Baby Boomers Need To Exercise Compassion Towards Millenials And Generation Z Because Their Own Children And Grandchildren Are Going To Laugh At Their Screams As They Throw Them Into The Ovens And Gas Chambers

In June 2017 I wrote an article criticizing the attitudes of the Baby Boomer generation and how they, having been given American society at her peak of prosperity and by extension one of the most prosperous societies in the world, proceeded to in the course of their generation tranform America into the most debt-laiden nation in world history.

To finish up the year, I would like to return to this issue but take it from a different perspective. Instead of being angry with the Boomers, I as a “Millenial” would like to offer the Boomer generation some real insights into how the “Millenials” and our successors, “Generation Z,” view the world, their place in it, and how Boomers can in a positive, healthy way best look after their interests.

I do not say this in a condescending attitude or out of any sense of self-importance, or out of thinking that “I know better than you.” I say this because from what I have seen, there are truly a large number of older people, who do not understand the true scale of the changes that have taken place around them and how the attitudes of their children and grandchildren, who they held in their arms and played with, may turn around to be their tormentors.

While each generation has their struggles and problems and must carry their own burdens, the Millenials and Generation Z have a particularly unique burden and challenges before them that, while caused in part by their own actions, are also the direct product of the choices and policies instituted and enforced by the generation before them, and this can be proved by a simple reading of history or statistical analysis. Boomers can never understand to the same level Millenials or Generation Z just in the same way that Millenials or Generation Z can never understand to the same level the Boomers because we are products of different times and cultural millieus. However, we can have compassion for each other and we can help each other as best as we know, and that is what I am speaking of.

The reason for this is because of the title of this article, as it says everything, and no, it is NOT an exaggeration. The Millenials and Generation Z, who are the children and grandchildren of the Boomers and Generation X, are seething against the Boomers. The hatred that many of them have is difficult to understand and while it is not always visible, it sits beneath the surface of many and emerges from time to time. It is a hatred of genocidal proportions, for they blame their parents and grandparents decisions to a great extent for many of the troubles they face today. I do not speak of people who are simply lazy or have no motivation. I speak of decent people who want to own homes, work in jobs that give them enough pay to make their bills and preserve their personal dignity, and have children in well-balanced homes with a spouse who loves them. It is these people who having survived through tremendous economic and social upheavals are translating their loss, confusion, and rage into murderous impulses that once they assume full political control over society will likely use their positions of power to attempt to extract what they believe was stolen from them by the people who they believe were the thieves, and those people are the Baby Boomers.

There is a lot of criticism of the Baby Boomers, and for good reasons. I’m not going to add much more to what I said earlier or what other people have said, because the matter is not up for debate. If you are a Boomer, I cannot per se blame “you” personally because I do not know your individual situation, and yes, every person’s life story is different and not able to be compared with others. That said, as a generation, the Boomers successfully transformed America from a first world country to, were it not for the constant economic injections of debt through the creation of money via the Federal Reserve Bank, the USA would be a solid second-world nation.

I really do not want to be rude, but the fact is that this article summarizes in a different context what has happened with the generation gap. While there will always be a natural gap owing to differences of age and time, the fact is that there is a complete lack of understanding between the generations that could yield dangerous results, for what some of the Millenials will translate into despair and sadness, many others will translate into anger and seek solutions from anybody they think will be able to help them.

If you are a boomer, don’t take my criticisms personally. Millenials and Generation Z have plenty of stupid ideas and stupid things they did, are doing, and will do, so they are equally open to criticism where it is due. The Boomers are no exception, and nobody can argue that it was the profligate spending habits supported by massive debt and leveraged through more debt in a variety of forms coupled with the outsourcing of jobs and systematic destruction of the manufacturing and small-to-medium scale agriculture sectors of the economy supplanted by a bloated and needless service industry sector supported by well-meaning put destructive laws that were just one part in the series of their actions that destroyed the ability of the common man to care for himself. It was like being at a party with a friend who buys a lot of drinks, breaks a bunch of stuff, and then leaves the party before he pays the bill, leaving you with the bill.

The Millenials were born starting in 1982, and are divided into “old millenials” and “new millenials,” with the difference being the Internet, as the “older millenials” remember life before the Internet, while the “new millenials” were born into the age of the Internet and while they may not per se have had Internet or were born in a year that the Internet was available (the cutoff point for new millenials is 1992), they do not remember a time before it due to their young age. Generation Z begins around 2004, and Z as Generation Z came into existence after 9/11, they do not remember life in America before the constant and looming threat of “terrorism.”

