Turkish President Erdogan Now Demanding That NBA Basketball Player Be Extradited To Turkey To Face Trial For ‘Insulting Remarks Against The President On Twitter’

Turkish President Erdogan, known for his excessive and heavy demands, lavish lifestyle, support of Islamic terrorists, who desires to return Turkey to her Ottoman past, is now demanded that an NBA basketball player be extradited to the USA:

Turkey’s state-run news agency says prosecutors are seeking more than four years in prison for NBA player Enes Kanter on charges of insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Anadolu Agency says an indictment prepared by the Istanbul chief prosecutor’s office accuses the New York Knicks player of insulting the president in a series of tweets he posted in May and June 2016.

Kanter, who is in the United States, would be tried in absentia.

The player is a vocal supporter of Fethullah Gulen, the U.S.-based cleric blamed by Turkey for last year’s failed military coup.

Kanter was detained in Romania on May 20 because his Turkish passport was canceled. He said he was able to return to the United States after American officials intervened. (source)

Turkish President Erdogan is like a combination of a policeman and a magician. For those he cannot arrest, he makes them disappear and nobody can find out what happened to them.

In all seriousness, President Erdogan and specifically, the business and financial interests that control him need to be watched closely as it is part of Turkey’s plan to revive the Ottoman empire. As ridiculous and necessary it is that Erdogan be mocked for his insanity, it is because of the serious threat that he is in this regard and how he has consistently shown himself to be ready to arrest, torture, and murder anybody he would feel might stand in opposition to the realization of his Ottoman Dream.

Ever since the false-flag revolution of 2016, in which President Erdogan falsely claimed there was a revolution taking place in Turkey in order for him to purge his political enemies and consolidate his power, Erdogan has felt emboldened to demand of other nations that they send him people he feels have ‘insulted him’- something which he has made a crime in Turkey- to face a kangaroo court trial in his nation. Under normal circumstances this would not be a big deal, since while Turkey is powerful it is not nearly as powerful or as influential as say, Russia or the USA. The danger is to be found in the entanglement of alliances that Thomas Jefferson warned about centuries earlier, about America becoming trapped in an entanglement of alliances.

These alliances never disappeared, and owing to the fact that having abandoned the Church there was no objectively neutral party to attempt to serve as a buffer or unifier between the nations, the problem became compounded through increasingly serious wars, culminating in World Wars I and II. While they were better managed after the Second World War, the alliances still never disappeared, and those which had passed away were revived by nothing less than the direct action of the United States and for the same purposes which they grew up centuries ago to begin with, which is for the pursuit of money and power at all costs.

This is evidenced by the very end of World War II itself, for as the allied and axis powers were fighting and slaughtering each other, the business and financial interests on both sides, who often times backed each other, were sitting down and carving out plans for how to continue their operations after the war, as it was already understood that Germany was going to lose. The result of the plans was that having ceded Eastern Europe to the Soviet communists, who were going to destroy it as they had already destroyed their own nations, they needed to create a “hedge” to keep the Russians from overrunning the entire continent. Since the Russians were communists- International Socialists- and given how all of Europe was already overtaken by the influence of socialism anyways, even before World War I and II, that the best way to oppose the International Socialists was to promote a Nationalized version of socialism.

So while the Americans, British, and French were fighting against the Germans and Italians and people on all sides were losing their lives, families were being destroyed, and the entire culture was collapsing, it was already agreed -before the War had even ended that the very National Socialism that Hitler and his allies brought to world fame and was so condemned by the American press, for which so many millions of people died fighting against, was going to be promoted as official policy of the government. The very enemies so fought against during the war would instantly become US allies as soon as the war was ended, and they would be given weapons, military training, and told to continue fighting as they did before, albeit under a different pretext.

Those soldiers were sent to their deaths and dismemberments for no reason.

The program was called Operation Gladio, and it has continued to be in operation since then. It is something we have been writing about here for a while.

While there are many aspects to the operation, one of those was, clearly that America would immerse herself in an entanglement of alliances of and between the various European powers as well as those of the third world in a power play against the Soviet Union. After America, the largest players in this operation were Germany and Turkey, two historical allies with major roles in the Second World War. Germany dominated over sectors that concerned industrial development with a major military base, and Turkey, owing to the massive rearmament by American and German weapons makers in order to place a “restraint” on the Soviet Union as she is Russia’s historical enemy, emerged as the second largest military power with a major industrial base. Turkey and Germany, representing the military and industrial complexes that President Eisenhower warned about, were revived again.

While there is much else that happened with this entire operation, one of the many results of it was that Germany and Turkey were set up again to ally with each other and to attempt to realize dreams of Empire, with the Germans having control over Europe and the Turks over the Middle East, reminiscent of their mutual historical empires of the old world. Into this was added the ideas of eugenics, race theory, and historical animosity against their neighbors that created all of the additional conditions for the rise of a new war- a war which America understood would happen as she played a direct role in facilitating this revival.

This is why Turkey is such a threat today, because her rise did not come just from her own prowess, although she still would have tried to rise again even if nobody attempted to help her. Turkey was armed, trained, and rebuilt with major American help, and while the two nations have their mutual disagreements, they are closely allied to each other as are their mutual interests. What Turkey wants Turkey can likely or most likely get from America.

This is why the feigned coup attempt that Erdogan engineered and blamed on Fethi Gulen is so important, because Erdogan is using it to attempt to force America, who is closely tied to him, to do something even if it means violating her own laws. Erdogan ultimately does not care about the USA, but he knows as all nations do that the USA will back anybody and do anything for anybody if it means an increase of power. He also knows that the USA is the most powerful nation in the world, and that American actions, be they good or bad, set cultural and legal precidents for other nations to follow.

Erdogan is attempting to use the situation to force a repatriation of Fethi Gulen not so much so that he can prosecute and execute him (although both will surely happen), but because if he is able to make America “bend” to his will, even if it means she violate her own laws, it means he can make smaller nations do the same.

The Gulen case is ongoing, and Turkey has continued to harass the US Government over the case. Turkey is so intent on taking Gulen the have even began harassing the judge who is overseeing the case and have filed formal complains with the US Government over him:

President Tayyip Erdogan’s spokesman said on Wednesday the U.S. judge hearing the trial of an executive at Turkey’s state-owned Halkbank had taken part in events organized by a cleric Ankara blames for last year’s failed military coup.

“The issue has gone beyond a legal case, it has become a political case,” spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said in reference to the New York trial of a deputy general manager at the bank, who is charged with helping Iran evade U.S. sanctions.

The executive has pleaded not guilty and Halkbank says it has abided by Turkish and international law.

Erdogan’s government has portrayed the case as a “plot against Turkey” by the network of U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, who it alleges engineered last year’s coup attempt.

“It is known that the judge has participated in events upon Gulen’s invitation,” Kalin told a news conference, without giving details. Turkish newspapers have said Judge Richard Berman attended a legal symposium in Istanbul in 2014 organized by Gulen supporters.

Berman could not be reached for comment. At the first hearing in the case he said he was one of five U.S. legal experts who spoke at the symposium and moderated a panel discussion on independent and effective judiciary.

In response to previous criticism from Turkey, the United States has said its judicial processes are independent.

Already strained ties between NATO allies Ankara and Washington have deteriorated further over the court case, in which Turkish-Iranian gold trader Reza Zarrab, who is cooperating with U.S. prosecutors, has detailed a scheme to evade U.S. sanctions.

Zarrab has implicated top Turkish politicians, including Erdogan. Zarrab said on Thursday that when Erdogan was prime minister he had authorized a transaction to help Iran evade U.S. sanctions.

Although he has not yet responded to the courtroom claims, Erdogan has dismissed the case as a politically motivated attempt, led by Gulen, to bring down the Turkish government.

“We will continue watching it within the framework of the law, but the public is seeing how this is trying to be used as an instrument of blackmail,” Kalin said.

“We have not done anything in violation of international laws, we carried out our activities transparently,” Kalin said.

Turkey has repeatedly requested Gulen’s extradition, but U.S. officials have said the courts require sufficient evidence before they can extradite the elderly cleric, who has denied any involvement in the coup.

Gulen has lived in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania since 1999. (source)

If the government of another nation is going to openly harass a small-time judge over a case such as this, what ends will Turkey not go to in order to get what she wants?

This Gulen case is far from over, because the legal implications it has are of tremendous importance for Turkey, the USA, and the world. Erdogan is not going to back down and instead, knowing the tempermental nature of American, is going to persist because he expects the USA will eventually back down in the name of “building good relations” with Turkey and will give him what he wants. If he does not get what he wants, it is entirely possible that Erdogan may attempt to harass US interests in other ways, and if that happens, WATCH OUT because as American policy has clearly shown throughout our history, is that principle will be preached but when there is a serious issue, Americans will consistently sell out for money.

Since the ‘coup’, Erdogan has asked at least 22 countries all over the world to extradite people to Turkey to face trial at Erdogan’s demand. While most are Turkish nationals living there on visas, many are naturalized citizens or in some cases are not even citizens of Turkey at all. Erdogan’s arrogance is difficult to comprehend for many, that he could go around the world and demand that other nations bow to his will, but that is the issue- he believes genuinely that he can and should be able to make such demands, and he knows that if the USA submits to his request for Gulen, he will have established a precedent by which his illegal actions would be given social legitimacy.

If Erdogan does have his way, what is to stop him from demanding that an American citizen be extradited to Turkey- and I do not speak of a political activist at all here- on the basis that Erdogan is ‘upset’ because he thinks that somebody said or did something at some point that he did not like? Would the US government then in such a case, having established a legal precident, then extradite one of her own people to a tyrant such as Erdogan?

Do not say that such a situation could not happen, or that the idea itself is impossible, for where there is money to be made and power to be had, many will quickly abandon principle for gain. The lessons of history are replete with such examples of treachery. If God Himself would face betrayal and be given up to torture and death for a bag of 30 shekels, what is to say that anybody else would be spared? Now add to that money, power, and the intentional support of these goals for decades, and one immediately sees how potentially troublesome this entire situation could become.

Erdogan does not care about this basketball player at all, he only cares about his power and gain as evidenced by the principle of his actions, which is to test the resilience of other nations in their legal convictions against his illegal actions. Likewise, pay attention to the actions of Erdogan as well as but also take a stand against it using a weapon that Americans are practically the masters of- ridicule. If anybody is deserving of it, it is Erdogan, because the only fool will be those who do not believe that Turkey, having been a nation build by the Americans for their purposes, would not be given whatever they want if it means the continued stability and growth of American interests.