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One Person Dies Every Eight Minutes From COVID-19

A lot of people insist that COVID-19 is not a threat, and that life should simply continue to go on as normal. Nobody likes the disruptions caused by a pandemic, but generally speaking, severe sickness and death are also not ideal options either. While people argue about if the illness is serious or not, there […]

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Joe Biden Declares “I Wish We Taught More In Our Schools About The Islamic Faith”

Biden has developed a reputation for saying things that come back to hurt him later or simply make him look strange, silly, in a questionable state of mind, or incite people to frustration in a politically unhelpful way. A recent series of remarks from Biden illustrates this again as according to the Christian Post, Biden […]

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Money Shower 2.0 Coming In As The US Approaches Hyperinflation and many other sites have been warning, for a long time, that once the money printing starts, it is very unlikely that it is going to stop. This is what makes the recent COVID-19 round of stimulus printing so fascinating, because the fact is that once the government starts printing money, she is not […]

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US-China Conflict Heats Up As China Orders US Consulate In Chengdu Closed

The war of words and ward of goods and services between China and the US just heated up again as China ordered the US to close the US consulate in Chengdu following the US order that the Chinese consulate in Houston close according to AP News. China ordered the United States on Friday to close […]

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Canadian Courts Rule US Not Safe For Refugees

There has been a lot of contention about issues involving people claiming refugee status from other nations throughout the Western world. One of those areas of contention is the US-Canadian border, since generally speaking the US, while having a very liberal immigration policy (in comparison to many nations), is still stricter than that of Canada. […]

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Central African Nation Of Gabon Decriminalizes Homosexuality

For many years, has reported on all news related to homosexuality. The reasons for this are many, and one of these is that homosexuality and politics are linked. Indeed, it is arguable that in many societies of great power, this link between sodomy and the concentration of authority are related because they very act […]

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