Old Millenials began graduating High school around 2000 and were at the epicenter of the economic and financial crisis that started around 2006 because it was around this time that many of them were graduating from college and likewise could not find employment. This naturally came as a shock to them because having grown up with Boomer or in some cases, Generation X parents, they knew nothing but prosperity and neither did their parents. This is not per se a bad thing, but the prosperity lacked balance as it was constructed on the future obligations of other people in the form of debt while at the same time ignored economic realities and taught people that their actions did not matter so long as their wants were indulged. It was a reflection of the selfishness that many Boomers embraced during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s, where age-old traditions were discarded and replaced with “new ways”, guided by the assumption that “progress” is the metric by which the success of a society is measured without making an account of the possible long-term effects.

Now in all fairness, the changes of the 1960s were not something that is entirely the fault of the Boomer generation, for the basic philosophies upon which the cultural revolution of that time was based were in progress for centuries, being able to be connected to the anti-clerical pseudo-rationalism of the 18th century, which was in turn the culmination of the the Protestant heresy, which was in turn a consequence of the rebirth of ethnonationalist pagan ideas on account of men of good will in the Catholic Church failing to address fundamental problems of applying morality in society, and namely the sin of usury.

The problems of today are a culmination of many problems that came before, all with traceable causes and effect. As such, the Boomers cannot be held entirely responsible, because the changes that took place with their generation were ready. To use the analogy of the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” it would not have mattered if it was the Boomers or another generation because there was so much “straw” already “piled up” on the “camel’s back” of Western society that had not been dealt with that a single straw could have broken it. In this sense, the boomers did nothing different than previous generations- it was just that it happened to be their straw that broke it and it was their children who were the ones that would have to endure the immediate effects.

Likewise, as mentioned, the Millenials bear responsibility for their situation too. There is a reason there are so many jokes about millenial men in particular spending their days playing video games and eating “chicken tendies” as much as there is about the “soyboy” men and the overly masculine women who complain about nothing, and the general lack of a desire among many of them to work as though their parents did. These are observable and real issues that must not be forgotten when looking at the situation as well.

One of many popular ethnonationalist memes on 4Chan, repeated in particular on the MGTOW threads and directed primarily at white males (see below for a further discussion). While there are a lot of pro-NS and NS-championed messages here (one can see the “sniveling jew,” “mudshark,” and “tyrone” memes also in the image), the meme speaks to the larger issue of how many men who are millenials view the world, for based on lived experience, they see a messed up society which they are being blamed for causing and instead of worrying, many are simply choosing not to care at all and instead indulge themselves in porn, pizza, and video games.

However, as will be discussed later, the anger and sense of disorder or confusion felt and experienced by many of these men is not leading all of them away, for as the meme above also alludes, it is the National Socialists who are providing the “answers” to a generation of people seeking direction that their parents and society chose not to give them, and that which they did give was mediocre at best and destructive at the worst.

Be that as it may, the fact is that the responsibility for the current economic crisis and the connection with recent history, ideas, and policies was placed by the Millenials squarely on the shoulders of the boomers because as the Boomers were their parents, it was they who taught their children the series of values and ideas that upon further examination caused so much destruction in society. It does not matter if it is “right” or not- the fact is that that the Millenials looked to their parents for guidance about what to do, and the response that many of them got was that they were problem and if they just worked harder/got a better job/cared more/got a different degree/etc., they would not have this problem. Having been indoctrinated into that “pick yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality, many not only refused to help their children, but allowed them to languish is debt and misery until eventually their children convinced them to move back in with them because it was either this or homelessness.

The Older Millenials were used and abused, for between the debt they were advised to assume, the lack of decent work, the protracted economic decline that is still continuing to decline, and the laws and social protocols that have created more employment and social obstructions, the found themselves and many still find themselves lost and confused, feeling perpetually unstable and without a clear idea as to what the future holds.

The Younger Millenials saw the sufferings of the older millenials, and they took note but for the most part due to having been indoctrinated by their same Boomer and Generation X parents followed suit along the same path of perdition. They too likewise assumed mountains of debt and came out without the ability to find good, long-term jobs and were likewise forced to move in with their parents. The impact was smaller but still very painful.

