VIDEO: Hindu Nationalist Attacks Muslim Man, Hacks Him To Death With An Axe, Covers His Body With Gasoline And Lights His Body On Fire, And Declares: “This Is What Will Happen To You (Muslims) If You Do Love Jihad In Our Country.”

By Theodore Shoebat

A very disturbing video has come up online, showing a Hindu man murdering a Muslim man. It is utterly horrific to watch, but it gives you a very clear idea as to how violent and bloody thirsty these Hindu fanatics can be:

According to one report on the video from Freepress Kashmir 

On December 7, a video of a Hindu man identified as Shambhu Lal killing a 45-year-old Muslim man Mohammad Afrazul in India’s state of Rajasthan in a hate crime, surfaced on the social media. The manner of the killing is brutal.

In the clip posted online, he can be seen leading the victim to a forest. Shambu Lal then attacks him with an axe and the victim can be heard screaming for help. He then sprinkles the body with gasoline, sets it on fire, rages with a hate speech and appears openly in the video with a message: “This is what will happen to you (Muslims) if you do Love Jihad in our country.”

‘Love Jihad’ is a term used by Hindu extremist groups to target Muslim men for inter-religious marriages.

The many theories that are being formed now seem to suggest: the murderer is a mentally-disturbed man or the victim was involved in an illicit relationship with a Hindu woman.

Whatever be the reasons leading to the murder of Afrazul, one thing is visible: he was killed with impunity and in the rage of a legitimized Islamophobia.

Since the formation of the right-wing BJP government in New Delhi, Muslims in India have been killed with such impunity on the accusation of storing beef, smuggling cows, wearing skullcaps, having sympathy for Pakistan, or luring Hindu women into what they call “love jihad”.

Many trace the origin of such hate crimes against Indian Muslims in India’s partition, which is a farrago of grief, pledges and political contradictions.

The Hindu fanatics do not hate just Muslims, but Christians as well, with a hatred that is filled with insatiable bloodlust. If you want to get an idea of the mentality of the Hindu fanatic, here is an interview that was done this year with a Hindu nationalist:


Notice how he describes Church history: he says that Constantine wrote the Bible. He probably learned this off some anti-Catholic page on the internet where A LOT of these types of ahistorical conspiracy theories run amok. But there is something else that has been multiplying its face like a disease. I am talking about this mob of people who use Islam to justify all sorts of evils, such as eugenics, homosexuality, atheism, and a number of other abominations. The “counterjihad” movement in both America and Europe have been at loggerheads with “the left,” trying to portray themselves as ‘the defenders of Western civilization,’ pointing to Northern Europe (mainly ignoring Southern Europe) or “the west,” as some sort of mecca for their beliefs of “free thought” and “free speech” which are really just code words for license.

Notice the theme that we see in all of these nationalist movements, be they Hindu, American or European: they all use one evil, to justify a plethora of evils.

A great example of this is the Council for Secular Humanism, which has also been one of the major organizations of the Counterhjiad movement which, as we have shown with much detail, is a cover up project used to advance eugenics, Nazism, homosexuality and anti-Christianity all under the guise of ‘fighting the Jihad.’ The Council for Secular Humanism is a project of the Center for Inquiry, an umbrella organization under which a number of other atheist groups have been exerting efforts to advance their own atheist jihad against Christianity, all through a face of anti-Islam that accompanies their activities. According to a statement from the Secular Humanist Society:

“The Secular Humanist Society of New York (SHSNY) is a chapter of the American Humanist Association (AHA), an Affiliate Member of Atheist Alliance International (AAI), an Affiliated Local Group of the Council for Secular Humanism (CSH) program of the Center for Inquiry (CFI)”

Notice that it says that the Atheist Alliance International is an affiliate of the Council for Secular Humanism. The Atheist Alliance International (just like the Hindu nationalists) was very active in intermixing their anti-Christianity with their anti-Islam back in 2007 which is — and this does not seem to be a coincidence — the very year in which the Counterjihad was officialized as a movement in the 2007 Brussels Counterjihad Conference.

In 2007, all of the big atheist speakers — Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Dan Dennett — all spoke for the Atheist Alliance International, the affiliate group of the Council for Secular Humanism.

Going to the official website of the Council for Secular Humanism, one finds right on the front page an article in praise of the genocidal Ottoman supremacist, Kamal Ataturk, acclaiming him as one who “Triumphed over religion”. The article goes on to laud Ataturk as one who “turned a narrow Islamic society into a modern secular democracy.” The article adulates Ataturk as one who “dethroned religion,” and I guess that such atheist fanatics would have worshipped Ataturk for his destruction of the Greek Christian city of Smyrna. And I am sure that these antichrist atheists would have grinned with glee at Ataturk’s speech when he described the destruction of Smyrna as such: “It is a sign that Turkey is purged of the traitors, the Christians, and the foreigners, and that Turkey is for the Turks.”

Ataturk was an atheist Darwinist, and yet he and his Darwinist and ‘science’ centric elitist organization, the Young Turks, used their Muslim subjects to orchestrate the extermination of Christians in the massacre of the Armenians, the Greeks and the Mesopotamians. This unchecked hatred for Islam, absent of a discernment that does not wish to recognize other systems of evil that partake in the scheme of the diabolical, will lead to an admiration for other evil ideologies that will be seen as fitting — or at least tolerable — as long as it is ‘against the jihad.’

And what we are saying here is no theory. We see this with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer who work with a Hindu nationalist. One of the members of the Board of Advisors for SION (their organization, Stop the Islamization of Nations)  is “the Hindu human rights activist Babu Suseelan” from India. While the right wing will praise Suseelan for hating Islam, they do not care that this Hindu fanatic also hates Christians, stating: “For hundreds of years, Christian missionaries have been selling fake paradise in India. …Let all Hindus join to be free to create, and let a Hindu spiritual revolution be born.” Suseelan is also an open promoter of the anti-Christian Hindu nationalist party, the BJP, stating:

“At the center and in several states, the government is controlled by a classically constructed ruling elite that are completely alienated from Hindu culture and deeply absorbed into a rootless and self-serving clique of Muslims, Christians, and mafia gang that seeks power for its own sake.  …  The powerful elite want to destroy our sacred Hindu culture receive generous help from the Islamic and Christian world. … To ensure safety, security, social development, and good government as well as to ensure freedom for our children, we have to join together and vote for BJP.”

Suseelan also praised the Hindu fanatic president of India, Narendra Modi, saying: “Indians under MODI can walk as a freeman with self-esteem and pride as a HINDU.”

Pamela Geller’s and Robert Spencer’s partner, Suseelan, also hates Christians, stating: “Evangelists and our enemies will give you enough beef to go against eternal Dharma.”

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer keep talking about the alliance between “the left” and Islam, and have described it as an alliance of evil. But the reality is, they themselves are in an alliance of evil, with the evil that people do not notice, nor care to notice. They keep complaining about how some writers or speakers will state that “Islam is a religion of peace,” but the reality is that these same bickerers will say that Hinduism is a religion of peace, or that Buddhism is a religion of peace, and this only shows their vacuous and ahistorical reasoning, exhibiting a willful lack of knowledge of the violence of Hinduism, and a willful indifference to the fact that the Japanese in World War Two — who butchered and raped countless millions — were fanatic Buddhists who were willing to exterminate for the cause of “the dharma.”

Have such people, who boast themselves as patriots and ‘defenders of the west,’ any care about the millions slaughtered by the Japanese? And we keep hearing about “cultural Marxism” and how dangerous it is, and yet Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer will work with an open Marxist named Lars Hedegaard who boastfully says: “Marxism is a tool, not a promise of paradise on earth … I know very well that people think I’m an idiot when I say I use a Marxist analysis. And those I work with today, they shrug when I say that.”

Is it possible that these atheists are using a marxist strategy in their utilization of news on Islamic terrorism as a way to rile up the masses and bring about a colossal cultural shift towards despotism? I think this is what we are seeing being done, specifically by people like Lars. Its not necessarily for marxism that they work, nor is it necessarily for the Nazism of the past, but rather a new breed of national socialism, one that will not have the same trappings of the fascism of old, but a new face, with symbols rooted in pagan antiquity that will seem nuance to the masses, but will bring in the same blood bath in the end.

It is not surprising, nor is it coincidental, that Robert Spencer is with the Free Press Society, which was founded in 2004 by Spencer’s marxist partner, Lars Hedegaard, and that its Swedish branch, the Swedish Free Press Society, is ran by Ingrid Carlqvist, a Nazi sympathizer who recently blamed the Jews on Islamic migration into Europe. 

Here is the thing that needs to be understood: when the enemies of humanity devise a scheme to gather the nations to war against good and justice, they will at first use a situation that people generally are distraught over. They will use Islamic terrorism, and from there, they will begin to attribute this problem to others, to Jews, to Catholics and whoever they want to bring hatred against. They will say, ‘The Pope supports Islam,’ and this will only further agitate anti-Catholicism. They will also say, ‘The Jews are behind Islamic immigration,’ and they would instigate racism against Jews.

The strategy is very simple: ‘The elites and politicians do not care about you, the people. No! They care more of the foreigners, the outsiders, who come into this country and drain it of its welfare which should be for the people. Come, follow me, I will lead you to victory.’ This is, in a nutshell, the summation of what we are seeing with the rise of populism. What we are seeing today will evolve into something else, something more sinister. The strategy is very simple: holler about Islam, and then bring up pagans as allies against Islam, and from this make paganism — be it Hinduism or neo-paganism — as something beneficial and necessary.

