Theodore Shoebat And Walid Shoebat School Eric Allen Bell And Actress From The Brady Bunch In A Debate On Christianity And Why Christianity Is The Only Way To Destroy Islam

By Theodore Shoebat

In the U.S., when it comes to conservatives stopping the evil agendas like Islam, Homosexuality, eugenics, superiority cults, the Mexican drug mafia, smoking dope … the only one praise report: to convert an entire generation to becoming tobacco-phobic while declaring war on homophobia. If anyone can provide us with any success besides this, please comment.

Even the desire to convert the Muslim world to Christianity is a myth. What the American conservatives truly want are converts who heed to the American social structure where God loves everyone except the homophobe. They will use all sorts of arm-twisting to achieve this goal.

With the information age, Twitter and Facebook, there is no lack of speedy media but with such abundant tools also comes an abundance of dumbbells.

Eric Allen Bell is one dumbbell who needed to be schooled in this debate where eastern converts to Christianity meets western dumbbells. Eric linked up with another dumbbell, Susan Olsen, from the old series The Brady Bunch who thinks herself to be ‘conservative’.

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I used to watch the pigtail-wearing youngest sibling Cindy Brady (Susan Olsen) during the 1970s hit show The Brady Bunch. She was sure much more intelligent as a youngster than when she got older. Her case disproves the evolutionary process for sure, but for Eric, it shows why no Counter Jihad movement can succeed and in fact how easily it is infiltrated and destroyed from within. This dumbbell is as much anti-Islam as the homosexual is pro marriage. Too bad that governments can’t burn people at the stake anymore. If you are smoke-phobic or believe that men having sex is normal or cannot stomach a middle-eastern style schooling debate than this debate is not for you: