Canadian Government Mandates Employers Sign An Oath Of Loyalty In Support Of Homosexuality, Abortion, And Transgenderism Or Else Lose Funding

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is driving Canada into hell at full speed. Under Trudeau, Canada has declared that Christians who believe in the Biblical definition of marriage are unfit to be parents, passed a law mandating up to two years in prison for criticizing transgenderism, declared that the way to end poverty is to murder poor children, legalized bestiality, and is giving millions of dollars to the LGBT for “reparations” as well as to Muslim terrorists.

Canada has taken a further stem into the abyss as it has now mandated that all employers must sign a statement that they support homosexuality, abortion, and transgenderism. If they do not sign it, they will lose all government funding for student summer job grants:

The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau will ban any employer from receiving summer job grants for students if the employer doesn’t first sign an “attestation” that they agree with abortion and transgender “rights.”

The new criteria were sent to all MPs and will be made public when the Canada Summer Jobs Program officially opens December 19, 2017.

In order to receive federal Canada job grants, employers must attest that:

both the job and the organization’s core mandate respect individual human rights in Canada, including the values underlying the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as other rights. These include reproductive rights and the right to be free from discrimination on the basis of sex, religion, race, national or ethnic origin, colour, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.
Conservative MP Brad Trost was first to publicly raise the alarm in a twitter and Facebook video in which he denounces the Liberals for discrimination.

“In practical terms, this means you have to be with the Liberal Party position on abortion, gay marriage, transgendered rights, all sorts of legislation in the House of Commons, otherwise you will be an ineligible employer for this program,” Trost said.

“That’s wrong, that’s discrimination.”

Canadians “are allowed to have different political beliefs than the government of the day and they shouldn’t have their funding be cut off because they disagree with the government,” he added.

“The second problem with this is it automatically excludes all faith-based organizations that are traditional on their values of human life and sexual morality. That includes millions and millions of Canadians,” Trost said.

The Liberal move has also been denounced by Campaign Life Coalition, which has launched a petition.

Jack Fonseca, senior political strategist for Campaign Life Coalition, excoriated the Trudeau Liberals for their blatant anti-Christian bias.

“This is a jaw-dropping act of discrimination against faith-based employers and non-profits. Although the Trudeau Liberals have signaled many times they have special contempt for Christians, this new policy requires a massive negative reaction from all faith-based communities in Canada – Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, etc,” he told LifeSiteNews.

“More and more, Justin Trudeau is transforming the Liberal Party into a hate group against Christians. Just recently, the Liberals were scared off from his plan of eliminating the law that protected Church worship services from disruption. Now this. It’s abundantly clear the Trudeau Liberals hate Christians,” he added.

Non-profit groups, small businesses, and public sector employers can apply for funding through Canada Summer Jobs program to create jobs for students from 15 to 30 years of age.

Formerly, it was up to individual MPs to assess and approve funding applications from groups in their ridings.

But Trudeau Liberals already decreed last year no Liberal MP could approve Canada Summer Job funding for pro-life groups. Moreover, Liberal Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour Patty Hajdu said at the time through spokesman Matt Pascuzzo that she would change the program to make sure no pro-life group would be approved in the future.

“We have been unequivocal in our support for a woman’s fundamental right to choose,” Pascuzzo said then.

Alliance for Life Ontario and the Canadian Center for Bioethical Reform were among pro-life groups cut off from Canada Student Job funding in 2017.

Pro-family leaders have warned Christians will face increasing economic and political pressure to conform to the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual ideology, including the possibility of having to sign on to a declaration supporting human “rights,” such as abortion and homosexuality.

Fonseca echoed this.

“This is no minor tweak to a federal program. This is a ground-breaking first step on the inevitable path to raw totalitarianism and open persecution with the sanction of the state,” he told LifeSiteNews.

“Once the government implements this unconstitutional, anti-Christian policy, the next thing will be that the private sector will take it as permission to do the same thing,” Fonseca warned. “Perhaps first with supplier contracts. But eventually, private sector employees will be required to sign such a declaration which essentially, is a way of getting Christians to disavow their beliefs.” (source)

There is a saying that with some variation goes “When the students are ready, the teacher will appear.” Christians are advised to watch for the rise of the antichrist, but in order for such a rise to take place, there must be a social order that supports such a rise. This obviously includes laws, but more important than laws necessitates a certain attitude cultivated among the people, for all law is a reflection of those who are bound by it. Hence is also the reason why the antichrist, while spoken of as a person, is also as much a system of beliefs espoused by the people which are then translated and codified into cultural beliefs, practices, and eventually law.

