Muslims Attack Christian Man And Hack Him To Death

Muslims in Bangladesh attacked a Christian man and hacked him to death. The horrific story is told in this report:

A Christian was hacked to death in a recent incident of sectarian violence in Bangladesh. The incident took place in northwest Bangladesh, where the Christian was attacked after Sunday prayer service. Terror group Islamic State claimed responsibility for the killing, after few hours of the incident.

65-year-old, Christian, resident of Bonpara was stabbed by unknown assailants in conformity with the police statement. “Sunil Gomes was hacked to death at his grocery store just near a church at Bonpara village,” said Shafiqul Islam, deputy police chief of Natore district stated.

The village has a considerable size of Christian population and is known for its established Christian community. In recent years the country has faced a wave of anti-Non- Muslims violence which resulted in about 40 reported cases of sectarian killings. The predominantly Muslim country has seen escalating situation of sectarian violence as attacks against non-Muslims and activists continue to increase. In the face of the sectarian violence, the Bangladeshi authorities name homegrown terrorists responsible for the heinous attacks, while denying the presence or involvement of terror group Islamic State.

Father Bikash Hubert Rebeiro- Bonpara Catholic church, explained that Sunil Gomes, worked as a gardener at the church and was “known for his humility,” His brother, Father Rebeiro told, “ is a priest.” Father Rebeiro said, “He attended Sunday prayers at my church and then went to his grocery store. The next thing we know he was hacked to death. I can’t imagine how anyone can kill such an innocent man.”