Mayor de Blasio Orders The Words “Black Lives Matter” Painted Throughout New York City

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, as part of an effort to show ‘solidarity’ with Black Lives Matter, is having the words “black lives matter” painted in major streets throughout New York City as CBS News reports.

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday that New York City will paint “Black Lives Matter” on prominent streets in all five boroughs.

The message will be painted first on a street near City Hall, and then other locations in other boroughs in the days to come, the mayor said.

“A proposal put on the table was to name streets in each borough and to paint the words on the streets of this city. In each borough, at a crucial location,” de Blasio said. “What will be clear in the street name and on the streets of our city is that message that now our city must fully, fully, deeply feel – and this nation must as well – that Black Lives Matter.”

The move comes after the mayor of Washington D.C. had “Black Lives Matter” painted on a street in huge letters near the White House. (source)

It is good to show a desire to help people who have genuine complaints about real issues. However, this is not the case. “Black Lives Matter” is a very questionable group, and aside from the many questions surrounding the “death” of George Floyd and how the group suddenly appears in Europe and in places like Poland, the group has been allowed and encouraged to commit acts of violence in the public sphere.

How is giving free advertising to a group screaming anti-Japhetic racism and commiting violence going to do anything other than encourage racism?

For all of the talk about “equality”, it is a master “strategy of tension” to promote BLM, for the group has done more to encourage the worst racialist tendencies of people than anything that other openly racist groups could have ever done.

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