Nationalists Are Fighting Islam, Not Out Of Principle, But To Advance Nazism

By Theodore Shoebat

Nationalists are fighting Islam, not out of principle, but to advance Islam. This is the subject of my last video:

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  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Good video. Aptly explained.

    • Paul

      Do you know what pressures lead to canceling the TV series about Chandra Gupta Maurya in India?

      • Indian Christian Crusader

        I am sorry, I don’t keep track of showbiz/sitcoms/Bollywood a lot. With nearly a hundred local entertainment TV channels on cable tv out there, I hardly get time. I do know this, that the Mauryan dynasty led by Chandragupta Maurya went on a conquest mode and captured much of South Asia all the way till Afghanistan in an attempt to unify all the different kingdoms/nations of South Asia under one administration. Ashoka a later king of the Mauryan dynasty regretted his conquests for the empire that claimed many lives after the battle with the kingdom of Kalinga (present day Orissa), repented and embraced Buddhism.

        • Paul

          Such programs makes even Indians who do not consider themselves to be Hindus more proud of their history and makes them more nationalistic! So, BJP supporters wold have loved it. I was surprised to read on the Internet that it got canceled.

          • Indian Christian Crusader

            Let us be proud of what Jesus did and proud of what Noah our common forefather did by building a boat to ensure the survival of the human race, above any other national glory. For such glory comes from God. Every nation/tribe has reasons to be proud of some things and many reasons not to be proud of many things. As a Rajput, I am proud of the fact my ancestors fought Muslim invaders, but as a Rajput I am not also proud how women are treated by the Hindu members of the community, even though many women did valorous and heroic things in the past or how Christ is hated and rejected. The best way an Indian Christian can have healthy nationalism, is by asking his country to repent of their sins, and confronting evil in his country. Not by simply drum-beating some historical events. Secondly India is a collection of nations put together, regionalism will naturally be the norm, than some collective created nationalism. Just my two cents. The way a Hindu may express his nationalism and the way a Christian Indian may express his nationalism may differ. One drumbeats bygone era and achievements, one drumbeats the need to repent, so his country’s pride and arrogance can be put to check and they can repent and be saved. We all have different definitions of how to “express” nationalism. The Human way or the divine way. True nationalism has Christ in it and the need to reform a nation and point out its sins, not pushing other nations down and glorying oneself.

            Perhaps the show was cancelled, due to showcasing that India’s largest regions were Jainism and Buddhism, after Mauryan dynasty’s rise, not Hinduism. who knows? I don’t know. Of course, Hindu nationalists won’t like the idea of mass conversion to Buddhism that took place in history, since Buddhism opposes Hinduism in every way.

          • Indian Christian Crusader

            Paul one more thing – Hindu is an Arab/Persian given word, to people living near the Indus river largely referring to the people of Sindh region, which later was “expanded” to include the whole “subcontinent”. Previously, Hinduism didn’t even have a common word. It was simply known as Vedic dharma/Sanathan Dharma in the past. That’s it. Hindu is therefore a “created” identity and Hindu “nationalism” therefore is a created artificial movement. Even the word “Hindu” is a foreign given word. Each nation in the subcontinent of India had its own identity and history shaped by its own language as God gave to each nation as seen in genesis 10:5. India was never a common country to begin with in the past, apart from just Ashoka’s time that too put together by bloodbath and conquest of various nations.

  • Ceirwyn

    Not all are Nazi’s. Many just recognize the truth:

    Nationalist understand that population replacement is them being thrown out as keys.

  • Korey Bazna

    Something weird going on.

  • Ceirwyn

    You know what I really want to hear talked about? The fact that this isn’t all one or two nations working together along lines that make “sense”. You’ve got the CIA working with middle eastern terrorist organizations, Mossad, and MS-13 gangs, which are all working together with oppressive governments to make this whole pile of crap happen. It’s literally an international effort to destroy nations left and right by pieces of government fighting their own government to oppress multiple people in multiple nations.

  • DaKardii

    Walid. What do you make out of the fallout of Paul Nehlen’s anti-Semitic tweets?

  • jmaggief

    I do not want any Muslims in my country the United States. And I don’t want any illegals or any abortion clinics or any laws for abortion or homosexual marriage or laws promoting transgenders. In fact I was just asking my mom tonight what does the Church teach on how Christ is going to judge a transgender who has had his or her sex organs changed and turned into the opposite sex? Will Christ switch his or her body back to what it was originally? That’s not even mentioned in the Bible, is it?

  • jmaggief

    Here is a comment I have regarding your article about president Trump and his administration using the term Fake News. You don’t like it you said. And you also played a video about the Third Reich and a Nazi speaking against the Jewish press. As if you were making a comparison between the Trump Administration using Nazi tactics like the Third Reich did by using the term Fake News to shut down the press. Well, president Trump just tweeted out a Happy and Healthy New Year to the dishonest Fake News Media among others!! Boy, he is really out to shut them down! Really he is just trying to expose their false stories! What would be really cool on your part is to play a video where a Third Reich German Nazi is wishing a Happy and Healthy New Year to the dishonest Jewish press!

    • Just A Simple Man

      He was being sarcastic. You also didnt refute anything he said.

  • ace

    True??? Published on Dec 31, 2017
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