COVID-19 Hospitalizations Explode By 11% In Texas In A SINGLE Day

Texas was one of the first and most vocal states to insist up on a “reopening” as it concerns the economic and social disruptions caused by COVID-19. However, this has come at the cost of increased infections and a climbing death and hospitalization rates which have not ceased in spite of efforts otherwise. In light of this, CNBC reports that COVID-19 hospitalizations have continued to explode, including an 11% increase in a single day.

The number of people sickened with Covid-19 across Texas’ hospitals hit a new high Wednesday, surging about 11% in a single day.

There are 2,793 patients hospitalized with a coronavirus infection in the state, up from 2,518 patients reported Tuesday, according to updated data from the Texas Department of State Health Services. The total Wednesday marks the eighth new high in the state in less than two weeks. Texas coronavirus hospitalizations are now up more than 84% since Memorial Day as the state continues to reopen.

Coronavirus hospitalizations, like new cases and deaths, are considered a key measure of the outbreak because it helps scientists gauge how severe it may be. In recent weeks, some state and federal leaders have downplayed a recent rise in cases and hospitalizations across the U.S., tying it to an increase in testing.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, Gov. Greg Abbott defended Texas’ reopening plan by pointing to the total available hospital beds and the ability to create surge capacity if necessary.

There were 13,815 total beds available as of Wednesday and 1,473 total intensive care unit beds available for critically ill patients, down from 14,993 total beds and 1,675 ICU beds Tuesday, according to state data. (source)

Please follow the safety protocols. It is not worth getting sick over something that could have been easily avoided.

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