Engineer In The UK Makes Another Major Advance In Sex Robot Technology, Takes Another Step On The Road To Gomorrah

Once thought of as something for lonely and strange men, “sex robots” are rapidly losing the social stigma they once had and are becoming popular the world over as companies and individuals are locked in a battle for who can make the a more attractive machine. Drawing on experts from robotics, bioengineering, social sciences, metallurgy, and from the private and government sectors, there is a tremendous and growing interest in this field with major implications that will shape man’s future in the years to come.

In another major development, an engineer from Spain living in the UK has created a new robot, who he calls “Samantha,” who is more interactive than previous robots in the field. Fully lifelike to the touch and appearance, the robot can switch between different “modes”, has fully functional genitalia down to minute details, and can “respond’ different ways.

An artificially intelligent sex robot with a fully functioning G-spot has been unveiled.

‘Silicon Samantha’ is covered in sensors that respond to human touch and can switch between ‘family’ and ‘sexy’ mode.

The sex robot also has a functional vagina and mouth, according to its Spanish inventor.

The AI bot, which has dark brown hair and piercing green eyes, is even capable of ’emotional closeness’, according to engineer Sergi Santos, from Barcelona.

He said: ‘Samantha is interactive. Basically she likes to be touched.

‘She has different modes of interaction – she has romantic, she has family and she has also sexy modes.’

Sensors cover the doll’s hips, shoulders, vagina and mouth.

The robot speaks in an American accent and says sexual phrases such as ‘I’m on for you all the time’, ‘nice and gentle’ and ‘now then, what’s next?’

He added: ‘Normally she likes to be kissed always and also she responds to, basically, the G-spot and also the breasts.’

The sex robot switches between ‘family’ and ‘sexy’ mode.

‘She has a way of interacting, that initially she would like to be romantic, she would like to be family, and you get to a point that she wants to be sexual,’ said Mr Santos. (source)

How interesting. Another step on the road to Gomorrah.

In 2016 I wrote an article entitled The Coming Sex Robot Revolution Proves Again Catholic Prophecy That Says The Final Battle Will Be Over Marriage And The Family. Among the many points I touched on was how it is very, very important for Christians to pay close attention to technological development of the “sex robot” for prophetic and social reason. In short, the sex robot is not a new development but the third and final phase of the destruction of human life through the destruction of normal genitive relations between man and women.

To briefly recap, what is happening today is an outgrowth of events that started centuries ago. The first phase of this revolution began in the 19th century with the feminist movement. While there were certainly many good people with noble intentions who participated in the women’s movement, the end it was created for and did achieve was not what it was presented as. Far from merely helping women to achieve a social equality that would reflect their roles and equality as given by God, its purpose was the realization of the French Revolution’s egalite, beginning the process of making women equal as absolute equals with men while ignoring the natural, created differences between men and women. This had the effect of creating a division between men and women, separating them from their natural roles in society and a relationship through which could be laid the groundwork for a continued revolution.

The second phase of the revolution took place during the 1960s with the so-called “sexual revolution,” which is what most people think of when they think about the effects of feminism today and the social destruction that ha entailed through divorce, broken homes, single parenthood, and all of the associated social issues that came with it. However, the second revolution could not have existed without the first, and contrary to what people in America today speak of as the “golden years” of the 1950s, the exact opposite was true. Rather, the 1950s were a time of great decline but there was still enough of the “old ways” in society that have been swept away and in comparison with what ensued in the following years, that period looks comparatively much happier and normal than now.

The sexual revolution of the 1960s broke the necessity for reproductive sex between couples. No longer needing to have the potential for conception, sex became a recreational pastime that while good for having children was placed on a equal basis with and later on a higher one to the purpose of having children. Just like the feminist movement of a century earlier, this did not immediately change people’s attitudes about relationship (indeed, nothing ever does, as this is a process which takes time). However, it opened the potential for such changes to take place and at a quicker rate than with the previous revolution’s work. With disconnect came the permissibility of sex without commitment or relationships, contraception of all types, abortion, homosexuality, transsexuality, and all of the subsequent perversities that have ensued.

Now if the first two revolutions- the fracturing of men from women and then the separation of reproduction from enjoyment in relations- the next logical and final step (as there would be nothing left to break away since all of the component parts would be separated) would be to fracture the very relationship that happens between two people engaging in any kind of sexual act. It does not matter what the relationship, act, person, or lack thereof is, because the attention that would be given to and shared with the other person or persons participating will be no longer necessary. Having se will become a wholly self-seeking pursuit done by the individual by himself for the only good being himself and it will be structured as he desires from the very beginning to the very end.

