BOMBSHELL — Newly Discovered Evidence Reveals What The Media Will Never Expose: There Is A Major Islamic Conspiracy Being Done By Extremely Powerful And Wealthy Globalist Elites To Create A Muslim Nazi Empire And Destroy All Of Christianity And Enact A Huge Genocide Of All Christians Around The World

By Theodore And Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special, in advance)

In this absolute bombshell, you get to watch an American ‘conservative’ leading activist suggest that some hotel in Turkey has become the new Builderberger Hotel. His remarks are not the conspiracy theories you’re used to reading about some shadowy world government looking to impose its will across the globe. Here you will get to watch two teams, the neo-Ottoman think-tanks on the one side and think-tanks from major western Conservative Movements on the other side, setting up camp in Turkey to cooperate fighting against what they term as “political correctness” that overshadows the positive Nazi history, how to make the West palatable to accept Eugenics, grand genocide, and how the West should partner with the neo-Ottoman goals.

You might think that this is an insane proposition, but at this new ‘Builderberger Hotel’, the Karia Princess Hotel in Bodrum Turkey, major players set up camp at the Property and Freedom Society to be the medium to accomplish these endeavors. While we were able to glean much from their conferences, there is more than meets the eye. This is an obscure entity, a ‘society’ just as their name says: ‘Property and Freedom Society’, an organization formed for a particular purpose; to make taboos like Nazism fashionable throughout the West.

Regarding this obscure “Society,” it says that the purpose of the organization was to promote “radicality” against “political correctness”. This obscure society is as they state an “illustrious society” to “enable a discourse in uncompromising intellectual radicality”. By “Radicality” they mean the “ignoring of all boundaries and taboos”.

For its members they provide as an incentive “The Turkish holiday resort – known as St. Tropez in Turkey” aparty playground for Turkish celebrities” offered  as “the delight of the participants the stay was sweetened by the generosity and hospitality of the Turkish entrepreneur and economist in the tradition of the Austrian school, Dr. Gülçin Imre (Vice President of the Ahmet Veli Menger (!) Holding).”

While we were able to glean little from the seductive events behind the scenes, from their conferences, you will get to watch videos of the strangest bedfellows; neo-Ottomanist think-tanks partnering with western conservative think-tanks from the U.S., Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Australia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Britain, Hong Kong, Canada, Greece, Kazakhstan and even relatives of the Viceroys of India.

For years, the two rendezvous every year in Bodrum Turkey where the Turkish elites usually gather to etch their plans. Bodrum is where the wealthy Turks play after the sun sets over the Castle of St. Peter. Bodrum is Turkey’s hidden place of luxury where  rich celebrities and business tycoons flock to the Turkish coastal resort and where Erdogan would meet with elitists and used to invite Bashar Al-Assad before their fallout. It is where Erdogan hid during the coup, while he was vacationing, or lets say ‘planning his permanent future to rule’ the Muslim World. Bodrum is the place where the viral infamous photo of the Syrian child was found drowned facedown on the beach. Bodrum’s promiscuity stems from as far back as Herodotus’ time, even till today as a world leading whorehouse spiritually and literally. There you will get to watch and even read your favorite ‘conservatives’ being seduced with Bakhshish; lavish and sensual parties courtesy of Muslim Turkey to cement this affair.

It is there, in Bodrum, that the Euro-Turkish meetings began to take place where ‘conservative’ think-tanks discussed how to promote and advance eugenics throughout the West; how to aid Turkey by promoting denial of the Armenian Genocide and altering the political climate of the Western world forever.

Here you will get to watch the most irony of ironies. For years conservatives have been talking about the alliance between the Left and the Muslims, how the two have been ‘cooperating against Western values’. To expose this connect, the Conservative Alt Right, Counter Jihad and the Identitarians have been at the forefront complaining about Muslim Immigration from Turkey into Europe. But what has been left out of this equation and thrown into the realm of the shadows is the shocking cooperation between the Far-Right, these so-called “conservative” groups and the Muslim Turkish nationalists.

When we state that these are in bed with Muslims and Nazis, the typical Breitbart and Info Wars blue-pill consumers would instantly comment without even blinking: “impossible, why would conservative anti-Muslim groups be in bed with Nazis and Muslims?”

While an ignorant blue-pill drinker can jot an ignorant line, it takes a hundred wisemen to refute it.

So lets delve deep on how these are not at war with Islamists but are in cahoots with the top most influential Islamist state in the world: the neo-Ottomans of Turkey.

While these groups lure the simpleton by bringing up “Shariah,” “Islam,” “the life of Muhammad,” or “Muslim Immigration,” as examples of  a ‘Shariah invasion’ of the West,  these would also lift up Turkey which is behind all this Muslim immigration they so much complain about, or lets say, complain just enough worth for your daily consumption to stand behind them and support their other agenda.

Our one month investigative work will be presented in two parts, revealing complete silence on this matter by both left and right.

In this first installment, we will scratch the surface, you will get to watch how the whores of the Alt-Right, were seduced with luxury and extravagant entertainment by Turks humbling conservative eyes  by using Bakhshish (Turkish bribery). Our investigative reporting reveals that the ‘far right’ ‘ultra-conservative’ and ‘ultra-nationalists’–whatever you want to call them–from ‘Alt-Right’, ‘race realists’ to ‘Identitarian’; all these have been flirting with Muslim Turkey for years.

We will shortly release another segment revealing the much bigger players–a much more shocking expose–than what we present here which will include information from the CIA, German advancement and military buildup and other tycoons who are also involved and linked to the current U.S. Administration attempting to influence President Trump.

Here is but an appetizer before the main course. Enter and watch videos with all the spiritual copulation, orgies with high ranking Turkish affiliated government personalities, Muslim moguls and funding pimps from Turkish entrepreneurs to Bahraini wealthy businessmen seducing both the European and the American brands of right-wing armchair revolutionaries; prostitutes eager to receive Muslim insemination; aid from major Islamists who want to change the political climate of the entire West all the while you toot their horn giving birth to a movement so sinister and destructive to your own West.

While we conservatives keep harping about the Leftist-Muslim alliance, what we never talk about is that the agents of the racialist Alt-Right from Richard Spencer, Jerod Taylor and others found the perfect partner and toleration for their views in Muslim Turkey, years before their ideology had become trendy, as it is today. The more we unravel this conspiracy, the more it is revealed that the Alt-Right spokesmen who present themselves as being on the forefront of the counter-jihad, will in the end side with the Anti-Christian regional superpower of Turkey from where they sprouted their missions at the new ‘Builderberger Hotel’ in Bodrum.

Here you will get to see, watch and explore the Alt-Right with her Ottoman lovers, their plans, goals and how they have been so willing to undress, be fondled and allow herself to copulate with on so many occasions since 2006. While the Alt-Right loves to insult their enemies with the label of cuck (a term used to denote a man letting his wife fornicate with a non-White) what has been left under the covers is that the Alt-Right was being ‘cucked’ by the Turks for years.

Obviously with such a setting between Turk and Ethnocentric Europeans, racism is not the issue and common principles are. These movements as you will see, would consider Turks “having an Anglo-Saxon mindset,” reminiscent to Hitler’s elevation of Haj Amin Al-Husseini as an “honorary Aryan.”

But before we expose all the juicy details, it is crucial to understand why such undercover Nazis want to link with Turkey. It is crucial to first explain why Bodrum, Turkey, became one of the major centers for such movements to spread their ideology which has much to do with history, for in history we will find the presage for the coming Nazi Turkish alliance.


Perhaps wisdom from the past is necessary to show how history repeats. The ultra-nationalist Pharisees expressed themselves as ardent patriots against Rome, but in the end, when they warred against Christ, the mob cried out: “We have no king but Caesar.” (John 19:15)

This in itself is prophetic since the Church will suffer the same fate, that while the constituents claim to fight Caesar, in the end, they will unite with the devil against the saints.

So as these ultra-nationalists of our time make themselves out to be these fierce defenders of “Western civilization” against the non-White Islamic hoards, when it comes down to it, in their war against God and humanity, they will side with the Antichrist, that is, the polished Western appearing leader who will lead the Islamic world against Christendom.

Most do not consider that the main inspiration for Hitler was Turkey. He saw with glee as Turkey rebuilt itself from the ashes of its defeat in the First World War, and he wanted Germany to follow the same path. There was a man that Hitler looked up to more than any other: the leader of the new Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

He revered the Turkish leader as his “shining star,” even having his bust carved from stone. The Nazis even modeled themselves after the Turkish National Movement, and Nazi leaders, from Hitler himself to Goebbels were exuberantly fixated on everything the Turks did.

Kemal Ataturk and Adolf Hitler

After the First World War, Germany was a nation utterly reduced to the worst forms of poverty, and the Germans were boiling in anger at their politicians, because they believed that they had “raped” the nation and were thus traitors.

As Germany remained in its self-pity and impoverishment, Turkey quickly rebuilt itself. Entire parts of Turkey were occupied by the British, the Greeks, French and Italians. By 1918, the policy of the Entente (an alliance between Britain, Italy and France), was to disintegrate the Ottoman Empire.

Under the hands of the European allies, Turkey was reduced to just Anatolia and eastern Thrace, and by 1919 the Sultan was under French and British supervision in Istanbul.

Along the railway lines of Anatolia, some 40,000 British troops patrolled the land that once belonged to Ottoman reign. The Turkish city of Smyrna was by now under Greek occupation, and Italian troops had established themselves on the beachheads of the Aegean.

After the Turkish Nationalists won the election in 1920, the British — not liking this — occupied Istanbul and declared marshal law. The British then supported and backed the Greeks as they attacked the Anatolian highlands where Turkish nationalists declared a revolt.

On August 10th, 1920, the Europeans had forced the last Caliph, the Sultan, to sign the Treaty of Sèvres, under which he abdicated his power. The Sèvres treaty gave the death blow to the Ottoman head, marking the beginning of the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire, and its ultimate annihilation. By this treaty, Lloyd George proclaimed, the Entente was “releasing all non-Turkish populations from Turkish sway.”

British troops fighting in Gallipoli, Turkey

Lloyd George

But, with the authority of the Muslim Caliphate-Sultan now completely destroyed, the Nationalists believed that the power was passed to them. As Ataturk said, the treaty meant the “passing of government… into the hands of the people.” 

In the winter of 1920, the Nationalists attacked the Greeks as they were invading Anatolia and drove them back. In the summer of 1921, the Greeks attempted to advance against the Turks, driving within forty kilometers of Ankara, only to be defeated in a three-week battle on the Sakarya river. (1)

The Europeans were then forced to negotiate a new treaty with the Turks, the Treaty of Lausanne, in 1923, which established modern Turkey. It was this tenaciousness and resolve of the Turks that the Nazis in Germany, where the people were still wallowing in their poverty and in fighting, admired and extolled as worthy of emulation. “In the eyes of a desperate and desolate Germany,” writes the historian Stefan Ihrig, “this was a nationalist dream come true, or rather something like hyper-national pornography.”