This accurately describes what is probably the majority of the Millenials. Indeed, in spite of being poorer than their parents and likely unable to afford a house, laiden with debt, and with very low marriage and fertility rates, and having or enduring financial hardship, the majority still are little different in attitude than their parents.

The issue is not of more political invovlement or not, but that those who are politically involved and searching for answers are seeking them with dangerous philosophies and having no religion to guide them are able to be moved wholly by their passions with no restraints owing to the natural state of man’s nature post-original sin.

Now both generations began searching for answers as to what happened, and both likewise found that their parents for the most part either did not have answers or blamed them for their situation. Again, I emphasize not that Millenials do not share blame for making bad decisions, but rather that the Boomers as a group refused to take responsibility for their fiscal and social philosophies which they taught Millenials and then blamed them for following them. It was the hard reality of their worldview that they had been taught crashing down around them and their subsequent search to attempt to make sense of what happened that formed the view of many millenials today. This is especially those who were significantly impacted by the economic and social crisis

Now in fairness, there were a LOT of millenials who were not impacted or were only slightly impacted by the crisis. These millenials perpetuated the same philosophies of their parents, although with more difficultly owing to the reality of the economic changes around them. However, it fundamentally did not concern such millenials because their indoctrination was do deep, so complete, that even if they would sense something was not right, they would not question it because they did not experience the harsh reality of a complete life collapse. So yes, there are many people who are lazy, apathetic, inclined to vanity and lacking in a clear direction in life, but the fact is that a large part of this came about due to poor parenting or a lack of parenting because their parents and grandparents likewise chose selfishness to a large extent and they simply transmitted those values to their kids, except the grandparents and parents were generally barred from the fullness of the consequences of their actions owing to economic and environmental factors which they eviscerated for their benefit.

This resulted in a dichotomy. On one hand, there is a group of millenials who were completely torn apart by the economic ravages of the times, with some fairing better than others. On the other hand, there are the millenials who either did not experience anything or simply did not care about the problems around their peers, and have continued in an almost childlike, fantasy world that is but a poor shadow of a once-prosperous America, similar to sitting in a mansion where the walls are termite-eaten and collapsing but one fails or refuses to acknowledge the reality of what is around them.

The Millenials who were hit hard by the economic crisis, in particular the old millenials, responded in one of a few ways. Some of them withdrew into themselves completely, drowning their misery with alcohol, drugs, or video games in a world of solitude supported by a virtual community of people owing to the Internet. Other people just slaved away at their jobs, struggling against a torrent of social currents and being forced to take low-wage jobs with no future prospects while trying to make ends meet. Some people chose to check out of life completely and killed themselves. But then, a minority of the group, began earnestly looking for answers about what happened because being people of generally good will, they knew that the effects of what they experienced had a tangible cause, and if the cause could be identified and changed it would change the effects.

So with parents not there on account of their sloth and apathy, who was there to teach the Millenials who desired to learn with a genuine mind about what caused their situation?

The National Socialists.

Many times I have referred to the genius nature of National Socialist propaganda, because objectively speaking it is a highly effective means of indoctrinating people into their cause as it makes itself the champion of difficult facts and invites persecution, which then leads people of good will to believe in time that the National Socialists are right about all of what they say because they are the only ones who have spoken truth about controversial issues. The most difficult aspect of National Socialism is that the propaganda has to take place over a long period of time because the movement invites persecution and expects to be attacked. However, just like how an antibiotic used too many times against a bacteria renders it ineffective as the bacteria adapts and then becomes resistant to treatment, National Socialist indoctrination works in a similar way except that it ultimately renders society unable to resist at large what it teaches because of how it roots itself in fact and adopts many positions that are objectively good but whose purpose is to deliver the actual poison, which is ethnonationalism and paganism.

Look for how many years the National Socialists worked tirelessly to talk about racial issues, the problems with uncontrolled immigration, the destruction of society and the family, the decline of culture, the disproportionately one-sided and many times unhealthy relationship that America has with Israel as opposed to other nations, and so many more ideas that were rooted for the most part and many times, completely on facts. The National Socialists knew that it would only be a matter of time before a generation of people would come along who would hear their message and embrace it because they wanted truth that nobody wanted to say, and they chose to make themselves the loudest voice in the room, and they found their generation in the legions of for the most part confused, lost, and frustrated white/European and Euro-American males.