What is going to drive the sex robot revolution is three factors: the decline of relationships, the difficulty of children, and the permissibility of people to engage in unlimited and customized license without the traditional social and financial risks or costs that they would entail.

Human relationships are hard enough. Anybody who is dating or married can tell you this. Throughout history, the purpose of marriage has been to raise children, but also to give men a healthy and natural outlet to express their love for their spouse, and vice versa. Sexuality has always been complex because it ties the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and material aspects of two people together in a unique balance. If there is an “imbalance” in the relationship, there is the possibility that sex will not happen, and this can go on for a long time.

When this happened, which was and still is common, people would find other unhealthy outlets to “release” themselves (prostitution and self-pleasure being two of the largest). Fortunately, due to a strong moral backing in society and the fear of social reprisal, not to mention the threat of disease and the financial or social costs potentially or in reality involved, both options existed by had limitations on how far they could spread. Even with the sexual revolution, there were and still are limits that people will place on themselves, especially where the spread of disease is concerned.

The sex robot eliminates all of this problem because she is a woman (or man) custom made for the individual. The person can be designed in all ways- physically, “emotionally,” and “mentally,” to fit a man’s desires. If there is something he does not like or ceases to like about her, he can change it or get rid of her with no issues (compare this with divorce, for example). He can spend as much or as little time as he likes with her, and he is in absolute control over the balance with the robot at his disposal, which is something that cannot happen wit a real person because people are not machines. Likewise, robots do not age and their bodies do not break down, which happens with human beings.

Children are the next great issue that the sex robot overcomes. While people love children for the most part, they are the first and natural product of sexual relations. Children are expensive, and if they are conceived out of wedlock there can be innumerable problems with increasingly worse solutions to them. The most moral option is to keep the children, but that can and is a financial difficulty for most people, not to mention one with social consequences. The child can be murdered in utero through abortion, but even while this is common, many people do not like or become uncomfortable with such a savage act because of its nature. Abandoning the child or giving him up for adoption also has similar effects. However, with the sex robot, since they are not human, they cannot get pregnant. Therefore, the question of children is eliminated entirely.

Lastly, and what will be the biggest driver, is the permissibility of doing the taboo. It is no secret that in modern times, pornography has become a scourge on the entire world. Once confined to certain, difficult to reach social segments that most people would not go actively looking for, the availability of all forms of pornography instantly and in the safety of one’s own situation has brought the otherwise difficult to fight right to oneself. Since pornography acts like a drug, causing not only the person who watches it to have an incredible desire for it but also to desire more and “harder” forms in order to generate feelings of arousal and pleasure, it has allowed for strange perversions to proliferate so much that the taboo is no longer taboo and that which is considered taboo becomes less taboo with each passing year.

A case in point is homosexuality. While it is a known and undeniable fact that homosexuality has been found in societies throughout history, never before has there been such a proliferation and widespread propagation of the act. The nature of the act has not changed nor its nature, except that is can replicate itself over larger populations with better efficiency, just like how a gun and a sword both kill people, except the gun allows for the act (killing) to take place more efficiently and to larger numbers of people with less effort.

Homosexuality is everywhere, and at this point it has become almost passe to say that it is anything but accepted. The next public step is what is taking place right now, which is the acceptance of the transgender perversity and with that the greater and more dangerous idea that a man’s “sexual identity” is defined by what he chooses it to be since he assumed that his “gender” is not connected to anything but his own will, which it itself a development of ideas from the 1960s. This is opening the way for defending and eventually, the legalization of very evil practices, such as pedophila and bestiality:


A Jerry Springer TV show clip of a man who “married” a horse. While such an act is abominable and perverse, there are plenty of people who would do such a thing. What the danger here is less the actual act (although it is still dangerous and disgusting), but the fact that the “trans rights” movement opens up for such people to be given legal license and social protection to this behavior. Indeed, if a law can be made that is able to re-define basic gender role as a mere “social construct,” which is what homosexuality did, then it is only a limited time until one logically concludes based on this argument that a man could not only have relations with a horse, but could do so because he “identifies” as a horse and then use the court system to legally attack anybody who calls him out for his sick and deranged behavior.

