Archive | July 12, 2020


Major Retailers Refuse To Pay Rent For Mall And Shopping Center Space

In many mall settings, there are ‘core’ retailers and then additional stores that set up around them. When a ‘core’ retailer leaves, it can destroy an entire shopping center. This is a major problem with COVID-19, as due to a long-term combination of debt, income decline, and business closures due to the virus, many stores […]

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Report: 90% Of COVID-19 Patients Show Symptoms Two Months Later From The Virus

COVID-19 continues to spread around the world and make many people sick. It is true there have been many recoveries. However, since the disease is certainly unique in that it is a pandemic, some scientists have wondered if there would be ‘after-effects’ from the virus, such as long-term illnesses or health complications. According to a […]

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Survey: Almost One-Third Of Germany’s Catholics May Leave The Church

The Catholic Church in Germany has had a very long and for the last five centuries, difficult history amid the rise of nationalism and subsequent heresy. As of 2017, about 28% of Germany claims to be Catholic, with the largest concentrations in southern and western Germany, as opposed to the either Protestants or non-religious northern […]

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