Japan Plans To Deport Six North Korean Fishermen Back To North Korea Where They Will Most Likely Be Tortured To Death, Japanese Government Responds ‘It’s Not Our Problem And We Don’t Care’

North Korea is known for torturing and murdering its own citizens for even the smallest of infractions. Such is likely going to be the fate of six North Korean fishermen who are being deported by Japanese authorities. When asked about the potential for this, the Japanese government responded that it did not care and that it was not its problem:

Six of 10 North Korean “fishermen” rescued from a tiny wooden boat drifting off northern Japan will be deported back to their country, an immigration official told AFP Tuesday.

Three of the crew have been arrested on suspicion of theft after they reportedly admitted to “taking out” electronic products from a remote Japanese island where they landed briefly to take refuge.

They are suspected of stealing a variety of items — including fridges, TV sets and even a door knob.

The ten men were first spotted by the coast guard as their dilapidated boated drifted into waters off the island of Hokkaido.

“The immigration office in Hokkaido has started deportation procedures” for the six crew members, immigration official Koichi Tanaka told AFP.

One of the men is still in hospital, reportedly suffering from a stomach illness, said Tanaka.

Dozens of North Korean fishing vessels wash up on Japan’s coast every year, but last month Japanese coast guard ships registered 28 cases, the highest monthly number since records began in 2014.

Experts say some North Korean fishermen are travelling far out to sea in order to satisfy government mandates for bigger catches.

But their old and poorly equipped vessels are prone to mechanical and other problems, including running out of fuel, and there are few ways for them to call for rescue.

Some experts have warned that once they are deported, they may be executed as the North Korean authorities fear they must have been turned into Japanese spies.

“We decline to comment if they wish to go home or not,” Shin Harada, another immigration official, told AFP.

“I’ve never heard about executions,” he said. (source)

As the story indicates, there are details here that have been left out and many questions that have yet to be answered, and probably will not be able to be answered. What this story does is to illustrate a concept of the absolute lack of respect for human life that has become and is becoming more common worldwide.

Every nation in the world has a right to reasonably expect people to follow the laws and customs of their society in so far as they are moral and just. One does not have to like a law or laws, but provided the law is not immoral, one should be expected to follow it as it is a part of the way the society functions in a harmonious way. For example, the law in the United States says that cars drive on the right side of the road, and since there is nothing immoral about this, one must drive on the right side of the road regardless of whether one wants to or not.

Nations also have a reasonable expectation that people respect the borders and boundaries of a nation. If you think of a nation as a house, then barring a moral and just reason, you certainly would not want people walking through your yard that you did not know about, and likewise, you would certainly and rightly so be angry at a person who then told you that you had no right to tell him what to do on your own property. Likewise, nations also have a right to tell people who can or cannot come in so far as it is a moral and a just reason.

At the same time, nations also have a moral responsibility to help people who are in need of legitimate help. So long as the claim is legitimate and the men asking for help are willing to do their part with what they can in bettering their situation, a government cannot simply use the excuse of “laws” and “borders” to allow people to suffer and die because they do not want to help them, because all men are made in the image and likeness of God. This significantly differs from people who are either unwilling to help themselves as they can or do not desire to better themselves, in which case they cannot be helped not out of cruelty, but due to the fact that it is not the responsibility of another to compensate for the laziness, apathy, or malice of another.

The idea of giving charity to help “migrant” peoples has been poisoned over the last several years with the ongoing “migrant crisis” in Europe as well as the “illegal immigration” debacle in the USA. The problem with both of these issues, while they bring up many good points, are poor examples because they are both manipulated problems that are being used as social and political footballs in a game of geopolitics where the players don’t care about anybody at all.


This is especially poignant in the case of Europe, the “migrant crisis” is a very serious issue, as at least a million people have been trafficked into Europe from the Middle East and Africa with the complicit assistance of NGOs, charities, and other companies acting on direct command from and being funded by the governments of Europe themselves. These governments have intentionally not just abetted their passage, but actively trafficked by sourcing and then paying for their transport from Africa and the Middle East into Europe. They have deliberately worsened the problem by not just bringing in large numbers of people, but refusing to discriminate between potential threats to the societies (such as allowing in persons with violent tendencies or criminal records, persons with deadly, incurable, and sometimes unknown illnesses) and then giving all of the persons brought in unlimited amounts of social welfare and benefits as to directly encourage idleness and by default, the spread of crime, which the governments intentionally refuse to prosecute. As we at Shoebat.com have mentioned, all of this is NOT an accident- it is being done intentionally so to leverage a massive anti-immigrant backlash in order to then leverage the European people into supporting pagan ethnonationalism as the answer.

