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CDC Declares That Fall And Winter Will Be ‘One of the Most Difficult Times We’ve Experienced in American Public Health’

A major issue that I cannot emphasize enough is that the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, which is happening right now, is going to get a lot bigger, with the potential of a second wave incoming. It is of interest then that as reports, CDC Director Robert Redfield says he expects this Fall and Winter to […]

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Gunmen Attack Church, Ambush Four People And Burn Them Alive

By Theodore Shoebat Gunmen in South Africa attacked a church, burning five people alive and murdering a security guard, as we read in a report from Christian Today: A hostage situation at a church in South Africa left five people dead. At least 40 people were arrested after the attack on the church in the […]

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Largest Grocery Store Chain In The US Bans Cash Due To COVID-19

A lot of people have expressed concern that cash may be banned using COVID-19 as an excuse. It is interesting that this observations follows at the tail major retailers, such as the second largest or largest (depending if one counts Wal-Mart as a grocer or not) in the US of the Kroger corporation and her […]

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Small Businesses Are Being Destroyed By The Economic Effects Of COVID-19

AP News reports, in a story that is not a surprise at all, that small businesses are being destroyed by COVID-19. As economies around the world reopen, legions of small businesses that help define and sustain neighborhoods are struggling. The stakes for their survival are high: The U.N. estimates that businesses with fewer than 250 […]

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Over One Hundred Major Businesses File For Bankruptcies

I have been constantly warning on that a wave of bankruptcies was imminent, and that it will have major impacts on the economic future of the country. Bloomberg is now reporting that over one-hundred and growing major businesses and employers have filed for bankruptcy. Retailers, airlines, restaurants. But also sports leagues, a cannabis company […]

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