The Verdict Is Correct: Garcia Zarate Is Not Guilty Of First Degree Murder In The Case Of Kate Steinle

By Theodore Shoebat

The verdict for the case of Kate Steinle is correct: Garcia Zarate did not commit first degree murder. The prosecution probably could have had more success if it focused on getting a charge of involuntary manslaughter, but not first degree murder for which there is not sufficient evidence. Why are they isolating this story? I believe its because they want to further normalize eugenics. Here are my thoughts:

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  • FlyingDutchman

    Well the difference between 1st degree murder and a slap on the wrist is pathetic. Involuntary manslaughter should ve been the verdict of any sane jury

  • magaforever

    Yep should have been involuntary manslaughter..failure from the jurors if they found him not guilty of it

  • magaforever

    You should not even compare the treyvon martin and Kate Steinle cases Kate was an innocent woman walking down a pier with her father and was killed by an instable third world savage who should do 15 to 20 years in prison at least..treybon was a pos wannabe thug that though he could murder some “cracka” as he called zimmerman the half peruvian man following him because his neighborhood had recent breakins and he wanted to make sure little gangsta boy wannabe wasnt going to rob someone..the cases are not even remotely related or comparable

    • Elias

      All I see in your comments is hatred
      where is (that precious thing) that identifies a real Christian?

      I’m talking about John 13:35 By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

      • filomena seiffert

        Mega has the brain of a pea and murderous heart.

      • magaforever

        All i see in your comments are bs and slander…it is not hate to differentiate between a pos gangsta wannabe who tried to murder a man and got rightly killed himself to a innocent woman who was killed by an illegal criminal regardless of his intent is hateful of you to compare the two..hateful amd deceitful

  • Matt

    You’re spot on regarding this growing eugenics movement. We know the Luciferian elitists pushing this agenda are obsessed with population control and culling the masses.

    Contraceptives are a form of eugenics. This agenda has been around for a long, long time now, but it’s definitely continuing to get worse with euthanasia being legalised around the world, an emphasis on aborting those with disabilities, and all this propaganda about race and IQ, etc.

    When it comes to sanctuary cities, and conflicting state and federal laws, I’ll reserve judgement I’m not an American.

    Catholics are obliged to obey both state and divine law, insofar as state law doesn’t impose a rejection of divine law.

    Immigration is a nuanced area. It’s not simply black and white issue (not referring to ethnicity here). Nations have a divine right to borders and border laws. States have rights too. Attitudes toward immigration have always altered from generation to generation even during Biblical times. All I know based on Church teaching is that assimilation is the only wise policy when it comes to managing immigration laws and naturalising permanent immigrants into a new nation/culture long term.

    What I will say is that this conflict is dangerous and could heat up very quickly. I listened to Savage Nation yesterday, and Savage was irate about this court ruling and is literally calling for Trump to put every sanctuary city under martial law through the US federal government and military.

    The further we fall away from Christendom the more dangerous and unstable it’s getting all around the world. When it comes to eugenics the people I fear for most are the young and the elderly i.e. the most helpless and vulnerable in our society.

    This “bleeding heart liberal” agenda that’s dominated the West for generations now, has been used to harden hearts in reality. It’s broken up the family unit. It’s given us “sexual liberation.” It’s ruined our economies in terms of debt. It’s destroyed our justice system e.g. pedophiles get a few years in prison (if that) and then they are back on our streets again to prey upon minors.

    Those of able body and mind are at risk too of course. If the social engineers are successful at inflaming a civil war in the US eventually, all bets are off. It’ll also leave the US vulnerable against outside threats.

    • CTyank

      Matt, I appreciate your comments here and elsewhere. I also listened to that Savage program you mention and was disappointed to see Michael get swept up in the emotional reaction to the verdict. We were led down the path by conservative media in this case to be “shocked” by this decision. Just like liberal press leads their audience to be outraged by selected events.

      Anyway, I usually agree with your analysis.

      • David W

        I listen to the Savage Nation, and I did note that he is supporting gun control more and more too!

        • ChristianAmericanCrusader

          That’s very surprising to me that he is supporting “gun control”now. I’ve listened to him for 7 consecutive years(2004-11) and he was always vehemently against it ever since he started his radio program way back in Mar ‘94. Haven’t listened to him since, but if it is indeed true that he is now supporting “gun control” then he has certainly changed.

        • CTyank

          Yeah I like him, but his emotions rule him it seems. You just can’t be a follower of any man but the Son of Man.

      • Matt

        CTyank, thanks for the complement. I do enjoy and appreciate the camaraderie we have here.

        Savage wasn’t entirely wrong in his analysis on this nor was Ted entirely right (in my view).

