New Reports From Lebanon Question Official Story On Lebanon Explosion, And Observe That It Was Not Caused By Just Chemicals But By An Ignited Explosive

By Theodore Shoebat

The official narrative of the Lebanon explosion, whose blast resounded throughout the air (literally and figuratively), is now being questioned by analysts and experts in Lebanon. For example, journalist Mounir Al-Rabi made an observation that the explosion does not appear to be an accident, but the result of explosives:

“the size of the explosion, its breadth, and the storm it caused on all of Beirut, does not suggest that there is a technical defect or that only fireworks have exploded. … [A]ccording to the data, there is a type of explosives or weapons, which resulted in such a huge explosion, as a result of a specific targeting or a specific ignition.”

Military and strategic expert, Elias Farhat, said that the magnitude of the explosion and the shape of the cloud that formed from it, which resemble mushrooms, in addition to the pink color that filled the site, indicates that the explosion “came as a result of a very large packaging that contains chemicals.”

With regard to the reports that talked about the presence of “TNT” explosives at the site of the explosion, the military and strategic expert said: “The import of explosives in Lebanon is subject to the approval of the Ministry of Defense,” noting that the gunpowder and dynamite factories that import such a substance are already in Lebanon, but Under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense.

He explained that if there is a warehouse for such material, it must be in the Ministry of Defense, and the Customs Administration will be aware of its presence in that region. Farhat noted that the white cloud resembling the mushroom left behind by the explosion means the presence of a large amount of explosives, which exploded at one time.

A strange color The pink color, according to Farhat, is “strange” in this explosion. He added: “All the previous explosions in Lebanon resulted in black or white smoke. As for the pink color, it definitely means that there were chemicals that exploded, as if there were 10 tons of NT, for example.”

The director of the Mashreq Institute for Strategic Affairs, Sami Nader, told Sky News Arabia described the explosion that we saw was “unparalleled”.

He added: “I witnessed many explosions … I have never seen such an explosion in my life … This is something completely new for Lebanon.”

Nader questioned the preliminary statements of officials that indicated that the explosion was caused by a container containing chemicals.