Just look at an interview that was done in 2016, in which Frank Gaffney, the head of the Center for Security Policy (the organization that financed the 2007 Counterjihad Summit in Brussels, which officialized the movement) asked Ingrid Carlqvist about the pagan gang, “Soldiers of Odin,” starting, supposedly, neighborhood watches against Muslim criminals, to which Carlqvist said:

“They are in very many cities right now and they try to protect women but the mainstream media portray them as Nazis, and the police are very afraid of these vigilante groups, but I think, I don’t like a society where it has vigilante groups but when the police can’t protect women out in the street, what can you do?”

With a name like “soldiers of Odin,” we can expect nothing good to come out of such a people. It is one gang using another gang — Islam — as a way to legitimize itself and receive favor from the mob. Its like what happened in Mexico in which you had one gang — the Knights Templars, which had a Christian facade — defeat another gang — Las Zetas, which had a more openly satanic appearance. People, initially, praised the Templars as a good group of Christian vigilantes. But in the end, the Templars ended up being just as brutal as Las Zetas. We must try our best to avoid knee jerk reactions to political narratives that wish to use populism and mobbish anger as a means to leveraging power.

The nationalism that we are witnessing now will evolve into something else. The current entities that are advancing racialism will either adapt to the next faze of the mutation of this ideological zeitgeist, or they will be absorbed into it. Whatever this will evolve into, it will be a monster that will engulf the earth into a conflagration of evil.

Nothing brings men more easily into despotism, than the feeling of defeat. Make people feel as though they have been defeated, present yourself as their hero, and you can get them to accept any evil you want. Ataturk utilized this strategy after World War One. The Ottoman Empire had just collapsed, the British and the Greeks invaded Turkey, and the Young Turks used this reality. They took the despair of the defeated Turks, and got them to not only crush the Greeks in battle, but to exterminate the Christian population of Smyrna.

Germany as well played this game. The Germans were utterly vanquished in World War One, and their country was reduced to extreme poverty. Erich Ludendorff, the German general who led Germany into war in the First World War, after millions of Germans died in the battlefield, blamed Jews and Catholics on Germany’s defeat. Ludendorff paid a visit to the British embassy in Berlin and expressed his remonstrance to the British general, Sir Neill Malcolm, about how Germany was so mistreated. “Do you mean, General,” asked Malcolm, “that you were stabbed in the back?” “Stabbed in the back?” asked Ludendorff, with widened eyes. “Yes, thats it exactly. We were stabbed in the back.”

And thus, from this, was spawned the “Stab in the back” propaganda manta that, through incessant repetition by the mob’s yammer, helped spark a resurgence of German nationalism that helped bring a monster with the face of the Swastika: Nazism. Ludendorff would use his conversation with General Malcolm as proof that he was right. “As a British general has rightly said,” Ludenforff once proclaimed, “the German Army was stabbed in the back.” Even though Malcolm denied this (since he simply said it as a question and not an affirmation), the lie spread like a fire, and brought in a torrent of flames that fostered German imperialism. As historian William L. Shirer wrote: “the legend of the Stab in the Back, more than anything else, would undermine the Weimar Republic and pave the way for Hitler’s ultimate triumph.”

The story that was pushed by Ludendorff was this: near the end of the war, just before the Germans were about to make a great attack, Jewish union leaders caused a workers strike that shut down companies and thus cut off munitions that would have been used by the German military, hence causing defeat for the Reich. Hitler took this propaganda and used it to garner populist support. He once wrote: “At the very moment when the German divisions were receiving their last instructions for the great attack, the General Strike broke out in all of its armaments factories, thus depriving the German Army of crucial arms and ammunition.” Hitler attributed the strike to the Jews: “The instigators of this vilest mass of scoundrel tricks were Jews, and unions led by Jews.”

Hitler affirmed that since so many German soldiers were killed by poisonous gas in the war, the Jews, in turn, must also be gassed: “If at the beginning of the war and during the war, 12,000 or 15,000 of these Hebrew corrupters of the people had been held under poison gas, as happened to hundreds of thousands of our very best German workers in the field, then the sacrifice of millions at the Front would not have been in vain.”

Ludendorff used the despair from Germany’s defeat as a way to push anti-Christianity, fostering the idea that Germany must return to its true tradition, that of paganism, and not of Christianity, ‘a foreign religion from the Middle East.’ Ludendorff once said, “Are you a German or are you a Christian?” The true religion became the worship of race; for with the rejection of the Messiah, comes the worship of race, hence why the Jews thought themselves saved from their bloodline, saying “We have Abraham as our father.” (Luke 3:8) Ludendorff wanted Germany to return to the gods of its ancestors, such as Odin, Thor and Frigg.

