe. The bishop immediately believe Juan and set about plans for building the church as requested. The result was the conversion of millions of native peoples to the true faith, the restoration of the Faith for many others, and for centuries it has been the continual source of countless millions of conversions throughout the Americas and the world. Indeed, one can say that while the Spanish government was the human arm through which God worked, it was Our Lady that conquered Mexico for her Son, Jesus Christ.

The connection between this vile video and the situation in Sweden today and that of the conversion of Mexico is the common bond that unites the story of the human race, which is the story of man’s original sin and in falling into darkness, for which purpose Christ had to come to save him from his sins.

Sweden once upon a time was a Christian nation. It was a difficult nation to convert and it took almost a millenia for the faith to fully penetrate into the nordic realms, but it surely did and it brought the Swedish people out of the barbarity of their ancient practices and restored their dignity to them. While it is popular to speak of today for many people, especially those who are on the “right” or who want to promote “western values” or “saving the white race” to equate paganism with a romanticized world that was destroyed by the Christian missionaries, nothing could be further from the truth. All of the Nordic nations, and truly all of Europe before the faith was a backwards land filled with all kinds of vices. Sure, there were many great cultural, social, and personal achievements that the pagans made, and this should never be ignored. However, the fact is that in spite of all of their accomplishments their souls were in a state of disorder, where morality was defined by power and will, where homosexuality was normal, and where license defined truth between individuals, groups, and society. All of this was abolished by the light of the Gospel.

Likewise, the same can be said about the native people of Mexico and the Americas. Like the Europeans of old, the natives had many great accomplishments of cultural, social, and personal significance. However, they were a land defined by the same evils of old Sweden and Europe, where the force of might defined wrong from right, where the unnatural and perverse was permitted by human will, and where love was defined by license and not truth. Such abhorrent ideas were put to death by the Catholic Faith, and out of the missionaries word a new culture was born that honored God and while preserving many old traditions elevated them to a higher dignity.

Sweden began to return to paganism, along with the rest of Europe after the Protestant revolution. While Sweden has remained nominally ‘Protestant’, the Catholic Faith has all but been eliminated from that nation and the few Protestant Christans are at best nominal, as the majority of people are not Christians at all. Having returned to Paganism, it is only natural that the barbaric behavior that the missionaries drove out would surely return to their former places and with it the same consequences. Sweden has become so supportive of the LGBT in a official capacity because it is a public proclamation of the license of ancient paganism and and structuring of morality under individual fiat instead of divinely revealed truth.

The “refugee” situation in Sweden is another issue alone, because as it has been pointed out, these people were brought to Sweden knowing they could not be integrated and would only cause trouble, and then measures were taken so much as to encourage behaviors that would lead to more trouble such as by encouraging idleness. Those refugees who really did come with good intentions, have found a home and have become Christians are being harassed with no surprised by the government because such persons who are Christians, be they Swedes or non-Swedes, are not wanted since to be a Christian is to advocate for love, which means peace and war, mercy and justice. The people brought to Sweden have to reason to be there except to serve as a means to destabilize society and encourage public anger which many people are attempting to leverage into a form of ethnonationalism. One of the defining characteristics of all of the ancient pagan societies is ethnic nationalism, since the worship of one’s god is made equal to the worship of one’s people, homeland, things that he loves, and ultimately himself.

This same situation that is emerging in Sweden today was once the situation of ancient Mexico before the Spanish. The faces, places, and times were different, but the problems were the same because paganism is ultimately a concept, not a firm ideal fixed to a particular time or place just a concepts such Christianity, national socialism, or other belief systems are not fixed to on place or historical period but as they are grounded in what they teach are unchanging truths, can pass between cultures and throughout time without losing their potency. What Mexico was at its height is that which Sweden desires to become today, which is an ethnonationalistic society where the will of man and his pursuit of power rules and defines life and morality. Yet such a society is an abomination to God because it is mindset that came about as a result of original sin, for by rejecting God, man had chose to make himself god, and since man is not God, all that he can do is to create a hell on earth in his pursuit of heaven.

Mexico was rescued by her acceptance of the Catholic Faith from her barbarity. From ripping out and eating human hearts, Mexico has been transformed for the better, and the world can see it. For Sweden, having rejected the Faith and chosen to follow in the way of paganism, the result now is that society thinks that men and women don’t exist, that countless numbers of people can be trafficked in and used for social benefit without any regard to their humanity or the humanity of society, and that they can go on television and talk about farting semen after engaging in anal copulation for the whole nation to see and people do not care at all. Such is the price of sin.

Hell Across The Border. This is Ted’s documentary about the fight against the narcocarteles in Mexico, and it is there is a considerable discussion of the ancient paganism which the modern cartels invoke in the name of power.

The disorder of sin is not common to any particular race or people, but is found wherever Christ is not and is diffused by Christ when He comes.

Make no mistake either, if Sweden was to reverse its decisions and as a people return to Christ, the society would be transformed in the same way if Mexico was to return to paganism would the same barbarity of its past once again reappear. Indeed, there have been many attempting to undermine the Catholic Faith in Mexico in modern times. Of particular example are the “narcocarteles” who promote drug trafficking, and as we and many others have pointed out, the cartels continually make use of “aztec” and other “precolombiano” imagery because for them, they associate their power with the ancient paganism. Likewise, with the rise of the cartels and their associations with paganism has likewise came the ancient barbarity of the pagan past with murders, human sacrifice, and all of the disorder that the Church fought against.

The situation of Mexico and Sweden alike are reminders that the grace of God is not conditional upon any race or place, for those who belong to God are those who wish to do so and are enabled by His grace. God desires the salvation of all men, but only to those who wish to receive Him. The greatness of a nation, regardless of how many material accomplishments it may have, is dependent upon its submission to God and His will, for while man manipulates the environment around him, it was God who gave him the environment that he could manipulate in the first place. It is the warning that Christ gave in Sacred Scripture, that it is pointless for a man to possess everything yet lose his own soul, and that even a man who has nothing is but in the possession of everything if he has Christ.

It is good to be proud of one’s heritage, people, or ethnicity, but this does not save a man from his sins, for God came to save us from our sins because only He is holy. Without Him, all that man can do is replicate the same disorder with different faces and in different places.