Meeting for the Treaty of Lausanne. (seated at table, left to right:) Pietro Bertolini, Mehemmed Naby Bey, Guido Fusinato, Roumboyoglou Fahreddin, and Giuseppe Volpi.

After the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, which forced the Germans into billions of dollars in debt, the German media began publishing material in praise of Ataturk. Over the next four years, the right-wing newspaper, Kreuzzeitung, would produce 2,200 articles, items and reports solely on Turkey. In 1923, the Nazi-affiliated newspaper, Heimatland, dedicated one-eighth of its space, each week, from September 1st to October 15th, to articles on Ataturk. Newspapers throughout Germany praised Turkey as the “role model” for Germany just as it is praised today as the “Turkish Model” for the Muslim world. German nationalists loved the way Turkey negotiated with the European powers, with its  ‘give us all that we want or we will continue to fight’ strategy. The German politician, Max Maurenbrecher, lamented that if only the Germans had fought with the ferocity of the Turks, they would not have ended up in the situation they were in.

Max Maurenbrecher

It was this which catapulted the need for a Führer in Germany. The Nazis took the life of Ataturk as a means to push the importance of a Führer. Mussolini even called himself “the Mustafa Kemal of a Milanese Ankara” as he began his own power-grab. The Nazi ideologue, Hans Trobst, praised the Young Turks’ genocide and slaughtering of the Armenians and the Greeks, which he described as a “national purification” of “bloodsuckers” and “parasites”. After Hitler read this, he invited Trobst to meet with him to discuss Turkey. In the invitation there was a statement written by Hitler’s secretary on his behalf: “What you have witnessed in Turkey is what we will have to do in the future as well in order to liberate ourselves.”

Adolf Hitler in the workshop of the sculptor Josef Thorak, with Thorak’s bust of Atatürk behind him, Munich, February 1937

After his failed revolt in Munich in 1923, Hitler would say in his trial that it was Ataturk and Mussolini who inspired him.

In 1933, Hitler told the Turkish newspaper, Milliyet, that Ataturk was “the greatest man of the century,” and said that in the “dark 1920s” “the successful struggle for liberation that [Atatürk] led in order to create Turkey had given him the confidence that the National Socialist movement would be successful as well.”  In 1938, on his birthday Hitler told journalists and politicians that “Atatürk was the first to show that it is possible to mobilize and regenerate the resources that a country has lost. In this respect Atatürk was a teacher. Mussolini was his first and I his second student.” 

In 1937, Goebbels wrote in his diary: “A nice flight. While traveling I finished reading the book on Atatürk. A proud hero’s life. Totally admirable. I am happy!” The Nazis saw the Armenians as  the “Jews of the Orient” and believed that their extermination was necessary for the formation of modern Turkey. Hitler referred to the victims of Ottoman genocide as the  “wretched Armenian” who were “swine, corrupt, sordid, without conscience, like beggars, submissive, even doglike.”

What united the Nazi and the Kemalist was the theory of evolution.  What will unite the new Nazis with the new Ottomanists, will be racialism, eugenics, and the insatiable thirst for the destruction of Christendom. 



Richard Spencer, speaking in Bodrum, Turkey

Many conspiracy theorists write about a shadowy world government, a wealthy capitalist cabal looking to impose its will across the globe, trying to supposedly decode the secretive Bilderberg Group. Well, here, enter the Karia Princess Hotel in Bodrum Turkey. Enter and find out how Muslim Turkey has been luring American ultra-conservatives from Richard Spencer to Jerod Taylor years before anyone ever heard their names or of the Alt-Right, or when the American population noticed these talking about their ideology on “race realism”. 

I would like to add that Spencer, on top of speaking in Muslim Turkey, is currently working with an Iranian supremacist by the name of Jason Reza Jorjani. The two reprobates recently rented out a townhouse together in Virginia to be a center for the Alt-Right, as we read in one report:

“He is renting a ‘hub’ for the alt-right movement in a townhouse in Alexandria, Virginia. Spencer and Jason Jorjani, the editor-in-chief of Arktos, a publishing arm associated with the alt-right, have bought the domain name Spencer and Jorjani met at the conference for the National Policy Institute, Spencer’s innocuously named think tank, where attendees gave Nazi salutes as Spencer shouted ‘Hail Trump’ from the stage. They quickly formed a bond, and are now joining forces to brand themselves as the intellectual leaders of the alt-right.”

Richard Spencer and Jason Reza Jorjani in their new “hub”

Jorjani with Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer

Jorjani is now the editor-in-chief for Arktos, the main publishing company for the Alt-Right that sells the wackiest books, such as ones on the “Aryan race” and occultism. One of the founders of Aktos, John Morgan, recently gave a talk with American Renaissance on how he went to the Ukraine specifically to collaborate and conspire with the neo-Nazi political party Jobbik, against Russia. This reveals a conspiracy to spread Nazi ideology at a global level. In an interview with the Alt-Right radio show, Red Ice, Jorjani exhorted all Europeans to accept the Muslim Sufi mystic, Rumi, as a spiritual leader for their race. Jorjani, appearing with lipstick on, said:

“What I have to say to fellow Indo-Europeans, especially to Europeans, is that you should not allow this heritage to be stolen from you. Rumi is part of your cultural heritage.”

Jorjani, with lipstick

To accept Rumi would be to accept Sufi Islam, the very theology that teaches that men can reach the state wherein one can proclaim “I am god.”

This religion of Sufism is gaining much strength and revival in the Muslim world, with even Erdogan promoting the works of Rumi. When the Islamic Antichrist comes, he will declare himself to be God, and it will based on Sufi ideology. So here is the Alt-Right advancing the religion of the Antichrist, and what will further unite the new Nazis with the Sufi imperialists at a spiritual level will be Sufi ideology.


Millions of people in America witnessed the neo-Nazi, Richard Spencer, scream out to a crowd of Alt-Right subscribers, “Hail Trump! Hail victory! Hail our people!” while people in the audience began doing the Nazi salute. Well back in 2010, before Richard Spencer was even known, he gave a speech in Turkey for the Property and Freedom SocietyAfter the speech he wrote an article, expressing his admiration for Hans Hermann Hoppe and his wife, Gulcin Imre, and his hope that the Property and Freedom could one day be like the Bilderbergs, an influential group of bankers and elitists working to convert the world to their ideology:

“Each year, the conference takes place at the luxurious Karia Princess Hotel, owned by Hoppe’s beautiful and cultured second wife. At this year’s closing ceremony, Hoppe mentioned the interesting parallel his group has with the shadowy, conspiracy theory-generating “Bidlerbergers,” the group of elite bankers, politicians, media tycoons, and diplomats who originally congregated at the Hotel de Biderberg in Holland in 1954 and continue to meet annually in hopes of building a better world — i.e. a collectivist, bureaucratic one run by people like them. Hoppe suggested that “Karia Princes and Princesses” might one day become equally notorious for tireless working for the opposite ends. Let’s hope he’s right!”

In other words, Richard Spencer wants the Bodrum to be the center by which the right-wing can change and influence the world. Jared Taylor, a supporter of Planned Parenthood and the leader of the eugenist organization, Amren (American Renaissance), which is one of the main proponents of eugenics today, also attended these meetings in 2013, and had this to say about it in an article published on the official website for Amren:

“I have just returned from a speaking engagement at the most enjoyable conference I have ever attended—the eighth annual meeting of the Property and Freedom Society, held in Bodrum, Turkey. The meeting was unusual in many ways, but what struck me as an American was the diversity. Among the 120 or so participants were people from Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Turkey, Australia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Britain, Hong Kong, Canada, and Greece—and these were just the people I happened to meet. There was an American who lives in the Ukraine and another who lives in Estonia. A professor at Nazarbayef University in Kazakhstan brought his pleasant blonde wife. There was a member of the Lithuanian parliament, and a brother and sister from the family of one of the Viceroys of India.”

Jared Taylor plays the clarinet for the Property and Freedom Society

Jared Taylor plays the clarinet for the Property and Freedom Society

Jared Taylor’s words show that the Property and Freedom Society is bringing major elites into its conferences and meetings for a diabolical and hitlerian agenda. On the official website Jared Taylor it says: “Eugenics is the obvious solution, but it is notoriously difficult to accomplish.” Here you have a eugenist speaking in an event backed by Turks, in Turkey; it is a microcosm of what is to come: the Nazi-Islamic alliance.

What is a leader of the Alt-Right movement doing with elites in Muslim Turkey to help re-design the future of the West? Its a very eery reality, but it still shows several things: these so-called “nationalists” are actually globalists, gathering together in Turkey and planning to change the global order for the cause of their eugenist religion.

The organizers had made sure that all speakers were spoiled with the most lavish treatment and hospitality common in the Bakhshish nature of Turkey; feasts of the most delicate edibles, and pleasant trips on ships through the Aegean waters. The experience was so pleasurable that it left quite the impression on the Alt-Right icon Jared Taylor, who would later recount:

“On the final day, there were no lectures. Instead, we walked down to the port of Bodrum, past the ancient stone walls of the crusader castle, and boarded several schooners. We motored out to an uninhabited island, dropped anchor in a cove, and swam in the Aegean. We visited friends in other boats and swam to shore, where the lucky ones caught sight of wild pigs. We had lunch on board, chatted, and sun-bathed, and imagined what it would be like to live on one of these handsome ships. Never have I been to a conference that was both a feast for the mind and a luxury vacation. ‘To describe it is to insult it,’ concluded one exuberant Englishman, and he may be right.”

Taylor is correct. To say its ‘luxury’ would be an understatement making these events sound more like the typical touristy five-star hotels on white sandy beaches. These events had “towers of Martini” and licentiousness provided to continental European fattened calves.

Belly dancers entertain the Property and Freedom Society (Actual photo taken from the official PFS Facebook page)


Actual photo of a tower of martinis at the Property and Freedom Society (source)

Bodrum’s promiscuity stems from as far back as Herodotus’ till today as a leading whorehouse. You can even find scandalously dressed women entertaining. These are not simply ‘conferences’ but a ‘society’ just as their name says: ‘Property and Freedom Society’. This is an organization formed for a particular purpose to make taboos like Nazism fashionable. We even spotted well known libertarians like Jeffery Tucker at the Property and Freedom Society in Bodrum, shirtless wearing a collar with hanging dice on his neck, something that homosexuals love to do.

Scandalously dressed women entertain the meeting at the Property and Freedom Society (source)


The Turks were entertaining more than just Richard Spencer who would meet, organize and lecture and can be seen in 2010 in the Turkish city of Bodrum which was hosted by the Property and Freedom Society (PFS), founded by German intellectual, Hans Hermann Hoppe and his Turkish wife, Gulcin Imre. The Property and Freedom Society (PFS) is key to show all the connect with Muslim and Turkish government financial moguls as we shall examine later in detail the connect to Lichtenstein’s major global bank and its prince.

