Screaming “Fake News!” For Anything Is Dumbing Down Intellectual And Political Discourse

By Theodore Shoebat

The term “fake news” is being used as way to reduce and downplay serious political discourse. Don’t like an actual presentation of information? Just scream “fake news!” and you write off whatever you don’t like. This dumbing down of political discourse is the subject of my latest video:

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  • magaforever

    FAKE NEWS!!!

    • royal

      It been a long time Since I posted on your site a couple of years at least well I’m back so buckle your seatbelt

      • RodK1975

        Hey Ms Royal, haven’t seen you in a long long time… I hope you are doing well… 🙂 Happy New Year!

    • jmaggief

      Hahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh, magaforever! I also disagree with some of the things Theodore says. Here is one of some things he said in this video that I disagree with. . He said he respects his audience but then he proceeds to use expletives. I am sorry, Theodore, but I don’t feel respected when I listen to you speak with expletives. Theodore said not all news is true. Well by saying that he just waved the banner for FAKE NEWS! President Trump said when the news lies about him he will stand up for himself by telling the truth. And here is one thing I love about Theodore is he stands up for the one true Church and he is a warrior fighter against homosexuality which is a horrible abomination and a sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance. Theodore, I listened to a CD called Abba or Allah from the Augustine Institute. Speaker is Scott Hahn and he said that Robert Spencer is a good friend of his and Spencer gives a talk on Islam at the end of the CD. Also it says that Robert Spencer is a Catholic( not the Latin Rite) and that Rite is in communion with Rome. And he has written several books and I’m reading one on Islam- questions for Catholics(not sure of the exact title) and Father Mitch Pacwa does the foreword and praises Spencer. I’m wondering how can Spencer be a Nazi if Dr. Scott Hahn says they are good friends and Father Pacwa endorses his book about Islam??

      • magaforever

        The premise of his video is true..many stupid people just shout fake news at something they dont like..but that isnt much different from before trump when they also were stupid amd didnt understand politics..the bottom line is most people dont care whats fake or real news..all they care about is their facebooks and their 401 ks…as for robert spencer he is a sodomite weasel and ted has cited spencers support of sodomy multiple times just look it up

  • Ceirwyn

    You can’t have discussions with Marxist, sodomite devil worshippers who want to kill you and your culture. Or most of their allies.

    • Just A Simple Man

      So how are they supposed to be converted? Or is your position that you shouldnt talk to any enemy of Christ?

      • Ceirwyn

        You can’t convert the unwilling that aren’t willing to listen to the Holy Spirit. Only engage if the Holy Spirit tells you. Otherwise you are just asking for trouble. Don’t throw your pearls to swine.

        • Just A Simple Man

          Some people are unwilling at first. Paul l,when he was known as Saul, was killing Christians. Who would ever thought that someone so evil could become such a great servant of our Lord?

          I am not a calvinist. I believe God can save anybody and wants to save everyone

  • Taurnil Oronar

    OK. Lets not use that term anymore. How about; we are deceptively biased news and will squash or minimize any “news” that doesn’t fit our agenda.

    I know that’s more than a mouth full but there is something to be said for brevity.

  • susan

    I wonder why it’s so hard for people to admit that they’re dumb sometimes. And some are dumber longer than others. Just look at teenagers. I sure remember doing some dumb things when I was a teenager. Following strange ideas and thinking I knew it all. The longer I live the less I realize I know. And what a succulent way to describe the images we have in our minds. I’ve spent hours arguing with someone just to discover that we actually agree. Images are powerful. I love to look at paintings. And when you’re looking at a painting with someone and you begin sharing your thoughts about it you realize how to see the painting through their eyes see what they notice and what they feel about it etc. But that takes a willingness to communicate. Crying “fake” over every little thing is just a crutch for a flimsy argument.