This is a real article that appeared in a student newspaper. While it thankfully made national coverage, the fact is that it is representative of a form of “socially acceptable” discrimination that while it would exist in any normal situation (because people hating other people cannot be outlawed, as human nature in inherently inclined to sin), discourse such has this has been fervently protected to such a point that it is destabilizing the society and is a reflection of what is happening in the workplace and society.

Again, the issue here is not “black vs. white” or another false dichotomy, but the emphasis that ethnonationalism is being used either through promoting it or refusing to deal with it that is causing a social divide that men of power intend to use for their benefit that is particularly affecting the Millenials and Generation Z.

It is a well-known yet unspeakable fact that If you work for ANY major American company and you look like a “white male,” you automatically have two HR strikes against you on account of having parents who are/look European and have a penis. This is on account of the enforced “diversity” standards in America that owing to the Civil Rights and other laws instituted by Boomers and their parents, often under the guise of intending to do well, has resulted in a new and formalized system of discrimination more insidious than that of old. In the past, it was sign of “NO NEGROES WANTED” OR “NO IRISH NEED APPLY,” but today is it “Our company supports diversity/EOE,” which is that priority in hiring is based upon and state subsidized by a the skin color, genitalia, disfigurement, veteran status, mental instability, welfare collection (believe it or not, persons on Medicaid/Food Stamps/TANF regardless of race/gender are given priority in hiring over those not on them), age, or hole that a person wants to insert his genitals into. I am not even speaking about race per se here, but the fact that the government has created and viciously enforced this policy to such an extent that it results in attacking people who do not fit them. The largest body this attacks are healthy, mentally stable, heterosexual white/European/Euro-American males under the age of 40 who are not on or do not want to accept state benefits.

But don’t believe me- ask anybody under 40 who is a heterosexual, healthy, mentally stable heterosexual white male in the USA who has worked in the corporate world and they will most likely be able to tell you about how difficult the situation is. It is an open secret that women, homosexuals, and “non-white/Euros” are veritably given automatic priority both in terms of hiring as well as what they are able to get away with at work in terms of a lack of work as well as violating company policies without having to face reprocussions from Human Resources.

The same nonsense applies in the colleges and universities of America today. Look at the plethora of courses teaching about how “whiteness is evil,” the professors that say openly that “white men need to be massacred” and yet do not lose their jobs, and how many “minority” student groups on campuses are demanding for segregation from “whites” at the same time saying that “whites” need to give them “money.”

Look at the TV shows as well. When was the last time that a “white male” character was shown as anything other than an absolute fool, ignoramus, racist, or loser who cannot function without his wife? Or how about in movies? Or other forms of entertainment?

Ask yourself, if a “white male” said “Blackness is evil,” or “all blacks need to be masacred,” or “blacks” need to give “whites” money, what would happen? Everybody knows that person would be severely criticized, he would probably lose his job and be unable to find another because he is a “racist,” and he would be socially ostracized.

I say all of this not to say that any form of such discrimination is good or to take the idea that the ethnonationalists are correct in their particular assessments, for it must be remembered that every truth they point out is designed or propagate their own philosophical lies. I say all of this to convey the idea that there exists a tremendous sense of displacement among “white males” in America and many parts of Europe that has to a large degree been intentionally manufactured. These people feel they are being “pushed out” of their own societies and “replaced” by people who do not like them, and many of their feelings are correct to a large extent because that is what their experience and that of countless others is. It is an enraging and disheartening feeling- and I speak of men here who desire to work hard and care for families- to be unable to find work that allows a man to purchase a home, support a wife and family, pay for his own bills, and have just a little bit enough to put in the bank, and then with that to have social policies that subject him to constant scrutiny at work and a society that portrays him as an incompetent idiot. This does not even get into other issues such as the American divorce laws, where men today are subjected to a horrible form of legal extortion from their wives and many of whom have watched a family member or friend go through this process.

If you were a young man going through this, would you be angry? Of course, and rightly so, just in the same way that there were many black people who were legitimately angry about what was real disenfranchisement many decades ago. However, one form of unjust discrimination does not substitute for another, because all men are made in God’s image and likeness, and the righteousness of a man comes from his place before God, not from his race. 

Now take all of these issues mentioned above, the social and economic situation of the times, and the newfound “realizations” that millenials have made and ask yourself- under the administration of which generation of people did the majority of the political and social changes take place and who are still in charge to an extent of said society that lead to the aforementioned results?

It was the Baby Boomers and the older members of Generation X.

