What They Don’t Tell You About History: The Gas That Was Used To Slaughter Hundreds Of Thousands Of American And Allied Troops In World War One, Was Invented By A German Jew Loyal To German Supremacy. This Very Gas Was Later Used To Exterminate Jews In The Holocaust

By Theodore Shoebat

Here is something you don’t hear a lot in regards to the killing gas used by the Germans in World War One to kill hundreds of thousands of American, British, Russian and French troops: it was invented by a German Jewish scientist by the name of Fritz Haber. This gas would be used in the gas chambers in the Holocaust. This is the subject of my most recent video:

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  • Higlac

    Dear Mr. Theodore Shoebat:

    Please forgive this intrusion of mine, especially in regards to language and pronunciation – and in this particular case foreign names. However, the amount of IGNORANCE so many, many people display for various Central and East European names is so absolutely APPALLING to me as to incline me to hope that you (and others on this Website too) will find the following points on Magyar (Hungarian) to be profitable. They’re not all-encompassing; furthermore, they but scratch the surface (and I’m no scholar who speaks all the European languages BY A LONG SHOT!!!). However, if they help, to God’s Glory it all be!!!!

    Regarding the name “Szell”: that’s a Hungarian (Magyar) name, which means that the following conventions apply:
    ‘s’ (by itself) = sh as in “shore”
    ‘sz’ = s as in “salt”
    ‘zs’ = zh as in “pleasure”
    ‘z’ = z (unaccented) as in “zing”
    ‘cz’ = dz as in “adze”
    ‘cs’ = ch as in “church”
    ‘gy’ = soft ‘g’ as in “George”.

    [While we’re at it, “y” is used as a softener of the preceding consonant (resulting in a “sibilant” sound), not unlike the ь symbol in Russian.]

    Ergo, “Szell” can be pronounced like the English word “sell” (as in selling something). [IF it were a German name, it could be pronounced as “‘s’ + ‘ts’ + ell.”]

    To keep this post short, let this deal only with that one language. I can post other such guides for other tongues as people ask me to do so. Thank you very much.

  • AflowerofStTherese

    Unbelievable! It’s amazing how the average person can easily become a psychopath which is what I am observing right now.

  • filomena seiffert

    Higlac, you are a scholar of high caliber and I love to read your posts.May God bless you ever more.

  • Matt

    When we study the history of evil it is going to be crazy, because evil is ‘irrational’ and ‘disordered.’ It’s ruled by the passions rather than reason.

    Man is a rational creature with an immortal soul. We cannot escape that. What we can do is inflame the passions in order to compromise our reason and offer an ideology that justifies us in these disordered passions. I see it all the time.

    For example, I was corresponding with a female not so long ago who repeatedly slandered me, and when I called her out on it she continued to rationalise her slander as being fine. I heard excuses like “I’m a woman.” “This is my personality.” “womans intuition” etc, etc. What I never once heard was a genuine apology e.g. sorry for falsely calling you a racist Nazi (when you are neither) simply because we have different political views. That’s one of many slanderous accusations I could cite in this example (from someone who considers herself a practicing Catholic).

    The Bible does clearly say the Last Days will be like this.

    That’s why we are religiously indoctrinated on mass with stupid theories like Darwinism and secular feminism, and certain themes in entertainment media such as fornication is normal. Each serves the other: one inflame the passions, two compromise one’s reasoning faculties. When a persons passions have been inflamed they are ‘seeking’ a seemingly logical excuse (as illogical as it might be) in order to justify their chosen course of action. In Hitler’s case, it was race. In this other persons case, it was “I’m a woman therefore I’m perfect.”

    I found your analysis interesting yet in no way surprising. As much as things change they stay the same. You hit the nail on the head when you said the Nazis allied with anyone who conformed to their evil ideology, and that included Jews.

    Politics is no different today. Elitists use racialism as an excuse to mask idealogical differences/evils. The right isn’t perfect by any means but the left is the worst for this, and let’s call Hitler what he was, left, (being a socialist).

    Would the Ottomans have committed genocide on the Armenians if they were Muslim? No. The root issue was idealogical rather than racial in that case too.

    Hitler is used as the scapegoat today when he was merely one man. The history of Germany’s evils in WWI and WWII were made possible by the compliance of the German people (as a collective).

    In saying that, the fall of Christendom has brought about many atrocities that are in no way limited to your pet hates, Germany, Japan and the Turks. Warfare has changed. The principles of just war doctrine are continuing to fade into the night as the hearts of men continue to grow colder.

    I’m horrified by some of the US’ war crimes, whether in the second Iraq war or even nuking civilian cities in Japan, and I assume my nation supported America in these evils. When America says jump, our leaders simply say “how hight?” 😀

    That’s not to pick on America (or my country). Every continent in the world has seen horrific evils occur this past century, like Mao in China.

    Military nuclear technology in and of itself is horrifying. And now we’re adding military robots to that. Great. (Sarcasm).

  • susan

    I suppose he didn’t bother reading about the ovens that burned continuously.