This is huge. 

A photo of all of the associates for the Bodrum meetings in Turkey reveals major activists:

Circled are (from the left) Ergin Imre, Turkish multi-millionaire and supporter/organizer and owner of this new Builderberger, the Karia Princess Hotel in which these meetings always took place. In the middle are the founders, German Hans Hermann Hoppe and his Turkish wife, Gulcin Imre (sister of Ergin Imre). The bribed western ‘conservatives’: Right above them is Norman Stone, a denier of the Armenian Genocide and an apologist for the Turkish government. To the right is Paul Gottfried, one of the pioneers of the Alt-Right. Above him are Heiner Rindermann, a German eugenist, and John Derbyshire, an English eugenist. And to the far-right is Peter Brimelow, founder of the Alt-Right and eugenist magazine, VDARE, and a close associate of Ann Coulter. There is another photo of the meeting, from 2010:

On this photo you will find Hans Hermann Hoppe and his wife, Gulcin Imre. On Han’s left its the Armenian Genocide denier, Norman Stone, and to Norman’s left there is the major pro-Erdogan reporter, Mustafa Akyol, an apologist for Turkey who pushes for the United States not to recognize the Armenian Genocide while promoting neo-Ottomanism. The above circles people are Paul Gottfried and Richard Spencer, one of the main American leaders of the Alt-Right. On the lower left from Akyol is a major eugenist, Richard Lynn, from Britain. Lynn is an advocate for the formation of a despotic eugenist government to impose Social-Darwinist policies. In a 2012 meeting with the American Renaissance, Richard Spencer asked Lynn:

“Richard, you said that the prospects are quite dim for a eugenics state to rise in a democracy. Do you think that, in some ways, politics need to be changed in order for us to over come this dysgenic disaster that we are living through?”

  To this Lynn answered:

“I do. The question was I asserted that its impossible for serious eugenic policies to be introduced in a democracy. The tide of liberal opinion is to strong against them. Although most people were in favor of eugenics in the first half of the century, the 20th century, the tide is set very strongly against it, in the second half to the present day. Only some form of oligarchy, or authoritarian oligarchy, such as that in China. Or possibly a military dictatorship, could introduce serious eugenic policies.” 

Richard Lynn

In the same meeting, Lynn said:

“Dysgenic really comes first, that is the problem. Eugenics is the solution.”

So in these meetings, apologists for Turkey’s genocide of Christians, and genocidal eugenist ideologues, gather together to conspire for the advancement of Social-Darwinist and Nazi ideology.

Besides these invites, you can even find there some old geezers like the German scholar, Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof, a historic revisionist very popular amongst Identitarians and neo-Nazis, for his work portraying the Americans and the Allies as the war mongers in the First and Second World Wars.

Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof

In 2016 he gave his lecture in Bodrum entitled, “On the many Fathers of World War 2,” in which he lamented on the Americans and their allies “stripping the vanquished Germans, Austrians, and Turks, of their foreign language population and territories.” Schultze-Rhonhof is speaking of how the Germans, the Austro-Hungarians and Ottomans were deprived of their territories. For example, after WW1, many of the Armenians were moved by the French so as to prevent them from being slaughtered by the Young Turks. Schultze-Rhonhof then goes on with his complaint in favor for the Germans, the Ottomans and Austro-Hungarians:

“But the vanquished countries were deprived of much more than their foreign language territories and populations, which by itself shows that the dismemberment of the vanquished was the favoring motive.”

Observe what the old Nazi is saying: that the fragmentation of the German and Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires was unjust. Regardless of the fact that the Ottomans killed millions of Christians in the Near East; regardless of the fact that the Germans devastated France and even attacked churches, to Schultze-Rhonhof, the Germans and the Austro-Hungarians and the Ottomans were victims. At the end of the lecture Schultze-Rhonhof concludes: “The United States of America, apparently, were the warmongers in the background.”

Here you have a Nazi sympathizing revisionist from Germany, popular amongst Nazis, speaking in Turkey for an organization backed by a Turkish banking company, expressing his favor towards the Germans and the Ottomans. This is one event amongst others that evinces what we have been saying all along; a global conspiracy to revive both German and Ottoman militarism.


The Property and Freedom Society (PFS) is organized and backed up by the Ahmet Veli Menger Holding banking company which is stationed in Istanbul and ran by a Muslim financial mogul and businessman Ergin Imre, Gulcin Imre’s brother.

The Ahmet Veli Menger Holding building in Istanbul

Moreover, Both Hoppe’ and his wife, Gulcin Imre, are major funders to the organization, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, named after the German fascist and economist, Ludwig von Mises. Gulcin Imre even did her PhD dissertation on the works of Ludwig von Mises.

Another major funder of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, according to an official document from the organization, is a Muslim by the name Yousif Almoayyed, the director of the National Concrete Company in Bahrain, which is completely owned by the major company in Bahrain, YK Almoayyed & Sons, as their official website confirms.

So lets consider for a minute, white separatists, neo-Nazis and pioneers for U.S. Alt-Right movement collaborations backed by a Muslim owned company while taking place in an Islamist country; organized and founded by a German man and his Turkish wife who are part of an organization funded by a major company in Bahrain.

This is something that has been completely ignored, overlooked, never discussed or even rejected.

But it confirms the level of evil, the reality of which is currently ignored, that the Alt-Right movement will ally with Muslims and Turkish nationalists.

In his lecture in Turkey, entitled, The “Alternative Right” in America, Spencer advocated for “white consciousness” and promoted the ideology of race realism, a eugenist concept that is only of recently being said within right-wing and Counterjihad circles.

In part of the lecture he says:     

“I think basically what is very important, one important way to fight against this, and to fight against this on the most fundamental level, is a rational and realistic understanding of race differences.” 

Spencer went on to talk about how blacks genetically inherent an inferior intelligence:

“There’s obvious, overwhelming amount of evidence, of IQ differences between Africans. … There’s overwhelming amount of evidence that this exists, there’s also an overwhelming amount of genetic evidence that this exists.”

Spencer finished his lecture by talking about how the Alt-Right wants to “no longer be bound by the clock of the twentieth century” in a future utopian vision in which the US government is destroyed and American territories are naturally broken up on ethnic lines in which whites will have their own state and other races their own states as well. 

After the lecture, Richard Spencer wrote an article in which he extolled the Property and Freedom Society in Turkey as a major center by which to form the Alt-Right movement:

“the Property and Freedom Society, along with the HL Mencken Club, which Gottfried and I help organize, offers the best hope for a diverse coalition of the Alternative Right (broadly defined), and I encourage readers to attend future meetings.”

Richard Spencer with British eugenist Richard Lynn (middle) and Hans Hermann Hoppe, in Bodrum, Turkey, 2010

That Spencer, and other Alt-Right agents,  have attended and praised the Property and Freedom Society meetings in Turkey, is but a small example of the major agenda that lies underneath the shadows of confused perception; an underlying activity occurring within the eugenist movement, one that appears absurd to the common body of Western conservatives: that while they claim a populist agenda fighting the elitists, here is this racialist movement in cahoots with wealthy elites in Turkey.

Hans Hermann Hoppe, dressed as a Turkish Ottoman

But if you think that this was just a fling, opposite ships sailing and passing by the sea, think again. The Property and Freedom Society, since 2006, has been holding their annual conspiratorial conferences and meetings in Bodrum, Turkey. Top ideologues and intellects of Nazi and eugenist persuasion, from Europe and the United States, they all gather together in Turkey every year to regroup, plan and discuss how to export and teach their agenda.

Ergin, was significantly behind the formation of the Alt-Right Property and Freedom Society.

But the real entity behind these conferences is Ahmet Veli Menger Holding of Istanbul involved in “the operation of state commercial banks” described as “an organization in the state commercial banks industry located in Istanbul (Europe), Turkey.” According to an official website of Ahmet Veli Menger Holding, the company is worth tens of millions of US dollars:

“The head office building with a covered area of 2000 square meters is situated at the heart of Istanbul, about 5 minutes of walking distance to Taksim square. The group employs 1.200 employees, has a combined capital of 25.169.525.000.000 TL (46.6 million US Dollars), owns 166 000 square meters site on which 2 plants and 10 service stations are located, has a farm of 7500 acres and a motor vehicle park of 170.”

And if you think this might be just another “millionaire” with tens of millions being no big deal, think again. Ergin Imre, Gulcin Imre’s brother, the Turkish multi-millionaire and supporter/organizer and owner of the Karia Princess Hotel in which these meetings always take place, is no small potato. He is one of the big movers and shakers in Turkey as Elnur Salihovic in his book, “Major Players in the Muslim Business World,” lists him as member of the Board of Directors of Enka, a multi-billion dollar construction company in Turkey and is also the head of the Ahmet Veli Menger conglomerate. This makes these “major players”.

Erdogan with representatives from Enka

Ahmet Veli Menger owns several sales & servicing companies, manufacturing companies, foreign investment companies, investment & finance companies, and other companies. We took an image of the list of companies that Ahmet Veli Menger owns:

So the banking company that organizes these annual events in Turkey for the eugenist organization, the Property and Freedom Society, is Ahmet Veli Menger Holding. The Chairman of Ahmet Veli Menger Holding is Veli Ergin Imre who is the brother of Gulcin Imre, the wife of the German Hans Hermann Hoppe, the head and founder of the Property and Freedom Society. In one report it reads:

“He [Ergin Imre] is on the Board of Directors at Enka Insaat ve Sanayi AS. Mr. Imre also served on the board at Mercedes-Benz Türk AS.” 

In one Turkish report it reads:

“Having started his professional career in 1982 in the company Ahmet Veli Menger Holding A.Ş. and its subsidiary Mengerler Ticaret Türk A.Ş., Veli Ergin İmre acted until 2010 in the company Ahmet Veli Menger Holding A.Ş. as Board Member and General Manager thereof, and as Board Member of Mengerler Ticaret Türk A.Ş., and after 2010 he started to act as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of both companies.”

In 2015, Gulcin Imre did a talk in Turkey about the history of the Property and Freedom Society, in which she explained how her brother was instrumental. He was behind the formation of the Property and Freedom Society:

“May, 2006, was our first conference … With the support of all of our family, especially of Laila and of my other daughter, Yazmin; also of my brother, Ergin, we provided for him [Hans Hermann Hoppe] with every help, also all our entourage and people who work for us, try to help, and we tried to make it possible.”

The statement proves that Ergin, the head of the Ahmet Veli Menger banking company, was significantly behind the formation of the Alt-Right Property and Freedom Society.