The way for such a system to rise would be through the rejection of Christ and followed by the embrace of the natural state of corruption that man fell into. Christ said that in the days before His return, so they will be as they were in the days of Noah. Noah was the only man found righteous before God and so he and his family were saved while the rest of the Earth perished, after which God promised never again to destroy the world by flood. When Christ returns for the second time it will not be as the first, having come as a baby in innocence and meekness and offering mercy, but this time with the full glory of a majestic king, robed in light and with the sword of justice. As St. John the Baptist prophesized, he would come with His winnowing fork in hand prepared to pronounce judgment that has been promised in scripture.

Homosexuality is a heinous sin which Sacred Scripture notes cries out to Heaven for vengeance, and this is supported by Sacred Tradition, as we have written about many times. Given this information, it is only natural that the acceptance of this sin would have to play an important role in ushering in such a rise of evil.

As the Bible notes, there is the prophecy of the “mark of the beast” by which men would not be able to engage in commerce without it, and since economy always precedes politics, the Bible indicates clearly that economic change would be necessary to bring about political change. In this case, it would be the institutionalization of sin on an economic level that would lead to the institutionalization of sin on a political and legal level. The most effective way to change the economics of a people would be to interfere in their culture, for culture is the basis through which value or a lack of value is determined for a society, which then translates into exchange between people, or the foundation of economics.

Culturally speaking, the formerly “Christian” world is a heathen cesspool. In recent times, these nations have made themselves the champions of homosexuality, promoting it around the world as a veritable official policy. But it is not just the fault of “the government,” because governments are reflections of the people they govern. It is an open fact now that in merely a few decades homosexuality has become accepted to such a point that the statistical majority are in support of it, and that to oppose homosexuality is to violate a social taboo that in the best cases will get a man ostracized by his peers, and in places such as Canada could result in jail time.

While it is clear that in this example Canada’s actions are going to usher in the antichrist and that the issue applies solely to government-funded student jobs, the fact is that it is yet another step that is part of the process of setting a precedent for the economic institutionalization of sin stemming from the culture. It is a serious matter when a government such as Canada makes a mandate to all people telling them they must sign a statement saying the support a particular sinful action, and that disagreement means being limited in or stripped of taking part in societal affairs.

What is to say that, should this measure persist, that the government would not decide that in the future, any business who does not sign a form in support of the LGBT will not just lose government funding, but will not be able to conduct business at all? If such a statement could be extended to business, why limit it to just business? Since Trudeau has promised to make Canada an ‘inclusive’ place, by which he means that sin must be exhalted as public policy, that anybody who holds views critical to this could be barred from social or medical services of a public or private nature, or could have assets confiscated, or at some point would not be able to engage in any sort of transactions at all, effectively being reduced to complete homelessness? Given the rate of progression from what we have seen, how in a mere 30 years (from 1987 with the writing of the Gay Manifesto) homosexuality has gone from being something seen as odd or repulsive to something that must be defended and anybody who criticizes it at all can be relegated to the state of a social pariah, what is to say of what will happen in another 5 or 10 years, let alone 30?

Such a system could be implemented in any nation. It does not have to include the LGBT per se, but could integrate any social idea that is intrinsically opposed to and acceptance of it would mean the rejection of the social reign of Christ the King, and then tying it to the economic system. There are many ideas that are socially popular today which would work, but it is that homosexuality is recognized by the Bible as such a heinous sin with such serious effects that it is difficult to imagine it would not play a major role.

There is a negro spiritual called “this lonesome valley,” which speaks of the lonely road that a man must travel upon to reach Heaven, and as the song notes, “Jesus walked this lonesome valley, He had to walk it by Himself.” This is what Catholics would call the via dolorosa, or the way of sorrows, named after the literal road that Christ walked to His crucifixion. Just as once upon a time to be called a “Christian” was to become rejected by one’s peers and face social ostracism and persecution up to one’s own death, so as the world having rejected Christ and returning to paganism once again reviving the forms of ostracism from the days of old.

Certainly no man wants to rejected by his peers, let alone lose all that he has and even be put to death because of his faith. But if Christ is who He says He is, and He most certainly is, then what does one have in comparison to the promise He has made? It is easy to say this, but will a man believe this when he is starving, homeless, and cold, being left without help and mocked by the society around him? Will he be able to endure under the pressure from his own mind, let alone that which his family, his wife, or other people who say they love him would place upon him to abandon his faith that his miserable worldly situation might be “fixed”? Will he still say that it is worth it as he feels the weakness in his bones, the festering sores on his hands, the blisters on his feet, the hunger in his belly, and confusion from lack of sleep and a decent meal? Will the smell of a little fresh food and a warm place to sleep for just one night compel him to apostasy?

This is the lonesome valley that lays before us. It is lonely, and one must walk it for himself, just as Christ did for our sake. But there is hope, because while the valley leads to death, as Psalm 23 states one must fear no evil, for God is with us, and at the end there lays the resurrection.