Ludendorff, in 1932, even wanted the German people to war against the Vatican. Ludendorff once wrote:

“Gradually I recognized the pernicious forces which had caused the collapse of the [German] people [in World War I] and in them the real enemies of the freedom of the German race. … I became aware of the fungi within the structure of our society … in the form of secret supranational forces, i.e., the Jewish people and Rome, along with their tools, the Freemasons, the Jesuit order, and the occult and satanic formations.” (See Brownwell, The First Nazi)

We are already seeing this type of talk in its beginning stage, with people blaming the Vatican and Jews for the Muslim migrant crises. Robert Spencer, who doesn’t mind allying with an anti-Christian Hindu nationalist, recently called Pope Francis, “a defender of the Sharia death penalty for blasphemy”, and language like this only fans the flames of anti-Catholicism.

It is true that many Muslim migrants have committed violence, but it is also true that many Jews supported Marxism, and the Nazis happily used this to support their position. it is true that Karl Marx was a Jew; it is true that Leon Trotsky, who was called “the smartest Jew since Moses”, was a Jew; it is true that Vladimir Lenin, the father of the Great October Socialist Revolution, that would eventually slaughter Czar Nicholas and his family, was a Jew. it is also true that Boris Reinstein, who ran Lenin’s Bureau of Revolutionary International Propaganda, was an American Jew from New York. It is true Karl Radek, the head of Lenin’s press bureau, who was a head ideologue for the Bolsheviks, was a Jew from Austria-Hungry. (Ibid, p. 113)

But, it is equally true that General Ludendorff — the military leader of Germany who became a very strong supporter for Adolf Hitler — got the German government to fund the entire Marxist revolution in Russia. This is the other piece of the puzzle that racists do not bring up. They will talk about how many Marxists were Jews, but they don’t bring up the fact that Germany — the nation they adore so much — funded the Bolshevik revolution. Ludendorff wanted to neutralize the Russian forces so that Germany could just concentrate on crushing the French and the British. He knew that an efficient way to sabotage a society was through Marxism.

Ludendorff brought the idea to his colleague, Arthur Zimmermann, who agreed to the scheme. Zimmermann then contacted Alexander Parvus, a Jew and a well connected Marxist. Parvus then visited Lenin himself, who was starving in a shoebox flat next to a sausage factory in Zurich, Switzerland, which was a place for political exiles (not surprisingly, it was also a refuge for Protestant exiles during the Reformation, one of them being Jean Calvin). Parvus straightforwardly asked Lenin if he wanted to help lead a Marxist revolution in Russia.

Soon Lenin would be in a train, and arriving in Germany where he was greeted by a delegation of German officials who informed Lenin that he would be receiving 40 million gold marks ($100 million in American) to fund his revolution. When Lenin arrived in Russia, it is said that he whispered these words as a crowd of admirers carried him on their shoulders: “We are the worthy masters of the future”. (Ibid, pp. 97-108) The truth is that Lenin was a slave to his German masters.

But this did not stop the Germans from using the Marxist threat to bolster nationalism. It is quite amazing that one of the industrialists who was instrumental in supplying the munitions for the German military during World War One, was a Jew named Walter Rathenau, who really didn’t seem to be bothered that he was supporting a racist and imperialist government ran by people like Ludendorff and Kaiser Wilhelm II. Moreover, this did not stop Ludendorff from attacking Rathenau for being a Jew, and falsely accusing his sister, Edith, of marrying the Jewish Communist Karl Radek, one of the Marxists who helped the very Bolshevik Revolution that Ludendorff supported (Ibid, p. 198).

The Germans funded and facilitated the Marxist Revolution, then used the threat of Marxism to support militarism and genocide, with Hitler declaring to German troops that “The deadly Jewish-Bolshevik enemy with his masses is beginning his final attack”. (See Jacobsen, Operation Paperclip, ch. 3, p. 43). Could it be that the Germans are doing the same thing today, with the Muslims? It would not surprise me at all that the Germans, given their history, brought in the Muslim migrants solely for the purpose of causing a cultural realignment towards militarism and eugenics. From Ludendorff’s pagan nationalism, the German zeitgeist mutated into Nazism, and whatever shape this virus of evil will take next, will — like a virus that has mutated over and over again to the point that it can withstand any vaccine — be deceptive enough to deceive the very elect, while pushing a pagan fury far more evil than anything humanity has seen.

It is true that a good number of Muslim migrants, and immigrants, have caused many problems; but it is also true that many Jews, backed by German funders, advanced Marxism. In the end, this does not justify genocide.

My fear is not that people are against Islam (I am against Islam myself), but that people will express hatred for Muslims at the expense of humanity. One thing that we should never lose is our humanity. It is for this reason that Christ told the story of the Good Samaritan. The sophist asks Christ: “And who is my neighbor?” The Holy One says, the one who had compassion. (Luke 10:33)