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Hindu Terrorists Brutally Murder Woman For Becoming A Christian

The plague of nationalist Hindu terrorists continues to besiege India as the nation becomes with each day moreso one of the most dangerous places on Earth to be a Christian in, where attacks from Hindu terrorists are common and many times allowed to happen with permission of local authorities. According to a recent story from […]

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Baptist Pastor In Canada Fired After Declaring Himself To Be A Woman

Degeneracy that takes place among religious communities knows no limits, as the people in them are reflections in many ways of the societies which they inhabit. As such, there are many “Christians” who are supporters of all things opposed to the very Christian beliefs they will claim to express, sometimes in very grave ways. Much […]

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Border Patrol Agents Being Used To Find Criminals Among Portland Protesters

When crimes get difficult, sometimes investigators have to take extraordinary measures. However, one such measure has caught the attention of the AP, where Border Patrol agents are being brought in to help track down and catch protesters in Portland who are wanted on various crimes. hey are the most highly trained members of the Border […]

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Canadian CDC Declares That Sodomy With Strangers Is “Safe” And Prevents The Spread Of COVID-19

There are some things that one may look at and just shake his head, wondering what logical process was justified in order to reach certain conclusions. However, this should not be a surprise, for while people do certain things for money, power is a greater concern, and within the realm of power the most important […]

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