What both many of the members of the European governments and many of the “migrants” that have been brought over to Europe are doing is mutually wrong. It is as wrong to give charity with the purpose of hurting the one receiving the charity as much as it is wrong to solicit or receive charity with the purpose of hurting the one giving the charity. Both the European people and the “migrant” peoples need to be respected in the context of morality, which is gravely lacking on both sides.

It is true that many of the people trafficked into Europe should return to their own nations, as for many it is not only the moral choice since they came not as true refugees, but seeking economic gain and have lied profusely to acquire said gain while at the same time creating social and power vacuums in their native lands that have been even more destructive as those societies have been drained of the most vital resource they possess, which is their people. Likewise, the Europeans also need to help them return home because they were the ones who created the conditions in their own lands to cause a migration crisis, and then immorally trafficked these people into Europe and encouraged them to engage in deceptive practices for the purpose of fomenting ethnonationalism, and if the pattern continues will later likely engage in the mass murder of these same people at the hands of ethnonationalists.

In the case of true refugees who are fleeing persecution in their lands that have come, they need to stay in Europe because they are real refugees. As we have noted, many of such persons have become Christians, and there have been so many conversions that many once-empty European churches of all denominations are now overflowing with Christians and Christian converts from Africa and the Middle East to such a point it is overwhelming the local priests and bishops. However, the European governments have been persecuting these people, either by taking steps to deport them or placing them into dangerous living situations and then refusing to help them because, as mentioned, the purpose of bringing in the “refugees” has nothing to do with people, but the revival of pagan ethnonationalism using people as disposable tools.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to the problems today, and anybody who is proposing such a solution is either a fool or has evil intentions because the nature of the problem is like a stained-glass window, made of multiple and different parts that form a complete picture. In all cases, the good of both people must be looked after- European and ‘migrant’, which is the position of the Catholic Faith. Mass murder, paganism, or any other calls for the open destruction of human life is only going to worsen an already tenuous situation.

Japan is not experiencing the same situation that Europe is going through right now in terms of “migration,” but the same ethnonationalist philosophy that is rising in Europe is also rising in Japan. However, whereas Europe in spite of its secularism and attempts to divorce itself from its Christian past, it cannot do so entirely without wholly destroying itself. Japan does not have this obstacle since Japan never accepted Christianity, having always on some level being openly hostile to it. Japan has always been ethnonationalist, and so the transition from peace to war in the name of the same ethnonationalism has historically been far easier for them. It is one of the reasons why so many “nationalist” in Europe and America have a seemingly obsessive admiration of the Japanese and all things Japan, for they are a nation where ethnonationalism is as much a part of their national constitution as Christianity once was for the European people.

Again, the details about the story are lacking, but the concept that Japan would sent a series of North Korean fishermen who are likely poor, starving, and under duress on pain of torture and death back to their nation to be subject to such torture and death is absolutely inhuman, especially as Japan knows this. However, Japan has no problem doing this because the nation has no respect for human life outside of those of its own people, because they believe that humanity comes from one’s race, and that as such there are groups of people who are intrinsically inferior and therefore since they are not human, they can be abused like an animal.

There are many people, including those at the Daily Stormer, who have lauded this decision of Japan, saying that they are “looking out for their interests,’ and certainly one could make that argument. However, one cannot seek real or perceived personal gain through subjecting another to intentional and utterly destructive consequences. To take such an outlook on life is the essential message of novelist Charles Dickens’ book A Christmas Carol, where the banker Ebenezer Scrooge, as his sin was not earning money and being successful, but by getting his success through destroying other men’s lives and then divorcing himself from any consequences of his actions.

This particular sin is what the Bible speaks of as the ‘deprivation of the widow and the orphan,’ in that in the name of gain or power the vulnerable are used, destroyed, and then any responsibility for what has happened to them is cast off. The Bible says it cries out to Heaven for vengeance- just like with the sins of willful murder and homosexuality.

It is very easy for many today to call for “extreme” solutions, and there is a point to be made in that times of extreme difficulty call for “extreme” solutions. However, a solution that denies or threatens to deny the human dignity of another man is never a solution. What is needed, and is considered extreme today, is a fundamental return to the Catholic Faith equally in word and practice, balancing mercy and justice in a society that has both forgotten how to love either its neighbor or itself and yet seeks the death of its ‘enemies’ while trying to carry out its own suicide.