But its not only Ergin who is linked to this money trail. His sister, the vice-chair of the Ahmet Veli Menger Holding of Istanbul is Gulcin Imre, the Turkish woman whose husband, the German professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe, found the Property and Freedom Society.

Gulcin Imre

Gulcin Imre and her German husband, Hans, are also speakers at the annual conference in Turkey. The meetings held in the Karia Princess Hotel owned by the Imre family. On the official website for the Property and Freedom Society, it says that the purpose of the organization was to promote a “radicality” against “political correctness” and that the conferences in Bodrum are hosted by Gulcin Imre of the Ahmet Veli Menger Holding:

“The aim of this illustrious society is to enable a discourse in “uncompromising intellectual radicality”. “Radicality” stands for consistent property ethics and the ignoring of all boundaries and taboos of political correctness. The Turkish holiday resort – known as St. Tropez in Turkey – already has a fabulous backdrop, But to the delight of the participants the stay was sweetened by the generosity and hospitality of the Turkish entrepreneur and economist in the tradition of the Austrian school, Dr. Gülçin Imre (Vice President of the Ahmet Veli Menger (!) Holding ).”

The organization wants to fight “political correctness” (a very common and empty claim of the Alt-Right), while it conducts an event hosted by a multi-million dollar Muslim owned company. What are the odds?    

Ergin is also on the Board of Directors for Enka, a major multi-billionaire dollar Turkish construction conglomerate based in Istanbul, that works in power generation, airports, petroleum, and roadways. We took an image from the official website of Enka, showing Ergin Imre as on the board of directors:

The owner of Enka is Sarik Tara, one of the wealthiest men in Turkey who was instrumental in stopping the United States from passing a bill recognizing the Armenian Genocide in 1990 (more on that later). That an Alt-Right organization in Turkey is backed by the head of a major banking system in Istanbul, and member of the board of directors of billions worth company owned by Sarik Tara, a hater of Armenian Christians, reveals that there is a conspiracy between Turkish elites and Western eugenists to fuel a Darwinistic and racist movement in the West. 

You can never commit genocide, without industry; you can never create an empire without industry. Its impossible. Genocide and empire, and industrial strength, are inseparable. When the Nazis conducted the Holocaust, there were numerous major German industries who were providing the materials for the systematic slaughter of human beings. A mixture of diabolical mysticism, Darwinist mechanicalism, and industrial might, is both a very dangerous combination, and the essential for genocide and empire. Thus, in our investigation on this nascent stage of the current Nazi Turkish alliance, it is most necessary to inquire its connections with industry.   

In Turkey, there is a major organization company called TUSIAD, which stands for (in English), the Turkish Industry and Business Association. It is Turkey’s most top level and elitist business company, consisting of the country’s wealthiest industrialists. TUSIAD is very close to the Turkish government, with Erdogan conducting meetings with its leaders and representatives. And it also has connections with the Ahmet Veli Menger banking company, ran by Ergin Imre, the brother of Gulcin Imre, which helped in the founding of the Property and Freedom Society, founded by Hans Hermann Hoppe (the husband of Gulcin Imre). 

In June of 2013, there was an event called the Turkish German Family Entrepreneur Summit, funded by the Ahmet Veli Menger Holding. Ergin Imre, the brother of Gulcin Imre, attended the meeting alongside numerous other Turkish and German elites. The event was also funded by the extremely powerful and wealthy, TUSIAD, or the Turkish Industry and Business Association, which consists of the wealthiest industrialists of Turkey. 

Attending the meeting was Aldo Kaslowski, head of the company, Organik Holding. According to one report, “Mr.Kaslowski is the Chairman and CEO of his company Organik Holding, one of the largest fine speciality chemicals producers in the Middle East and Central Asia region”.

In 2001, Kaslowski was elected to serve on the board for three years for Sabanci Holding during its Shareholders Meeting. According to one report, Sabanci Holding “is the largest industrial and financial conglomerate in Turkey by profit.” The Economist wrote a report on the conglomerate, saying that both Koc Holding and Sabanci Holding are “Turkey’s two oldest and largest business dynasties”. After 1995, Kaslowski  was the President of the TÜSİAD Foreign Affairs Commission, and since 1997, he has been a member of the Board of Directors and Vice Chairman of TÜSİAD. 

Aldo Kaslowski

Also in 2001, Kaslowski headed a delegation to Paris to push the French government to reject recognizing the Armenian Genocide. At the time, Kaslowski was the Vice-President of TUSIAD.  According to one Turkish report:

“TUSIAD Vice-Chairman Aldo Kaslowski’s Delegation will be in the initiative for the cancellation of the so-called Armenian Genocide Resolution. A delegation of businessmen headed by TUSIAD Vice President Aldo Kaslowski, head of the Turkish-French Business Council in DEIK, went to Paris to lobby for the cancellation of the law recognizing alleged Armenian genocide allegations approved by the French Parliament. Kaslowski, head of the Turkish-French Business Council, said they would hold talks with the French Employers and Industrialists’ Federation (MEDEF) in a statement he made at Ataturk Airport. Kaslowski, who expressed hope that they would also meet with people at higher levels, said: We will exchange information at talks. We have already been informed about the reasons for the so-called Armenian genocide law approved  in the French Parliament on January 18th. We condemn the so-called Armenian genocide law approved in the French Parliament.”

TUSIAD is right there on the top of Turkish politics and government. On February 21st of 2017, a meeting was done between President Erdogan and TUSIAD on the current economic state of Turkey. TUSIAD’s president, Erol Bilecik, presented to Erdogan the views of the Turkish business powerhouse regarding industry, the European Union and foreign policy, to which Erdogan expressed his acceptance. Erol Bilecik told Erdogan: 

“In these fields, which are of great importance in terms of investment environment and global competitive power of our country, we have entered into a round of negotiations, joint work and activities between public and private sectors.”

TÜSİAD Board of Directors Comes with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Another Turkish industrialist who attended the 2013 Turkish German Entrepreneur Summit in Istanbul was Osman Boyner, the International President for TUSIAD. Sinan Tara, the son of Enka’s founder Sarik Tara, and the chairman of the board of directors for Enka was also in the meeting alongside Ergin Imre. This all reveals that Gulcin Imre’s elitist family is connected with Turkey’s wealthiest industrialists who are collaborating with the top of government. 

The 2013 Turkish German Entrepreneur Summit was moderated by Andreas E. Mach, President and Founder of Alpha Zirkel.    

In 2013, the German think-tank, Alpha Zirkel, held a conference in Berlin in which they invited Veli Ergin Imre, the brother Gulcin Imre, to give a talk on the subject of “Challenges for Cultures & Generations”. The German think-tank, Alpha Zirkel, has deep connections with major Turkish industrialists. For example, Alpha Zirkel helped organized a conference alongside the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD) and Family Business Network Association (TAİDER). In the conference, the then head of TUSIAD, Cansen Başaran Symes, thanked Alpha Zirkel:

“It is a pleasure for me to be here with you on behalf of TUSIAD, Turkish Industry and Business Association. I would like to thank Alphazirkel, Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD) and Family Business Network Association (TAİDER) for providing us a platform that brings Turkish and German family businesses together.”

When Alpha Zirkel held its fourth German Turkish Entrepreneur Summit, it thanked TUSIAD for its support:

“We would like to thank TÜSIAD and the German Ambassador, Eberhard Pohl, for their generous support.”

If you look up who sponsors Alpha Zirkel, you will see that it is the Ahmet Veli Menger Holding banking company, the same company that hosts the eugenist conference for the Property and Liberty Society.

If you look at another list of the sponsors for Alpha Zirkel, you will see that it is backed by major German companies:

You will see that Alpha Zirkel is backed by the Liechtenstein Global Trust (known as LGT Group), which is the largest family-owned private wealth and asset manager in Europe, wholly owned by the Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation. The Liechtenstein Global Trust is owned by the royal Liechtenstein family, and Liechtenstein is its own little country, considered to be a microstate within Central Europe.

During the Holocaust, as it was revealed in 2005, Liechtenstein owned Jewish slaves that were provided by the SS from the Strasshof concentration camp, and were put to work on estates in Austria owned by Liechtenstein’s Princely House. As we read in one report:

“Jewish slave labourers worked on Austrian estates owned by the Liechtenstein royal family during World War II, an official report has found. The royal family also bought property taken from Jews in Nazi-occupied Austria and Czechoslovakia, it says. …Investigations have revealed that neighbouring Switzerland sent thousands of Jewish refugees back to Nazi-occupied Europe and that Swiss companies traded with Nazi Germany. Liechtenstein took in about 400 refugees from Nazi-controlled Austria between 1933 and 1945 but turned back 165, the commission said.”

There is a direct connection between Liechtenstein and the Bodrum conference, as Hans Hermann Hoppe was in fact invited by the Prince of Liechtenstein himself, as we read in one report written by Douglas French, the former president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute:

“He was invited to a private audience with the prince of Liechtenstein to discuss economics, philosophy, and anarchy. He and his wife host the Property and Freedom Society salon in Bodrum, Turkey, each year, attracting intellectuals from all over the world, representing various disciplines.” 

Prince Alois of Liechtenstein

TUSIAD has a strong relationship with the Federation of German Industries (BDI), and both are connected to the governments of Turkey and Germany. One 2013 report speaks about Angela Merkel visiting Erdogan and attending a forum of CEOS from both TUSIAD and BDI:

“She will return to the Turkish capital on Monday to meet with President Abdullah Gül and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for political consultations. Merkel will also attend a business forum attended by CEOs of major companies on both sides organized by the Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association (TÜSİAD) and the Federation of German Industries (BDI). The German chancellor came to Turkey in 2010, which was followed by Erdoğan’s visit to Berlin in November of last year.”

What is interesting is the pattern that we are seeing being done by people within the right-wing and big industrialists in Turkey. For example, Bernard Lewis, the one who coined the term, “The clash of civilizations” as a way to describe the tension between the Islamic world and West, vehemently denied the Armenian Genocide. The Turkish industrialist, Aldo Kalowski, was the head of a delegation that went to Paris specifically to push the French not to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

Gulcin Imre’s brother, Ergin Imre, is on the Board of Directors at Enka, a billionaire dollar  construction conglomerate based in Istanbul, headed by Turkish multi-billionaire, Şarık Tara. Tara was very instrumental in the movement to stop the US from passing the bill recognizing the Armenian Genocide in the 80s and 90s.

The story behind the bill brings much more meaning to the story. The bill was introduced by the American senator, Robert Dole. In 1945, while fighting the Nazis in Italy, Dole was struck by German machine gun fire, hitting him  in his upper back and right arm, leaving him with devastating injuries. While he was back in the US, Dole was medicated by an Armenian doctor, Hampar Kelikian, who did not only treat Mr. Dole’s injuries, but did so free of charge.