        I do strongly disagree with Savage at times and in ways (same as I do with the Shoebat’s). The reason I’ll take the time to listen to Savage (on occasion) and the Shoebat’s take on things, is because they seem to be genuine independent voices, voices who offer a unique and authentic analysis on social issues that impact us all.

        Interestingly, both these parties can let their emotions get the best of them at times too. Don’t we all? It’s called being human 😀

        If only Savage was a Catholic… He’d be a GENIUS if he was! 😀

        Savage’s weak spots directly relate to his ignorance regarding the nature of God and man, weaknesses that only Christ through the Catholic Faith can fully shine a light upon e.g. our sexual nature, male and female, is complementary and purely ordered toward marriage (being unitive) and family (being procreative), no exceptions (and no artificial birth control).

        For instance, I once heard Savage (on a youtube clip, I wasn’t listening to his whole show at the time), irately shout down an Orthodox Jewish man for being pro-death penalty for sodomites. Savage has religiously brought into the ‘liberal’ conservative position on this issue i.e. it’s none of my business what sodomites do in the bedroom and they have a God given RIGHT to do it.

        This is a major blind spot. I hope and suspect Savage has already softened on this prior position (and don’t know what date this shout down was recorded). Having listened to his broadcast recently, he sees the damage sexual liberation has done and is doing in our society (including his own city, San Francisco), and hopefully he is moving closer to the Truth on this matter as a result i.e. sodomy is an abomination and worthy of death, full stop.

        I have heard him clearly state, in his own words, that we are living in a sex obsessed society and it’s killing us.

  • Raph Sebastian

    First of all the very nature of the trial was political. The jury was definitely pro-sanctuary. San Francisco is no longer safe where crime is concerned. The skewed politics that has infected the laws of the land will have such grave consequences. The prosecution as well as the defence were both liberals the trial was set up for this verdict from the get go. Below Sarah Huckabee Sanders says it well.

    • ChristianAmericanCrusader

      Very true, Ralph. The fact is that the nature of that trail was indeed highly political. All of your points are totally spot on.

  • Rjk

    They let that Vega bond criminal go just to spite Trump and nothing else. It’s purely political and nothing else.

  • Taurnil Oronar

    I think you are probably right given the um, erm evidence or lack. Cause you know, can’t tell you how many times on a walk about I have found a gun just laying there begging me to pick it up. You know how those inanimate objects are pros at the Jedi mind tricks.

    • 1Bobby8

      Exactly, anybody who believes that, only believe it because they want to…They picked a jury of his peers, illegal aliens and dummys.

  • CTyank

    Reasoned analysis of yet another of the troubling stories that assault our souls in the daily news of our time.

  • susan

    I especially enjoyed the artwork with the beautiful music at the end. And the planned parenthood info and the scriptures. God knows us pretty well after all, doesn’t He? 🙂

    Do you think it would be possible to do an article one day on the return of Jesus? I’ve gotten so many different opinions and viewpoints from even some Priests who don’t agree. Thank you.

  • Methusalem

    Jorge Mario Bergoglio, aka Pope Francisco was travelling there last week, were he able to mention the persecution of Christians in India and Bangladesh? He seemed to worry more about the fate of Bengali Muslim invaders in Myanmar than ‘his’ sons and daughters in Christ.

  • 1Bobby8

    Amen. Most of us who object to the verdict, are not those who are in favor of “eugenics” as Theodore suggested, but want justice to be done…Those who are in favor of ‘sanctuary cities,’ unless they live in a house with no locks on the doors, are being hypocritical.

    • ChristianAmericanCrusader

      Indeed, Bobby.

  • David W

    There was a similar type of issue with the Treyvon Martin homicide case in FL, where the liberal prosecutor stubbornly refused to try Zimmerman on any other charge but 2nd degree murder. Some folks suggested that the prosecutor could have tried him on voluntary (or involuntary?) manslaughter and won a conviction. Any lawyers on this forum? If a California resident shot an MS13 gang member on his lawn, he would be tried and convicted. And FYI there is a case in NY involving a veteran who shot a home invader at 2 am and was TRIED FOR SEND DEGREE MURDER!! The man had stalked his wife, and kicked in the front door. It took 4 shots to stop the thug. So yes, we do care about Kate and her family! And I am anti-abortion, anti-euthenasia, anti-Nazi.

  • CTyank

    “Better to be judged by twelve than to be carried by six”. The state couldn’t convince 12 that he was guilty by the evidence they had. I figured they at least could prove manslaughter. But the verdict stands. Suck it up. We on the outside don’t have all the facts. You are not judge and jury and neither am I nor is Michael Savage. Don’t let the media wrap your soul around their little finger. Think for yourself. Blow your nose and dry your eyes.

    • magaforever

      If they can let this admitted killer walk on this family’s hearts they can do it to yours and mine

    • magaforever

      Although i would take action of my own if the system failed ..NO DELIBERATELY IGNORED justice if my family was murdered