Video Shows Black Mob Horrifically Beating White Man In Maryland

By Theodore Shoebat

A video shows a mob, consisting mainly of black males, attacking a white male horrifically in Maryland. The video is being presented by media outlets as just a brawl or a fight, but the reality is that this was a horrific attack by a mob of very evil people:

The area of Maryland that this took place in was Ocean City. The Police Chief of Ocean City, Ross Buzzuro said today: “In recent weeks, Ocean City has seen unprecedented violence and unruly behavior in our town…We are moving in the right direction. We have significantly increased our presence and made nearly 130 arrests over the weekend. These individuals will be charged for the serious crimes that they have committed. I want to assure our residents and visitors of the capabilities and commitment of the OCPD. We will remain vigilant and proactive in continuing to protect our town.”

A report from Fox Baltimore stated that police presence in Ocean City by 25%:

 Ocean City police say they made 129 arrests between Thursday and Sunday this past week.

The police department has also stepped up its presence by 25 percent, in response ton recent violence, according to a news release today.

Crime has increased with “unprecedented violence” (to quote the police chief) in the midst of extremely racially tense times in which anger against whites and police officers is raging. This is not coincidental.