Robert Dole

Being much touched by kindness, Mr. Dole cultivated a love for the Armenian people. Bole introduced the bill in the 80s, and received much resistance, not just from Turks, but from Jews as well. The Turkish investor Üzeyir Garih recounted how he and others worked with Jewish lobbyists to stop the bill from getting passed:

“We asked [Israel’s] initiative on the Jewish lobby indirectly by mentioning the problem Turkey faced. They said they would do whatever possible. Also we sent letters to the Jewish lobby. After the seminar, Jak Kamhi, chairman of the executive committee of our foundation [i.e., the Quincentenial Foundation] went to Washington. I may say that we’ve worked against this draft since 1984. I think this comprehensive effort will yield positive results, since the Jewish lobby is very strong in Congress.”

One senior Turkish Foreign Ministry official even said that “if the genocide concept is applied to the Armenians who died between 1915 and 1923, when not even one document appeared on [the Ottomans’ hostile] intention against the Armenians, it will destroy the concept of genocide. [The] Jewish genocide will become [simply a commonplace event].” In other words, they feared that if the Armenian Genocide is recognize, it would make the Jewish Holocaust appear to be just another genocide.

Whats amazing is that here you have Muslim Turks working with Jews against recognizing the genocide against Christians. It proves that, even though Islam is innately anti-Jewish, the Turks did not mind working with certain Jews to fight against their common enemy: the Christians.  Turkey’s chief rabbi, David Asseo, wrote a letter to  each of the one hundred members of the US Senate, saying:

“The new initiative is of great concern to our community. We acknowledge the tragedy suffered both by the Turks and the Armenians. However we cannot accept the label of ‘genocide’; the groundless accusation is as injurious to us as it is to our Turkish compatriots.”

But it wasn’t just the Jewish lobby that was involved in campaigning against recognizing the Armenian Genocide. The real movers behind the movement were major Turkish elites, men amongst the wealthiest of Turkey, very powerful industrialists who held huge political sway and leverage. Major Turkish and American industrialists and firms created the American Turkish Council. One of the members of the council was one of Turkey’s most wealthiest men: Sarik Tara, the founder of Enka. Tara had a meeting with the American commodity trading executive and president of Philipp Brothers, Ludwig Jesselson in New York and asked him to deal with the situation of the bill on recognizing the Armenian Genocide. Jesselson told Tara that he would have it taken care of. Tara recounted this:

“At one time, the Armenian genocide question was a big problem for us. The Armenians were struggling to get a Senate resolution [confirming] the claims of genocide. I had a very good friend in New York: [Ludwig] Jesselson, the president of Philipp Brothers. He is no longer alive, but when I used to visit New York we would always eat lunch together. One time when I went there, I told him, ‘I’m upset.’ ‘Why?’ he asked. I told him it was due to the Armenian problem. We discussed the essence of the matter. ‘Leave it,’ he said, ‘I’ll take care of it.’ And after that the matter really was resolved. Just as he said, they solved through Tel Aviv. Because of Jesselson’s efforts, the Israel lobby and the Jewish lobby in the U.S. entered the picture.”(2)

Sarik Tara

The bill introduced by Robert Dole was rejected in 1990, with the Senate voting 51-48, and Democrat Senator Robert Byrd saying: “I do not doubt that atrocities were committed … The Senate has no right to determine if it is genocide or not genocide.”

The cancelation of the resolution was due to the diabolical efforts of lobbyists and major industrialists. Sarik Tara, one of Turkey’s wealthiest men, has in his Board of Directors, Ergin Imre, the president of the Ahmet Veli Menger Holding banking company, the backer of the Property and Freedom Society, ran by his sister, Gulcin Imre and her Austrian husband, Hans Hermann Hoppe. 


In one talk that Hans Hermann Hoppe gave in Turkey, he said that migrants “who don’t add value” to society “are parasites,” and then went on to describe how:

“You cannot express this attitude in Germany — certainly not in Germany — if you say something like this you are automatically, as everyone who deviates only in the slightest from the politically correct way, in Germany you of course are immediately called a Nazi if you say something like this.” 

And yet, he is perfectly allowed to speak this way in Turkey, a Muslim nation that was the one that worked with Germany to absorb the Muslim migrants into Europe.

But why would Turkey allow such an organization to operate? Turkey is not such a free society like the United States, where you can say whatever you want.

The answer to this is to look to the history of the relationship between Germany and Turkey.

In that history, you will find that it was Germany that facilitated the Armenian Genocide by commencing the Brest-Litovsk meeting, where German leveraged the Bolsheviks to give huge sections of the Russian Empire to Germany, thus enabling Turkey to take from Russia the region of Armenia from the Russians, which allowed the Turks to make Armenia into a slaughterhouse. You will also see how the German General Hans von Seeckt was completely in support for the genocide of the Armenians. The Germans and the Muslims worked together to slaughter the Christians.

A group digs up remains of Armenian victims in Der Zor in 1938. Lacking food

Moreover, in the history of the Armenian Genocide, one will find that the Young Turks — the ones who ruled the Ottoman Empire and orchestrated the Armenian Genocide were Muslim-Darwinian syncretists who believed in eugenics; they slaughtered the Armenians and the other Christian peoples, for the cause of creating a racially Turkish and religiously Muslim homogenous society. The Ottomans even replaced Arab officials with Turkish ones to make the empire more racially Turkic. So, the Turkish elites of today, just like the ones of the past, could care less about Muslim migrants into Europe; they are using them as a political means to an end.

As we have said in our previous articles and videos, the migrant crises was an orchestration in order to change and dramatically alter the political climate of Europe, to fragment the European Union, and to justify militarism and eugenics. The Turks are behind this evil conspiracy, working with the Germans to bring Europe into despotism. So, Turkey could care less if a German within its country is spouting and promoting eugenist ideas; for in the end, they both have the same goals.

And in this Bodrum conferences, as we will see, there are people involved in the push to deny that the Armenian Genocide even happened, which demonstrates how the eugenist Property and Freedom Society is in fact advancing the anti-Christian agenda of the Ottomanists.


And this leads me to the Turkish representative involved with the Property and Freedom Society: Mustafa Akyol, a mouthpiece and propagandist for Turkey. He is heavily involved with the Property and Freedom Society, doing numerous speeches for their annual conference in Turkey. What is interesting is how Mustafa was not invited only once, but multiple times. In 2008 he gave a lecture entitled, “Understanding the Ottoman Empire, Modern Turkey, and the Kurdish Question”. Of course, westerners need to buy into Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman utopian dream. He was again invited to the Bodrum conference in 2009 to give a lecture entitled, “Mustafa Akyol, Kemal Ataturk: The French Connection”.

In 2010, he gave another lecture entitled: “Are Islam and Capitalism Compatible?” He did another one on 2011, on “Ottoman Provinces” and how the borders of the Middle-East may be redrawn in the near future.

Akyol has become a propagandist mouthpiece to the United States. In July of last year, Akyol, in accordance to Erdogan’s propaganda, implied that Fetullah Gulen was behind the coup against Erdogan and advocated for the United States to extradite him back to Turkey as a way to improve American-Turkish relations:

“But the United States government can try to negotiate with its Turkish counterparts to extradite Mr. Gulen, as Turkey’s government is now requesting, on the condition of a fair trial. That would ensure justice, improve Turkish-American relations and help calm the dangerous zeal in Turkey.” 

Akyol has gotten into the activity of deceptive and tricky holocaust denial, urging Western nations to not pass resolutions recognizing the Armenian Genocide done by Turkey. Writing for the Hurriyet Daily, Akyol says:

“Should Westerners never speak about the tragedy of Armenians? Should they never call Turkey to face some of the dark chapters in its history? I would not suggest so. Westerners, like everybody else, have the right to speak about the dark chapters in history, of which they have plenty as well. But if the Western world wants to have any positive influence on the perception of Turks, they should use a more impartial language and show more empathy for those who are not their own as well.”

Mustafa Akyol

Notice the deception, it is the same type utilized by the revivers of Nazism: they will acknowledge that people died, while at the same time pushing for governments to forget about the atrocities.

Japan does the same thing in regards to its past genocide against the Koreans, Chinese and other Asian peoples that it conquered: it will tell its former victims to ‘move on,’ to stop talking about it. For example, in South Korea they placed the statue of a little girl, representing all of the women raped by Japanese imperial soldiers, next to Japanese diplomatic buildings in Seoul and Busan, as a response to Japanese Defense Minister Tomomi Inada entering the Yasukuni Shrine to worship the souls of Japanese war criminals. Just recently, the Japanese Foreign Minister, Fumio Kishida, demanded that the Koreans remove the statue.

Just as Turkey gets upset when other nations bring up the Armenian Genocide, so do the Japanese get enraged when their past atrocities are spoken about, be it through monuments or governments, like that of China. And here we have a Turkish intellectual, Mustafa Akyol, pushing for Western nations to not pass recognitions of the Armenian Genocide, while at the same time he does work with a eugenist and ‘Alt-Right’ organization. 

In May of 2008, Akyol gave a lecture in the Bodrum conference for the Property and Freedom Society, on the subject of “Understanding the Ottoman Empire, Modern Turkey, and the Kurdish Question”. Hans Hermann Hoppe introduced Akyol as “the editorial page editor of Turkish Daily News”.

Before Akyol spoke, there was a British speaker named Norman Stone who took the stage. Stone is no small cookie. He was an advisor for Margaret Thatcher, and is now an apologist for the Turkish government, teaching people his holocaust denial in which he denies the Armenian Genocide. In his lecture he says:

“The Armenians were not innocent. They were doing their share of the slaughtering as well. And you cannot say that the ministry of the interior said ‘Wipe the Armenians out.’ Thats all forgeries. Nasty things happened, a lot of theft. But its not the genocide. The Armenians jump up and down, up and down, in the European parliament, and here and there, everywhere, trying to take advantage, obviously, of American law, to try to extract compensation from the Deutsche bank or French insurance company, on and on.”     

In the same lecture he expressed his frustration about Greece preventing Turkey’s entry into the European Union, saying:

“The one who I think made a terrible mistake, are the Greeks. It has done them no good at all to frustrate Turkey’s entry.”

Mustafa Akyol works with major eugenists, having shared platforms with them in the Property and Freedom conferences in Turkey.

For example, the open eugenist Steve Sailer was with Akyol in Bodrum, writing later: “I had lunch with this guy, Mustafa Akyol, in Bodrum at Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s shindig in 2009, when Turkey was at its apogee. He’s a good guy.” He then referred to Akyol “having an Anglo-Saxon mindset,” which is reminiscent to the Nazis elevating Haj Amin Al-Husseini as an “honorary Aryan.” Sailer is the founder of the Human Bio Diversity Institute, an official eugenist organization. A simple perusing of the material published on the institute’s website will show simply how viciously it is entrenched in the agenda of Darwinism.