But if that was not enough, there are still deeper ends which this perversity can go to. One only needs to watch the trend in film making to see that there is a trend leading toward outright torture and outright ritual cannibalism/human sacrifice as part of one’s sexual fetishes:

Raw the movie trailer, coming out this year. A European horror film involving sex and ritual cannibalism, this is not just part of a “growing trend” towards darker horror films, but is as much of the film industry is a window into the direction that society is being moved. It is about making the demonic fashionable, entertaining, and something that the common man might consider trying himself.

Now this creates a very interesting dichotomy, because while there will be certainly a measurable and growing segment of the population that will embrace the most wicked of the wicked practices, there will be many people who will not embrace them. Just as there is a range of colors that constitute the electromagnetic spectrum that makes up what we can see as visible light in the form of wavelengths, so also for the complete destruction of relations between persons and their entire integration into the self must there be the customization of sexuality to fit each persons particular desires, wants, and taboos that might not be able to be impressed on a whole society but can through individual choices presented and made attractive to an individual.

Example: A man has a “fantasy” for engaging in a certain sex act (or acts) with his wife that she is uncomfortable with. Thanks to the sex robots, he now can engage in that act with the robot and with the advances in computer-human interactive technology and biomechanics, he will be able to think that he is doing whatever he wants with a real person because there will be no way that per his five senses he can tell it is a robot. I am not saying that a man is going to “cannibalize” a robot- but he could if he wanted to. More likely, as it is already being reported by people who use “sex dolls”, is that individuals and couples can engage in acts of common perversities (homosexuality, “swinging,” etc.) they would like to secretly with other people but cannot otherwise do so without risking their reputations or health.

Arnold Schwartzenegger’s famous character as the Terminator. While once something of science fiction lore, there is active work being done right now to make James Cameron’s classic and nightmarish warning about human nature and technology into a reality which, just as in the film series, will be used by arrogant men for the purpose of power until it turn on them.

This does not even include the obvious military advantages of such sex robots. If a robot can be a true cyborg- a machine surrounded by living tissue that is sensibly unable to be distinguished from a human- then it makes the idea soldier. It will be stronger, more powerful, more destructive, better able to infiltrate difficult areas, and will not matter if it is captured or killed because since a robot has no pain and no soul it cannot be “tortured” to extract information from- it will just shut down or delete it. If consumer demand for the common person to engage his lusts in does not drive these changes, then the ability of militaries worldwide to create super-armies of nearly invincible soldiers while reducing actual combat personnel casualties to nearly zero will drive its innovation regardless of the human casualties in society from the social effects. Indeed, scientists are already growing most major bodily tissues in laboratories right now, and they are not only working on speeding up the process, but adding to them major organs. Indeed, according to a recent article published, the question ia

Another major area where the robots will have an impact is through the bearing of children. If population and fertility numbers are already low and have declined in every country since the start of the sexual revolution (regardless of what the total fertility rate of the population is), then sex robots will send that rate plummeting even lower than it is now because barring strong, deeply help religious reasons, the only reason to have children in the future will be for purely selfish reasons since one can literally design everything about his relationship with his “partner” as he wants to in a factory. The consequences of this are shrinking economies, disappearing towns and even cities, and the reconstitution of persons from those regions into “megacity” type arrangements that are, as has been made clear, will be centrally administered by a technocratic elite:

This video was originally put up by the Forum for the Future. It has since been deleted but thankfully people have reproduced it online. This is exactly what is being touted as the “vision of the future” by “central planners.” The only way to achieve such a vision is to reduce the population of people significantly, and outside of a major war or the current forms of contraception, abortion, and the breakdown of the family, is to present options that are simply more attractive than a normal relationship or family so much that a family is a conscious choice that take effort instead of the natural process that God created it to be. The sex robot is idea for this, since by creating something that ideally fulfills an individuals wants and needs and conforms to them better than any human could, barring a strong religious objection people will naturally flock to it.

It might all sound “far fetched” and “science fiction.” While certainly some changes may not pass, the reason why people find that “science fiction” tends to have eerily accurate predictions of the future is because the people who write these works are looking at the long-term consequences of people’s decisions made in the current time on the assumption they continue without major outside interference. It is less about guesswork than it is about being able to understand the relationship between cause and effect.

Islam has been brought into the West by political and social interests in order to revive a eugenicist philosophy through starting another war for power and money. Likewise so are these robots also part of the same end goal of wiping out the “undesirables” from humanity by breaking apart the family, preventing the creation of children, and ultimately making man worship himself instead of God to his own demise at the hands of other evil men who place their desire for power and money over even their own humanity. It is no different than what is happening with Islam and the West contains within it the same perversities and evils, except instead of using a man with a sword it is using an attractive plastic face and human-like shape.