Germany’s Government Is Committing Genocide Against Its Own People By Intentionally Hooking As Many Of Its Own Women Up With Muslims


We have been documenting how the German government has been literally trying to play matchmaker between German women and these “new Muslim” men in Germany. Well, the situation has become much worse, so much to the point that the German government has veritably taken over the role in procuring German girls for Muslim invaders to have sex with:

The capitalist-fascist BRD [German Federal Republic] regime is at the moment conducting a settlement policy with the goal of reducing the number of Germans within the total population.

There are multiple ways in which they do this:

1. Germans of prime fertile age are being prevented from creating families through two-year contracts, permanent internships, job center shenanigans, etc.

2. Immigrants are encouraged and supported financially to settle in Germany.

3.Family reunion of immigrant/refugee families.

And now it appears a new variant has been added.

The deciding factor for the multiplication of a population is its women.

If the CDU/CSU fascists therefore succeed in “hooking up” as many German women as possible with refugees and immigrants, they have taken an important step further.

Because a German woman who is with an immigrant and is bearing his children logistically can’t have children with a German man at the same time.

Here’s a quote by ‘Frundsberg’, who has taken a closer look at this phenomenon and provides photos and links:

“Today out of pure coincidence I came upon a news article in my city where the school leadership arranged a “come together to get to know each other” with refugees. As I looked at the picture in the article, I noticed something: In the picture there was not one male German student, but only females. The refugees shown were also not of school age anymore. I then started researching on the internet and behold, other schools in Germany had organized similar events as well. Let those pictures really sink in.”source

As one commentator notes,

The following article makes my blood boil to an extent that I find hard to describe. If I were a German man — and I mean a real German man, not one of the swarthy-faced bucks that Angela Merkel keeps trying to pass off as “German” — I’d be dusting off my pitchfork and putting a match to my torch in preparation for a public accounting with the political elite of the Bundesrepublik.

The German government has a serious political and demographic problem. Thanks to its open-borders policy — which it seems to consider mandatory, and permanent — it has enriched itself with more than a million young men of foreign extraction, mostly from the Middle East and Africa. These hot-blooded youths have the same urges as any other males in their age group, but to their misfortune, most were unaccompanied by any young females of their ethnic group.

So the government decided to solve the problem by arranging “get-togethers” between the “New Germans” and girls “who have lived here in Germany for a long time” — that is, young ladies with fair skin and blue eyes who speak German as their native language.

To put it bluntly, the state has decided to pimp out its nubile young women to the migrant men it brought into the country through its collective madness.

The German people have every right to be angry about what is happening. They are watching the destruction of their culture right before their eyes. The people need to rise up and take back their country and preserve their culture.

And stop right there.

I have been studying Islam since 1998- well before anybody knew what Islam was, when “terrorism” and “twin towers” were still associated with Ramzi Yousef, and certainly before “Osama bin Laden” became a household name.

I have watched the changes in Islam and its relationship with the west for a while now, and something which is disturbing me is that it appears that history may be repeating itself. I speak of both the situation with Islam as well as with the contemporary state of European geopolitics.

Make no mistake, I am not arguing (as some would) that “criticism of Islam is racist” or that Muslim are not destroying down to the very people who inhabit these lands of Western society. This is undeniable, just as much as it is undeniable that the Western governments are working with major corporations and NGS to bring people into Europe on taxpayer dollars from these same lands who they know are unable to assimilate and will kill, steal, and destroy simply because Islam gives them license to.

What I am saying is that a false front is being created. It has been so cleverly done, so carefully implemented, that it is almost impossible to see.

Right now, the West is at a historical crossroads. That is true. However, part of the deception is that we are being forced to choose between two options and that no other viable choice is available.

The first choice is submission and conversion to Islam.
The second is fighting Islam from a the understanding that places nationalism as the primary unifying force between peoples of the west.


See the above story about Germany. We know for a fact that Germany is being overrun by Muslims. The attacks are horrendous and without precedent in post WWII times. Nobody can deny this, just like nobody can deny the horribly violent nature of Islam on account of its theology. This needs to be reported on. To that, it is good to see German people becoming angry about the intentional destruction of their culture by traitorious elements among their own. Such a response is not per se “Germanic,” but it is merely a human instinct of self-preservation. It can be found in any people who have an ounce of a will to live, and so it is good to see that there are people still willing to fight for themselves.