Steve Sailer

His institute once published an article by the fanatic Darwinist, Geoffrey Miller, entitled “Chinese Eugenics,” in which he pushes for the West to accept eugenist policies being enacted by the Communist Chinese government on its population. For example, he writes:

“China has been running the world’s largest and most successful eugenics program for more than thirty years, driving China’s ever-faster rise as the global superpower. …  For generations, Chinese intellectuals have emphasized close ties between the state (guojia), the nation (minzu), the population (renkou), the Han race (zhongzu), and, more recently, the Chinese gene-pool (jiyinku). Traditional Chinese medicine focused on preventing birth defects, promoting maternal health and “fetal education” (taijiao) during pregnancy, and nourishing the father’s semen (yangjing) and mother’s blood (pingxue) to produce bright, healthy babies (see Frank Dikötter’s book Imperfect Conceptions). Many scientists and reformers of Republican China (1912-1949) were ardent Darwinians and Galtonians. They worried about racial extinction (miezhong) and “the science of deformed fetuses” (jitaixue), and saw eugenics as a way to restore China’s rightful place as the world’s leading civilization after a century of humiliation by European colonialism. … Given the Mendelian genetic lottery, the kids produced by any one couple typically differ by 5 to 15 IQ points. So this method of “preimplantation embryo selection” might allow IQ within every Chinese family to increase by 5 to 15 IQ points per generation. After a couple of generations, it would be game over for Western global competitiveness.”

Miller’s conclusion is not that the Communist policies are evil, but that they are worthy of emulation and should be adopted by Western governments:

“My real worry is the Western response. The most likely response, given Euro-American ideological biases, would be a bioethical panic that leads to criticism of Chinese population policy with the same self-righteous hypocrisy that we have shown in criticizing various Chinese socio-cultural policies. But the global stakes are too high for us to act that stupidly and short-sightedly. A more mature response would be based on mutual civilizational respect, asking—what can we learn from what the Chinese are doing, how can we help them, and how can they help us to keep up as they create their brave new world?”

Geoffrey Miller

Steve Sailer himself likes the idea of a “one-child” policy for poor families in the United States, and he advocates for the US government to have a policy called “one-and-done”:

“But another way for poor women to boost the resources they can provide per child is to have fewer children. In the spirit of the University of Kentucky’s bid to become the first basketball team to go 40-0 by using stars who spend the minimum one year in college, NCAA fan Barack Obama could propose a new catchphrase for women on welfare: ‘one-and-done.’”

In other words, Sailer wants the government to control the reproduction of only the poor in the US, of course, and its not difficult to know what such a policy would lead to: infanticide. But people like Sailer are the type who Mustafa Akyol works with in the Property and Freedom Society.

Mustafa shared a platform with several major leaders of the Alt-Right movement, such as Peter Brimelow (the founder of VDARE, with which Ann Coulter is very much involved) and Paul Gottfried, who is considered to be the father of the Alt-Right movement and a mentor to Richard Spencer. Here is a photo showing the list of speakers, published on the official VDARE website:


Gottfried is another toxic pseudo-intellect who advocates for racialist ideology, and whats disturbing is how so few conservatives care to know that he and others like him are supported within right-wing media.

For example, the FrontPage Magazine, owned by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, in support of Paul Gottfried, published an article written by Paul Gottfried in 2016, in which he referred to eugenist figures such as Jared Taylor, John Derbyshire, Peter Brimelow, and Steve Sailer as intellectual luminaries:

“Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, Steve Sailer and John Derbyshire are all brilliant thinkers and writers, and I wouldn’t deny that I’ve benefited from their luminous insight.”

John Derbyshire

That FrontPage Magazine — a Counterjihad site that hosts the works of figures such as Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and Bill Warner — would even publish this, shows the connection between the Counterjihad movement and the Alt-Right eugenist movement. This also shows that there really is no difference from what the Alt-Right wants and what Turkey plans for the West: despotism and genocidal eugenist policies.

John Derbyshire is also associated with the Bodrum conference in Turkey, giving a lecture there in 2011, in which he shared a platform with the Muslim Turk, Mustafa Akyok, and writing about his experience as such:

“I spent the Memorial Day weekend as a guest of Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s Property and Freedom Society at their annual conference in Bodrum, Turkey. It was a wonderfully relaxing break, for which I am very much obliged to the good professor, his charming wife, and their co-organizers. I gave a talk about China and got to see some of Turkey (a country that was new to me), and I listened to some interesting and instructive lectures.”

Bruce Thornton, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, wrote an article published on FrontPage Magazine in defense of the English Eugenist, John Derbyshire. Derbyshire wrote an article in which he expressed his racism, saying things like: “Before voting for a black politician, scrutinize his/her character much more carefully than you would a white.” And:

“Only one black in six is more intelligent than the average white; five whites out of six are more intelligent than the average black. These differences show in every test of general cognitive ability that anyone, of any race or nationality, has yet been able to devise.”

Now, instead of explicitly condemning this evil, Thornton complains about National Review firing Derbyshire, writing:

“Wittgenstein once wrote, ‘What we cannot talk about we must pass over in silence.’ Ex-National Review writer John Derbyshire has just learned the modern American version of this truth. What we Americans cannot talk about is race (except, of course, in the anodyne terms established by political correctness), and woe betide anyone who refuses to pass over this topic in silence.

Derbyshire got in trouble over a piece he posted on the webzine Taki’s Magazine called “The Talk: Nonblack Version. “The talk” is what many professional blacks call the coming-of-age conversation they have with their kids, the main theme of which seems to be the persistence of racism in American society. Derbyshire’s version focuses on some matters of fact, such as the disproportionate numbers of black criminals, and others of speculation, such as black intelligence inferiority. It was the latter, of course, that got Derbyshire fired by National Review, which called such ideas ‘nasty and indefensible.’”

Bruce Thornton

He then ends the article by saying:  “Rather than banishing the issues Derbyshire raised, we should bring them out into the open, let people make the case one way or the other, and judge the evidence and arguments. That’s how an open, free society is supposed to work.”

Such talk is what helps enable the type of evil ideas that Derbyshire propagates: allow tolerance for eugenist and anti-human ideology, and protest when such diabolical ideas are not tolerated. The same arguments are used by the agents of the sodomite agenda; they will say that the promotion of homosexuality, no matter how perverted and evil it is, must be tolerated.

You have the Right-Wing pushing for the tolerance of eugenist ideas, and with this logic one could defend the toleration for Holocaust denial, abortion, arguments for ethnic cleansing, and every other sinister idea one can think of. It is no wonder that when Milo Yiannopoulos was promoting sodomy between old homosexual men and 13 year old boys, much of the Right came to his defense with the claim that Milo was being mistreated and under the persecution of a ‘Left Wing hit job.’

It is actions like these that indicate what we have been thinking and saying for a while now: The Right and the Left are two sides of the same coin.

Even the conservative media outlet, PJ Media, interviewed John Derbyshire back in 2009. During the interview Derbyshire, while not explicitly stating his views of one race being inferior to another, he did refer to certain immigrants as being a threat to the “Anglo-Celtic-Protestant American culture”, saying:

“Take in 100,000 people from culture C, which is considerably, or radically, different from traditional Anglo-Celtic-Protestant American culture. Some number X will assimilate to American culture. Some number Y will encyst themselves in a little home-from-home. (And this will, of course, be much easier for them to do if lots of C-culture people are settled here in ghettos. My novel Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream offers some examples.) Some number Z will react strongly against American culture — absimilate. The first immigrant generation will be almost entirely Xs and Ys, with none or very few Zs.”    

The interviewer, Bernard Chapin, did not express a single objection to this virulent and darwinistic way of talking as if people were different species of mice moving from one compartment to the other. Again, this acceptance of perversity and eugenics within major Right-Wing circles reveals not just the toxic waste coming out of the ultra-conservative, but reveals the decayed roots of the conservative movement itself.

Bernard Chapin

This obsession with the “Anglo-Saxon” or “Anglo-Celtic” Protestant culture as the bulwark for American identity — as we hear from people like Derbyshire and Ann Coulter —  is deeply rooted in the Darwinist ideology that intermixed with Protestant thought in the 19th and 20 centuries. It was Baden Powell and Thomas Malthus, both Protestant ministers, who were teaching on evolution and natural selection way before Darwin ever did (to learn more on this, click here).   

So extreme are the elements that has infiltrated the conservatives including their media outlets that even liberal colleges would reject the entry of these genocidal maniacs to speak. In 2016, Derbyshire was disinvited from speaking at Williams’ College, and PJ Media — expectedly — published an article, written by Roger Kimball, for his defense, of course speaking under the typical title of “free speech.” Kimball writes

“Yesterday, Adam Falk, the president of Williams College, disgraced himself, the college that he leads, and the institution of free speech that he has claimed to support. He did this by disinviting John Derbyshire, the mathematician and commentator, from speaking at Williams for a student-run program called “Uncomfortable Learning,” a series specifically designed to bring serious but alternative points of view to the expensive (this year’s tab: $63,290) and coddled purlieus of Williamstown, Massachusetts, where nearly all the faculty are left-leaning and the students, with rare exceptions, are timid if irritable politically correct babies.”

What is funny is that in this same article, Kimball, in a rather sly and facetious way, writes:

“You must be wondering what sort of monster this Derbyshire fellow is. Does he recommend murdering babies? No, no: that is the province of Planned Parenthood.”

Roger Kimball

Actually Kimball, he does. You see, I am all for censuring and abolishing the works of Derbyshire, because they are evil. Its that simple. Derbyshire is a eugenist, Social-Darwinist, who is all for infanticide, euthanasia and social engineering. Derbyshire, just like the old racist eugenists back in day, is all for murdering babies and the disabled, supporting even the killing of Terry Schiavo, saying:

“I don’t even know the woman, and have no power to do anything to her anyway. I am paid to express my opinions, though; and my opinion is, that the desire of Terri’s husband that she starve to death is more humane and compassionate than the desire of her parents, Andy, Ramesh, Kathryn, and the Pope – all of whom I admire and respect — that she linger indefinitely in her present condition.”

In a 2006 article, this man of ‘free speech’ wrote: “Infanticide was widely, lawfully, practiced in China within living memory; and the ancient Athenians, a very civilized people, exposed unwanted infants on the Acropolis.”

In another article, Derbyshire advocates for gene manipulation for the purpose of creating an ideal race of humans:

“The thing we can already do is scrutinize the genomes of fertilized human eggs and discard those eggs with gene variants we don’t want. As the Spectator article points out, we’re just starting to be able to do a much more advanced thing: edit the genome of a fertilized egg, actually changing the genes from variants we don’t want to variants we do. These new techniques neutralize the moral problem. If you’re fertilizing twenty eggs, then picking the one you want and throwing away the rest, people will say you’re destroying human lives. If you’re just fertilizing one egg, then diddling with its genes to improve the health of the person it will become—or the beauty, or the intelligence, or the musical ability of that person—why is that morally worse than taking out someone’s appendix, or giving them cosmetic dentistry?”

