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Texas Hospitals Fighting COVID-19 Described As “War Zones”

In spite of the continual emphasis by some about COVID-19 being a hoax and nonexistent, the word from health professionals dealing with the virus “on the ground” is very different, and many describe it as something to the likes which they have never seen before, and is a serious problem. In the state of Texas, […]

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Group Of Children And Teens Is Carjacking People In Chicago

Since the death of the convicted felon, small-time criminal, and porn star who kidnapped and tortured a pregnant woman at gunpoint George Floyd in May 2020 and soon afterwards the shooting of the drunk criminal who fell asleep in a Wendy’s drive-through, then attacked a police officer, stole his weapon, and attempted to attack the […]

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Planned Parenthood Removes Name “Margaret Sanger” For Her Racism And Eugenic Beliefs

By Theodore Shoebat We are seeing some consistency in the wave of Left-wing iconoclasm, as the New York chapter of Planned Parenthood has decided to remove the name of Margaret Sanger due to her racist and eugenist past. As we read in the Hill: Planned Parenthood of Greater New York (PPGNY) announced Tuesday that it […]

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October 2019 German Synagogue Shooter Goes On Trial

In October 2019, a man in Halle, Saxony-Anhalt made a video of himself attacking a synagogue on Yom Kippur as well as shooting random people with no clear purpose in mind. documented the act and provided an analysis of the crimes, which you can read here. It has now been nine months later and […]

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Poll: Most Americans Don’t Believe They Need To Believe In God In Order To Be Good

All good comes from God, and without God man cannot do anything good. This is true even for the secular person or those of other religions, for while they may not know God in the formal sense, their lack of knowledge does not exonerate anyone from His rules. In American society, there has always been […]

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Americans Think About “The Good Old Days Of 2019” As Most Believe Life Will Not Return To Normal

In all generations, there are people who long for the “good old days” and “simpler times”, that are just their good memories from years ago and their experiences then as a substitute for historical reality. But now with COVID-19, Americans are longing for “simpler times” as many believe that life will not return to normal […]

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