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One In Ninety-Eight People In California Is Infected With COVID-19

One percent of anything when it comes to statistics about bad things, one percent of anything is usually very bad. For example, 0.7 percent of the US population is currently incarcerated, which means about 2.3 million people. In Russia, for example, 1% of the population is infected with HIV– something that is very low one […]

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Thirteen Nuns Die After COVID-19 Spreads And Infects Michigan Convent

Thirteen nuns have died after over thirty at a Michigan convent were infected with COVID-19 according to CBS News. Thirteen nuns at a Roman Catholic convent in Livonia, Michigan, have died of COVID-19 complications since the outbreak began, 22% of residents, said a spokeswoman for the Felician Sisters of North America. Seventeen nuns recovered, Suzanne […]

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Yelp Declares That 60% Of Temporary Restaurant Closures Are Now Permanent

Professional economic forecasters are known to lie because by lying about the state of the economy or a business, there is a belief that sales numbers can be bolstered and growth driven to make up for the declines, which can cause investor panic or a lack of confidence. However, truth is not only always the […]

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Muslims And Pagans Are Forcing Poor Christians Around To Choose Between Christ Or COVID-19 Aid

The US has been struck with great force by COVID-19, much more so than the entire world. However, the severity of the disease in the US does not mean that it is not affecting people in other nations, and likewise it does not mean that many other people are not being affected, and sometimes in […]

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Lightning Bolt Strikes The Statue Of Liberty

Fox News reports that a bolt of lightning was captured on video recently striking the Statue of Liberty. How strong is Lady Liberty? Strong enough to withstand a lightning strike. A video posted on social media Wednesday evening showed storm clouds gathered above America’s most famous symbol of freedom. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning descends […]

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Expect To See More US Involvement In The Arctic

When one thinks of the North Pole, one thinks of Santa Claus, elves, and reindeer. However, the lands of “Santa’s workshop” may need to temporarily shut down and relocate as Russia has been aggressively moving into the Arctic, to a lesser extent China, and now as Reuters reports by way of Secretary of State and […]

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