Its all using fancy words while acting as if life is held by brats with easter eggs picking and choosing which color they crack and which ones they keep.

Derbyshire also supported the idea of William Shockley to actually pay people of ‘low IQ’ to be sterilized, and he says that the plan is good because its done under “liberty”:

“William Shockley, at any rate, seems to have stuck with liberty. His most controversial proposal was that non-taxpayers with an IQ below 100 would be paid if they voluntarily agreed to sterilization—a thousand 1972 dollars for each of their IQ points under 100. You may think that’s loopy, but it’s still voluntary.” 

This is the world we’re sailing into. If the word “eugenics” gives us the heebie-jeebies, we’d better just change it for another word. Whatever word we use, the thing is what we’re doing, and will be doing more and more of.

In an article Derbyshire writes:

“Worthy and admirable civilizations can co-exist with all sorts of attitudes to fetuses, and even to newborns. The ancient Athenians exposed unwanted babies on the Acropolis. Were they not civilized? Abortion has been a human universal everywhere, among civilizations high and low, and also among primitives.”

Derbyshire gives the allusion that children who are five months or five minutes before birth should not be guaranteed a right to life: 

“The whole ‘right to life’ business is over my head. I don’t even understand what it means. If I fall down the basement steps and break my neck tomorrow, what happened to my ‘right to life’? I do of course have the legal right to expect that, if somebody wilfully kills me, he will be punished (by the death penalty, if it’s up to me — no inconsistency here!) I’d extend the same privilege to a new-born baby. Back beyond that — five minutes, or five months before the baby is born — the mother is rather intimately involved (and the father somewhat less so), and you are in a different situation.”

While Derbyshire does the commonly used trick of expressing a personal disliking for abortion, he believes that infanticide and even cannibalism should be allowed as far as to what “the consensus” or the people desire it. He says in the article:

“The killing of embryos and fetuses is intrinsically disturbing and disgusting to normal people, including me. As with other such acts — the eating of corpses, for example — an organized society needs some consensus, embodied in law, about what may and may not be done; though also (I’d argue) an understanding that that consensus is founded on nothing but those widespread common emotions — disturbance and disgust. I’d guess that most people in today’s U.S.A. would settle for unconditional abortion up to 12 weeks, conditional abortion up to 20, severely conditional thereafter. Whatever the consensus is, let’s settle on it and enforce the laws.”

In other words, if the people are not repulsed by cannibalism and infanticide, then it should accepted, because thats what “the people” want.

This goes along the lines of the pro-cannibalism movement that has been operating in the world for years now, as I have documented in my article on this issue, here. John Derbyshire is not the only figure within this labyrinth of chaotic ideas. In the very article I just linked, I show that a psychiatrist named Theodore Darlymple, supported the idea of consensual cannibalism.  When the German homosexual and cannibal, Armin Miewes, ate Brend Brandes, another sodomite pervert who wanted to be eaten, there was quite the controversy, because the German government did not really want to come to the conclusion that consensual cannibalism is evil. Darlymple, with the typically used arguments by the modern day right wing of “freedom,” believed that what Miewes did was not worthy of punishment because the cannibalism was consensual, writing in his 2004 article, A Case for Cannibalism:

“According to the evidence, Meiwes and Brandes were consenting adults: by what right, therefore, has the state interfered in their slightly odd relationship?”

Theodore Dalrymple

What makes this even more strange is the interconnection between the murderous and cannibalistic Derbyshire and Darlymple and the Property and Freedom Society in Turkey. In 2012, Darlymple gave a lecture for the Property and Freedom Society, as one can see in this link

Other eugenists who have attended the Bodrum conference are Richard Lynn and the German eugenist, Heiner Rindermann. Lynn attended the 2013 Bodrum conference and gave a lecture entitled, Why Are The Jews So Smart? Rindermann attended the 2016 Bodrum conference, giving a lecture on how migrants are lowering the IQ of Germany, an idea that was taught by Thilo Sarrazin, a German politician and eugenist very popular amongst the Counterjihad movement, especially for figures like Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch.

Rindermann wrote a section for a book called, Race and Sex Differences in Intelligence and Personality: A Tribute to Richard Lynn at Eighty, edited by the Danish racialist, Helmuth Nyborg.


What makes Akyol so significant in this study is that he is a Turkish Muslim doing lectures with people who believe in Darwinism, and he himself is quite friendly with the theory of Darwinian Evolution, writing in an article, published in January of 2017, advocating for the Muslim theory on Evolution:

“First, the theory of evolution and atheistic interpretations of it are two different things (as is the case with many other scientific theories, including the Big Bang). There are scientists and thinkers in the West who view evolution as compatible with their belief in a creator. Moreover, Islamic civilization has its own tradition of evolution, with various medieval Muslim scholars having written about the common origin of the species centuries before Darwin. That is why John William Draper, a Darwin contemporary, referred to Darwin’s views as the “Mohammadan theory of evolution. Second, Muslim belief in evolution is not unheard of in modern-day Turkey. Such modernist theologians as Mehmet Bayraktar, Caner Taslaman and the late Suleyman Ates have popularized the idea. In “The Creative Evolution Theory in Islam” (2001), Bayraktar explains that for Muslims, evolution can be viewed as a process preordained by God to create species through natural means, just like God “creates” rain through natural means that are detectable by meteorology.””

Kemal Ataturk, founder of the Turkish Republic, believed in Darwinism

In Turkey there is the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), which is a government department aimed at “science, technology and innovation” (STI) policies. It was established to support and conduct research and development, and to “play a leading role in the creation of a science and technology culture” in Turkey.

It has been said many times on the media that TUBITAK rejects and censors books on Evolution. But this in not true. Officials at TUBITAK struck back at these reports and revealed that their institution is in fact distributing numerous publications on Darwinsim, with one official saying: “There are two books already in our 2012 catalogue regarding evolution, Richard Dawkins’ ‘The Blind Watchmaker’ is one of them … Dawkins’ ‘The Selfish Gene’ is not being published because of a publication rights issue, but this is being manipulated”.

Mustafa Akyol made a report in 2013 on this, writing that under the administration of Erdogan — which has been portrayed as being antagonistic towards evolutionism — books on evolution are still allowed to be distributed:

“A few weeks ago, Sözcü, a Turkish tabloid with a hardcore secularist line, ran a headline story that touched on one of Turkey’s bones of contention: The place of the theory of evolution in public education. According to Sözcü, the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) had discontinued the publishing of books on evolution. The paper also added that this was one of the many signs of Turkey’s drift into “darkness,” a synonym for religious bigotry.

The subtext of Sözcü’s text was clear: Under the conservative Justice and Development Party (AKP) government, a more Islamic worldview was pervading official bodies such as TÜBİTAK, while secular icons such as Darwinism were being pushed out.

In fact, it soon turned out that this was a false alarm. TÜBİTAK officials said to the press, including Hürriyet Daily News, that the institution kept on publishing books by major evolutionary scientists such as Richard Dawkins, Stephen Jay Gould, Richard Levontin and James Watson.”


Once one understands the commonality between the Turks and the Alt-Right one can understand why the two movements will eventually merge when Europe turns the way of the revolutionaries. For example, there is a reason why Akyol and those Turks who are like him, are favorable towards evolution and Darwinism: they are Kemalists, they subscribe to the ideology of the Young Turks who believed in eugenics and who orchestrated the systematic genocide of the Armenians for the cause of Darwinism. The Young Turks, headed by Kemal Atatturk, belonged to a political society called the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP).

Now, why would they give themselves this name? They wanted “union,” in that they wanted racial union, a purely Ottoman society; they wanted “progress” in that they wanted to incorporate secular or materialistic ideas, including evolution and darwinism.  The Young Turks were identitarians, in that they pursued a utopian ideal in which they would preserve the Ottoman identity from a multicultural state in which Armenian, Assyrian and Greek Christians were seen as a threat to this nationalist identity.

Turkish official teasing starved Armenian children by showing bread during the Armenian Genocide, 1915

It is no surprise, then, that the Property and Freedom Society will bring in Identitarian eugenists like Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor, while bringing in a Kemalist favorable to evolutionism like Mustafa Akyol, and someone who denies the Armenian Genocide like Norman Stone. While the two seem different — one being for White supremacy while the other for Ottoman supremacy — they are two different faces while being of the same essence, and that is, the diabolical.

Ayca Alemdaroglu wrote a very in depth essay on the eugenics of the Young Turks and describes some of the eugenist beliefs of Ataturk:

Atatürk, the leader of the Republican modernisation movement never mentioned eugenics as such; nevertheless, in the eyes of the eugenicists some of his famous remarks such as ‘strong and sturdy generations are the essence of Turkey’ and ‘the nation should be protected from degenerative perils’ were the basis of Turkish eugenic discourse.”

There was a Turkish doctor by the name of Fahrettin Kerim Gokay, a professor of psychiatry at Istanbul, who promoted and advocated for eugenics. He subscribed to the German ideology of “racial hygiene,” and affirmed that the preservation of superior racial traits from degeneration must be amongst the highest principles of Turkish nation. Gokay referred to retarded people as ‘inferior’ beings who were a danger to the morals and order of the Turkish society.

Fahrettin Kerim Gokay

Server Kamil Tokgöz, a Turkish medical professor, wrote in his 1938 book that “abnormal” people will reverse the process of Darwinian evolution. He broke society down into three categories: the superiors, the mediocre, and the “cacogenics,” that is the inferior people, who he described as the mute, the deaf, the insane, alcoholics, vagabonds, the immoral and the criminals. While praising the Young Turks — even though they butchered millions — he would go around labeling criminals as “inferior.”

Server Kamil Tokgöz

This is the wickedness of man: they will praise the murderers of prestigious position, while ceaselessly crying about criminals of lower status. Like Gokay, Tokgoz referenced Galton when he pushed for a policy that would increase the offspring of the “superiors,” while decreasing the population of the “inferiors.” Gokay believed that race mixing would bring about a “schizophrenic” disposition into the Turkish race, and referenced Francis Galton’s belief in the State controlling reproduction as the only solution to prevent this. 

