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Election 2020 Is Now About Two Old Geezers Arguing Over Who Is More Senile

2020 so far has the COVID-19 coronavirus, massive spending and payouts, economic collapse, another wave of migrants to Europe, Chinese gold monetary bar scandals, Russia trying to revive the USSR, Germany and Japan rising, murder hornets, Black Lives Matter, race riots, and just general chaos with talk of a second pandemic incoming. Now one would […]

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Swedish Elderly Care Centers Are Deliberately Not Sending Elderly People With COVID-19 To The Hospitals. Instead They Are Letting Them Die Or Injecting Them With Chemicals That Kill Them

Let us not spare the widow or regard the gray hairs of the aged. But let our might be our law of right, for what is weak proves itself to be useless. (Wisdom 2:11:) An 81-year-old man by the name of Jan Andersson got infected with coronavirus while living in a nursing home in the […]

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Coronavirus Shuts Down Broadway, Pushes Cirque du Soleil Into Bankruptcy

The effects of COVID-19 are going to hit the economy for a long time. As we and others have noted, massive bankruptcies are happening and should be expected to continue, and some of the bankruptcies will surprise people. Two interesting effects were recently reported by MSNBC, which include the bankruptcy of the famed Cirque du […]

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Not Good- Some Members Of Congress Begin To Discuss Giving “Reparations”

“Reparations” is a toxic word among many people in American politics, left or right, because it tends to bring out the worst forms of racialism in both. However, according to a story from The Hill, some members of Congress are using the current situation as an opportunity to talk about giving “reparations”. Legislation exploring whether […]

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Wuhan At The Center Of Another Massive Scandal, This Time Involving Gold Fraud

Wuhan has become a center of infamy following the spread of COVID-19 from a lab there under what seems to be, although it has yet to be formally confirmed, a military experiment gone wrong. If that was not bad enough, Zero Hedge reports from CaiXin Global that Wuhan may be at the center of another […]

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