So you see why the Millenials are so angry now? Again, I am NOT saying any of this to place uniform blame or take a “YOU DID THIS” attitude- far from it. I say this to HELP YOU understand, from the eyes of a Millenial, how many of them think and are or have formed their political and social views. They are responsible for their own actions, and as with most people, they cause and perpetuate their own miseries. However, many of them were forced into situations beyond their control and when they looked for help earnestly the only people who wanted to “help” them were the National Socialists, and now they have been indoctrinated. And they are looking and YOU as the problem, because they understand, having been indoctrinated through public schools and about “diversity” that has been drilled into their heads since children that “every person is an individual.” In turn, they have translated that into yes, while individuals are different, it is individuals that make up a generation, and as such the general attitude of the Boomer generation is the general attitude of the individual boomer.

If you want to see the rage, just look into the anti-Boomer discussions online. For example, a simple search for the phrase “gas the boomers” on Google:

Or the phrase, “baby boomers are” yields the following Google autosearch results:

Or how about “kill all baby boomers”:

Or how about a different perspective? Instead of what people think of boomers, what about what boomers hate with the phrase “baby boomers hate” in Google autosearch:

Perhaps some of the cartoons and memes one can find on a simple google search say more:


But it does not end here. The Millenials are not the ones to worry about actually, for while they are the ones who were the worst affected, they were forced to do the “intellectual heavy lifting” to “educate” themselves, courtesy of the National Socialists and their literature, about their problems and the causes as well as the “solutions.” The Millenials, owing to their age and situation, are for the most part the “intellectual class” of the next generation of National Socialists. They are taking what they have learned and they are presenting it a culturally-relevant and concentrated manner to Generation Z. It is the difference between the marijuana that Boomers smoked versus the marijuana that Millenials smoked- the Boomers got the first and the cheap stuff, but it was the millenials who grew it into the highly concentrated and specialized varieties on the drug market that is used in an “average joint” today.

Take for example the following piece that originally appeared on 4Chan in December 2017, and no, it is NOT an exaggeration as I cross-referenced it:


Or this one, with the kid giving the “pepe the frog” NS salute:

Or this thread from 4Chan:

This is Generation Z, or as they have been renamed by the new National Socialists, “Generation Zyklon” 

Make no mistake, there are a LOT more groups and a lot more that goes into this than any sort of “generational warfare.” However, this is one important aspect of what is coming in the future that is being actively discussed but has not receive the public attention it needs for the sake of mercy.

Millenials and Generation Z- your children and grandchildren- blame you for the problems today and they have been taught that might makes right. To that the indoctrination they have received, owing to the apathy of their parents, is nearly complete. The religious faith they would have possessed years ago that would have served as perhaps the only resistance to embracing complete madness is not present for the most part because their parents and grandparents gave up on religion, and the children were raised with nothing. They have no religious faith, no absolute truth that they can turn to in time of need.

But they have Hitler. And Nietzsche. And Evola. And they have been teaching them everything they need to know.

So be kind to Millenials and Generation Z. You don’t need to understand everything, and certainly you don’t need to tolerate stupidity from them just as with any generation of people. But do be particularly compassionate with them, try to understand, and where you cannot understand just to accept them and try to help them as you can. I do not speak of money, but moreso of human compassion, kindness, and lending a listening ear. For many of them, that is what they always wanted. Beware of giving out criticism too quickly or harshly. And please, be very wary of giving out unsolicited advice about the economy, male-female relationships, or why they cannot get a job.

There is a large segment of the millenial generation that is angry to the point of a genocidal rage again anybody they feel has wronged them. It is not just in America- it is Europe too. It doesn’t include just Boomers- it is many groups of people. It does not matter if such anger should exist, because the fact it that it does exist and has to be dealt with, for if it is not dealt with than the Millenials and Generation Z in particular will accurately take up the name of “Generation Zyklon” as they will gleefully take part in throwing even their own parents and grandparents into the gas chambers and ovens, ignoring their screams for mercy as what in their eyes will be an act of long-overdue revenge.

Take it seriously, because given how advanced the situation is, it just might be a simple act of kindness that saves you from their coming wrath.

One final note: I just finished this article today, December 29th, 2017, and was preparing to publish it when I saw a piece that also premiered today on the Daily Stormer about just this issue. Because the DS has gone offline so many times, I will reprint the entire article here, and it is worth the read because it says exactly what I warn about:

Generation Zyklon, We Salute You


My favorite tweet of the year came at the end of it.