This continuous referencing to Galton is what the eugenists do, be they European or Turk. We have here Turks referencing Galton, and today we have Americans referencing Galton. Steve Sailer, who shared a platform with the Turkish evolutionist, Mustafa Akyol, praises Galton, once writing:  “I’m introducing International Galton Day on Francis Galton’s birthday of February 16.” Sailer also promotes genetic engineering, referencing Chinese eugenist policies as the reason behind China’s success:

“Unencumbered by post-Christian ethics, the Chinese government recently passed a pre-1945-style eugenics law calling for the sterilization of “morons.” The ruthlessness of this law portends that if China implements genetic enhancements while the multiculturalist West either bans them or pursues a politically correct reengineering of human nature, the inevitable result within a few generations would be Chinese economic, and thus military, global hegemony. As the weapons scientist and evolutionary theorist Gregory Cochran pointed out, “We cannot opt out of this biological arms race any more than we could opt out of the nuclear arms race.” Therefore, those serious about either preventing or decreeing genetic engineering should start planning a preemptive nuclear strike on China, and soon. But, I’d rather end not with a bang, but not with a whimper either. The future of the human race is at stake. To make the right decisions about eugenics in the near future, we must start right now to study the impact of genetic diversity on human societies. We cannot continue to assume that genes don’t affect societies and that societies don’t affect genes. The time to get serious about Darwin is now—before the age of Galton fully arrives.”

Notice how these people write, they will use the typical right-wing jargon of attacking multiculturalism even for the cause of eugenics and murderous ideology. But these are the minds of the wicked, the minds of those who conspire together to destroy everything holy. The slaves of materialism, who hate beauty and war against harmony, they bow down before the mechanical, be it they who say there is no God, or they who believe God to be far away, utterly separate from all humanity, like a whisper lost in the echoes of desert gusts. The wicked are amongst those who say: “our body shall be ashes, and our spirit shall be poured abroad as soft air,” (Wisdom 2:5) and while rejecting the sublime and worshipping the mechanical, they will enforce the creed of the cruel, saying: “let our strength be the law of justice: for that which is feeble is found to be nothing worth.” (Wisdom 2:11)

This verse from the Bible sums up the entire creed of Darwinism: brutality and ‘survival of the fittest.’ 

And from the belief in ‘survival of the fittest,’ comes the sanguinary onslaught against the righteous:

“Let us, therefore, lie in wait for the just, because he is not for our turn, and he is contrary to our doings, and upbraideth us with transgressions of the law, and divulgeth against us the sins of our way of life.” (Wisdom 2:12)

What these verses in the Book of Wisdom describe is really the mentality of the Darwinist, and the Scripture is warning us about this, for truly it is the work of Satan, and a work that unites the children of darkness, just as it has and still is uniting the Muslims with the Nazis. 

Hitler loved the Young Turks for their brutality, and for their eugenist policy of exterminating the Armenians, and the Young Turks, as well, believing in eugenics and applying it to its fullest genocidal extent. Twentieth century Turkey was filled with eugenics. In the 1934 book, entitled Biology and the Human Life, by Devlet Matbaasi, it affirms that the survival of Turkey will depend on the perpetuation of the superior genes of the Turk:

The Turkish race of which we are proud to belong has a distinguished place amongst the best, strongest, most intelligent and most competent races in the world. Our duty is to preserve the essential qualities and virtues of the Turkish race and to confirm that we deserve to be members of this race. For that reason, one of our primary national duties is to adhere to the principle of leading physically and spiritually worthwhile lives by protecting ourselves from the perils of ill health, and by applying the knowledge of biology to our lives. The future of our Turkey will depend on the breeding of high valued Turkish progeny in the families that today’s youth will form in the future.”

The Young Turks, like the Kemalists of today, believed in evolution, and the Nazis of today, fanatically hold onto eugenics.

Hoppe is an advocate for Malthusian eugenics, in which it is pushed that those deemed inferior would die out in great numbers so that those of ‘superior’ stock would populate over those who are considered to be of ‘inferior’ genetic makeup. In his book, A Short History of Man, Hoppe writes that:

“under Malthusian conditions positive eugenics effects reign: the economically successful produce more surviving offspring and the population stock is thus gradually bettered (cognitively improved). Under post-Malthusian conditions the existence and the growth of the State produces a two-fold dysgenic effect, especially under democratic welfare-state conditions. For one, the ‘economically challenged,’ as the principle ‘clients’ of the welfare State, produce more surviving offspring, and the economically successful less. Second, the steady growth of a parasitic State, made possible by a growing underlying economy, systemically affects the requirements of economic success. Economic success becomes increasingly dependent on politics and political talent, i.e. the talent of using the State to enrich oneself at others’ expense. In any case, the population stock becomes increasingly worse (as far as the cognitive requirements of prosperity and economic growth are concerned), rather than better.” (3) 

Hans Hermann Hoppe was praised by the outspoken eugenist Jared Taylor, the head and founder of the eugenist organization, American Renaissance or Amren. Jared Taylor, regarding Hoppe’s work, wrote: 

Prof. Hoppe recognizes that the right to discriminate, to keep out undesirables, is a fundamental freedom that only the servile would ever give up.”

There is a statement in Hoppe’s book which Jared Taylor admires, in which he says:

“bums and inferior people will likely support egalitarian policies, whereas geniuses and superior people will not. The result of this policy of non-discrimination [in immigration policy] is forced integration: the forcing of masses of inferior immigrants onto domestic property owners who, if the decision were left to them, would have sharply discriminated and chosen very different neighbors for themselves.”

Jared Taylor, in his review of Hoppe’s book, desires for a policy that will force immigrant workers away from the public and kept within the confines of ghettos, writing: 

“if capitalists really want foreign workers, they should keep them in self-sufficient company towns rather than force them on the public.”

In other words, concentration camps.

Hans Hermann Hoppe has a connection with the Austrian Identitiarian movement, which is an ethnocentric organization, established significantly by Götz Kubitschek, one of the pioneers of the PEGIDA movement in Germany, headed by Lutz Bachmann. All of this reveals an interconnection between these groups at a global level. In 2004, two years before founding the Property and Freedom Society, Hoppe wrote an article for Kubitschek’s Identitarian magazine, SeCession, entitled Democracy – The God who is not one, in which he (typical of the Nazi types) decries the bombing of Germany as “the Allied terrorist bombardment of civilians and the American ill-treatment of German prisoners of war”. With this, we know that there is most definitely an association between Hoppe and the Identitarian movement in Central Europe. 

Lutz Bachmann, dressed as Hitler

Götz Kubitschek and his psycho looking wife, Ellen Kositza

I myself debated the leader of the Austrian Identitarian movement, Martin Sellner, who is heavily involved with Gotz Kubitschek. During the discussion, I brought it to Sellner’s attention that on the official website for the Austrian Identitarian movement, there is an interview between an Identitarian, Christoph A, and the leader of the Japanese nationalist organization, Mitsuhiro Kimura, in which Kimura favors the worship of Japanese war criminals as gods (kami). To this, Sellner did not object, rather he said:

“I am not the one to judge what the Japanese people are doing. I support patriotism, and pride for your own heritage, in every country and in every nation that exists. And for the Japanese identity its a very part, to go there and visit those shrines. And the internationalists or globalists in Japan, who want to overcome and end with this tradition, just like they want to end all the other traditions in Europe and the rest of the world, I think its a good thing if the Japanese refuse and continue with those traditions.”   

Notice what he says: he wants every one to preserve their own traditions, no matter how evil they are.

If he is willing to defend the Japanese worshipping war criminals, then the Alt-Right or Identitarian movements will have no issue in defending the Turks for wanting to return to their Ottoman roots, with is diabolical Sufism and its sinister eugenist aspirations exterminating Christians, or those deemed “inferior” to the Ottoman identity.

The Nazis of our time will defend the Turks when they eventually materialize their envisioning of a neo-Ottoman empire. This way of thinking stems from the ethnocentric worship of identity. Whatever tradition or belief, policy or decree, that is rooted somehow in a race’s history, no matter how evil or tyrannical, is good in the eyes of an identitarian. Identitarians promote what they call ethnopluralism, which is the idea that cultures remain separate, but at the same time thriving. The Alt-Right is very much obsessed with Japanese culture, while they push for a pure and untainted pursuit towards purifying European culture from the smudges of multiculturalism.   

The anger that the modern day Nazis express against Muslim migrants has more to do with race than it does religion. They see them as tainting their “White culture.” But if the Ottoman Empire were to arise, with its thriving cultural pride, its polished appearances and culture, its secularization and acceptance of Darwinism, than the new Nazis will see no problem with working with those types of Muslims, because they are proud of their culture and will be willing to ally with a thriving, proud and European culture.

Look at what Hitler himself said regarding the Arabs: “Let us think as men and let us see in these peoples at best lacquered half-apes who are anxious to experience the lash.” But this did not stop Hitler from loving the Ottomans, from admiring Islam and incorporating Muslims into the Waffen SS. This is what I find so stupid about these Americans who say, “Lets work with these people, doesn’t matter if they’re racists, they at least hate Islam, and a Nazi is better than a Muslim.” Such people’s intellects are clouded by the perception of a mob filled with fear and feeling that they must quickly worship the next Nero that appears and tells them that he will save them. The “Counterjihad” persona is a perception, it is a front to cover up the real intention and motive: and that is to make war on humanity itself, all in the name of defending identity.

As Martin Sellner himself said: “our real enemies are not immigrants, or foreigners, not even Muslims. Our main enemy is just, as Alain de Benoist said, not a different culture, but the system that wants to destroy all the cultures.” It is not really about racism, at the end of the day its about using race to rile up the masses in pride for their cultural identities in order to boost the power for a militaristic state; for tyranny is founded in the masses, and the masses cannot advance tyranny without pride. But in the end, these very tyrannies will work with other tyrannies that our proud of some race. From pretending to hate diversity, the haters of humanity will create a diversity of evil, a diversity of tyrannies.       

Hans-Hermann Hoppe, the founder of the Property and Freedom Society, made a speech for his own organization in which he said that the migration crises is in fact a conspiracy being done by the United States to destroy the white German identity, a very common affirmation made by neo-Nazis and Identitarians:

“I believe its — maybe not in the heads of all decision makers — but of some, of those people who want to create some sort of world state, of course dominated by the United States; the European project is just a sub-chapter of trying to create a world state. But what do you need to do in order to create a world state … What do you need to do in order to achieve this goal is of course to destroy the identity of all nations and countries. And how do you achieve the destruction of the  identity of people, is you promote a policy of multiculturalism.” 

(Start at 2:14 to get the quote)

Again, we must emphasize that Hoppe is not saying this in Europe or America, he is saying this in Turkey, a Muslim country, with his Turkish wife, Gulcin Imre, in a conference that was started thanks to a Muslim owned conglomerate. What is happening here? A Nazi-Turkish alliance, in which eugenics, genocide denial, and sheer domination is the cause. Again, his statement is not anti-Islamic, but identitarian. When the European identitarian and the Turkish identitarian arise, they will unite.   

(1) See Tooze, The Deluge, ch. 20, pp. 381-382

(2) See Rifat Bali, Model Citizens of the State: The Jews of Turkey during the Multi-Party Period, pp. 281-283

(3) Hoppe,  A Short History of Man, p. 102