However, the problem is with the conclusions reached.

Tell me, what was the first conclusion you reached, or emotions you felt upon reading about the real and legitimate destruction of these people? If you are like most people, including myself, you want to fight. OK, good.

So what are some of the groups which have gained public attention and which are supposedly fighting against Islam and its evils in Europe?


Ask yourself, where is Christ?

These are just to examples, but if you look carefully at these groups you will notice a common theme: all invoke themes of nationalism combined with,in varying degrees elements of genetics and biology. Christianity, if mentioned, is at most an accessory to but the the central focus.

Now compare this with the movements of Eastern Europe, specifically Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary:


Do you notice a theme here?

Notice how in Eastern Europe, Christ takes the dominating role for most of these groups. They invoke Christ first, and then it is behind Christ they promote as a second reason their national identity.

The difference between the Western European groups versus most of those of Eastern Europe is that the former places man’s glory first and sees Christ as a secondary part, while the latter places Christ first and sees man and a secondary part.

One honors Christ over all, the other honors man over all. Or in other words, one group worships God as sovereign lord while the other, even if he is not obviously or intending to do so, has replaced God with worship of the people, their identity, and the lands which they inhabit. The former is Christian diversity. The latter is Pagan racialism.


Christ triumphant over sin and death by Peter Paul Reubens. Christ conquered sin and death, and with that all the evils of the world, including Islam and paganism. You cannot conquer in the name of Christ under a pagan banner.

If you are a Christian, the way to fight Islam is to follow the way of Christ and that of the great saints as it is modeled after the greatest warrior against evil who is God himself and who destroyed death and evil on the cross 2000 years ago. He established His holy Church as His temporal and spiritual presence to fight evil, and as promised in Sacred Scripture that upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against them. The Catholic Church fought and in many nations destroyed Islam just as much as it destroyed the paganism of all peoples it encountered while at the same time being the greatest promoter of native cultures so long as they are in Christ, for the true diversity of the Cross is that God came through the Hebrews so that all men might be saved. As diverse and different as we are, we are united in One Faith, One Lord, and One Baptism as brother and sister across culture, place, and ultimately time and into eternity. It is the opposite of what Mohammed, who taught that Islam was a religion for the Arabs and sought to destroy through his mission of conquer, convert, and subjugate.

The Catholic Church will conquer and convert, but it does so within the boundaries of honoring the dignity of man as a creation in God’s image and likeness. This has worked for many centuries- again, just ask the Spanish, Portuguese, Italians, Polish, or many other culture.

Western Europe today is not following this example. Instead of choosing Christ, they are turning inwards towards pagan notions of ethnic and cultural superiority to fight Islam, and even promoting pagan inspired groups who “fight Islam” to do this.


Can evil cast out evil? Does a man kick himself out of his own house? He cannot do this, as it would be a contradiction in terms because they are invariably tied to each other.

That said, if Islam and Paganism come from the same (infernal) source, can one defeat the other?

Germany has a right to be upset, but they and all of Western Europe brought this problem on themselves through their apostasy.

The answer is right in front them. It is 2000 years old, but it is tried and tested and found faithful and true.

Pride in ones culture and identity is good and important, but all of this must be done only in the light of Christ, who made all nations and peoples in His image. A man’s glory as such comes from his love of Christ, whose mercy is on those who fear Him in every generation (Luke 1:48).

This entire situation with Islam and Europe is evil. You do not have to submit to Islamization. At the same time, do not fall into the trap of ultranationalism, as that is a pagan deception whose end is eugenics and goes to the same infernal end which Islam reaches to.

Instead, choose the narrow gate. Follow the way of Christ and fight but first and always first under Christ. All else is second, and if it is not of Christ, discard it.

That is the true path to victory, both in this life and most importantly, in the afterlife.

Station 9 of the Cross

A Station on the via dolorosa, or the path that Jesus walked on his Most Sacred Passion. This is the way which leads to life, and the only way of victory over both paganism and Islam.

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