Thank you, Matt Yglesias.

You have brought me deep joy.

Of course, the Slate writer Matt Yglesias is Hebrew people (god’s chosen people), and is thus in a constant state of fearing being gassed like lice by stormtrooping Aryan supermen.

So maybe he’s exaggerating then?

I don’t really think so.

The fact of the matter is, the ability to be racist, collectivist and even genocidal are not states that white people are somehow biological incapable of. Nor are we biologically incapable of evaluating information and reaching logical conclusions based on that information.

Our current perception of the white race is based on the baby boomers. They are a socially-engineered generation, defined by childlike sentimentalism and fear of personal development and adult responsibility. They are trained to avoid pain, including any pain which may come from attempting to process philosophical or intellectual complexity of any kind. This deformed vision of humanity has had a resonating effect on successive generations (Gen X and Millennials), being transmitted through the culture. But the internet has allowed the creation of an entirely new culture.

My vision of a solution for the white race was to play a long game by targeting children. In my mind, I generally envision the Daily Stormer as “children’s media.” Yes, I put a lot of stuff in here for older people, and I enjoy the site myself… but the target audience is “15 and under,” given that I believe that in order to create a real social movement, you have to start with people who are not full-formed in their worldview.

And it is working.

We are not really seeing the results yet.

But let me tell you this.

When dealing with this entire shutdown program against the site, I comforted myself with the fact that this is the type of thing that young people who went through it will never forget. I have had several high schoolers write me and tell me about how everyone at school was talking about it.

No one who read this site believed that it was because of a fat joke. It proved every point we have made here. It is outrageous to everyone to have a website simply wiped out, but it was especially influential on those who grew-up with the internet and had a very specific understanding of the way it is supposed to work as a reliable part of their personal lives.

Liberals Not Ready for Generation Zyklon
Yglesias is particularly prescient in his assertion that liberals are not ready for the next generation.

Basically, the Jewish system was not expecting an energetic youthful resistance to their agenda, and so did not even have a plan to market their ideology to the youth. They simply assumed that it would be the default ideology and that this was enough.

They have no offer to make to the youth.

To the boomers, they offered a range of various feelgoodism, but primarily they offered sex. But every young male knows that feminism and the social acceptability of female hypergamy has killed sex options for 90+% of men.

So think about it for a minute. See if you can think of a single thing that the current system is offering young white men.

Other than “you can inject yourself with female hormones and cut your dick off,” I can’t see anything at all.

They are instead telling them they are evil and responsible for everything wrong in the world and telling them they must be punished for it.

We are offering them:

Sex (putting these stupid whores back in their place)
Video games without SJW themes
The Jews have no response to us, which is why their only response is “oy vey the goyim know shut it down.”

This is why it was so important for us at the Daily Stormer to resist the shutdown successfully, and that we have done.

We have been on .red for nearly a month now, and the website ranking website is showing us maintaining the numbers we had pre-shutdown.

Alexa ranks sites on a 3 month scale, so if we stay on this domain 2 more months, we are projected to be back in the top 10.000, where we were before the shutdown. And this is WITHOUT search engine traffic, which means our regular readership has vastly INCREASED due to the drama surrounding the attempted shutdown by the Jews.

If the Jews had successfully shut us down, they would have moved on to the next site, then the next, then the next.

The importance of what we have done cannot be overestimated. The future of the internet LITERALLY hangs in the balance here.

It is only because of weev that we were able to stay up. So please support him.

The Future
Currently, the Alt-Right is scrambling to find a leader figure. And people are getting upset that there isn’t one.

And yes: that is a difficult problem. We have all of this energy, but there is no leadership really at all. I don’t want to say anything negative about the people trying to lead right now. I am grateful for the effort, even if I don’t always agree with what they’re doing, but it is simply a clear fact that no serious leadership exists. Because if it did, we would all know it – if there was a true leader, no one would be asking about who the leader was.

But look: those of us in this now are all just John the Baptist figures.

My vision for this website was that THE NEW HITLER would be someone who grew up reading it.

And we’re right on track.

An entire generation has been influenced by the vision of the Alt-Right, and a generation is a lot of people. Many great men are incubating as we speak, preparing to come forward. Know that. (source)

If you will not believe my words, then read for yourself the words of those who take part in the National Socialist movement. 

You have been warned.