Study: 78% Of People Who Recover From COVID-19 Have Lasting Cardiovascular Damage

According to, a new study in a cardiovascular journal of medicine was released which found that 78% of people who contracted and recovered from COVID-19 suffered lasting cardiovascular damage.

Skeptics of the disease and the necessity of shutting down the economy to stop its spread have focused on the fact that most coronavirus cases have been mild or even asymptomatic, mistakenly comparing COVID-19 to “just the flu.” But a recent study of 100 recovered coronavirus patients reveals 78 of them now have lasting cardiovascular damage even though a vast majority of them had mild cases of COVID-19 in the first place.

The study published Monday in JAMA Cardiology details the results of cardiac MRI exams of 100 recovered coronavirus patients. Twenty-eight of them required oxygen supplementation while fighting the virus, while just two were on ventilators. But 78 of them still had cardiovascular abnormalities after recovery, with 60 of them showing “ongoing myocardial inflammation,” the study shows. These conditions appeared to be independent of case severity and pre-existing conditions, though JAMA researchers note these findings need a larger study. (source)

When people think about COVID-19, they think this is just a “flu”, when it is a lot more than that.

This is one study, and more need to be made, but the fact that there seems to be a consistent theme of heart trouble after contracting this illness is not a joke.

Please be safe, and take all necessary safety precautions, as it would not be worth getting sick over a preventable illness.

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